The Disaster Artist (2017) - Biography, Comedy, Drama

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When Greg Sestero, an aspiring film actor, meets the weird and mysterious Tommy Wiseau in an acting class, they form a unique friendship and travel to Hollywood to make their dreams come true.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: James Franco
Stars: James Franco, Dave Franco
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 59 out of 361 found boring (16.34%)

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Compelling, unusual, enjoyable.

Still, I will say that this strange Hollywood "success" story is hilarious, forlorn, fascinating, and odd.

But with that, many sensations most notably The Nostalgia Critic played by Doug Walker gained a lot of attention after covering what was supposedly the worst movie ever made.

Where other actor/director/writes have failed this year (Kenneth Branagh - Murder on the Orient Express), James Franco knows how to use his stellar cast, while being able to commit to his odd character and oversee a quality entertaining film.

The story of Tommy Wiseau (played by Franco himself) is intrinsically fascinating.

Additionally, the plot plays out like a bad, sloppy version of ED WOOD, which also took liberties with the truth but in a much better, entertaining way, in order to improve the plot, which was not done here.

The trailer for the Disaster Artist was really intriguing, and I walked out pretty pleased.

More pointless are some of the cameos, which were distracting and leaned towards the smug.

Characters are not established well, scenes are disjointed: the movie feels bland.

I think he definitely immersed himself in the part and if he doesn't look or sound quite like Tommy (frankly, who does?

The movie lacked entertaining and only the scenes in the trailer are the good things in it.

Enjoyable biocomdrama .

Tommy followed his own dreams and made the best worst movie of all time.

I highly recommend it.

It is a very oddball movie but also excellent, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

After I saw the film I was intrigued so watched some of the cast interviews that James and Seth Rogen had done where they talk about the backstory and its truly fascinating.

In that sense, I think it was slightly dull in a few moments, sometimes kinda cheesy (not in a good way), and perhaps too long.

The results have stacked up to a litany of adaptations that are generously called pretentious, and more often considered self- serving passion projects by an ill- equipped visionary.

Worth watching if you bring no expectations to it.

A comedic tribute to "The Room" with a fascinating leading performance .

Despite it being a film that is so utterly incompetent in everything it tries to achieve; this oddity of cinema has the extraordinary ability to be strangely entertaining.

Very intriguing.

The greatest movie about the creation of the worst movie ever made.

How much of it is actual fact versus fiction is difficult to discern, but this is still a riveting story with intriguing characters, colorful acting, and a good balance of compelling human drama and laugh-out loud humor.

The Disaster Artist probably won't crack my top ten list for this year, but I certainly enjoyed it and intend to see it again at some point, perhaps as a double feature with The Room.

The headline is ok and the movie is very long.

It's a funny, compelling Hollywood story which turns dark in a few spots.

This movie feels slow though, there isn't a lot of time where it picks up.

James Franco shines as the eccentric, egotistical, and unpredictable Tommy Wiseau, the director-writer-producer and star of The Room.

While this is a movie about the making of the worst movie ever made, the heart of the story is the friendship between Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero (whom are played by real-life brothers).

A really enjoyable flick.

I did not watch Tommy Wiseau's The Room so maybe if I watch it I like it even more The Disaster Artist, which I really liked the movie, is a biographical movie with a good humor and good performances, The Room is considered the worst movie ever made, and to make a biography of how it was the production of this film is a challenge, and manages to be an engaging film and that does not lose the rhythm in no time, James Franco is the director and the protagonist in the film, is without doubts its better film as director, already as an actor is arguable, he commands very well, the makeup is very well done and at the time of having to be a bad actor he commands very well too, Dave Franco does a competent performance, and the rest of the cast does well its part, the characterization is great, the actors look very much like the real people, the soundtrack is cool and the end of the movie is very good and funny, the movie has its slips, dialogs cliches, and I did not like that Tommy Wiseau seems to act poorly until when it's not in the movie, and some characters have been misused, but The Disaster Artist is very good and worth watching.

He gives a funny and engaging lead performance.

Stunning performance by Franco .

Very entertaining, funny, and well acted.

Franco's performance is more a collection of idiosyncrasies than an effective characterization, but he's fascinating to watch.

Ironically, The Room, the terrible Movie it's based on, is a more entertaining 2 hours.

Dave Franco however is terrible, he's so bland and shows nothing throughout.

I could cite Peter Greenaway movies and dissect and analyze and critique and try to make myself seem more intelligent by watching more artsy garbage, films with bland uneventful stories and ambiguous endings.

Half of the audience at the matinee I attended walked out before thirty minutes.

What makes it enjoyable to watch is because of how bad it is.

Greg also gets a lot of compelling scenes with Tommy, the other cast, his girlfriend Amber (played by Dave Franco's wife Allison Brie), and the best cameo in a movie full of cameos, Bryan Cranston as himself.

In order to balance that with a funny, engaging, rewatchable film is quite an achievement, which it more than manages.

" was intriguing to watch unfold.

At the heart of the movie is a fun underdog story that was an enjoyable watch.

The Disaster Artist not only serves as a memoir on the making of The Room, it is unexpectedly one of the most engaging films about friendship and perhaps, over time, will even gain cult status of its own.

As one of the converted to the 'so bad it's enjoyable' this made the film all the better, though I also questioned how much crossover appeal The Disaster Artist will ever have to those with no previous knowledge of The Room.

Absolutely the most self indulgent piece crap I've ever seen.

As Entertaining as it is Endearing .

This shows that any friendship can flourish regardless of pointless differences.

Franco does a good job and they compressed a lot into the running time, but after reading the book, I was let down with some of the changes to make it into a more formulaic Hollywood story.

The Room is cited as being the worst movie ever made, possibly even beating Plan 9 from Outer Space (which also got the "making of" treatment with Tim Burton's Ed Wood), many consider it as "so bad, it's good", it mainly because of this critically acclaimed and accoladed movie that I watched it, and I looked forward to seeing the story of how the film came to be, based on the non-fiction by its star Greg Sestero (and Tom Bissell).

The Disaster Artist is of course hilarious, and amusing in its tracks and characters but also intense and sad.

Entertaining 'behind-the-scenes' look at the making of an anti-classic .

Those two films were both stories of everyday losers, living on the edge and clinging to a dream, in spite of their lack of any evident talent.

The Room, (released in 2003), has achieved cult status since its release; now considered by many to be "the best worst movie ever made".

This was an entertaining film from start to finish and James Franco was deserving of his best actor golden globe.

However, if your looking for something extremely entertaining and oddly enjoyable "The Disaster Artist" should not be missed.

The Disaster Artist is the unbelievable true story behind the infamous making of The Room, one of the worst movies imaginable, which is considered by many to be so bad it's good.

Tommy's Planet may forever be a mystery, but we have The Room and The Disaster Artist to help us theorize where this fascinating weirdo originated from, let alone where he got the money to make his movie.

Greg is charming, albeit the book & film were written on his basis, whilst Tommy is an often unpredictable oddball.

The movie "The Disaster Artist" is one of the worst movies in the Century.

An adequate movie about making the absolute worst movie, I give The Disaster Artist 3.5 stars out of 5.

The focus is where it should be and it's fascinating nonetheless.

I only knew that this was based on the true story behind the making of what is commonly accepted as the worst movie ever made.

Why sitting through an awful movie has a cult following only lowers the bar for engaging and entertaining movie scripts, something that seems to be affecting the movie industry as a whole.

First of all, it starts out with a storyline that is completely uninteresting and boring to anyone without a background in the material.

The Room, one of the best worst movies ever, was released in a single theatre for two weeks.

Weber, have helped sculpt The Disaster Artist into a celebration of eccentricity, stubbornness and the unexpected places magic is found at the movies.

What is an enjoyable film takes on a whole new level at the premiere, as the loving homages to The Room comes to life.

The Disaster Artist is a biographical film about Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero and the making of one of the worst movies ever made called The Room.

'The Disaster Artist' is a homage/satire of the making of 'The Room', one of the so-called "worst movies ever".

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

Director James Franco chose to swap those out for more boring things.

Seeing the awkwardness that Tommy is and his weirdness behavior on directing his own movie was always entertaining.

With their careers going nowhere they move to LA and Tommy has the idea of making his own movie and funding it himself.

Well, ofcourse this is the case with many B movies, but honestly I just got incredibly bored after watching it for half an hour.

The Disaster Artist adds an additional layer of emotion to the world's best worst movie.

The Room is quite arguably the worst movie in the 21 century.

And James Franco's spot-on portrayal of Wiseau shows this evocateur to be quite the odd duck with strange habits, and an intriguing charisma that allowed him to take his friend on this journey and successfully make and distribute a film, a thing many people only ever dream of.

It is a great parody of the pretentious nature of the film industry.

However, I don't think the creators of The Disaster Artist meant to mock The Room, rather telling the stories of its eccentricities and unexpected success.

A celebration of the unexpected magic found at the movies .

This film is a little bit slow to get going, and my scepticism as to its veracity, coupled with the fact that the excessively mannered delivery of James Franco (not one of my favourite actors) as the ridiculous and enormously irritating Tommy meant that I was wondering wither to walk out or not.

But even if you are not familiar with the source material, this movie is thoroughly enjoyable.

'THE DISASTER ARTIST': Five Stars (Out of Five)A comedy-drama biopic based on the making of Tommy Wiseau's 2003 beloved cult film 'THE ROOM', which is considered (by many) to be one of the worst movies ever made.

It's as though they are gripping on to the back of a band wagon that was already at top speed and already full of hilarious interpretations and reactions.

Its totally deserving of its awards and is enjoyable for even those who have never seen The Room.

While the film sometimes struggles to be an entertaining comedy and also a deep look at the who, why and how behind the film, Franco never fails to keep us fascinated with his character as well as reveal the fragile soul wrapped in this cloak of unbridled childishness, cocksureness and social awkwardness.

The Franco's have a brotherly bond that excels further on-screen and they both make The Disaster Artist a believable (as unbelievable as it is) and compelling drama.

The Room is a cult classic even though it is one of the worst movies ever made.

I don't want to give to much spoilers, but basically its a biography about a eastern European guy who made a movie that is considered one of the worst movies ever called 'The Room' and it shows his journey of producing it.

funny and compelling .

The film is really disturbing, and intense to watch at times, because Wiseau's mental illness does sometimes turn abusive, and creepy.

Went into the cinema after booking online and on the way in passed all the Star Bores fans clutching their tickets and mountains of popcorn and nachos and just settled myself down in a nice comfortable seat.

This portrayal completely distorts the actual, fascinating dynamics between the characters: how Tommy is able to exert power on Greg by keeping Greg's aspirations of an acting career alive, how Greg's own small successes manifest the unreachability of Tommy's idealistic, imagined idea of the perfect, desireable dream life and how the two, despite being almost the reverse of each other, in the midst of everything are still able to form something of a friendship.

This movie might be, confusing to watch, for some, not expose to such knowledge.

Franco Makes the Film Worth Watching .

Overall, it's decent, very enjoyable, and ultimately very light and feel good, which is sometimes all one needs.

Yet there is something endearing about it, that makes it ridiculously entertaining.

Based on the non-fiction book "The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Film Ever Made" by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell, it is a fascinating and often funny look into the making of The Room, a film widely considered to be one of the worst ever made.

Are we living in times of such confusion of values that nothing does really matter?

My favourites of the cameos were Zac Efron and Josh Hutcherson as a way to intense Chis-R and a completely miscast Denny.

The Disaster Artist is hilarious; it was always entertaining with the performances from James Franco, and Dave Franco.

For example, there is a wonderfully intense scene where Tommy, when filming the infamous bellybutton sex scene, starts arguing with his film crew.

The character is annoying to watch, I don't say James Franco didn't a good job playing him, he probably did a good job imitating a boring guy.

It's here, where the film starts to become more enjoyable to the masses not the premiere.

they had just suffered overacted bilge with no plot lines and awful direction...

But here is a clue, even if one decides to make a movie about bad acting skills as a subject, you still have to be able to act decently and create a compelling story with a climax of some sort.

Also who wouldn't want to know what happened on the set of one of the best worst movies ever made.

A thoroughly engaging salute to an incredibly disastrous film.

Many of us today have seen at least one movie that's truly awful in every aspect (bad acting, directing etc), but to you personally, it's somehow enjoyable.

Awful waste of time and not a great representation of a mentally challenged sentient being.

I highly recommend it.

It is an interesting enough idea to make a film about a film without being a documentary, but it's even more intriguing knowing that this film they're telling a story about is considered one of the worst films of all time.

Or as some say "the best worst movie ever made.

Soooo boring...

and try to live the Hollywood dream by making their very own feature film, but end up embarking on a wildly unpredictable and unforgettable production.

While "The Disaster Artist" certainly was entertaining, I doubt that I will return to watch it a second time.

Fascinating and Funny Insight .

Final Say – A film that will likely be a different experience for those that have watched The Room and those that haven't, The Disaster Artist is a film that will appeal to both portions of the viewers as one of the year's most enjoyable big releases, that offers an often fascinating insight into how one of the 21st century's biggest cultural phenomenon's came to be.

But the comedic timing of Seth Rogen, Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and Zac Ephron not to mention the inclusion of Megan Mullally, Alison Brie, Hannibal Buress and Bob Odenkirk all keep the film entertaining and even charming in a sense.

Wiseau is fascinating because he wants all the accolades of stardom and celebrity, without doing any of the work.

Can't believe how bad this movie is, boredom to the highest levels.

The Disaster Artist is about the people and process behind the making of the "best worst movie of all time.

A interesting look at an entertaining disaster .

A very funny and enjoyable movie.

The film begins, with Tommy's awful performance, the terrible script and the poor filmmaking techniques immediately apparent, the audience first reacts with confusion and horror.

Overall, TDA is a fascinating film that captures the essences of how a film can be so bad and how one dream can be hard to accomplish in life.

The Disaster Artist is anything but a disaster with its intriguing story, great humor and heartbreaking moments about one very strange man's dream of becoming a big name in Hollywood and managed to become big in the end for the wrong reasons.

Of all of the worst movies ever made, "The Room" is by far the most fun to watch.

Gary Oldman is stunning with Churchill, won, and will no doubt go on with a clean sweep of all best actor awards all the way to March 4 (Oscar).

One of the most enjoyable movies .

Incomprehensible melodrama, atrocious acting, baffling editing, and otherworldly dialogue are all slapped together in a film that should be unwatchable.

The amount of times i gasped thinking "i cant believe this happened one day" was endless and made it very entertaining.

To my regret, they have made this movie to teach how the life of the characters was out of cameras, and how one of the worst movies in the history was made.

Probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

I initially walked away from watching The Room with confusion and misplaced laughter, I came out of The Disaster Artist even more fascinated with Wiseau's history and the troubled production of The Room.

The Room, may actually be the worst movie ever made.

The way he worked, the way he was inspired, and what he thought he was doing for his friend Greg made for a fascinating experience.

Unexpected comedy film .

The best movie about the worst movie.

A fascinating and often funny look into the making of The Room .

Very boring movie about something I didn't even know existed .

The idea to make a movie about the production of the room, arguably one of the worst movies ever made is absolutely ingenious.

Definitely, it is a movie taken care of in every way and that pays perfect tribute to the best-worst movie in history.

Tommy is an intense filmmaker like his idol Alfred Hitchcock.

The Disaster Artist is a fascinating character study that follows a creator with a vision.

The film works best as an entertaining and intriguing character study, reminding us that art and beauty is in the eye of the creator (and whoever has the money/influence).

But I still had a good time enjoying the story of this film and being reminder of what made The Room so bad yet enjoyable.

For the rest pretty dull and boring movie to just get into the making of The Room.

The Proper Way to Tell How the Worst Movie Ever Was Made .

They move to Los Angeles and eventually create "The Room" which is considered one of the worst movies ever made and presently has a cult following.

It presents relatable themes set against a fascinating backdrop...

Unfunny Predictable Hollywood Garbage .

It's funnier and will give you so much more insight into the production of the best worst movie ever made.

Franco has done a wonderful job with this film, and even though its about the worst movie ever, the film about the making of it is rather fantastic.

This was interesting, because I had heard so much about "the Room" and its cult status as one of the worst movies ever made.

Disaster Artist Makes Light of the Worst Movie Ever .

Watch this film with or without watching The Room first, it will be as equally entertaining and enjoyable as well as emotional either way.

Now, I've been able to view the Disaster Artist, and find out how a fascinating piece of cinema history came to be.

This is a vey enjoyable, well made movie about unbelievably real events in the Hollywood movie industry.

An absurdly entertaining documentary .

The message of the movie is that entertaining people, even with a bad movie, is redeeming.

Worth the watch, especially since i saw The Room.

Enjoyable for the bizarre characterisation.

Please don't waste your time with this.

Although I firmly believe Troll 2 is a far worse movie than The Room, it was only a matter of time before someone made a movie about the making of a movie considered by many to be the worst movie ever made.

A fascinating memoir .

Entertaining, crazy .

The Disaster Artist is a fairly ironic experience; one of 2017's most purely enjoyable films, based entirely around what could very well be the worst film ever made.

The movie was trashed by critics, with some going as far as to call it the worst movie ever made, due to its lousy writing, camera-work and story.

In The Disaster Artist (2017), we get to see what led to this "worst movie ever made.

'The Disaster Artist' explores Wiseau's unrealistically abysmal vision & what went behind the making of his dream project 'The Room', and turns it into an unexpected story on living your dream.

Waste of time .

It is funny, intriguing and you want to see how things play out for the unlikely duo and their dreams of stardom.

An adequate movie about making the absolute worst movie.

The film is about the friendship between the aforementioned Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero and how it led them to make what is often called the worst movie of all time namely 'The Room' .

A fascinating character study with a surprisingly feel-good moral.

The movie's rhythm was boring a little bit too.

James Franco is utterly annoying and unbearable in this movie.

Entertaining - Franco at his best .

so all in all even though it's enjoyable, the disaster artist failed to TEAR ME APART with it's comedy and drama

For me it is the worst movie ever made (and I've seen heaps of terrible movies).

It's still always incredibly fascinating to watch though, and funny.

' These are just a few questions that circulate Tommy Wiseau's bafflingly terrible 2003 cult film The Room, a film that has been crowned as the 'best worst movie ever made'.

To heighten or emphasize just how awful it is, or a pointless, childish, cheap and smug piss-take out of a genuinely awful film?

James Franco's performance as the bizarre enigmatic Tommy Wiseau is stunning.

Greg was given a supporting role, and the cult 'best worst movie ever made' The Room was born.

Greg and Tommy wind up making what many have called the worst movie of the 21st century.

"The Disaster Artist" is a sweet, emotionally engaging tribute to friendship, the movies and the importance of dreams.

=== As a rewatch 01/15/18' the Disaster Artist remains a high quality highly and entertaining film.

Outside of that, better to stay home and watch reruns than waste time and money on this crap.

Funny movie, but it feels slow and not all that interesting.

But enough about one of the worst movies ever ...

#JamesFranco did an amazing job portraying the mystery about one of the most awefull movies in history which turned out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences in theaters arround the world.

Franco is fascinating as the enigmatic, temperamental Wiseau and adds a dimension of vulnerability not apparent in "The Room".

So says Tommy Wiseau, Director/Producer/Writer of The Room, arguably the worst movie ever made.

Hilarious, heartfelt, dramatic, and intense .

It also brings light to making silent films so that they are entertaining without any sound at all.

Where scenes constantly come and go with no real reason or explanation in The Room, The Disaster Artist makes good use of its runtime to make a quick and memorable bio-drama that is equally as entertaining as it is endearing.

The making of the movie is the most enjoyable part and is seriously funny.

A funny engaging worthwhile addition to the greatness of the Room .

They achieved celebrity cult status by making the worst movie ever made.

I'll take an entertaining B horror flick with an original idea over a piece of pretentious Oscar bait any day of the week.

You can see on the net people suggest you watch the Room, Citizen Kane of the worst movies ever filmed, as a prerequisite; believe me, it is not a suggestion.

How ever famous it was before Franco's well crafted journey into a the mind of a man who stands on the edge of genus and instability, is about to make it Infamous.

Early on he is deemed to have a 'malevolent presence' by a theatre director during an audition, which is highlighted during a scene in which Wiseau displays an unexpected cruel nature towards his cast and crew.

Give star bores a miss and get this on the big screen.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

For those that have thrown a spoon or two in honour of Tommy Wiseau's 2003 shocker The Room, a crime against cinema that has in turn become a cult favourite amongst cinema elite as well as casual cinema-goers, James Franco's newest passion project as director and star will be an absolute treat, while for newcomers to the bizarre universe of The Room, The Disaster Artist will act as a genuinely laugh out loud experience that acts as a fascinating look at the movie making process.

It has great references that makes it more enjoyable if you've seen and fell in love with its source material.

Really Disaster Artist was an empty look and borders on biography and parody.

Great story for sure, but the execution is just bland and going nowhere.

The Room is considered to be the "Best worst movie ever" and was created by a man no one knew, Tommy Wiseau.

While the film crew sees him as a confusing weirdo, we know there's something more.

Wiseau produced, directed, wrote and starred in The Room, arguably the worst movie ever made.

Taking on the "worst movie ever" as source material was quite an ambitious risk for James Franco.

To some extent, the film is an big in-joke, so watching "The Room" beforehand will provide context to the 'making of' film, BUT watching "The Room" afterwards (as I did) is more entertaining having seen 'behind-the-scenes' (and watching "The Room" twice may be beyond most people's capacity for self-abuse).

I really enjoyed it, and I do think it's one of the year's best movies.

It's the more intense drama scenes that really work well within this movie.

The plot is bland and scenes are uninteresting.

I do think the third act suffers a bit from what seems like "Romantic Comedy Syndrome" ie. a predictable friendship separation/ reunion storyline which kind of made the whole thing a bit too hokey for me.

What Wiseau creates is considered to be one of the worst movies ever made.

Clocking in with an IMDb user average rating of 3.6, "The room" is considered by many as a serious contender of the worst movie ever made.

It's literally one of the worst films I've ever seen but it's surrounded by this bizarre aura that makes it one of the most entertaining films you could ever watch, simply because of how bad it actually is.

A Hilarious Look at One of the Worst Movies Ever .

Best movie ever about the best worst movie ever .

While, 2003's 'The Room' has generally been regarded as one of the worst, entertaining Hollywood film of all time.

The Disaster Artist, directed and starring James Franco as the infamous Tommy Wiseau, follows the undeniably intriguing story of just how and why The Room (dir.

no plot, no acting, just pure chaos and stupidity all movie long.

I appreciate The Room a bit more now, but I still think it's the worst movie ever created.

I think it's best to go into this film blind like I did - enjoyable enough!

Such a waste of time, and no amount of good imitation acting is going to make this into a good piece of cinema.

Despite a fascinating backstory, a solid screenplay and the enthusiastic participation of an all-star cast, James Franco's "The Disaster Artist" often plays like a television movie.

Confusing and awkward portrait of The Room.

Seth Rogen's critical condescension of Wiseau's unorthodox methods is very compelling especially since Rogen is normally typecast as the nice lovable stoner.