The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) - Comedy

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Cousins Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke, and their uncle Jesse, egg on the authorities of Hazzard County, Boss Hogg and Sheriff Coltrane.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
Stars: Seann William Scott, Johnny Knoxville
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 123 out of 625 found boring (19.68%)

One-line Reviews (351)

It was as enjoyable has the old show.

BUT if i completely forgot about the old series, this movie was quite enjoyable in a 'Smokey and the bandit/'74 Gone in 60seconds' kind of way, only with more good-looking girls.

Please don't waste your money.

Waste of time .

There's no natural or realness to the characters and at no point did you really care about the story line, which was anything but compelling.

I found this movie to be lot more entertaining than the unbelievably annoying **** that was the original series.

As it is, it is a complete waste of money, time, and brain cells.

If you dislike predictable films, then you might as well stop reading.

A lot of the driving sequences were highly enjoyable.

Movies like these have to be taken for what they are, spin-offs that if you do not expect and assume certain aspects pertaining to the original, they happen to be enjoyable.

Burt Reynolds is enjoyable as Boss Hogg.

This movie contains awful attempts of acting and no story line worth watching.

i went to see this movie at the theater back in 2005,and i enjoyed it!!

Don't waste your money on this one, not even to rent, even if it is four dollars.

At least the bland Johnny Knoxville (born Phillip John Clapp) claims to be from Tennessee.

The "twist" is predictable and the ending was a great let-down.

The stunts are well done but still is boring and predictable.

Don't waste your time on this tragedy for Knoxville skin watch a much more entertaining film entitled Jackass, yeah thats right Jackass and for Williams skin watch The Rundown, yes the Rundown that mediocre Rock action flick.

Boss Hogg is a great bad guy and of course in true family film style the ending is good but who cares if it predictable I personally believe its a great alternate and more sophisticated than the series with great actors who's skills are pushed to the limits when forced to use southern accents ( which by the way are like the hottest accents yummy !

The people that saw the movie with us were ready to leave in half hour.. a couple of laughs were heard.. guess people had been drinking before the move or generally were on their first date so just were pepped up.

I was surprised to find it very entertaining, with some shining parts.

The actors were spot on and brilliant, and the stories were great, but sadly, the previews came to an end, and had to endure the most boring 106 minutes of my life.

Little more than a long and loud demolition derby of tiring inside jokes and dull car chases.

Knoxville and William-Scott are a very entertaining combination easily as good as the original pairing.

Her role was boring and really all it did was show off her body.

It is funny and hugely entertaining.

What ever you do, don't waste your time with this crap.

Entertaining .

His lines were as monotone as they can be.

By no means is it some masterpiece that requires you to think or reflect, but it was entertaining.

Basically, don't waste your money.

Worst Movie Ever .

Let's be perfectly honest here: this is formulaic film-making at its most basic.

And, of course, there's the driving, most of which is just breathtaking.

i enjoyed it to the fullest extent, and saw it 2 or 3 times.

No script, the two principal actors without any talent and vulgar above all.

The movie is a fast paced version of that.

In conclusion, this is a fun movie because Rockwell and Scott and the General Lee are very entertaining and get most of the screen time.

Stop making our TV shows into these repellent, stupid, money grubbing waste of time movies that suck.

It was pretty action packed and loads of fun.

The dialogue is passable, car chases are very enjoyable, humour is lacking for a so-called comedy, and the a lot of the performances are VERY hit or miss.

This movie gets to its *yawn* point five minutes after it starts and stays that way until the end.

This is a highly entertaining endeavor.

If you want to see a no-talent, fake breasted moron; by all means, waste your money.

Predictable almost to the extent that the screenplay writes itself, with plot curves really telegraphed, but in amongst the predictability is a slight but enjoyable story.

The film rocks, while it isn't brain food, it is still one of the most entertaining films of 2005.

Also, the movie knows its sh** don't smell like roses, and doesn't takes itself too seriously, which makes it more enjoyable.

It's fun, entertaining, and likely to gain cult status like SUPER TROOPERS did.

I found this one very entertaining.

The 'Charlie's Angels' films were bad to the extent that they became entertaining.

The Dukes of Hazzard isn't bad, it's just boring and stupid.

The Worst Movie I've Ever Seen .

Best actor/actress-Seann William Scott running on empty when it came to the acting-Jake Hyden I gave this movie a 3 out of 10 Rated-(PG-13) for sexual content, crude and drug-related humor, language and comic action3/10

The worst movie I have ever seen.

Please don't waste your money on this movie and go buy the Dukes of Hazzard Season 1 DVD.

I enjoyed it...

Like a lot of recent TV remakes including The Honeymooners, just pointless.

All together the acting was boring and stupid.

This movie is absolutely unwatchable.

Looking for a entertaining flick?

With that said I wanted to also include that the movie was very entertaining.

i gotta admit it was still fun,& i enjoyed it,despite a few really,really lame jokes.

what a waste of money.

Don't waste one second of your time watching this!

But over all, its an enjoyable film.

Worst Movie Ever .

Now, while the movie version is not a pinpoint similarity to the series, I found the movie fun and enjoyable to watch.

Very enjoyable movie and i am a big "Dukes" fan now , thanks to this movie (allready started scouting DVD shops for the series!

But when i shoved that out of the way for an hour and a half, it was surprisingly entertaining.

There were actually some surprising elements in the movie that made it even more enjoyable.

This comedy is flat and boring.

Sure Jessica Simpson can't act better than a plank of wood with a face drawn on it and perhaps the story does have as much of a point as an emo kids life, but hey, Burt Reynolds is in it, the General Lee is a sweet ass muscle car and the action is intense.

I wouldn't even call this a waste of money.

It was a waste of money time and air.

Anyway I just saw "The Dukes" & really enjoyed it, Much better then I even thought it would be..The Acting was pretty good for the most part...

This is a POINTLESS exercise in film-making - the show is all you need.

So this movie won't win an Oscar, but it's just a good hearted entertaining flick.

This movie gave me adrenaline all through.

" *Boss Hogg stops in his tracks for a moment* .. etc. etc. etc.Low Points: Slow plot development -- not to mention a silly plot anyway, some stupid physical comedy, occasional bad timing, rednecks everywhere, etc. etc. etc.In conclusion: See this movie to spite the old whiny b***ards.

The action was fast paced and the jokes were funny.

When I found out that TDOH was directed by Jay Chandrasekhar of Broken Lizard (Super Troopers, Club Dread) I was expecting it to be equally enjoyable.

I enjoyed it, and it would be a nice idea to give it a shot.

" This is a fun and entertaining movie about some good old boys and of course a beautiful woman in super-tight & super-short denims.

My husband and I both agreed that this was an enjoyable movie and we both watched the series as children.

While enjoyable, there isn't much to take away from this comedy, and is forgettable once you're out of the theatre.

Scripts like that are never too intense, but it was enjoyable for what it was and I'd watch it again.

It was a pretty dull picture with the first hour being really hard to sit through.

But the films slow direction and lack of humor made it just another failed attempt to cash in on a successful TV show.

At first, I thought that he was a good choice, but with the character that they put him into, it didn't work, and he was a boring character as well.

Very Entertaining .

well, they recycled that convention, and when the screen unpaused, the results were usually lame and boring easy- outs.

Thus the final car scenes instead of being inspiring were just plain boring.

By contrast, Jessica Simpson appears phony, contrived, made up, costumed, posed, aloof, bored, out of place, and I don't think she even looks that great in the outfit.

The worst movie ever.

Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen .

The movie had a lot of laughs and is very enjoyable....

I am 32 years of age and loved the show when I was a kid - if you didn't like the show, then I certainly wouldn't waste your time with this movie.

It was more campy and contrived than this flick could ever be considered---and admittedly that isn't saying a great deal.

Who cares about the plot and any artistic value as a film, this one never intended to garner that kind of acclaim, but it does quite well as just an entertaining summer movie.

I suppose it's pointless to get worked up over it.

I found the movie hysterically funny and action packed.

BUT the car chases are exciting and the General Lee looks incredible.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen.

When I got back my bf was watching the news, I asked what happened he said he couldn't watch it anymore and stopped it a few minutes after I walked out.

The plots of the show were simple, but entertaining.

Of all the bits of nostalgia that Hollywood has decided to remake and update, this is by far one of the most pointless.

Hollywood needs to spend less time trying to make comedies that make fun of old TV shows, especially TV series of the action packed variety.

Hitting each other with phone books etc? Rosco (a 2-D bore) was right to try and arrest them - they were breaking the law!

it didn't feel the same, and some of the changes were a little pointless.

To say it was a phenomenal, hilarious, thrilling ride wouldn't be doing it justice.

The most boring movie of the year!

Don't waste your time on a movie that isn't worth the CD it's written on!

I enjoyed it...

Save your money.

Dukes Of Hazzard is a sucker of a movie, with no story at all...

This movie was fun and entertaining and yes it had really no great acting and the plot was not so good.

They made it considerably cruder and where I can sort of see some of it a great deal of it was pointless.

Just saw a screening of The Dukes of Hazzard and found it very entertaining.

It's definitely a guy movie, with pointless explosions and car chases...

The basic elements are there, and it's a very entertaining film, if you just relax and leave your memories of how they used to look at the door.

Those of you born post 1985, and missed the show, check it out before condemning the movie as "WORST MOVIE EVER".

I think people went way too far to name this film as "worst movie of the year".

This is one of the rare times the extras were actually more entertaining than the movie.

Not the greatest movie I've ever seen, but entertaining none the less.

This "movie" was a torture to watch.

Although I gave it a 6/10, its definitely a movie that is worth watching if you want a good laugh.

Close second had got to be the way the director used camera work to make the chases seem even more exciting than they were, instead of a overhead view or a cockpit view the whole time, he used bumper views, overheads, anything to make it seem exciting.

No Plot, No Jokes, No Point.

), but besides that it is pretty boring.

Don't waste your money.

All in all, an enjoyable "ride".

Don't waste your money on this one.

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, "The worst movie I have ever seen in my life" and trust me, that is saying a lot!

By far the worst movie in the history of film!!.

I was so excited about seeing this movie before it came out, 15 minutes into the movie I was ready to leave.

I definitely think that this movie is not only good enough to see again, but to buy on DVD and watch again, or how many times you feel like watching it, until you get bored(witch should take a very long time) OK, if you think about it, the plot is a little...

A cool car that makes very few appearances in a 1 hour show with slow, lame plot development and execution, does not make an amazing show, even for its time.

Entertaining And Fun .

In the end, Dukes of Hazzard may appeal to a few people but most people will probably find it dull and it's better if you just skip it.

There's no plot or anything.

Overall though, this movie is a lot of simple fun and an enjoyable time at the movies.

As a film it's terrible, with close to no storyline and some pretty poor comedy moments.

I did find the film very entertaining in a dumb doesn't have to make perfect sense sort of way...

But it was slow moving.

All members who contributed in these waste of time please please please don't even think about makin a sequel, a prequel or anything that's got 2 do with a former TV show.

'The Dukes of Hazzard' has a racy first-hour, but a dull second.

I found this to be wildly entertaining .

HOWEVER, if you take it as its own movie, it's pretty entertaining.

Sure, it was stupid, but I enjoyed it .

I would agree with many that the film is at times mediocre and offers nothing, but i believe the original shows were over rated, they were very slow paced and tended to get boring.

It's a popcorn movie for sure, and was entertaining enough for a birthday party movie.

When he is telling his utterly pointless jokes in the car there was not a single laugh in the cinema.

I wouldn't really go that far but its really unfunny and sort of boring.

And it was fascinating to watch how the experts put the stunts together and how often they go wrong, even with a skilled driver behind the wheel or after painstaking calculations as to height, speed etc and the General still lands on his nose.

Jessica Simpson is freaking hot in the movie and her every scene keeps you on the edge.

It was somewhat entertaining.

I enjoyed it, and everyone else in the theater was laughing their butts off.

If you watch the movie open-minded, as a standalone version (even if you've seen the original) and expect nothing more then a bunch of great stunts, some American pie-type jokes and pure mindless enjoyment, this is worth watching.

The action is enjoyable, and all characters play their parts well.

My advice to anyone who wants to see this is, don't waste nearly $10.00 on seeing this movie in theaters, at least wait until it's on video so you can save some money by renting it.

Worst movie i have ever seen .

Just saw the movie today and have to say I really enjoyed it.

I watched this on DVD and fast forwarded through most of the second half as it became extremely predictable what was going to happen...

I cannot stand Johnny Knoxville almost as much as I can't stand Jessica Simpson, but he was the only entertaining thing in this movie - a great contrast to Sean whatever his other two names are, whose characters in all of his movies are exactly the same, in addition to the fact that he ruins what would be funny scenes with his absurd expressions.

The movie is entertaining, and that's why I liked it.

" The plot is simple, but it's well worth watching.

Performance-Wise: Johnny Knoxville & Seann William Scott are entertaining.

If you find yourself thinking The Original Dukes, The Original Hulk, or Wonder Woman were ahead of their time with acting skill, plot and special effects, please don't waste your money.

When the 'star' of the movie was Jessica Simpson's overexposure in her video, wait to rent this ho hum adaptation when it comes on video!

They thought that by adding endless, and needless, F words, pot smoking, sex jokes, plus Sheev character; the movie would work fine with the audiences of 2005, with naturally the demographic of today's teens, or – according to this movie's mindset – today's empty-headed teens.

The movie is loaded with the usual errors, cars getting torn up, and continues like nothing happened.

In the last few years, many TV shows have been remade as movies (namely "Charlie's Angels" and "Starsky & Hutch"), and while these remakes may have been entertaining, there's little resemblance to the series that they are based on.

It avoided the cliché of seeing how many people it could cameo from the original series (a la Starsky and Hutch) and instead just gave us a few quick, if predictable and jerky car chases.

A piece of garbage, and a waste of money...

I have never seen the original TV show so I will comment on the movie only The bad acting and uninspired script aside, I think the movie is entertaining if you are a testosterone raging teenager.

The humor is based more on cornball cliché jokes--some of them rather coarse and vulgar--and sexual innuendo than anything else.

So yes, it is predictable.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

A real opportunity lost :-( Save your money and buy the original on DVD

The part of Rosco was bland and boring, Boss Hog, C'mon Burt Reynolds?!

It was a really good feel-good film and I enjoyed it.

I can't remember the series that well to compare but I didn't get more than gentle, pointless amusement from the "Hazzard Reunion" television movie a few years back.

Willy Nelson is also equally eccentric and boring as Uncle Jessie.

Any movie with Jessica Simpson in it is worth watching even it isn't a Gone With the Wind!

Its a classic comedy format with a good hearted plot with renegades Luke (Knoxville) and Bo (William Scott) Duke trying to save the day from a fiendish plan by Boss Hogg (Reynolds) aided by the stunning Daisy Duke (Simpson) With the lack of normal film sensibilities the plot line twists and bring out lots of good car chases and lets face it, lots of time on screen for Daisy.

Apparently there was a plot but Irealy didn't notice because I was busy looking for the remote for the DVD player but it was something about a an evil plan to turn something into something else and that was probably as boring and as stupid as the the acting.

Absolutely Unwatchable (some stunts and T&A were OK) .

Yes, the car is one of the stars, but Vin Diesel's car in the "Fast and Furious" was more exciting...

Pointless, Plot less, and Perfect FUN!!.

A few exceptions Enos was boring, Cleatus was hardly visible save for one line of dialouge, and Rosco was not as comical as he was on the show.

It was very exciting, hilarious, and lots of fun to watch, just like the TV show.

It's not Ingmar Bergman, but it WAS highly entertaining, and the sound track ROCKED.

This movie is funnier than "The Beverley Hillbillies", more intense than "Charlie's Angels", even way funnier than "Starsky & Hutch".

And at the end of a hard day at the office, a simple enjoyable film can be just what the doctor ordered.

This has got to be the worst movie I have seen in the last 10 years.

However, the new Dukes of Hazzard Movie, though by no means academy worthy, was for me very entertaining.

Slower than a Winn-Dixie check-out line in Chattahoochee...

I have to admit that it seemed weird to have Uncle Jessie cussing and have the shine running much more prevalent than the series, but once I got over that, it was a funny, and exciting movie.

They like movies that are long, drawn out, with little action and even less comedy, unless, of course, it's really really dark or "highbrow".

Jessica Simpson is great at Daisy Duke, Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott did excellent jobs with Bo and Luke Duke as well.. The movie is MUCH More entertaining than the television show was.

This action packed movie should entertain just about anyone who enjoyed the original classic episodes.

Don't waste your time or your money on this movie.

Dead middle section ruins an otherwise enjoyable mindless guilty pleasure film .

If you're in the mood for a feel good movie with some alright action sequences, a typical bombshell female role and entertaining characters, then I'm sure you'll enjoy.

The movie is also offensive because it stereotypes white Southerners in trite, stupid redneck roles.

It also is surprisingly fast paced.

This had to be one of the worst movies I've seen in some time!

Pointless Desecration .

Instead it's boredom, lame gags and poor acting all along the way.

But this was the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.

This was probably the worst movie I have seen since The Alamo.

Enjoyable for those with a sense of humor and seeing it as a new creation and not a "Dukes Of Hazzard" movie .

The actor of American Pie Stifler fame, makes his time on screen enjoyable to watch and guarantees to give a good laugh.

Awesome Film, worth watching !.

The Dukes of Hazzard is probably the very definition of the film cliché 'a guilty pleasure' The plot is real simple stuff.

Even Simpson as Daisy was a bad choice, your everyday boring over-tanned blonde Barbie doll wannabe with luminously bleached teeth.

What stands out the most for me about this film is that many of the films this year have been insulting to their target audience, for instance the pointless extreme sports montages in "Fantastic Four.

I: Duke boys running through Hazzard County a: Bo and Luke driving through back roads running shine b: Something wacky happens c: Freeze FrameII: Title shot a: Balladeer sings b: Introduce Bo and Luke c: End Freeze FrameIII: Fight at Bores Nest (etc)Now, I realize that this is rather predictable, so I stopped caring about the story half way through, and just watched the stunt driving.

I enjoyed it despite myself.

The car chases in this are excellent and reminded me of those in 'Gone in 60 Seconds'but are far better and by far more exciting and more exhilarating.

I went to see the movie and walked out with smiles.

its a waste of time to see this even in dollar theater .

A waste of money .

Jessica Simpson hardly says anything so we cant really judge her as an actress yet but in terms of looks, she looks STUNNING in this movie especially the pink bikini scene, without her i would have given the movie a 2 rating.

While I'm not trying to defend this movie as some great work of cinematic genius, it is what it is, an entertaining movie.

I left the theater with a big fat smile on my face and felt like I was 17 again - what more can you ask of an entertainment product?

In short, if you are not at all familiar with the TV series, you may find this movie somewhat entertaining, modern, and even fun to watch.

Bottom line: we were entertained, and had a good laugh or two, and enjoyed it.

I'm glad they still make movie fun , upbeat, and very entertaining and with a great plot indeed!!!

If you're too young to have ever watched the TV series during its run through the early 1980's or you just never watched the series for whatever reason, then you might find the movie somewhat entertaining.

Quite Simply put it was very entertaining, and worth the price of admission.

but still the new one was very entertaining...

The main point to making this film, other than making a pointless series into an even more pointless film more than twenty years later, escapes me.

Waste of money, waste of casting big actors, and worst of all, a waste of Dodge Chargers (and various other cars).

Brainless but entertaining popcorn-fodder .

Go see an intense drama film that leaves you feeling moody and uptight.

No plot, so no point the only bonus was i didn't have to pay for it my friend did all that for me:)

Jessica Simpson was stunning a vision of hillbilly beauty.

The plot revolves around Boss Hogg, played by a bored and disinterested Burt Reynolds, finding coal under the Duke farm.

The directing was pretty boring it did reach the medium though.

In conclusion, if you're willing to overlook its occasional shortcomings, "The Dukes Of Hazzard" can quite possibly become a very enjoyable ride.

dukes of hazzard was the best summer movie; funny, entertaining and amazing actors.

On slow days they took circuitous routes around razor back mountain just to jump a creek.

I have to admit it was entertaining at times and was great to see the General Lee speeding thru the streets.

Oh well, fortunately for me, my remote control was nearby and I was able to switch to the more entertaining "Weather Channel" before this, to quote another reviewer ,"crap", cause me permanent brain damage.

There was no real plot and the whole thing just pans out as mindless dribble.

However it was a completely pointless load of crap with atrocious acting.

I can say that I fully enjoyed it, and I felt like I got my money's worth.

It's pretty boring and not a well done movie.

The "acting" was unbearable.

Awful in almost every aspect, don't waste your money for a few moments of great car stunts.

If you're looking for a movie filled with comedic explosions, entertaining car chases, redneck humor, and an attractive girl in skimpy clothes, this is your summer dream come true.

The second responsible person would likely be the cinematographer and/or the editor, who made the car chases boring and blurry, and even difficult to follow.

Overall I must say this movie is worth watching.

I'm 13 and Speaking From a younger persons perspective this film is excellent, When me and my mates went to see it we thoroughly enjoyed it, on the other hand my kid brother who's 8 loved and my mum enjoyed it, but my dad and 11 year old brother did not, I think that you have to have a certain mindset and understanding to enjoy it.

All in all, a fun and entertaining movie if you are at all open minded, like comedy, and don't have a stick in your digestive system.

Frankly, I can think of much better ways to waste an hour and a half of your time...

This Movie is the Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen .

Bo and Duke are played by Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville, formerly sidekicks of The Rock: Scott in an enjoyable 'The Rundown', Knoxville in a lesser 'Walking Tall'.

This movie is enormously entertaining and damn funny, too - if you let it.

Now don't get me wrong, I loved the show.. It was entertaining...


Better than many of those cliché franchise, this is actually quite Original.

Boss Hogg by Burt Reynolds is bland and colorless and telephones his performance in.

This remake is, by far, one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

On the contrary I found it very entertaining, funny and a great hoot.

It was terrible but still so guilty pleasure enjoyable.

Okay, who would waste their time on this?

Go much past that mark, and silly becomes just tedious.

Has Potential But Completely Pointless .

I have seen many of the original episodes from television, and although it wasn't quite the same, I still enjoyed it, and I was quite obsessed with the television version when I was younger.

"Gigli" looked like Shawshank Redemtion next to this waste of time.

If you were expecting anything other than a low IQ, action packed hour and a half of pure dumb physical comedy, then you are an idiot.

A Front Runner for the Worst Movie of this Century .

I have only walked out of a handful of movies in my life.

Don't waste your money on this crap.

Moderatly enjoyable .

It was exciting and kept me laughing.

Jessica Simpson, Willie Nelson, Burt Reynolds, and Kevin Heffernan are some good extras who make the movie more enjoyable as well.

The humor was just too corny and that, along with the predictable use of slapstick comedy, made it seem like the movie was more suited for eight and nine year old kids.

I am getting so bored of seeing and hearing people talk about how Hollywood is ruining "great family TV Show legacies".

whoever doesn't like it, are probably too old, too sensitive, or too BORING to appreciate toilet humor.

But if you want a genuinely entertaining film that updates the theme of the show while introducing honestly more complex plot and theme (c'mon, as much as I'm a fan, the plot and progression of every TV episode was COMPLETELY formulaic and predictable), you can't go wrong.

My one problem with the film, and its a big one, is that the central section of the movie concerning the trip to Atlanta is dull compared to the rest of the movie.

There was no story to follow, I was over-faced and confused by a chain of random events, many of them including an orange car and some green liquid of apparent value.

I gave a empty DVD so this "movie" could be burned 4 me.

This Is Easily One Of the Worst Movies Of All Time .

If that's the case, then don't waste your time or money to see the movie only to gripe about it later.

He should stick to those rather than dead-end, dissected, empty areas of little creativity.

It is purely a fun, witty and entertaining film.

Knoxville and Scott might get top billing as good ol' boys Bo and Luke, moonshine runners and general troublemakers of Hazzard County, but the real stars of the film are General Lee, their muscle car, which is involved in numerous silly chase scenes in which the vehicle continues to function despite preposterous chassis knackering jumps and crashes, and Jessica Simpson as delectable Daisy Duke, whose bodywork is absolutely stunning and who, I imagine, handles like a dream.

Worst Movie of the Century .

The Last Word:A waste of time, effort, and money.

However, by far, the best actor in this 'flick' is the General Lee with his purrrrrr that still gets my adrenaline rushing and makes my fingers itch to get behind his wheel.

I was amazed how much we all enjoyed it...

This was a totally pointless show in the first place, and we REALLY don't need a 'modern' update.

All we got was a chance to waste time and money paying to see the movie plus we get to hear our great governor and other public officials call our state "Hollywood South" cause we got us in Looziana the best bunch of moving pitcher insanities that Po' folks money can buy.

While a couple parts of the movie did cause laughter (sorry to admit it), a great majority of the movie was slow - except, of course, for the car chase scenes.

For all those assuming, why do you waste your money on a movie that you are assuming the outcome, at which point that is all you want to see.

The whole reason they even go to the college was pointless; it was simply filler material.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, this year, I Can't even believe that people love this trash, the original TV Series was funny, but this movie version is as dull and ridiculous as stale old chocolate pudding, The Acting is horrible (especially Jessica Simpson), the stunts are stupid, the writing is not that good, the scripts are pathetic, why would people recycle movies from old TV shows in the first place?

Dukes is pure eye candy and moves along at a very heady pace with little slowdown and plenty of yee Haw Ing car chasing to push it past the slow paced "Starsky and Hutch" Johnny Knoxville and Sean William Scott prove to be an excellent buddy combination with knoxville putting plenty of effort to his womanizing duke and Scott use his well crafted "Stiffler" to great effect.

The race at the end of the movie was a joke, and carried on way too long.

complete crap, no plot, and jessica simpson is in it for like 5 minutes at most.

I'm not going to bother going into all the many specific reasons this movie sucked, because I think it boils all down to this: The original series, as cartoonish, as formulaic as it was, had a certain amount of heart, of charm, of tongue-in-cheek...

What a snore-fest.

As for Jessica Simpson, what a stunning actress !!

What a complete waste of time.

Don't waste your time!!.

I thought that DREAMS, the Technicolor pap smear that defines the word pretentious, would never be challenged.

most of the other actors created characters who were enjoyable and appealing.

A surprisingly enjoyable ride.

However, his finished screenplay was a bit bland, so comedy troupe Broken Lizard came in to re-write it.

The show I remember (from the bits I watched) was as formulaic as a Roadrunner cartoon.

Waste of time and money and actual proof Hollywood has lost the blueprint for movie making .

The car stunts are great and worth watching, and the movie has its funny moments.

Pointless and stupid .

Save your money and convince a friend to rent it in a few months.

I can't believe anyone was going to expect much from this film, and comparing it to the TV series is ultimately pointless as the series was of its time and had a number of episodes to establish characters and this film had under two hours...

It's fun, fast paced, and lighthearted.

But unlike most of the other blockbusters this summer, this film is actually worth watching if your not a critic.

That is the only explanation I can offer as to why I would waste my hard earned money and precious spare time to watch a piece of crap like this!!

Despite lackluster performances from actors like Johnny Knoxville (and with him I use the term "actor" loosely) and the ridiculous plot, the movie may have actually been slightly entertaining if there weren't such strong stereotypes of the characters from the original series that were constantly lingering in my mind while I watched the movie's characters act almost as different as possible from the great original cast.

No personality, just a big, mean, stiff, uninteresting side note.

I saw the bad reviews and IMDb rating and decided for myself - another pie'ish movie - stupid comedy etc.And then some day i decided to go see something entertaining and went to Dukes of Hazzard with low expectations.

To begin with, I can't stand it when people expect some movies to be Heart Filled, Oscar Worthy, action packed, amazing movies.

Pointless .

Very Entertaining .

I laughed aloud, I sat on the edge of my seat, I enjoyed the performances, and now I'm here to comment about it.

It relived the boredom for a few seconds.

If this movie is anything, it's entertaining and at least it's better than Dark Water and Bad News Bears.

Otherwise if you want an entertaining car-action movie with a few good laughs that's not too taxing on the brain then go see this enjoyable romp with an open mind.

Save your money.

waste of time .

During the 60's and 70's America seemed to have a knack for churning out unintelligent "comedies" with stereotypical characters, canned laughter and predictable and boring plots.

3 year old kids playing in a sand box would have been a closer representation than this typical, formulaic attempt at a remake.

However, I kept an open mind and thought that as it was being directed by Jay Chandrasekhar it would still be entertaining.

This movie is best enjoyed as I enjoyed it, with a bunch of guys, able to laugh and talk as they like (the theater was pretty much empty), and with snacks.

I had to give it a 10 because despite the several differences from the TV show, it was a fun, entertaining, and funny movie.

But I enjoyed it so much, I bought the DVD.

Perhaps only "Manos: The Hands of Fate" dragged more than "Dukes".

Want an intense drama?

Great shots, lots of 'yee-hah's and plenty of jumps and U-turns by the General Lee make the chases exciting and fun to watch.

it may be a little long, but its still great and entertaining.

my biggest disappointment was the car chases were bland.

Bo and Luke were disrespectful sad shadows of the originals, Sheriff Rosco who was incredible bungling comic relief in the series was totally uninteresting and not true to the character at all.

It's really just a great entertaining movie.

Rather Entertaining .

The Daisy Duke character has been reduced to a cliché, her whole purpose to distract and extract information from the bad guys.

Don't waste your time or your money.

This movie rivals "Plan 9 From Outer Space" as the worst movie ever made.