The Farewell (2019) - Comedy, Drama

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A Chinese family discovers their grandmother has only a short while left to live and decide to keep her in the dark, scheduling a wedding to gather before she dies.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Lulu Wang
Stars: Shuzhen Zhao, Awkwafina
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 45 out of 211 found boring (21.32%)

One-line Reviews (111)

It's stunning.

Absolutely incredibly stunning.

Sounds like 200-proof stupidity, but you find me an action film that's as inspired, gripping and affecting.

The film reinforced my belief that there's something a woman brings to bear in a film that I really connect with, and I want to see more women behind the camera telling compelling stories like these.

It doesn't exactly sound like the premise for a funny, truthful and emotionally rich narrative but Wang's ability to respectfully acknowledge Chinese tradition and beautifully capture the strong family ties and Chinese ways of life, ensures that The Farewell feels like a fresh and unpredictable piece of movie-making, in what's usually a by the numbers family drama fair.

"The Farewell", directed by Lulu Wang, is a well-calibrated tearjerker with an unexpected happy ending, albeit a fluid one.

There are, in reality, so many things to talk, or at least to hint, about: Cultural Revolution the grandmother certainly went through, the Tiananmen Square protests that the parents possibly experienced, first-gen immigrant experience, identity confusion of Billi, just to name a few.

Which is something I found fascinating in this film.

Terrible waste of time.

Awkwafina shows her solid acting chops in a slow paced film .

It was slow, very little happened, and the emotional situations seemed forced, so this movie is not for everyone and is instantly forgettable.

So, even though I feel the film is cliche in some parts, and hence my 8/10 rating, it will always have a unique place for me personally.

However, it seems slow paced scene in the movie.

A fascinating and moving family dramedy with an exceptional performance from Akwafina.

I do not see their family feelings have any solid foundation , only their pretentious performance intended to be sentimental.

It is a good quality movie, but it is also a very boring movie, especially for a movie that is under two hours in duration.

The story drags and is quite boring.

The film does a good job at comparing the differences in values and society between the West and China, but I feel that the fact that the plot gets somewhat more contrived as it goes on ends up mildly harming the impact that such commentary on cultural differences could have had in the film.

Yes, it might seem uninteresting.

Super boring, no real depth.

Very moving and gripping tale.

However, the burden of this lie is heavy and conflicts, confusion and misunderstandings soon occur.

I found it tedious and cold not wait for it to end.

That being said, the film provides a ride that is absolutely worth watching.


Very disappointed, I laughed 1 time otherwise that it was boring.

On top of this the main character is really dull and hard to feel any kind of sympathy for.

While the film is well-paced and the juxtaposition of the various scenes of the family attempting to conceal information about Nai Nai's expected fate never seems problematic, it also begins to make the story seem a bit more contrived.

8 "Pathetique"; a karaoke version of "Killing Me Softly"; and a hugely entertaining Chinese version of Niilson's "Without You" over the end titles.

Uncle Haibin played by Yongbo Jiang explains to Billi that in telling the lie the family are absorbing the burden of grief.

Entertaining and meaningful.

A huge disappointment, absolutely overrated and tedious .

Life is in the surprise, the unexpected.

I think it's Overated, made me expect more and now kinda feel disappointed and empty.

I was genuinely bored

Probably the most boring movie i have seen in 2019.

However, it is also simple and repetitive to the point that you'll be looking at your watch every so often wondering how much time has passed since the last time you looked.

Watching this movie feels like you magically became a fly and got stuck in flypaper at your boring neighbors' living room, being sentenced to witness the family's tedious chit chats about the most uninteresting topics while they go about their dull daily chores.

Both my mother and I were sorely disappointed and bored.

And it remains a smooth, engaging ride from start to finish.

I had a high anticipation for this movie, because I love the main actress Awkwafina and I also like other good actors and actress, however, the script was so lifeless, and without meanings, except some cliche, therefore, those who acted in this movie, all like mannequins without souls and life and contents.

The approach is suspenseful and the message is heartwarming.

The piece isn't always riveting, or ever conventionally exciting, but it's always enjoyable and often emotionally resonant.

Final Say -It may not break any new ground but The Farewell's abundance of heart, soul and great performances makes it a highly enjoyable dramatic treat, that firmly places Lulu Wang and her star Awkwafina on the path to super-stardom in the process.

Don't get me wrong, if you are the type of person that can sit and watch paint dry and get excited, you May like this nonsense.

To finish up my review, I want to talk about the Farewell's Family, which is the most beautiful thing in the movie, you just feel like you're part of it, and that's alone just made the movie extremely entertaining in a way.

OK in places, but overall, pretty boring.

Quite Charming, Quite Slow & Quite Entertaining.

They just kept doing many things and it kind of got boring after a while.

I did enjoy the glimpse of daily life of a Chinese family, and the grandmother was enjoyable to watch (buzz for another Oscar contender?

This movie was a total pointless bore.

"Crazy Rich Asians" is a soap-opera celebration of conspicuous consumption for its own sake and is otherwise obnoxious and formulaic.

However, the movie has such a warmth and positivity that made the story very enjoyable.

It's a slow burner, low budget movie, the cast more than make that up with their performances.

I found it tedious .

Superficial and boring .

In the end, however, the comedy and some visual storytelling might leave some confusion for audience not exposed to Chinese culture.

The very concept of keeping a terminal illness a secret from the one that is ill was fascinating to me.

Kinda boring in parts, couldn't get "into" the film with the family, poor cinematography, and blah acting from some.

It's a fascinating premise and based on a true story (or based on an actual lie, as the film puts it).

I highly recommend it.

A fairly entertaining film!

The fact that this is an actual things that goes on is kind of odd, seeing as most people usually know when doctors have given the information, but this "based on a true lie" as the film states, and it really did make for an emotionally compelling narrative.

The film could have been great--and certain technical qualities like the cinematography were, in fact, quite polished and enjoyable--if it had explored these issues in a way that was nuanced or at least actually interested in presenting counterarguments.

Nice little boring movie .

The screenplay is horrible, the dialog contrite and awkward, the acting pretentious and exaggerated, scenarios and plots boring and non-exist.

For such a short movie, it did feel a bit tedious by the end as nothing really beyond the basic paradox of helping your grandmother be happy by lying to her was developed.

This is a pleasant film that extends more effort in understanding the human condition than most even bother, which alone makes it worth the watch.

There's no plot, no laughs, no truth and no artistry.

Boring movie .

Anyway, with that out of the way, I'd like to suggest to you that The Farewell was a bit slow and at times, it was unsatisfying.

I REALLY wanted to like this movie but as the film dragged on, I started realizing it had no point and nothing to say.

shallow, weak and cliché .

The transition scenes where characters are traveling or having a thoughtful moment are incredibly tranquil and stunning.

Extremely boring, slowly paced, and what would have been a lovely half-hour documentary absolutely doesn't work for a full length movie.

Sweet but boring .

Dull and nothing special about it except a couple of scenes, almost felt nothing.

This is a bloated bore that shrinks from multiple opportunities to turn the tale in a direction, ANY direction, let alone a dramatically fruitful one.

Boring slow moving storyline .

Writer-director Lulu Wang's movie is of a piece with these two, with some very entertaining performances, and insight into what family means to people who are forced to be apart.

Also, the story was really fascinating.

It was a really solid and enjoyable film.

8/10 - Awkwafina proves she has what it takes to star in dramatic films while offering a unique and entertaining look at Chinese culture

The build-up of this movie was well-crafted, the first and the third act were amazingly crafted, but the second act kinda drag a little, it took a few turns that only made the movie longer, and some scenes dull, not the whole act though, but some of it made some unexpected choices.

The plot is rather mundane, we're never given much of a reason to care about any of the characters, and the dialogue is pedestrian, at best.

Hard to follow.

However, it's thenmovie to watch if you really want to cry or have intense moments of emotion.

It is very boring and I feel extremely misled by the trailer.


The acting was superb and the cinematography breathtaking.

Entertaining and Surprising .

Boring .

It's total propaganda, fully filtered and down your throat.

It becomes very repetitive that the movie keeps pounding it into your brain that Nai Nai does not have long to live and how it is affecting the emotions of her family members while it does not affect her at all since she is ignorant to the fact she has cancer.

I actually walked out after 2/3's of the movie, as I couldn't take a minute more.

Very boring .

Save your money and time.

Save your money.

This story could've been told in two minutes and it was so slow and painful to sit there and it was pointless.

This was such an unnecessary waste of time.

Empty dialogues.

This is one of the fascinating surprises of "The Farewell" in its acquiescence to old-world values in subtle ways.

I know this is supposed to be some kind of important movie dealing with a serious topic but I just found myself really bored and un-engaged.

So glad I did, this was really an enjoyable movie.

The film had no plot.

Complete Waste of Time .

It's just that this exceptionally entertaining and instructive treatise on family unity in China makes me even more certain that I love the Chinese despite the trade war.

It's fascinating to see how director Wang explores Chinese family dynamics while also exploring cultural differences - never offering judgment on right and wrong.

Pointless interactions.

The pace is slow, the characters are nagging and the film is just not to interesting in general.

As well, there is the highly welcomed absence of stereotyped cliché, which is tantamount to talking to you in a refreshingly calm voice instead of yelling and shouting to get your attention.