The Duel (2016) - Drama, Western

Hohum Score



A Texas Ranger investigates a series of unexplained deaths in a town called Helena.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Kieran Darcy-Smith
Stars: Woody Harrelson, Liam Hemsworth
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 55 found boring (36.36%)

One-line Reviews (53)

In conclusion, The Duel is slow-burning and almost devoid of conflict.

There was no need for anyone's religion to be depicted in this movie, just more political agendas and an incredibly boring plot.

A slow moving and cliche plot, I lost interest fairly quickly.

After that scene, it moves extremely slow.

for Greenwood, MS. Further trouble for the viewer develops as minutes drag into hours (almost two), while the thin cliché of a plot gets more bizarre as it turns into Take-Your-Wooable-Wife-To-Work-Day at the local Texas Rangers.

Not a complex or spectacular story, but intriguing, and beautifully painted.

Overall, a disappointing western that had a chance to be good but was just too slow and boring for me to get invested in.

Violent, Gory, Campy, Bizarre, Stupid, Boring & One Handsome Guy .

The film is slow-moving in some areas, almost leisurely in its pacing.

But Harrelson overacts every scene and uses the annoying stereotyped mush-mouth drawl that made "The Cowboy Way" so unwatchable.

Co-star Liam Hemsworth plays a pretty Texas Ranger and has a bland disposition in the acting department.

I felt at the beginning it was very slow paced, and this may be the case for the majority of the film.

While this movie is well-filmed and well-acted, it's so confusing and non-Western it's an oddity.

In addition to being lousy, it is agonizingly slow & LONG.

Harrelson is a compelling figure, Australian Hemsworth is convincing as a Texan.

Top notch actors and acting, but the story as a whole was too slow and boring and I had difficulty watching it all the way through.

However, besides a respectable performance by Liam Hemsworth, the cast is mediocre and forgettable with Woody Harrleson topping the list as being a cliché villain with forgettable, pretentious faux-intellectual dialogue.

The story is just boring; or told boringly.

Very entertaining and on point in light of whats happening in Trumpistan.

I wouldn't say this is a movie I loved so much that I really want to see it a second time, but it is definitely worth the watch.

At best it could be considered a suspense movie with a weird plot that takes way too long, it is boring the entire movie.

Then I guess you can it make it a positive, in what would otherwise have been a mundane day.

very pointless.

A Total Waste of Time .

Instead, things grind to a halt and we trudge through a long, drab series of blunt manipulations and hollow conversations for an hour before the plot finally, abruptly, leaps back to life.

Watch it if you're really bored, really skint or when it's raining outside.

Please don't waste your money and more important don't waste your time on this awkward movie.

David's wife was a confusing mess.

This is the biggest let down of a Western film, it isn't even a Western movie, more of a philosophical boring movie with drama and politics.

Most of the actors seemed professional and physically appeared as we might expect people from the late 19thC old west might appear, that is with the exception of bald headed, slow talking (Mr.

If you do fall asleep during The Duel, well you aren't breaking any laws.

Its very entertaining.

The beginning (while raining) with Harrelson and a group of people get into an argument (or what not), and someone ends up dead with the cliché child (etc.

And few things are more entertaining than watching a high quality modern western with Woody and Hemsworth on opposing sides, both animals waiting for something to trigger their savage side.

So,as a conclusion i want to say that the movie is worth seeing and enjoyable.

If you want a slow, methodical and unnecessarily convoluted story featuring a good actor...

Yet another wrongheaded, disjointed offering with more plot-holes than substance.

The ending is farcical, the middle is OK-ish (bar a ridiculous exorcising scene in the outhouse) and the beginning is extremely slow.

Harrelson, while no Brando (which would have been awesome in something like this), is very entertaining playing the part and rightly appears first in the movie's opening credits.

With the revival of western movies recently, I feel there are some high expectations and people want the same thrilling response to the movies of this genre that used to be achieved in the golden age of western movies upheld by John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.

I definitely enjoyed it.

Too slow .

But there are other loose ends in the film that are both unresolved and confusing.

You kept waiting for the inevitable conflict and revealing of identity which was slow in coming.

Some parts were really slow and the ending will not make everybody happy.

However this slow pace is necessary for the plot building at the start, which evolves into tension filled scenes that have a great action filled release.

This is just agonizingly slow that it made it really hard to pay attention to and I was really starting to drift and lose interest in.

And the unexpected betrayal seemed well out of place.

Either way, if you want a fast paced Western, this is not for you.

The duel was a very boring with no point to it .

A disappointing western that had a chance to be good but was just too slow and boring for me to get invested in.

A pleasant western film with quite fascinating plot.

I enjoyed it.