The Divide (2011) - Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

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Survivors of a nuclear attack are grouped together for days in the basement of their apartment building, where fear and dwindling supplies wear away at their dynamic.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Xavier Gens
Stars: Lauren German, Michael Biehn
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 63 out of 246 found boring (25.6%)

One-line Reviews (192)

But those films also throw in a dash of cayenne pepper to wake up a bland dish---quirky dialog, an actor who does something unexpected with an otherwise conventional role.

This film is paradoxical in many ways and is flawed by its confusion of who the characters actually are.

The movie is one big wimp fest with tantrums galore, nonsensical and whimsical deviance, and absolutely no plot.

(This contains spoilers) This is probably the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.

People trapped after a disaster/war (yawn), they turn on each other (yawn), there are few survivors (yawn).

However, after the hope of rescue fades and the full horror of their predicament hits home the characters each embark on a downward spiral which makes for compelling viewing.

Milo Ventimiglia also had a very intense character to play.

The subject explored in The Divide isn't new, but it's developed with quite a cruelty, appropriately claustrophobic locations and a screenplay which explores the darkest and most disturbing corners of human depravity under unexpected circumstances.

The acting was very good, numerous scenes were breathtaking, and the story...

The story started with a lot of information and confrontations, then it became slow and completely predictable.

There were some moments, particularly towards the end, where I was on the edge of my seat, completely gripped.

What a waste of time!

This movie felt like it was rushing although it was a long, drawn out affair.

Turns out unexpected to what I expected.

All I can say is, you will not see what is coming, and you will be on the edge of your seat.

Good acting, cliché plot, sub-par script .

I don't care how realistic, possible or well made it is – and for the record I don't really think it was much of any of these things – The Divide is dull, depressing and pointless.

6.5 out of 10 worth the watch just don't go complaining afterwards because it made you question your integrity

Compelling .

(I'm not saying Hunger Games was horrible by any means, it was entertaining enough.

The plot is fairly predictable for a post apocalyptic movie.

Its extremely disturbing and makes you feel empty at the end.

Watching these characters slowly devolve into complete madness was thrilling.

Just like this movie, when things go south, you're on the ride until it's over, very compelling.


It's slow to start and then just spirals into an orgy of gratuitous violence and misogyny at the expense of any plot or real character development.

Piece of garbage that is a complete waste of time!!.

Riveting .

Xavier Jens offers the audience an absolutely stunning, awe-inspiring film that will leave you speechless.

I found the first half hour from the film fascinating, because it established the situation on a clear and convincing way, perfectly displaying everything that is at risk, and bringing us some clues which suggest a more complex and interesting mystery.

People behave unrealistically and it is cliché after cliché.

"No moral, no message, no prophetic tract, just a simple statement of fact: for civilization to survive, the human race has to remain civilized.

The acting is superb in some characters which have their stories from before the events of the movie start, and some characters are flat and very dull, seemingly there just to create one chaos after the other.

A bad film is a film that fails to do what it intended to do -- a comedy that's not funny, a boring action film, a laughable horror film.

What we get is a slow, painful revelation of human nature.

The end is predictable and will leave you unfulfilled for the time you've invested so in that respect, it's like a train ride to work, enjoy the journey because the destination isn't up to much.

It might have worked better if this entire subplot had been deleted but it leads to a very contrived plot device where the sane survivor escapes via a NBC suit which begs the question as to why one of the bad guys hadn't thought of it ?

The die hard fans of this movie are pretty hilarious and pretentious, like the characters in the movie.

People do dumb, predictable things that you see coming a mile away.

Director Gens too often shows an unhealthy obsession for wanting to depict senseless violence, like the dull and irrelevant fixation on hacking up rotting corpses with an axe.

Music is perfect, acting is top-notch, and cinematography is mind blowing at moments (especially impressive for a movie that pretty much takes place in a basement.

Riddled with Plotholes, and still Extremely Compelling, if Arduous to Watch.

Director Xavier Gens and writers Karl Mueller & Eron Sheean have however managed to divert such a plot from depressing the hell out of me by keeping me on the edge of my seat even in the quieter moments.

It certainly is not without flaw, but I thought it was a pretty compelling story about people trying to survive a nuclear holocaust.

And the ending was predictable.

I will admit there were a few scenes where the acting was lackluster and the situation was predictable.

The characters are cliché and the dialogue is so cringeworthy that any self-respecting horror lover would quickly roll their eyes.

Most movies these days only bore me with special effects.

An exuberant attempt at artsy fartsy, psychological mumbo jumbo, movie study into the fall and decay of the human psyche...

Mostly The Divide is just a suspenseful ride watching how immense stress affects these characters and what inevitable end it leads too.

The one thing I will say is that in this day and age, which (for some sociological reason I'm sure grad students at schools all over the country are currently writing their theses on)the younger generation tends fixate on overly romanticized apocalypse narratives, it's oddly refreshing to see one that shows it as something other than an end to boring responsibility and an opportunity to blow stuff up with automatic weapons.

The movie is predictable to a point that you know what's going to happen after the first 10 minutes.

But if that's what you're into, you'll find few films more memorable (somehow the word "enjoyable" just doesn't apply here).

Every few decades, this compelling tale has gotten a facelift adapting it to a new generation.

Pretentious cliché' piece of garbage .

Its raw, gritty, confronting, violent and at times frustrating, but never the less, it is highly enjoyable.

Michael Biehn, who is always at his best in intense roles, shines.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Don't waste your time.

For the most part, this movie was predictable to the point of tedious.

slow builder that becomes insane and brutal .

The pacing is a little slow at first as the characters try to deal with what is happening, and the predictable arguments over food etc start to break out.

Let me just say it straight off - don't waste your time.

Yawn .

Main idea is about the survival instinct implanted within every human being, no matter the gender, color, age, or strength level..There are so many intense scenes, maybe more than what anybody can handle.

Food and water drag out into infinity as days or possibly weeks pass by.

Set in a single location with a minimal cast (which includes Michael 'Terminator' Biehn and Rosanna Arquette) and clocking in at almost two hours, Xavier Gens' The Divide is a bold and brutal exploration of the darker side of human nature; unfortunately, it's not a particularly good one, the claustrophobic scenario quickly becoming very tedious, the pace being tortuously slow, the characters proving extremely annoying, and the plot severely lacking in adequate exposition and logic (if it was so easy to pop on the hazmat suit and exit via the septic tank, why didn't someone do it sooner?

One star for the fact that I did not get bored (enough) to just stop watching it and a star for not having giant plot holes (because there is no plot to talk about).

A film is like life or should be completely unpredictable as this film was.

I was on the edge of my seat for the entire show.

The scenes are unbearable for people who aren't exposed to such movies containing so much violence ,blood and sex.

But things take the first of many fascinating and unexpected turns when gunned soldiers enter the room and forcefully take one of the survivors away.

The plot is drawn, the sequences were over done and the general storyline was dull at best.

That said, the acting was nowhere near as bad as some claim, and the slow build-up of tension was sufficient for me to watch it through to the end.

Once again though, instead of that goal, I feel like the director just achieved new levels of pointless gore.

For a hybrid film that delivers the horror, sci-fi, drama and thriller genre well, and with low budget production, I thought this was unexpected.

No moral, no message, no prophetic tract .

After reading the first review that gave this movie 1 star and stating it as a waste of time I almost passed it up.

Gripping sci fi drama about survivors from a nuclear blast who are trapped in the basement of an apartment block.

Utter utter garbage, one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The only plus that I could find is that some of the shots and music was slightly enjoyable; helping me to not mind the odd parts as much.

But it's a stunning achievement for director Xavier Gens (whose last output was the creaky action flick Hit-man, which even Timothy Olyphant couldn't save) and a must for any self-respecting horror fan.

I found it intense and dismal all at the same time.

Anyway, that all aside all we have here is some people, all of which are divided into two convenient teams of boring passive mumblers and aggressively unlikable nutjobs, trapped in an enclosed space being jerks to each other because that's what happens in all these movies.

The more intense and murderous this film becomes the more compelling it is.

The Divide is well directed and the music highlights the poignancy of slow death and bizarre madness.

I am only commenting on the massive influx of rave reviews for Hunger Games - whereas The Divide achieves an undeserving 5.8?!) Although the scenario isn't exactly something new (people stuck in a room, losing their minds), it was a fresh take on it, and 10-fold more enjoyable than the 'competition'.

I enjoyed it immensely, all the more so for not hearing of the movie anywhere in the media.

Aside from some obvious flaws, this film is worth watching.

It is an unexpectedly unpredictable film that becomes more and more violent and hard to watch as it goes on.

The unintended psychological experiment presented is incredibly fascinating.

I don't know about you guys but all the post-apocalyptic movies I've seen, they have portrayed the first half of the movie to be a slow and tedious battle to keep sane whilst being cooped up in such a small space with a group of strangers.

An amazingly well-shot, well-acted suspenseful psych-thriller .

The sets, acting and production are all great and I deeply wanted to love this movie but it is just too depressing and sickening, but mainly too boring.

But it is the rest of the cast that makes The Divide so stunning, rounded out by little-known method actors who walk into that bunker as everyday people and transform into animalistic creatures before their very eyes.

In no way was this movie creative, interesting, or even entertaining.

Stunning cruelty and betrayal after betrayal then compound upon one another until the shocking conclusion.

One was they were all sick and that a slow and painful death was in the near future and the other was that they were sealed in never to see the outside world again, stuck in what would become their tomb.

Don't waste the time on this one unless you have absolutely nothing else to do.

Don't waste your time...

Waste of time!

It gets an eight for it's totally unexpected above average story.

"The Divide" is a movie well worth watching, because it is so intense and so well-told.

And there is no khatarsis, no twist, no message.

This is one of the worst pretentious piece of trash I have seen for a long time.

There are some unexpected things with this movie though.

It's "Lord of the Flies" and "Battle Royale" and "Clockwork Orange" all packed together, and let me tell you it's as intense as all of those put together.

They know that they are going to die in that basement, and it will be a slow, painful death.

An entertaining watch to say the least.

Yes, there are some plot holes and irregularities, like the main characters being too fit and too unfriendly to be representative of the average American, their lack of interest of what happened to their friends and family etc. So The Divide is not quite Gilmore Girls, but still pretty entertaining.

Few films create such a gripping atmosphere of filth, dread, nausea and, claustrophobia like this one does.

this was, regrettably, one of the worst movies I have ever viewed in my life and not even worth the rental fee.

My main issue with this movie (other than the lack of a compelling plot) was the utterly stupid and unreasonable characters.

Long, drawn out, mix of low budget horror, apocalyptic, porn.

-interesting main characters- good character development *Script: well written, dialogues are good *Scenery/atmosphere: extremely good *Tension building: absorbing *Acting: credible *CGI: OK *Action/pace: well balanced betw.

It gets more and more intense as it goes on.

A breathtaking ode to the shortcomings of human nature.

Horribly pretentious, shallow, often bad acted, with little direction or sense.

Underrated and Over-Hated - For Horror Lovers is Worth the Watch .

If the movie stayed on this path, it would've been a boring mess and nothing more.

simply breathtaking.

things are boring and then somehow in the middle of the movie it gets creepy.

Although argumentative, they quickly settle into a dull routine of waiting for help.

There are some dashes of thrilling action when some space men come in and don't behave too positively.

The worst movie in decades .

It's an incredibly interesting and intricate psychological examination of humanity, whilst also being emotional, intense and thrilling.

It lacks a solid storyline, a convincing character development and moves too fast in some and too slow in most phases of the movie.

Waste of time.

Perhaps this is why the movie maintains interest - there's an ambiguity that is compelling - none of the characters are snowy white nor purely evil.

It's hideous and a complete waste of everyone's time and money.

Despite the dark nature of the film overall I enjoyed it in a morbidly depressing kind of way.

I gave it two stars because I do enjoy end-of-the-world movies, and this put a bit of an original spin on it, and it did include a lot of twists and turns, with little lull in the action.

One of those artsy-fartsy films that have become common lately and explore the most stupid and raw imagery available.

Its boring, clichéd and predictable.

(How is a post-apocalyptic film supposed to be enjoyable anyway?

Confusion leads to anger and eventually violent confrontations as the most diverse group that puts TV's Survivor collection to woeful shame.

I am not saying this film is the answer to what I've been longing for, but it's dark and intense.

Entertaining and well made .

There is no plot explanation ether.

Fortunately the third act more than makes up for it, producing some of the most intense scenes that could only exist in French cinema.

It is a violent and gripping exploration of how humans interact and adapt in such difficult situations.

But I love me a good apocalyptic flick, even though most are very predictable.

this ones is worth watching if you want to see a movie that will give you the creeps.

Total cliché.

Though, it is pretty slow at the beginning and lacks profound dialogue and acting.

Garbage, Violent, Horrific and pointless tale sold as "art" .

The movie starts off with a cliché twist, which all fans of post-apocalyptic genre love: nukes fall, people take shelter in a basement trying to survive.

The potent and provocative central message about how a dire predicament brings out the best and worst in human beings is conveyed in a shatteringly raw, intense, and graphic no-holds-barred manner; indeed, watching this diverse array of folks degenerate into barbarism and depravity makes for truly unsettling viewing.

My wife and I enjoyed it.

The ending was also god awful, it makes the whole movie pointless.

For the individuals who posted negative reviews, they were obviously looking for something more action packed.

It starts slow.

Starts off well with a good set up but then spirals into scene after scene of unnecessary violence and no plot leaving the viewer feeling sick more than anything else.

Would you rather walk out of such a movie yawning?

waste of time .

Probably the worst movie i have ever seen.

The acting is really decent despite the confusing plot and the suspense and build up leave you intrigued to know who 'they' are.

There are some very intense moments and characters who you end up rooting for.

On the other hand, if you are a movie-goer who loves intense confrontation, scenes which require you to construct your own conclusion, great music, excellent cinematography and a generous portrayal of raw human emotion through various stages or survival, then this is down your alley.

Some scenes was really disturbing but functional for atmosphere, some other also very intense, especially some minutes after the end.

Maybe the worst movie ever made .

) but this one was a waste of time.

I was bored and had nothing to do, so I watched this as it came on Starz, because I thought it would be interesting.

The plot was shallow and pointless, just filling time with "cute" music between the action.

Director Xavier Gens, working from an unsparingly grim and hard-hitting script by Karl Mueller and Eron Sheean, relates the riveting story at a brisk pace, builds plenty of nerve-rattling claustrophobic tension, maintains an uncompromisingly bleak'n'brutal tone throughout, and offers a strong feeling of despair, nihilism, and desperation from start to finish.

The entire script is unpredictable like this and it doesn't spoon-feed your mind.

So we're back to the slow boil, which was better than average.

At times it is all a bit unbelievable but extremely entertaining as well.

I discovered this movie by chance on HBO and find it fascinating!

The movie is disturbing, yet compelling and inspiring at the same time.

Unfortunately things start to take a slower place in the second act.

I saw some reviews about this movie and all were that it was "sooo bad", "waste of time" and "terrible movie" and at the same time people told me it was an "shocking post-apocalyptic masterpiece" First i didn't want to watch it because of the ratings.

Marilyn's deteriorating mental and physical health and the fact that she became the men's sex toy was incredibly intense.

The vast majority of all apocalypse/end of days scenarios are predictable and weak.

Very much worth watching if you're tempted.

Unlike most post-apocalyptic horror/sci-fi films which feature characters roaming over a wasteland and negotiating episodic hurdles in their quest to survive, The Divide simply uses this cliché as a way to force some folks together with a finite quantity of necessities.

I dunno, those sorts of things kinda big me when the movie is over those are the things, unanswered questions, that I think about as I walk out of the theater or as I exit out of netflix or, uh hmmm, solarmovie.

They were mainly there to give an excuse for the death/disappearance of a character and a door closed forever, but they just add confusion and those things could have been achieved in other ways.

What an absolute waste of time and money .

The plot is tight, tense and unpredictable.

It all bundles into a great movie worth thinking about, highly entertaining.

waste of time .

The basement is drab, dirty and there is little, if any, light.

WHY did I waste my time watching this?

Worst movie ever, just plain stupid.

Most are combined with the soft and intense soundtrack (the one thing I really liked about this movie).

These are really hard parts for actors to portray, but all it takes is looking at the emotions on the actors faces as intense moments occur.

Wow, what a waste of time.

Although slightly marred by an inexplicable and superfluous kidnapping scene, in general the plot's exciting, dodges clichés, and the cast drive it forward with admirable skill.

When it had finished I realised how tense I had felt throughout the whole two hours, it was one of the most gripping and horrifying films I've ever seen, and one of the best I had seen for some years.

Don't waste your time with this.

If you want a tense, gripping and brutally philosophical examination of the human condition like films like The Mist and Mad Max then strap in and enjoy a well shot and excellently acted piece of cinema.