The Feed (2019) - Drama, Sci-Fi

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A man's invention of a brain implant that allows people to share thoughts and emotions gets into the wrong hands.

IMDB: 5.9
Stars: Guy Burnet, David Thewlis
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 27 out of 100 found boring (27%)

One-line Reviews (54)

The characters are pretty intense and the visual effects are pretty cool.

Original, very very nail biting- thrilling!

Since the show insists to have every other scene include the baby, it became unwatchable.

It's just too confusing.

Very interesting starts off slow episode six is when it starts getting twists.

Which will ultimately cause it to be too predictable.

Made it unwatchable for me two episodes after the baby was introduced to the show.

This sci fi series kept me guessing, but got a little tedious.

The story is lost, the meaning is lost, the characters act like idiots, when not, predictable.

Like a drunkenly written (over)extended Black Mirror episode A tedious experience.

It's not Oscar worthy, but it is worth watching.

The premise is great, but as the season went on, the show definitely lost momentum and dragged.


Extremely boring.

Overall a really good premise but slow getting there with really slow parts.

😳 The story is fast paced and truly fascinating.

The show is thrilling and exciting with a great dynamic.

Other than a handful of scenes where the writers used tropes, the show was well written and executed with an engaging concept.

Some slow parts .

I wonder if the book is as boring as the series?

a waste of time!

Then it became a cheap horror flick complete with all the trite and predictable plot suspense tricks and the acting went down with it.

INCESSANT CRYING BABY makes show unwatchable .

Thrilling, creepy, mind-bending fun .

Too slow .

Absolute waste of time

I gave it a 6 because I felt it moved too slow, the story was nothing new or original and they didn't explain some things and just didn't give enough information to answer "Why" in a lot of areas.

The show was entertaining nonetheless and I do hope it gets a season 2.

Boring .

Britishly slow .

This show is incredibly boring.

Wow, such a boring show wasted on good actors.

Don't waste your time.


but overall it's kind of as disjointed with all the different subplots as this review I'm writing because I'm super tired and just randomly decided to write a review.

This could have been a very good series if not for the poor acting and long, drawn out scenes.

However, the storyline is slow, no true history is given to characters and the acting is very poor (don't even try and cope with accents and class), probably more down to the casting than anything.

Excellent plot, intriguing premise.

Well written and executed with an engaging concept.

The graphics of "the feed" were really immersive and it may be worth watching just for that.

Everyone else had shown themselves to be idiotic, despicable or both in that dull, predictable way that some writers seem to believe is "capturing human truth".

Boring .

Disgusting utopia and poor act show, Waste of time .

Boring British drawl .

The plot is so slow and that 10 episode almost said nothing.

" The characters are sharp and compelling, and the story visually depicts the endgame of our love affair with technology more compellingly than any other attempt that I've ever seen.

Overall, I was a huge fan of this show and would highly recommend it!

However, it's extremely difficult to follow.

Boring, pointless, bad acting, bad writing.

And no they are not paying me to say this, I think the ramifications explored in this world are completely mind boggling and if we ever get to that point as a species, this show will be a good question about the problems we will need to solve and the challenges we will need to overcome.

I found this show compelling and fascinating.

Worth watching the entire series .

I liked it, but it's tedious.

It's like they found the most complex way to produce a dull attempt at "binge-worthy content".