The Eternal (1998) - Horror

Hohum Score



An alcoholic American couple travel to Ireland with their son so he can meet his grandmother but they walk in on their crazed uncle who is in the midst of reviving a centuries-old Druid witch.

IMDB: 4.4
Director: Michael Almereyda
Stars: Rachel O'Rourke, Lois Smith
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 40 found boring (32.5%)

One-line Reviews (34)

This was most boring and disappointing.

This is a total waste of money.

The writer came up with a pretty decent idea for a story, but many flaws in the execution of the plot took so much away from the film as to nearly render it unwatchable.

There is no reason why anything that happens in it happens, as if it was written by a small child who got bored halfway through and thought "how can I wrap this up?

Haunting, creepy, beautiful, artsy, deep, confusing, modest budget...

And that's a shame, because Almereyda (who made his mark with the arty "Dracula's Daughter" remake "Nadja") crafted an eerie little Gothic fairytale that is far more interesting and inspired than its boring and bloated competition.

This movie is more deceiving than ever, using a suspenseful looking actor like Walken to play in this piece of junk made it look like he had nothing better to do than play a boring role like this one!

However, the little slave girl, Alice and Jared Harris imitating Christopher Walken is what makes this movie entertaining.

Waste of Money, actors and time .

In short, no plot.

But nothing happens.

This film was intriguing for many reasons, among them: Chris Walken is in it (albeit too briefly, just a couple of scenes--must have been a weekend's work for Chris here); it was made in Ireland (I wish it had more exterior scenes, though--most of it takes place inside a not-so-creepy old mansion out in the countryside, with just a few meager establishing shots at the beginning, and a couple of brief forays to the local beach for a couple of flashback shots); and, most importantly (to me, anyway, since it's one of my favorite genres), it's about the supernatural.

This film seems to be completely pointless.

All the movie was a torture, I have to use fast forward to watch it complete.

The pacing starts out slow but becomes engrossing and heart-pumping.

But not only is this film bad in artistic value, it's incredibly boring.

The perfectly enjoyable heroes are Allison Elliott and Jared Harris, as a cheerfully drunken couple going to Ireland to dry out.

The effect of this on me was unexpected.

The quote is an apt description of the film itself, which wraps bursts of genre violence inside a beautifully languid art horror packaging.

Almereyda's slickly calculative direction is switched on, making good use of the lush backdrop consisting of a stunning beach line and the Gothic interiors of mansion that the enclosed action mostly takes place in.

A breathtaking Alison Elliot (in dual roles) and narky Jared Harris acquit themselves to their lead roles.

The premise had potential, but the execution is so blundered that it will just leave you confused and bored.

Just a little random (predictable)violence in a dark library, with the rain gushing in, and the sound track cuing us in.

`Nadja' director Michael Almareyda comes up with his skewed version of The Mummy, complete with hip characters, fun surprises, a great alternate music soundtrack, Christopher Walken doing a Irish accent but otherwise being his quirky old self, brilliant cinematography from Jim Denault and a flair for the unexpected.

Uncle Bill harbors a dark and fascinating secret in the basement: the perfectly preserved, mummified remains of a Druid witch; one of those fascinating "bog-men" you might have read about in National Geographic or seen on the Discovery Channel.

It was intense and moody and very deep.

No bridge between situations, no graduation from mild disturbance to awful horror, just long slow scenes that go nowhere.

The movie drags on and on and never clearly explains anything, it just keeps plodding on.

It has all of the atmospherics and snappy dialog of "Nadja" without any of the annoying and pretentious Pixelvision crap.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The story is extremely boring, the acting (aside from Christopher Walken) is bad, and I couldn't care less about the characters, aside from really wanting to see Nora's husband get thrashed.

Double whammy: bad AND boring .

If you think of it as a genre film, it simply fails because it touches the bases from unexpected but uninteresting directions and sometimes not at all.

He must have done this because he was bored and needed the money.