The Fanatic (2019) - Crime, Thriller

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A rabid film fan stalks his favorite action hero and destroys the star's life.

Director: Fred Durst
Stars: John Travolta, Devon Sawa
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 33 out of 245 found boring (13.46%)

One-line Reviews (93)

Very entertaining .

I have autism and I enjoyed it .

The Fanatic had to be the best of the worst movie one day, and Travolta made me laugh many times by his crazy performance.

This could be the worst movie i have seen all year

A world in which seemingly anything can happen, at any time in many bizarre and unpredictable ways.

The film just seemed rushed, yet I felt completely bored.

No, I'm not an executive writing reviews to get high ratings This movie I low budget, yes, Travokta should be doing bigger projects, yes But this is real life, there are people like this in the world, fans who think they are the be all and end all, who can't understand where the actor stops the the person begins Actors have to worry about this kind of stuff everyday and Travolta is absolutely terrific at playing this role, he just gets it, he knows what it's like to have this as an everyday concern, the versatility of Travolta is exceptional as he just transforms into the movie fan weirdo effortlessly There are no lengths a fan won't go to and no boundaries they are not willing to break, they think they know the actor personally through the movies and they think the actors feel the same way This is a true depiction of something that could happen very easily and why celebrities pay a fortune for security personnel and home security Travolta doesn't care about how he looks, he doesn't care about opinions, here he does everything he can to portray the lunatic on screen Also with a little twist at the end makes this really enjoyableTravolta has had his recent run of bad movies, no doubt this will be another, and from a really true fan I agree with the previous films, they haven't been great, but this one, is definitely worth the watch, just for the great portrayal of the subject matterWill you find better movies to to watch?

I found this film to be entertaining and never boring.

With no script, terrible directing, pathetic acting.

For how good and dark these ideas we get here are, this film was a bit boring if I'm going to be honest.

Ana Golja plays Moose's best friend and she also does a narration throughout the film, and this narration was completely unnecessary and cringe, the way she says some things are so cliche and make you laugh so hard.

If you're fans of "The room" , "Birdemic", "showgirls" and Neil Breen, you will surley enjoy this piece of confusing "mishmash" of a movie, with undeveloped bunch of pointless charecters, with unclear motives and charecteristics, strange editing, very aqward dialogues and the hair.

So, despite coming across it in a 'terrible movies' style review, I watched and enjoyed it.

It's a very good movie, and an stunning performance of John Travolta, good twist at the end.

A very slow attempt at a thriller.

It is scary what actors once they take this oath of entertaining have to endure.

But certainly worth watching like a car wreck.

The movie was also very predictable, there weren't any major plot twists and the characters weren't really developed or fleshed out in a way that you could connect with them.

The Fanatic is a beautiful mess that is terrible but sporadically engaging, odd, and funny throughout which might not exactly be what Fred Durst and John Travolta we're going for which is what makes it so entertaining.

I liked it, well directed well acted and gets intense .

As bad as this movie is, it's a memorable experience to watch it and it's worth watching.

However it feels so mean and so empty.

It gives 'The Room' by Tommy Wiseau a run for its money for the best worst movie ever made.

All I can say is that I found the movie compelling throughout.

The worst movie ever.

John Travolta going full is his best unexpected performance, 9/10.

Amazing writing Spectacular acting Riveting directing .

Travolta gives a pretty good performance as Moose and for whats its worth the film is pretty entertaining.

No script.

Although I can't defend The Fanatic as a good movie, I can say it was definitely the strangest movie I've seen in a while that was oddly engaging, mainly due to Travolta's weird performance of a mentally challenged film fan turned stalker.

When moose, kills a housekeeper, he pretends to care for like two seconds, then just leaves, like nothing happened.

:{) The plot, dialog, acting, and ending are both laughable and predictable.

Boring, pointless.

Again, at length, this one is worth watching if for nothing more than Travolta's bizarre-and consistent-performance.

very dark,sad,and thrilling.

Boring, full of cliches and the protagonist (Travolta) acting in the baddest way.

being the story itself very bland and it doesn't have or neither gives a second lecture.

One of the Worst Movies I've seen .

The camera work is on par, the script could have been better, the story has been done before, but to see Travolta do it was worth the watch.

And, honestly, it's always great to see Devon Sawa - he really, truly gives an intense and believable delivery throughout this entire movie - he adds so much life and personality to it, it's wonderful.

Because it's the best worst movie of the year, a great movie to watch with friends, and will leave you laughing and confused at the same time, which is something most movies struggle to do so intentionally.

Travolta stars as Moose a slow movie/star obsessed fan who seeks out an autograph from actor Hunter Dunbar played by Devon Sawa.

When moose, kills a housekeeper, he pretends to care for like two seconds, then just leaves, like nothing happened.

The movie itself was very slow and to be honest didn't build up to much at all.

Whilst this had the potential to be a great film which kept me on the edge of my seat for the mid part, it was sadly let down by the ending which made no sense whatsoever in terms of any where near real life.

his movies are Overhyped and Boring.

I hate to not recommend a film because every piece of art deserves recognition, however don't waste your time with this one.

This film is worth watching.

A waste of time .

One of the most hilarious, traumatic, thrilling movie experiences I have ever witnessed.

Going into this not expecting much based on the bad reviews, I surprisingly thoroughly enjoyed it, and recommend it.

Moose cannot find his idol at the party and goes to some book signing of his and when Hunter Dunbar leaves early Moose confronts him outside in an ally and Hunter really lets Moose have it, telling him to leave him alone.

Every one else is a cliche and what makes it even worse is that for long stretches it is just plain boring.

This film was terrible, terrible writing, terrible direction and just a bland storyline we've all seen before.

then after film is boring slow, drill, painful to watch i could not watch it i fast forward to see what else happened, what was soo thrilling about this film like he is hiding under bed wow that meant to be thrilling ??

Intriguing film .

Every time there was supposed to a scene of tension felt so cliched and predictable that by the climax I had lost all interest.

I've been racking my brains since the credits rolled trying to think how a movie like this got made, and to be honest I'm coming up empty on answers.

Honestly a horrible movie a bit of a waste of time.

Confusing, Editing?

Again - not theatre quality but if you got nothing to watch, it's enjoyable.

The movie had me on the edge a few times.

I enjoyed it and John Travolta in my opinion gave a good impersonation if you will of someone who clearly has mental issues and stalking tendencies when it comes to Big Hollywood actors.

Don't waste your precious time watching this piece of garbage

But surprisingly, the movie gets better and better as it goes on and even becomes quite suspenseful.

Enjoyable movie.

But I found the film entertaining and not nearly as bad as it was made out to be in the critics reviews.

The movie is mean, bold, and sometimes a little dense, but overall it's a fascinating watch.

Not the Room, still enjoyable .

So bad it's suprsingly entertaining .

This movie was awkward, hateful, angry, and pointless, much like it's anger-filled child-like director.

amateur and pointless .

Seriously the worst movie I've ever seen hardly wanted to rate it .

Worst movie I have ever seen .

The scenario is not unique nor geniune, bad still the movie it's enjoyable and fun to watch.

It's utter ridiculousness is thoroughly entertaining.

To spend close to 3 hours watching Once Upon A Boring Time In Hollyweird Snore Fest.

John Travolta's performance is absolutelly stunning and this is an imporant factor which adds a lot to the movie.

For me it was a very exciting thriller - don't believe the negative critics!!!!

The ending was completely unbearable and unrealistic; such a weird movie (in a bad way) from beginning to end.

The movie failed at almost everything and i had a hard time finding positives, but it was impossible and unfortunately it's one of the worst movies of the year.

Moose (Travolta) is said to be autistic in the things I've read about the film, but he's played here as an incredibly slow man who only finds joy in autograph hunting.

I thank the makers of this movie to show that and in turn make a wonderful entertaining movie.

Absolutely the worst movie Travolta has ever done, what was he thinking, is he really so desperate for cash.

However, to his credit, he at least prevented the film from becoming boring.

I enjoyed it.

The movie was a fun suspenseful ride.

Too uncomfortable to be enjoyable .

I enjoyed it & the story line was better than I expected

What a dumb and pointless movie.

Every decision made in this film is ponderous.

I say it is worth watching

I enjoyed it .