The Edge of Love (2008) - Biography, Drama, Romance

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Two feisty, free-spirited women are connected by the brilliant, charismatic poet who loves them both.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: John Maybury
Stars: Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 52 found boring (30.76%)

One-line Reviews (53)

She is a surprisingly good singer and it's quite fascinating to watch her sing.

It's as continuously beautiful to look at as a Bertolucci, but the relationships here are more convincing and the narrative more engaging than some of that master's work.

The dreamy little universe she has shared with Dylan no longer sparkles like it used to, because the unexpected love she feels for the husband she has taken for granted has changed her.

It seemed added to add tabloid prurience to an otherwise deathly dull film.

This is a masterful piece of film-making, with many themes simmering and occasionally boiling over in this warts and all study of the poet's bohemian, self-indulgent wartime years that span the aerial bombardments of London and the outward tranquillity of a Welsh coastal retreat - the borderlines between friendship, lust and love, dedication to art and experience versus practical concerns, jealousy, rivalry, cowardice and egotism versus heroism and self-sacrifice and more.

The use of the Second World War as a backdrop was in itself a cliché...

The relationship of these extraordinary women -- to Thomas and to each other -- is at the heart of Maybury's absorbing film.

Knightly was a self-regarding waste of time whilst Sienna Miller was just a waste of time.

He's the angel to Thomas's demon, and without him "The Edge of Love" would be a sad, bitter, ultimately pointless affair.

And they cherish their scenes with stunning shots.

Welsh poet Dylan Thomas excused from serving in active duty is doing his bit for the war effort producing bits of prose for some propaganda branch of government in Whitehall.

Despite all of this, it's a rather slow movie.

The script was banal in the extreme, nobody at any time said anything remotely interesting.

Artistic execution of a boring tale .

THE EDGE OF LOVE – TRASH IT ( C ) Keira Knightley's most Boring movie till date…She & Sienna Miller looked gorgeous...

That simply makes the film confusing and hard to follow, instead of being artistic.

Boring and emotionally unsatisfying.

It sounds pretentious and lifeless.

Things get even more emotionally complex when Capt Killig returnsAs you can see, it is a very soap operatic plot, and it takes shape in a fairy drab slow manner, with perhaps one too many sequences of sappy dialogue.

As for the plot, it is plain boring.

The Welsh coast is stunning and bleak, all misty light.

The last part is probably the most significant because the plot revolved around these self indulgent protagonists that rarely had anything meaningful to say, or memorable.

it is straight out dull, absurd, and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever...

The actors are all at their best, perfectly conveying the sense of irreparable defeat which drives the characters to such extreme behaviours, and it's not merely coincidental that the predominant colors of the various settings are grey, brown and a dull green, as if to point out the road to perdition the characters are treading along.

 I only watched it because of Keira Knightley, and if I can manage to sit through something this boring for her, then I honestly think that I could watch her in anything.

Frequently annoying and pretentious-looking when it ought to be fascinating .

saw it last night and wanted to leave after 20 minutes...

While this isn't best picture material, it is a very good movie (much more engaging than "The Dutchess").

It focuses on an imagination of sorts of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas' life during the Second World War as the writer of propaganda films for the war effort, and his subsequent return to Wales.

This made Edge of Love hard to watch, but still entirely enjoyable.

While it may prove boring to some, the movie does have a particularly dangerous edge to it.

It is an intense and strangely beautiful film, though Thomas himself may be its least impressive character.

No, The Edge of Love is about two women who orbited around Thomas for a time and they're both more fascinating and more inviting than he could ever be.

i complained about it during the movie and some family members watching it with me fell asleep.

Apart from the unlikable characters, boring storyline, the plot was also emotionally unsatisfying.

For a start it is pretentious, striving to be "significant" and failing miserably.

Matthew Rhys plays her childhood sweetheart Dylan Thomas, who is welsh poet mainly producing them for propaganda films, which he wants to get out of.

An intense and strangely beautiful film...

During the Blitz-era of World War II London, Thomas (Matthew Rhys) was enlisted by his government to write propaganda and in between his adolescent fits of rebellion, he runs into his childhood love.

It took me four nights to watch this it was so boring.

I even found the title intriguing.

Now, as a piece of entertainment, The Edge of Love may start a bit slow and hang around a bit too long and it does a Shakespeare-In-Love-thing where it matches Thomas' poetry to events in his life, which you may find grating or endearing.

No its not exciting, but it is gripping if you can empathise with these characters.

Gee, how exciting for a motion picture to be developed.

Keira Knightley's most Boring movie till date .

The bit about the soldier who went off to war was a cliché even before the film Atonement used it.

periodical romance drama has no storyline.. .

During World War II, he produced scripts for British propaganda documentaries.

Another shortfall: There's no story, really, no arc.

)But sadly, and whisper this very quietly, "The Edge Of Love" is just a little bit too dull.

That is an amazing story but one that you wade a long way through "The Edge of Love" in order to reach, and in fact this part of the film is rather played down compared with interminable earlier parts that are often offputting and sometimes also tedious.

The film itself is fairly disappointing, but perhaps worth watching for the moments when everything comes together because when this happens the film is stunning.

I found The Edge of Love to be frightfully dull.