The Farmer's Wife (1928) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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After his daughter weds, a middle-aged widower with a profitable farm decides to remarry, but finds choosing a suitable mate a problematic process.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Stars: Jameson Thomas, Lillian Hall-Davis
Length: 129 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 13 out of 38 found boring (34.21%)

One-line Reviews (35)

And just before that a fun trick of imagining future wives and seeing them fade in, sitting on a chair, and then fade back to an empty chair.

I don't know if other reviewers are cutting this film a little more slack than usual because it's directed by a young Alfred Hitchcock, but I had a tough time making it to the end of this dull romantic farce.

All told, "The Farmer's Wife" is a really enjoyable experience!

The majority of these are rather pointless, with the exception of several appropriately ghastly close-ups of the Farmer's bridal candidates.

On retrospect it seems a very long drawn out 96 minute comedy film with a flimsy plot, even so I wonder what a 129 minute version would be like.

Slight but enjoyable early Alfred Hitchcock movie about a widower (Jameson Thomas) who sets out to find a new wife with help from his loyal housekeeper (Lillian Hall-Davis).

The story is really boring and extremely predictable.

It's obvious from the first reel what the story will be and the eventual conclusion, but for all that it's still well worth watching.

Two things manage to make this film entertaining on the whole.

I is very slow and boring.

and Mrs. Smith" is immeasurably dull.

This is boring .

Overall I found it predictable and boring, and entertaining only in spots.

The Farmer's Wife is neither among the best or worst of Hitchcock, but it is still well worth watching and among the better of his silent films.

I do enjoy a good Silent film but the genre can get tedious when they're not top-notch - and this very early Hitchcock just isn't.

This unique dark streak adds some liveliness to the otherwise-dull romantic hijinks, and Lillian Hall-Davis' quiet, sincere housekeeper, Minta, serves as a pleasant counterpoint to the parade of grotesque suitors whom our main protagonist first considers for marriage.

" If the films and the plots were a little banal, they were often juiced up by one or another director's trick.

Enjoyable old piece of art .

slow .

The big problem all the reviewers here point to is that the film is too long, at two hours and ten minutes.

The story is predictable and boring, the film feels far to long, the acting is really bad, and the music makes me want to mute the television.

For a silent film, this is most enjoyable .

Not a bad thing in itself, but rather than play upon its obviousness (which Stannard and Hitchcock must have been aware of), the picture simply becomes a tedious game of waiting for the inevitable.

Many shots linger on Sweetland looking at an empty chair, representing the hole in his life left by his wife's death.

It's a little slow, it's long, and it's not slapstick.

To say the conclusion of The Farmer's Wife is predictable would be a grand understatement.

Part of the charm lies in the fact that the tale is completely predictable from the beginning.

' Some Hitchcockians will undoubtedly cherish the director's wicked sense of humour {which later found its most pure form in 'The Trouble with Harry (1955)}, while others will find themselves losing concentration as the entirely predictable romantic plot unfolds.

I like my Alfred Hitchcock thrilling, mysterious and horrifying and this film is definitely totally opposite of my favorite side of Hitchcock.

If you are interested in film-making history, and you enjoy watching the last pictures of a vanishing rural England, (and you don't get anxious because of the slow tempo), this is a movie worth viewing while smoking a pipe in the quiet of your home, like a true hobbit.

I strongly recommend against the 129-minute version, as it is slower than real-life speed and drags the humor from the film.

It is too long, can get pedestrian and somewhat too slight in places(with a beginning that takes a little too long to set up) and the music score can feel repetitive.

But, this film is too long, with the daughter's marriage immediately and unnecessarily dragging the story down; moreover, the ending is drawn out.

) In some places the acting is a bit 'broad', but a lot is communicated by very slow pacing and a lot of subtlety -- in facial expressions, glances, and body language as well as the well-written title cards.

This movie will bore you to tires.