The Evil Down the Street (2019) - Drama, Horror, Mystery

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The Ryan family moves into their new dream home having no idea their new home is possessed by a demon. Katie Ryan becomes tormented by the demon and begins to terrorize her family. A Paranormal Horror Thriller inspired by true events.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: David J. Espinosa
Stars: Kelton Jones, Alena Gerard
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 8 out of 84 found boring (9.52%)

One-line Reviews (48)

If you feel like being really bored for an hour and a half or you just can't fall asleep, I would recommend it.

The story is also compelling because it is supposedly based on real events - creepy!!

This has got to be a true story because nobody could intentionally write something this boring.


Captivating and suspenseful indie horror/thriller that was well written and well executed.

The director makes a great job in bringing mystery to this spooky tale, he does it in a very engaging way.

Yawn .

The Evil Down the Street has the true sensibility of the horror film genre, and offers viewers a genuinely suspenseful ride.

Slow just slow .

An entertaining Indie Horror .

A good independent slow burn thriller .

Nothing happens.

A fun, intriguing watch with great production value!

Worth the watch.

Absolutely enjoyable classic.

There's plenty of scares and an entertaining through line.

Entertaining Indie Thriller .

The mixed acting quality compromised the film's potential, but Tara Milante who plays elder daughter Kristen is very engaging in her role and lends a strong relatable quality to the family story at the core of this film.

The suspenseful tone is sustained throughout, and I found the resolution gratifying.

I enjoyed the movie well thought outit was well acted I thought, I enjoyed it and fresh and new

I highly recommend it.

A well-done Indie Horror Film that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Worth the watch.

The Evil Down the Street is an intriguing supernatural thriller.

It ticks all the horror story boxes: demons, horror house, religion etc. Great story, solid acting, awesome cinematography - definitely worth watching :)

A suspenseful story set in a house where things go bump in the night.

The sacrifices are immense, the collaboration magical if done right, the pressure intense.

You Know It's True Because It's Boring .

Evil Down the Street is an entertaining Indie Horror in the vein of paranormal activity.

This was well worth the watch.

I highly recommend it!

For me it was a fascinating study of the family tension that occurs when the mother is for some reason not present in her role, in this case because she was possessed.

This has to be the most boring possession ever and the exorcism was over in like 2 mins and hey presto happy families again.

Suspenseful entertainment .

Worth Watching if you like movies with Demons .

The Evil Down the Street is a well written suspenseful indie film about demonic possession.

Enjoyed it and can't wait to see more from the production company.

This indie horror flick will keep u on the edge of your seat.

Very suspenseful .

Her character became so unpredictable, there was a constant feeling of foreboding.

The actress Alena Gerard perfectly portrays what a real life possession would look like and the way she is quickly able to go from sweet housewife/ mother to something a lot more sinister and dark is truly mind boggling.

Enjoyed It .

Truly suspenseful and terrifying .

Engaging storyline and relatable characters.

This movie gets it's scares from genuinely creepy and suspenseful moments.

The cast did a superior job with facial movement, timing and cadence of their voices to keep viewers on the edge of their seat for what would come next.

I enjoyed it very much.

Waste of time!