The Family (2013) - Comedy, Crime, Thriller

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The Manzoni family, a notorious mafia clan, is relocated to Normandy, France under the Witness Protection Program, where fitting in soon becomes challenging, as their old habits die hard.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Luc Besson
Stars: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 63 out of 240 found boring (26.25%)

One-line Reviews (210)

My guess is Luc Besson wanted the title of the worst movie ever to finally be remembered for something.

The plot is simple but full of cliché of the mafia genre; this could be good or bad depending on your side.

The story is engaging, heartwarming n keeps your interest alive in the movie till the end.

Whenever things got boring, another character was killed needlessly.

But like I said, I enjoyed it.

Alas, it's just a generic enjoyable action comedy that will quickly be forgotten about.

"The Family" (2013) is a fun, involving and just a very entertaining action / comedy / crime film.

Enjoyable and slightly above average .

Instead, it does really try to make sure the foundation of family is established before it starts throwing violent or intense action scenes and having more naturalistic comedy.

The Family is relatively entertaining and is a more comical look at life in organized crime.

However, this film doesn't contain laughs, just more unnecessary scenes of violence and pointless action.

It seems that Hollywood is nowadays on a NWO propaganda trip to desensitize the audience for this kind of overkill.

Don't waste your time and money!!

decently entertaining.

Very disjointed .

The film is hit and miss and superficial at times, but it's still worth a watch thanks to some very exciting and funny scenes.

While the action scenes were exciting, the comedy scenes were strained, OK, mostly unfunny.

But then there was a huge patch in between where I just lost interest in the movie and it became somewhat boring.

Was surprised by The Family it turned out to be a throughly entertaining film,had many hilarious moments.

Pay attention to the dialogue about writing between De Niro and Dianna Agron (father X daughter) and the dialogue about language between John D'leo and Dianna Agron (the kids when they talk about the use of the word "fuck" and the hability of expressing a lot with a little)Luc Besson is a great screen writer and director, his action movies are breathtaking and you can always find juicy dialogues and lessons in his work.

I looked at the trailer and it seemed like an action-packed, exciting rush of adrenaline.

Had they not made an appearance, I would have walked out of the movie because one does get tired from dealing with lack of originality after all.

All their proclivities come to a head when Luchese discovers their whereabouts through the most contrived of circumstances.

The affection Belle (Dianna Agron) develops for her math tutor was a complete bore and waste of time.

Dry Humor and Boring!.

What a predictable but dull character has been thrown to Tommy Lee Jones!

It's enjoyable movie, with some predictable moves from main characters, but what the hell, I enjoyed it, I'm sure you will to.

While the movie has a couple of hilarious scenes, most of them remain predictable and are filled with dumb stereotypes that had already been cited over and over again.

Michelle Pfeiffer is her usual funny, sexy and engaging self.

There is something intriguing and amusing about what must be a strong and very capable family (be it an overreacting and violent family!

Overall, I would still recommend the film as it is well acted even though predictable.

"The Family" is an enjoyable and entertaining movie that though lacks depth and direction.

Unfortunately, "The Family" is an ugly, unfunny, dull mess.

Well worth watching.

you know it'LL gonna be an awesome movie if De Niro is in a mafia film,De Niro got old but he still proves that he can still play a mafia guy, Michelle was so funny, stunning and awesome too, loved the grocery store scene and the sofa scene of her and De Niro The kids played by Dianna Agron and John D'Leo are hilarious too, wish i can have a strong kids like them someday.

The two young actors playing the children were also engaging as they retaliated with over-the-top vendettas against their schoolmates.

Robert de Nero at his funniest, Michelle Pfiffer stunning as always and pretty darn funny as well.

Instead it is almost stagnant, a terrible disappointment and unforgivably dull.

It's entertaining enough but speeding things up to get to the predictable climax would have helped a lot.

Michelle Pfeiffer is still hot in my book, and when her character gets intense, well she's just a pleasure to watch.

For 2013, it's a bore to watch.

The first hour of this film is so pathetic and boring, only the last ten minutes are interesting.

I really liked New Years Eve and Struck By Lightning but Girl Most Likely was extremely boring in my eyes.

Movie was jumpy and hard to follow.

It is a slow burn film towards an exciting conclusion, and that perhaps is its undoing.

What a waste of time for three amazing actors.

Robert De Niro as always gives a "gangster" performance supported by Michelle Pfeiffer,Dianna Agron,John D'Leo's solid performances in a very subtle but engaging screenplay.

The first half hour really set the tone of the film, however after this first half hour we began to be watching an array of unnecessary and somewhat boring scenes.

Gripping, entertaining and a solid film.

however the story and plot was so empty, the characters had no satisfactory background...

Here are just a few of the inconsistencies: the family is in hiding and yet they are allowed to host a party for the entire village; they are in a small French village yet it has a huge fire house; it takes Tommie Lee Jones about 15 minutes to get from the police station to the family's house in a tiny village at night; the FBI agents are watching the mob attack the family's house with virtually every weapon known to man with their side arms in their hands and then when they get ready to leave the house, they get their heavy weapons; if Michelle Pfeiffer's character spoke little or no French, how did she understand the insults made by the store clerks?

Dull, dull, clunky and dull.

The Family is intriguing, thrilling and fun.

The story- very compelling and thought provoking.

Dull, clunky, humourless, pointless & dull.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be disappointing drab movie with little or no direction, sense or purpose.

All in all, I guess what boggles my mind is why Martin Scorsese agreed to produce a mafia vehicle directed by the guy who wrote The Transporter flicks (Luc Beeson, who always seems to bring a slick, empty look to the proceedings).

It was so predictable that it held no surprises whatsoever.

But here it is, Besson hasn't made a decent film since Willis had blonde hair, and everyone knows what's happened to De Niro in the past twelve years, so the outcome is predictable, its rubbish, and to top it all off, it can't decide to be full on comedy or thriller.

) deal with completely mundane problems, I did feel like I was in a waiting room, waiting for the inevitable.

The story and the characters are intriguing and it's exciting to see what is going to happen.

The Family, however, has only the latter prevailing, most of the plot is rather slow, with some twisted criminal elements; apart from the last quarter or so, when we see characteristics of Besson's approach.

Don't waste your money and time!

Humor 4 out of 5 Stars I found the humor right up my alley and very enjoyable Final Judgment 16 out of 25 very enjoyable if you like mobster's dark humor and De Niro

The movie is too long and drags in the middle on the way to the blood bath ending.

Wife Maggie(Michelle Pfeiffer), like-wise charming daughter Belle(Dianna Agron) and son Warren(John D'Leo)are more than thrilled to try and start over in such a ho-hum location.

Don't waste your time .

Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.

There's no story, only old actors playing a parody of themselves in a pseudo mafia thing.

Even though it was nearly two hours long, I was sad when it was over, because I had found it consistently entertaining throughout--I was just having a great time "at the movies.

While the movie had some really great, funny and entertaining moments, the film suffered from an uneven tone and felt like it couldn't decide if it was a dark comedy or a crime thriller.

Uneven but entertaining, with fine performances .

This R-rated gangster mayhem is ridiculous fun and provides an extremely entertaining ride.

They get slow and sluggish as does the rest of the cast.

Don't waste your time and/or money on this STINKER.

The music is mostly enjoyable, the eye candy frequently so.

The movie played off the expectation of the "Get Shorty" smaller than life irony and popular cliché of movie tough guys and gals (E.

An ugly, unfunny, dull mess.

The show was fun, entertaining, and lighthearted, not to be taken too seriously.

I had a hard time staying awake during this turkey waste of time and money.

Worst movie and a waste of my time .

can we say cliché?

What makes "The Family" relatively entertaining is it focuses as much on the parents as their children as they struggle to fit into French society.

The plot is too predictable and been done a hundred times before.

It is a dark comedy and it was pretty enjoyable in the start.

It's watchable and kind of enjoyable until we get 16-yr old daughter Belle (Dianna Agron) viscously beating up on a classmate with a tennis racket.

meaning it was entertaining.

This is a very original and enjoyable mob comedy with a terrific cast and a European setting - Normandy.

Giovanni's wife, Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) has interest in traveling and sight-seeing to get her mind off of her unpredictable lifestyle, and despite her attempts to return to the Catholic church (the only familiar thing that she sees can bring her family to safety), has a short temper that can burn down a grocery store within a few moments; a fun joke, unfortunately ruined by the movie's trailer.

Don't get me wrong, I quite enjoyed it and actually had decently high expectations.

I think the only cliché they left out was casting Joe Pesci.

Worst movie ever .

The story is so relentlessly, mindlessly violent and pointless that I can't even find it in me to go back and watch the part I skipped over, minutes 61 through 95.

Everything he does is glossy, violent, profane and empty.

Michelle pfeiffer plays de niro's husband in this film and she was pretty good in the film, like de niro she clearly has fun with the role and the performance and even though her individual story was pretty dull I thought she did the best she could.

Simple and enjoyable movie .

There is no story as a writer would know it; nothing hinged on plot and structure, just a series of post mafia clichés bind this goop which struggles at being a reference to other mafia movies, which were all funnier.

I thought the pacing of the film dragged just a little in the middle but it absolutely makes up for it in the end with a very good and tense climax that had me on the edge of my seat.

As much as we've come to love and respect Luc Besson as a director, there's not much to salvage from this out-dated, predictable story.

There are goldfish who are bored and insulted at seeing this on the TV in the living room.

Watch it, if only for the performances, and when it gets cliché by the end ask yourself why instead of dismissing the film.

Besson relies heavily on the performance from the cast and in my opinion they make this film an entertaining one.

It's a bit of a shame we had to wait until De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones had to enter grandfather years till they finally made a film together, but the outcome is worth watching.

It's predictable and gets kinda boring real easily.

if i don't make my decision whether to watch it or nor i try reading reviews, i like them simple and of course all of us we wanna answer for this question is this movie worth watching and if so how much.

Thoroughly enjoyable, excellent acting and directing .

I was excited to watch De Niro and Pfeiffer, however the movie was really empty.

Boring .

But for a two hour film to culminate into an underdeveloped dull ten minute shootout is a slap in the face.

It moves back and forth between melodrama and comedy at a pace that is sometimes confusing.

Don't waste your money.

It was funny at times, serious at times (maybe too serious) and just boring at times.

A very enjoyable,good film.

The fight scene in the end is pretty entertaining between the two "families.

It goes from a funny premise to a predictable formula storyline where the big violent climax becomes inevitable.

With a cast like this (Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones, Dianna Agron) The Family should be stunning.

For character study type films like this, the main characters need to be at least likable or enjoyable enough to root for.

Overall I feel like this film is a big missed opportunity and is only really worth watching if you are a gangster film fan or a fan of de niro's buy otherwise it is pretty average and forgettable.

These complaints aside, the film has some entertaining moments, the cast is great and Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones are great together and have some of the best scenes in the film.

It really made parts of the movie that shouldn't have been enjoyable, enjoyable.

But still with a good support cast, and the talent involved the film was enjoyable.

Luc Besson returns to his sardonic best with a ludicrous and bloodily entertaining attempt to make a morally defunct Mafia family under witness protection into positive protagonists of a largely entertaining movie.

Worst movie I have seen in years From a director who has done some absolute classics to now producing something that resembled fight scenes from the power rangers!

Don't waste your time on this movie.

It is enjoyable and perfect if you want to enjoy a film without having to think too much.

And yet, they make as compelling characters.

Nevertheless, this movie is thrilling, disturbing, intriguing, and down-right fun.

Then when he says he wants to take things slow, she literally almost jumps off a roof.

Also, I feel like the movie seemed confusing and not determined about which direction it wanted to move in.

At the end of Martin Scorsese's mob classic GOODFELLAS, Ray Liotta, after ratting out the mobsters who practically raised him from childhood, fears living the rest of his mundane life as a "Schnook.

Worst movie I have seen in a while, the whole thing was a waste of time.

This is by far the worst movie I've see in 10 years.

This is a traditional boring french movie!

This awful movie it's either making all the mistakes on purpose or completely unaware of it, in both cases the result is the most painful movie to watch, with absolutely unjustified violence, unmeasurable amount of clichés, and giving the spectator every single reason to hate it from the first minute in a dull attempt to get the infinitesimal part of a laugh.

I was worried after that about watching a film with someone from Glee in that I found boring.

Entertaining, Funny, Clever .

So really its every old mafia movie cliché rolled out once again.

Yet, it was so predictable from the start in a rather thin plot.

Overall, "The Family" is a fun and entertaining movie package.

An enjoyable watch.

The storyline ranges from being predictable to far-fetched, the latter in the case of how an English pun travels from France to reach the mafia boss in jail for him to uncover the whereabouts of the Blake family.

Each of these segments were enjoyable to watch.

The story was interesting and fun to watch, the antics the family gets into are quite entertaining.

the actor who plays the son did a wonderful job in his role, and was generally entertaining.

The film does turns into a dumpster fire at the end but at least most of it was somewhat enjoyable.

The movie was very enjoyable and very darkly funny.

Well, let's get the obvious out of the way - to me this movie seemed somewhat predictable as far as plot goes, and the performances of the actors was mediocre.

Having a good past track record of great enjoyable films, this film was more than definitely excited among fans of Luc Besson for a successful comeback.

Surprisingly Enjoyable mafia movie .

It started out interesting but after the first ten minutes it went completely down hill and the boring writing went know where.

My second was hoping its predictable and pedestrian story would eventually pick up pace and surprise me.

However, this movie was entertaining.

It has a lot of good thrilling moments.

The plot is too predictable and been done a hundred times before.

Entertaining .

Predictable on the story side .

The Family, was enjoyable.

I've read several reviews only after watching the movie and all I hope you can take away from them is that you just might find it delightfully entertaining.

The Family doesn't excel at one or the other; a black comedy or a straight out mafia story, it feels downplayed and while that is a boon in making the brief carnage seem intense by comparison, it doesn't quite go full comedy.

Entertaining .

This is tedious.

"The Family" does not make great use of Dianna Agron's considerable talents, but DiAgra is lovely, sophisticated, and compelling (she's the princess in a Bohemian castle you pined and died for in a prior life).

I enjoyed it enough that I would buy it on DVD.

"The Family" is a mildly entertaining crime comedy with a very well executed final half hour almost in the tone of the great films about organized crime.

The style of this film has quite a bit of violence but it is used for comedy and For the most part it works seeing these monsters try and adjust to normal life is very entertaining.

What it does have though is a lovable cast is able to generate interest in their character in spite of a clichéd and predictable screenplay.

Overall entertaining, if one remembers it is just a movie.

Funny enjoyable action .

One of the worst movies of the year .

Despite our boredom we were still quite excited for the films conclusion after the build up in the first hour.

Other than that, it was mostly a boring somewhat violent movie with a lot of carnage near the end.

Dire, stupid, unfunny, mindless waste of time .

He is fun to watch and he is clearly enjoying the role, but I did find his character pretty boring.

This is a slow paced story about mobsters, an adaptation of a novel called 'Badfellas' which kinda spells it out for you really doesn't it.

"The Family" is a fun and memorable crime comedy, and I enjoyed it.

His character is sadly underused and he seems bored in his scenes.

I really enjoyed it for the simplicity and the great acting, especially from Pfeiffer that has become a favorite of mine quite recently...

Enjoyable Enough .

The performances are what really hold it together, keeping it modestly entertaining, Robert De Niro plays a really intriguing character who had a great droll personality, Michelle Pfeiffer shines as his wife and his scenes with Tommy Lee Jones are my favourite, seeing the two of them acting together was a pleasure.

Easy going fun entertaining movie.

The review: What seems like a very entertaining scenario flutters out quickly and often.

Nontheless the production looks valuable and the acting is enjoyable.

The middle of this movie was really dull and boring.

But unfortunately, even with that it still showed a lack of plot.

The story is disjointed, and it is very difficult to believe that a movie that had a production Budget of 30 million dollars could be so terrible.

The most enjoyable moment for me besides the seemingly violent outburst by the ladies of the Manzoni family is the play on Robert De Niro.

So you can say that the movie was fairly predictable.

Don't waste your time watching this.

guys in the French countryside with predictable results.

The teens and the bad-guys gave the movie much-needed excitement and saved it from being pretty boring.

My problem is the film seemed so disjointed and all over the place that it really didn't hold itself together.

Typically focused on entertainment, Besson cooks up an excellent mix of family drama, teenager angst and gangster comedy makes it a surprising gem, which may not be especially memorable, but is endlessly entertaining.

However, their dependence on such old habits places everyone in danger from vengeful mobsters, and leads to one of the ' On the edge of your seat, power packed endings '

A waste of actors, infantile storyline, confusing, full of clichés!

It is the characters and what they might do next that keeps one watching this, because it is a bit unpredictable how the characters will react, while the story is pretty predictable.

The main story with Robert de Niro's character was so dry and uninteresting.

I enjoyed it, I laughed often at many of the absurd situations, but my wife walked out.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro were really great playing their characters and despite not being an excellent movie, "The Family" is enjoyable and is another great addition to Luc Besson's career.

Next to Leon and The Fifth Element, The Family really doesn't live up to its predecessors, but it still is an entertaining watch.

This movie has a very slim plot with the family just doing the cliché generic mafia movie stuff while there in a town under witness protection.

At times it was violent, at times it was quite boring.

The movie is great from start to finish, the comic touch is just brilliant, and Robert de Niro once again shines in his role, the movie was worth watching just for his performance alone, and the use of one word to describe all his emotions was hilarious, those people who have watched it and liked it will understand.

In my confusion about how to feel about this film, I settle on calling it an average dark comedy.

Wickedly funny, even if morally deficient, "The Family" brings about one of the more enjoyable De Niro performances in a while.

The movie tries to have some fun with not only gangster movie stereotypes and clichés but the Ugly American writ large, but a rambling, disjointed and repetitious screenplay by Besson and Michael Caleo, based on Tonino Benacquistas' novel "Badfellas," undercuts the effort.

The final fighting scenes on the movie are rather lame as well and I was really expecting something longer and more intense.

The legendary Robert De Niro has obviously never been content, merely with his standing as one of the greatest, most dynamic and intense actors ever.

The juice is low and the tedium is high, mainly due to repetitive and monotonous music laid over every scene.

It was a very entertaining movie, full of laughs!

Robert DeNiro is great as his role, though the other members (Warren and Belle) felt as if they were robots, bland acting.