The Dirty Dozen (1967) - Action, Adventure, War

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During World War II, a rebellious U.S. Army Major is assigned a dozen convicted murderers to train and lead them into a mass assassination mission of German officers.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Robert Aldrich
Stars: Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine
Length: 150 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 14 out of 184 found boring (7.6%)

One-line Reviews (115)

Savalas and Brown provide the conflict within the team that gets the exciting climax going.

The Dirty Dozen represents some very entertaining war action.

It is fascinating to see Americans in this period.

Well worth watching!

An exciting war movie with a splendid cast .

Formulaic .

The bottom line is that this is an exciting film from start to finish thanks to every aspect of the film working perfectly together.

The film goes on for far too long and is very dated and boring.

Macho classic is weirdly boring .

The narrative is gripping, although there are a few disconcerting jump cuts.

Felt slow.

It has everything going for it- a great cast, biting dialouge, adrenaline-charged action, not to mention Charles Bronson, a personal crush of mine.

What's so compelling is that, as he keeps taking time to pour more gasoline, more and more of his team keep getting sniped.

The most suspenseful scene involves Jefferson's dash against machine gun fire as he dumps hand grenades into pipes leading to an underground room in the château.

Frank De Vol's compelling musical score sets a very solid tone and tension.

Plausible or not, "Dozen"'s story is highly entertaining and it has many riveting moments, right from the start with the hanging of one of the prisoners (too bad for him that Lee Marvin shows up too late to include him for the mission!

It has fine characters, each embodied by masterful acting talent and the narrative itself comprises of several engaging scenarios which build to a huge action sequence.

The story is intriguing, filled with bitter irony, violence, and tension.

The training scenes and the arguments between the men are all much more suspenseful, dangerous, and realistic than anything that actually happens when they finally go into combat.

It's far too long and discursive.

A generally entertaining war film with no real political axe to grind or patriotic flagwaving getting in the way.

¨Dirty Dozen¨ is an entertaining film with Lee Marvin as tough officer along with the ordinary team of renegade soldiers of World War II .

Preposterous plot-but an incredibly entertaining movie .

Don't waste your time on this one.

THE GUNS OF NAVARONE and GONE WITH THE WIND both fall in this category, while THE English PATIENT seems like one of the longest movies ever because it is so dull and needed to be desperately shortened.

Robert Aldrich seemed torn between American heroism or to indulge in a celebration of violence with an intriguing angle on combat in World War II adventure...

Entertaining war flick.

If you want that charge of adrenaline, and more than a few laughs, from an era when men were MEN, in capital letters, look no further.

Some scenes in it are silly but this is a very exciting film(specially at the end) and also it has some funny parts.

"The Dirty Dozen" is high-class entertaining art...

Violence is worshiped and glorified for the sake of exciting the audience.

The training section and the mission itself combine to form an enjoyable film that is driven by a great cast playing good characters.

The characters are by-and- large entertaining, the plot is interesting enough to make you want to see the resolution, and the acting is solid.

A year later William Holden and Cliff Robertson did The Devil's Brigade which bore a lot of resemblance to The Dirty Dozen.

Acclaimed director Robert Aldrich (also famous to war film buffs for his rule-breaking drama, "Attack") twists the familiar 'unit picture' into a famous story of unexpected heroism in the midst of World War II.

This was never really a classic, just an entertaining war/adventure film.

One of my favourite war movies, the Dirty Dozen is action packed, funny, bleak and cool.

Entertaining, cynical and subtly subversive .

The action in it is very well directed and its very fast paced and exciting.

Other actors respond well to their roles This war experience is quite exciting and morbid to some extent.

It was painted olive drab and may have had U.

The all-star cast is largely responsible, though the story is certainly engaging.

Feels a bit old still exciting and funny.

If you asked me what three features made this film great in particular, I would say the excellent direction, the long but always engaging script and most importantly, Lee Marvin--in his greatest role of his career.

The preparation for the final project went on very long and in some parts were enjoyable.

The training and the bonding is enjoyable.

Robert Aldrich's direction is crisp and fast paced.

Robert Aldrich's hugely entertaining WWII film channeled through the anti-establishment sentiments of a 1967 America.

But there is definitely still camaraderie, as each character casualty feels both outrageously unexpected and excruciatingly protracted.

I also love it when a highly controversial subject (like World War II) is chosen for a film and turned into high-class entertaining art.

The training scenes which take up the first hour and a half are inspired, unpredictable and very entertaining, with the ensemble cast acting their socks off and trading great dialogue with one enough.

And what entertaining, all-absorbing MEN, or rather real-life stars.

Like I said, this film does just enough to keep it from being boring.

It is a bit long, but mostly it is entertaining.

However, for the younger generation, it does just enough to stay on the right side of the "boring line".

Lee Marvin and Telly Savalas are a couple of standouts, but my personal favourite is the unpredictable screen presence of Jim Brown.

No pretensions at art here, this was a contrived, unbelievable, but ultimately very entertaining war movie.

"The Dirty Dozen" still holds up as a strong war time drama, made most compelling for me by the way Major Reisman (Lee Marvin) reads each of his 'recruits' in order to mold them into a cohesive unit.

Even though this movie runs way over two hours, its always exciting and theres never a dull moment.

The film is a tad overlong; the first & last 40 minutes hold the interest but the middle section (the War Games scene), is far too long and generally detracts.

The plotting does mean the film is rather flabby and overlong but it's a fairly entertaining one if you like war adventures and Lee Marvin and his cohorts are much better actors than Brad Pitt and the ones who appeared a recent film by Tarantino

This is the film's strength – the training sections are very enjoyable and good fun to watch.

This out-of-the-box milestone in the American war genre kicks off on the edge of pure malevolence, the hanging of a pitiable, groveling military prisoner, pleading for mercy.

Highly Entertaining.

THE DIRTY DOZEN is an unpredictable, brilliant movie which simply HAS to be see by all war film fans.

This is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

Sure, Aldrich knows how to make dynamic and exciting combat scenes, shooting series of increasingly frenzied images for the editor (honourable mention to the very talented Michael Luciano) to patch together.

Frank DeVol's score is riveting: drumbeats, and precise military rhythms.

Very exciting and somewhat suspenseful watching how this grand finale would go down.

The Dirty Dozen(1967) is an entertaining movie full of exciting action and great acting.

Its first half is a fairly standard, though rousing, WWII adventure with a skilled cast expertly portraying the typical band of misfits -- in this case, American military prisoners -- who bond under fierce training and are molded into an efficient fighting force.

Which while it most definitely deserves such big exposure, it's a little surprising it's part of the holiday viewing schedules given its cynicism and amoral core, something which is one of the many great & intriguing things about Aldrich's testosterone laced movie.

A group of vastly overage commandoes train for a pointless mission in a very boring, dated film.

The explosive assault on the château is preceded by a gripping infiltration sequence which adds a tense air to the final half hour of the film.

Humour, drama, suspense and all-important action combine to produce a highly entertaining romp that has become a TV staple, light on the rhetoric and ideal for weekend afternoon viewing.

This film has a compelling plot with interesting characters played by good actors.

Politically incorrect,violent,wonderfully acted,depressing yet exciting,no cheap heroics,no patriotic crap.

Some mistakes that I noticed-like when the Dozen switch the blue bands for red during the "War Games" sequence before they seemed to switch back for a few minutes or women wearing '60s hairstyles in a '40s setting-confused me but overall, The Dirty Dozen has enough compelling dramatics and action for me to recommend.

Extremely slow and boring .

John Cassavetes delivers the most intense performance (if I recall from seeing him in other films, I think that he _always_ did) as a troublemaker and his is a standout performance.

Just walk slow, act dumb and look stupid.

There's an extensive sequence in which Reisman proves to Reed the efficacy of his men with a cunning war game that, aside from being thrilling in its own right, makes us laugh audaciously somewhat like when Duke and the other M*A*S*H boys uncover the shower tent to prove Hot Lips Houlihan's a true blonde.

Telly Savalas was given perhaps the most exciting and depraved role in the film and he milked it for all its worth.

The final hour, which sees the dreaded mission - an assault on a German château - begin, is gripping stuff, with plenty of explosions and shooting to keep action fans happy, plus a fair smattering of thrills and suspense for those looking for something deeper.

However it is a little too long, and I did get a little bored with just the tough guy thing.

Not to mention the last 30 minutes, one of the most gripping movie sequence of events that I have ever watched - pure catharsis.

It's delightfully paced and exciting,esp.

Even when you look at this movie now it is exciting as hell.

Most members of this cast are intense, interesting guys....

Progress is slow, and Reisman's superiors are starting to lose patience.

Intriguing (In)Humane Idea Played Out .

One of most entertaining WWII films ever made .

All in all: completely exciting and action-packed.

This is one of the most entertaining action packed war films ever made with a tremendous cast playing unique characters.

The action is strong and you leave the theater with the idea that people can be salvaged.

You'll be on the edge of your seat as you cheer all your newfound antiheros on.

What is incredible, that this film is from 1967 and its still very good with nice atmosphere, good filmed action with little hint of charm :) (where is this new movies with tons of effect and no story...

An enjoyable film with the admirable quality of not over simplifying the nature of war into a conflict between good and evil.

One of my favorite movies of all time, highly entertaining.

Although it was considered to be a pretty ground-breaking movie in its time, today it comes across as over-long, predictable, and formulaic.

If you like the war film genre or just exciting action with ironic humor then you MUST make time to see the original Dirty Dozen.

This exciting , original and Box-Office hit ,¨Dirty dozen¨ was followed by various sequels , a trio of inferior Telefilms (1985 , 87 , 88) as ¨Dirty Dozen II: The next mission ¨ by Andrew V McLagen with Lee Marvin and Richard Jaeckel, Borgnine , Larry Wilcox and Wolf Kahler , ¨Dirty Dozen III : Deadly mission¨ by Lee H Katzin and ¨Dirty Dozen : Fatal mission¨ also by Lee H Katzin and starred by Telly Savalas replacing Lee Marvin; both of them shot at the same time with similar actors and director ; furthermore a TV series.

There is plenty of humour as the team gradually bond; especially when they are getting the better of the officious Colonel Breed and the scenes in France are genuinely exciting and it soon becomes clear that they won't all be returning home.

Lee Marvin heads an all-star cast in a very rugged, humorous, exciting and entertaining film wherein his mission is to train THE DIRTY DOZEN (a ragged bunch of misfits slated for the hangman's noose unless they opt to join him in his mission).

It's a far from flawless picture, of that there is no doubt, but it's loved by millions and continues to gain an audience yearly by those who are willing to view it on its own entertaining terms.

Simply, it is difficult to imagine such a situation and conditions, but the plots are very exciting.

Heart-pounding and adrenaline-rushing action giant that still packs a punch that will knock you out.

So you can either watch The Dirty Dozen in two ways, one to study the army through a wide open image or secondly as a highly entertaining action movie.

Perhaps it's his attempts to bring "realism" to the story is makes the thing so dull and confused.

But it also has some laughably cheesy scenes, and the action is very flawed and confusing.

" Perfect casting, perfect screenplay, and perfectly entertaining, the true value of any good film.

Many viewers of film, myself include, rate this as one of the most exciting "mission"'' stories of all time.

A compelling plot with interesting characters played by good actors .

A curate's egg of a film, but definitely entertaining.

But I would give it a good rating if it was an insomnia medication.