The Fifth Element (1997) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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In the colorful future, a cab driver unwittingly becomes the central figure in the search for a legendary cosmic weapon to keep Evil and Mr. Zorg at bay.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Luc Besson
Stars: Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich
Length: 126 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 80 out of 809 found boring (9.88%)

One-line Reviews (507)

All in all, an oddly appealing film, but too many shortcomings and distractions to be entirely enjoyable.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Stunning visuals and plenty of humor .

Visually stunning important Sci-Fi very vivid masterpiece!

A tight, fast paced romp .

Though slightly childish and sometimes predictable, this film manages to push past this slight setback by remaining light-hearted and fun to watch.


The special effects are visually stunning without being distracting.

Positively one of the worst movie blunders of all time.

In my opinion, he's just a tedious climber who spent too much time in Disneyworld (and thought it was art).

I know, I know, peddling cliches a little, but at the end of the day, it was the most visually fascinating and interestingly cast movies of all time.

It's incredibly boring.

If you allow yourself not to be too critical, this movie is a blast as it was definitely made to be light and entertaining.

It's so predictable, fake, ridiculous that I struggle to believe someone actually liked it.

Keeping the film consistently enjoyable is Besson's sense of humor.

This movie is very boring and childish.

Sure, at the end it's "Bruce-Willis-saves-the-world", but in the meantime, the acting especially of Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich is great and sometimes breathtaking.

The fifth element is a very entertaining film.

This tired cliché stereotype swishing around is so awfully unfunny that it must have been the inspiration for the despised Jar Jar Binks a few years later.

Unexpected plot surprises kept piquing my interest, only to disappear in completely predictable good guy/bad guy set-ups.

I was SO bored , playing with my tablet and kept doing other things besides watching it.

Visualy stunning,with superb production design and a Terrific performance by Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman,"The Fifth Element" is a fun film that is also raised to a more humorous level by Chris Tucker,who steals the show along with the film's visual effects.

Bruce Willis (one of the best action actors of our time), Milla Jovovich, Ian Holm and Gary Oldman make the suspense even more intense.

Visualy Stunning .

And A bloody awful pointless plotless second half.

The harsh lighting, the ugly, garish costumes, the Looney Toons color scheme, the overwrought sets, the bright red hair, the deep blue skin, the rubbery-looking bad guy aliens, the whiney pseudo-Jewish mother on the cellphone, the meandering, pointless plot.

The script and satire are fun and slick, the visuals are breathtaking and unusual especially the amazing Big Apple effects with honourable mention to the camp trip to the resort planet Fhoston Paradise and there are plenty of thrills and imagination in the atmosphere to be had.

This is very good entertainment , and you will be stunning by the effects!

The story, definitely from the realm of sci-fi/fantasy, is told in a suspenseful, grabbing way.

Visually stunning...

Luc Besson knows how to make entertaining junk food, as he did with "Nikita" and "The Professional", and he does it again here.

Fifth Element is a good movie for action fans and is guarenteed to be enjoyable.


Tiresome waste of money .

It encompasses a realistic view of the future, using believable technological advances, and an exciting story line.

First off, the plot was one great big dreadful cliché with an inexcusable amount of holes.

somehow very entertaining .

Throughout the film you are introduced to a wide variety of colorful characters, each with their own unique, enjoyable characteristics.

(The Genesis device, the Galaxy, etc.) Cliche 3: A wiser power is shocked to discover that mankind has this thing called "war.

The strongest moment, the "Diva Dance Opera," was not composed by Serra, but combined with the dancing blue alien and the Leeloo's intense fight scene, it creates a perfect moment of music and film.

The universe Besson shows is breathtaking, even more than the one showed in Blade Runner.

Gary Oldman who has some pointless, camp South American accent, overacts his way from one dreadful scene to the next.

The first time I saw this movie back in 1997, I walked out.

Entertaining for its time .

It was suspenseful and great special effects.

"The Fifth Element" is an unusual and interesting composition, set in the future of Earth in a lush, visually delicious landscape filled with breathtaking structures, flying cars and colorful skies, with shots also taking place in Egypt.

It's even worth watching only to have a look at this Ucranian heavenly creature known as Milla.

Overall, it's a very upbeat, exciting movie with a continuously engaging story that does not go limp on you at any point.

Visually interesting, I'll grant that, but painfully boring.

dull dull dull .

Passionate & exciting, this film had me fixed to the screen .

But they in no way make up for the cringeworthy dialogue, the terrible acting, the overbearing soundtrack and the stunningly contrived plot.

Action packed, Fun, Good music (for me)...

Mila Jovovich is absolutely stunning and will blow you away.

Nevertheless the film is entertaining if you watch it just for the thrills of the FX's.

Bruce Willis is very pleasantly cliche without overdoing.

One thing that I enjoy about futuristic sci-fi movies is that the future is going to be anything but boring.

Action packed with special effects as good as any - lots of imagination went into every aspect.

Utter nonsense but entertaining .

Very compelling, like Bladerunner, very silly, like Galaxy Quest, and very stylish, like Lynch's Dune.

I thought this was a truly enjoyable movie.

)7.5 This mistake is much more enjoyable to watch than Hollywood dogma (not the movie, go look up dogma in the dictionary).

It was all downhill from there: the "perfect" specimen of a human (sorry, she wasn't), Ruby (COMPLETELY pointless.

The whole movie was forced or graceless which exposed the story as too empty.

Every detail of the movie has been carefully constructed to form the most fun and entertaining movie possible.

The ride is entertaining and it's worth arguing that no female actor has ever done better as an action hero than Mila Jovovich.

Along with the dynamics of the storyline, there are some twists which have to be figured out, which makes the movie even more interesting and enjoyable in this almost Egyptian-styled science fiction action/comedy.

Costume detail, mannerisms (all hail Chris Tucker), scenario construction and civilization assembling, which sometimes, in sci-fi movies, sins for lacking, and others for overextending, was developed properly, sometimes with funny quirks, others with deep universe-implying concepts, all these features generate a rich, fascinating, self- sustained, and, at times, distracting from the plot.

Gary Oldman is terrible here, he was too hammy and OTT for my tastes, and he also bored me to tears, i'm not a big fan.

Overall, this movie gets a 10/10 for originality, creativity, and stunning visuals.

So slow and boring that I fell asleep while watching this.

The movie is equally adept at poking fun at the conventions of its subject matter while simultaneously appreciating it with the love of a 10-year old engrossed in a thrilling science fiction tale.

"Fantasia" (1940), "Black Narcissus" (1947), "2001" (1968), "Star Wars" (1977) - I could add many other examples - were all thrilling in various ways.

But, of course, he was no match for Oldman, who, as he proved in "The Professional", is an entertaining villain.

Objectively : It's fair as loud brainless comic-book, with entertaining detached sequences if only you can stand its innate silliness.

So much humor that the film is borderline silly at times, but it's bolstered by a fascinating story, first-rate action scenes, and superlative futuristic images.

Entertaining Sci-Fi .

Of course he shines in the action parts which is of course to say YAWN!

If you're looking for an enjoyable evening to sit back, laugh, and go to a different world, I'd recommend sitting down and watching this film.

I think the story moves along better and the characters are vastly more entertaining to watch.

This movie is arguably the most compelling view of the future since Ridley Scott's Blade Runner.

The rest of it is marvelous fun, with excellent acting from all the major characters, uniquely entertaining side characterizations, a well filled-out future society, and an understandable and involving storyline.

The film has become famous for its simple but fascinating plot, the best techniques from the best examples of the Space Opera, which can easily be believed to be a bright and protracting world, references to other representatives of the genre (Star Wars, Alien and Metropolis), a philosophical message, and even some elements from superhero comic books, and this film can fall in love with the current audience of the era of feminism and comic book movies, which makes it similar to the only (I hope for now) success of DC Cinematic Universe - «Wonder Woman».

The visual effects are truly breathtaking and seamlessly realised.

While this movie does demand your attention, anyone willing to put in a little extra effort will be greatly awarded with a very funny, action filled, visually stunning, awesomely sound tracked, entertainment experience.

A really, really powerful and gripping soundtrack.

Action Packed Fun Filled Adventure .

Filled with stunning visual effects and some good old fashioned adventure this one is still as fun to watch now as it was back in '97.

(Chris Tucker) is TOTALLY UNBEARABLE to say the least, this guy really must own a secret to be in movies till now and to have his name over Jackie Chan's name and bigger salary also in their average franchise "Ruch Hour"???

Also, the pacing is very slow.

I loved the exciting flying-car chase.

A interesting sci-fi/comedy with stunning visuals .

I truly think this may be one of the worst movies ever made.

Altogether, the movie is not bad, but not particularly good either, and it indeed was slightly tiresome from time to time.

The film is an extraordinary feat - camp, ridiculous, lavishly over-the-top and blessed with a crazy storyline, but insanely entertaining!

But if You leave all that behind and want a real entertaining space opera, give it a try.

An Entertaining Film as a Satirical Romp .

On of the most perfect and enjoyable films ever...

Cool enjoyable sci-fi actioner that starts off in early 20th Century Egypt for the set up, the barrels through 300 years later for the main story.

This has to be one of Gary Oldmam best films, it is if Besson wrote this role especially for him after 'Leon' and Milla Jovovich was just stunning in it.

I remember that everybody in the movie theatre was completely silent when the blue alien was singing:) The Fifth Element will always be my favorite Sci-Fi movie, I will always enjoy this movie, it is gun and Entertaining.

Overall, story lacks originality and remains predictable and often overbearingly a same-old Hollywood action flick.

In one electrifyingly gripping scene, an opera singer, known as the Diva, is singing classical opera, and then suddenly BOOM!

It has very well-made CGI effects that looks so breathtaking, great story, good characters especially Bruce Wills and Milla Jovovich.

The Fifth Element is a fantastic sci-fi action film that's as good to look at as anything out there, the style together with an entertaining story & Bruce Willis pretty much means The Fifth Element is a personal favourite of mine, what can I say?

It was a fresh, new, action packed and entertaining story.

Settle in and get ready for a highly entertaining and enjoyable ride!

As many have commented, the Diva music scene is especially entertaining, and it is definitely my most favorite.

This humor is unexpected, involuntary and the movie's got funny scenes that are most of the time based on the stroke (like the moment when Bruce Willis is taking Milla Jovovich (the fifth and perfect element) to the priest( Ian Holm) and the last one thought that the fifth element had vanished forever.

It was disjointed and I was surprised Bruce Willis would be associated with it.

It was my first encounter with the thrilling Milla Jovovich.

The cinematography and production design is stunning, and its production date, before the current fad of CG, lends it an air of credibility in the creature effects department.

Seriously flawed, yet enjoyable.

Entertaining sci-fi with a well-chosen star .

The first 2/3 of this movie is good and very entertaining.

It's such an engaging, beautiful, quirky and strikingly shot sci-fi extravaganza and definitely chock full of humor and zany performances.

It's a Movie worth watching, although I feel that it would view better in the theatre.

Ian Holm is fantastic as the Father, he was fascinating, and was really into his character, i liked him a lot.

More than twenty years I been reading and watching science fiction, but this is maybe the worst movie of scifi I have ever seen.

That you will find worth watching the fifth time as much as the first.

From the ecstatic mind of artistic visionary Luc Besson comes one of the most colorful and exciting science fiction adventures ever.

My movie collection is weighed down with the classic movies, the complex movies, dramas, etc. But every now and again, when I just want something light and entertaining, this is one that I reach for.

I highly recommend it .

Probably, the rating of the movie is such low, because it is not a serious science fiction, otherwise, it is one of the most enjoyable and colorful science fiction movies ever made and if you ask me, humor in it is not uneven.

His Haircuts alone make the movie worth watching.

Whilst I appreciate the film is intended to convey a somewhat comic-book style, it's still contrived trash that no intelligent audience should be subjected to.

All the acting is fine, the FX awesome, but there is just something about the directing that makes it an enjoyable and fun movie.

It was boring...

Action movies are boring.

The way the colors are used in the movie and the way different shapes are used is something stunning.

From director Luc Besson came the awesome and absolutely stunning movie that is The Fifth Element; showing us as an audience there was still a reason worth going to the movies, and that adventure was truly alive.

A complete and utter waste of time, and Tucker's character has to be one of the most annoying in cinematic history - and is also one of the most blatant of the plagiaristic ripoffs in the movie, being an almost exact copy of the character Max Quordlepleen from the Hitchhiker's book "Restaurant at the End of the Universe".

It also lasted way too long.

Unusual, but enjoyable .

One of the top actors that has created his own manner in the film sector was involved with fascinating Milla Jovovich.....

The visual effects (especially those of the city) and alien designs are stunning and quite creative.

The whole film is a wildly fun ride that takes us to a futuristic world full of such vibrancy and adventure that allows us to set aside everything we know as reality, and escape into a whole new and exciting world.

Most stunning though is the plot.

One of the most enjoyable scifi films ever made and well worth it.

Speaking of annoying, I don't even need to elaborate on the character of Ruby Rhod, who--by the way--simply walks out of the pyramid at the end of the movie, presumably to a slow, fiery death (there I go filling in the gaps on my own).

I liked this film as the characters made me laugh and there is no film that i know of that matches the fifth element for suspense,action or breathtaking special effects

Having recently reviewed a number of Sci-Fi Movies, I had become increasingly bored of the senile story lines and lack of fun that is what a film lover such as myself requires on a regular basis.

The plot is definitely the weakest point as what is going to happen is fairly predictable.

Poorly plotted and finally pointless, film ends up looking like Flash Gordon meets Dune.

) it is a stunning and remarkable movie with so many engaging characters...

Science fiction comedy which becomes tedious at points.

It had some original elements and the direction was engaging throughout.

When you add stunning visuals, fast pacing, great costume design, and a great soundtrack, it just works superbly on every level.

An excellent movie, I highly recommend it.

The design of the future - it's all visual design - is mostly a compendium of clichés, mixed in with a souped-up vision of the 1990s: an empty, hip, MTV flashiness.

Breathtaking, fascinating, exciting, engrossing, amusing.

A film that mildly suffers from its director giving way to his heart over his head, but hey baby, it's one groovy and enjoyable romp from start to finish regardless.

I figured that if anyone could handle the task of putting together a rousing science fiction adventure with Bruce Willis in the lead, it was Besson.

Not very funny, but still quite entertaining.

In conclusion, this is a fun, entertaining film with its fair share of cheesiness

the music made the scence so much more intense!

This is stunning in it's presentation.

The plot (to make it short: defeat the bad guy, use the weapon against evil, save the world) is quick and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

It *is* highly entertaining, great movie-making.

" With a funky industrial soundtrack the Fifth Element is a fast paced and genuinely good fun movie.

Awesome, comical and stunning .

The story is quite unusual and Intriguing and the film tries not to take it self to serious which I enjoyed and also helped with it's humor.

I found a lot of it suspenseful this time, with all the action, starting during the opening sequence, set in 1914 Egypt, and continuing for much of the rest of the film, set in the 23rd century.

Cliche 1: There is a purely aggressive warlike race that has somehow managed to not kill itself off.

This movie is perfect for people about 13 and up as there are some intense scenes.

One of the most 'enjoyable' films of all time.

Luc Besson has taken four sci-fi cliche elements and added just one element allegedly worth watching.

The Fifth Element is pretty much a crazy, funny, exciting and extravagant movie.

I think this is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

Awesome special effects, awesome sounds, awesome music, awesome actors, and awesomly entertaining.

If everything else about this movie sucked, Oldman's incredible performance would still make it worth the watch.

The characters in the movie are boring and un-involving and why on earth was Chris Tucker, who is a decent actor wasted as the loud mouth radio presenter.


But the movie was filled with so many fine special effects with really great 5.1 Digital Dolby soundtrack on DVD that as a whole it is very entertaining.

Breathtaking special effects, funny characters, entertaining, creative and engaging .

First third worth watching, then turn off.

Explained this way it sounds trite.

This is a dreary and boring effort from Luc Besson, I was unable to find a single redeeming characteristic.

The prologue was somewhat misconceived, though I guess it was necessary for plot purposes, but once things kicked in with the future, it was entertaining.

I hated this movie from the very first tired cliche, where Corbin Dallas suddenly bolts upright from a bad dream.

The story was bland and pathetic.

It doesn't take itself too seriously, nor does it degenerate into camp; and, it is always exciting.

The music by Eric Serra was also exciting, they fit the plot so well...

It is visually stunning with a story way out of this universe.

Its really unique and new which makes it memorable to all viewers and most who view it, not film critics, I've noticed really enjoyed it because they don't look for the practical things they look for the different, odd, and unexpected.

While Milla Jovovich is still one of my favorite aspects of the movie, I really enjoyed Bruce Willis, surprisingly more than almost any other movie I have seen him in to this day, as well as Gary Oldman and Chris Tucker who were hilarious and entertaining as well, and all the cast gave great attitude and likability to their characters which made the film work more than it would have if the cast would have been careless or not casted properly.

Admittedly, the beginning is pretty boring and it might take some effort to keep non-sci-fi fans in their seats.

An enjoyable sci-fi romp .

I love how an action packed thriller becomes a love story.

It's the most enjoyable movie there is.

I really do believe it is a wonderful, moving film with the right amounts of action, love, comedy and horror to be total entertainment from beginning to end and, in my case, a breathtaking experience.

Every scene is stunning .

They apply style, and suddenly you have something stunning.

it does show that an individual or a small group of people can accomplish the most exciting explosive changes in our universe.

Let go and enjoy this thrilling ride!

This complicated story is way too long for a comedy.

From the outrageous costumes of John-Paul Gautier to the absolutely stunning futuristic city and the fabulously amazing music, this movie has it all.

Possibly the worst movie of all time.

There are close calls, exciting car chases, excellent fight scenes and lots of comedy.

They include most genres like action, suspense, romance and thrilling.

it was choreographed well, and in retrospect, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed it when I saw it in a motel on HBO back in 1998...

Ideal entertaining movie!

There is a plot, and the cast even seem to be trying to make the most of this thing, but all this is lost amidst the muddled confusion.

The whole movie takes you for a fun, exciting, 'enjoyable' ride as you watch Bruce Willis and the beautiful Milla Jovovich save the world.

Luc Besson's visual feast was just as vibrant and exciting as the first time I had seen it.

And perhaps that is what makes it unique and worth watching.

Luc Besson has always dreamed about doing this movie since he was a teenager, it finally came true with this visually stunning movie that is packed with non-stop action, great performances, surprise humor, impressive special effects, cool aliens, great music score and this is one of my all time favorite movies.

-SPOILERS AHEAD- Unfortunately, what will probably strike most people about the movie are the nauseatingly trite themes of love and pacifism.

So there are no radical acting departures for Willis which is a poor start because once we realize this fact everything else becomes a tad predictable.

visually stunning, razor humor and beautiful songs.

Chris Tucker who plays the DJ just spoils the film for me and the whole result is a waste of time.

It´s joyful, cheerish, ironically, entertaining.

"The Fifth Element" is not as marvellous as "Leon" but is an example of a well done job, dynamic and entertaining, quite intelligent in its lack of seriousness and director's distance to it.

Jovovich gets annoying fast and Oldman's performance is interesting in that his southern accent is dead-on BUT all of his showy acting will prove pointless when people in France, the country of director Luc Besson, will see it dubbed in French.

It seems he got bored around the same point while working on these three movies and handed the reins to somebody else.

It is immensely entertaining when he sometimes realises the absurdity of his own situation and just reacts with shrug!

This is fascinating movie with all this great costumes, characters, and colors!

Does every science fiction movie have to suffer the endlessly pointless scrutiny of a thousand Star Trek fans and somebody who has read a physics book?

Overall the Fifth Element is a visually stunning movie filled with a decent script, good directing, ideas, and it has above all a huge sense of fun.

Oh yes, there were lots of predicable boring explosions and lots of high tech gun fights.

Bruce Willis' Korbin Dallas character was entertaining, and could anchor a series of similar films.

The Fifth Element is as innovative and intriguing now as it was when first released in 1997.

Watched the film for the first time yesterday - loved it, absolutely mental, breathtaking design for the creatures, costumes, ships, sets, everything!

The culture references are equally engaging.

This movie was both entertaining, comedic and action filled.

The fifth element isnt a very great comedy, but it is still very enjoyable, because director Luc Besson's style is so unique and playful.

My view is that it is one of the worst movies ever made.

What is most entertaining is its vision of the far future: Gaudy, raucous, colorful, and anarchic.

Visually stunning, awesome use of color that just jumps out at you, and non-stop action, lots of it done with tongue firmly in cheek.

This is certainly worth watching, it is a must see in Widescreen.

Although many of the things that happen in the movie are funny, many of them are also rather predictable and a few even seem like they were taken directly from an episode of Full House.

So if you love science fiction for its metaphoric notions, for its clever creations of new or alternative worlds, then you will also be annoyed when the public draws it into the trivial sewer of cowboy revenge, of Bruckheimer propane bombs, or predictable, Hardy Boy last-minute escapes from doom, of bulbous boobs, of cheap scares.

I think the film was so exciting and different because it didn't have the same constraints as a Hollywood movie.

Perhaps it is too well polished, but it is worth watching two or three times at least.

None of it shocks or surprises; rather, all it does is bore.

Luc Besson's very entertaining mixtures of genres .

Instead of dwelling on the dark greys and blues that we commonly see in these futuristic urban settings, we have bright vibrant colors that flash, blink, and whir all around us in this fast paced world.

The story was disjointed, the characters ranged from stereotypes to caricatures to offensive.

Mixing three separate screenplays together to form one movie, the screenplay by Besson and Kamen rolls out a thrilling Sci-Fi adventure,where the threat of the world going dark keeps the live wires lit,as Dallas follows Leeloo's search across the galaxies.

Then we cut to the final scene, which is another pointless ripoff (the director no doubt thought of it as an homage), to the Bond movies this time, where the hero beds the chick while the VIP's stand around and wait to congratulate him.

" The visuals were really good and the whole movie was enjoyable.

But anyway, if you're bored and want a cool film that is very, very sci-fi- then you should definitely rent this.

I enjoyed it so much that I bought the DVD of it and watch this continuously much to my boyfriends concern.

The story was bland and pathetic.

The first time I saw this movie, I feel asleep out of boredom and confusion.

Intense, without being overly violent, and witty enough to make you feel like you're not watching a children's movie, this is just a fun movie to watch.

As for the debate on Milla Jovovich being the Supreme, Perfect Being - I don't think it's a question of her beauty that makes her perfect - perfection, remember, is actually boring.

The writing is very entertaining, the dialogue is minimal without being too pithy.

Once you strip away the (admittedly stunning) visual effects and set design, you are left with the sort of script that you can very easily imagine a 7th-grader writing after seeing "Star Wars" for the first time.

Visually stunning you may feel like you have to watch the movie again just to appreciate if fully.

Just about the only redeeming factors in The Fifth Element are the stunning visual effects by Digital Domain, and the gleefully outre costume design by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

What follows is an action packed roller coaster ride that will take you through the charmingly humorous and colorful science fiction reality that is both fun, and adventurous.

Highly recommend it .

Don't waste your time: this fails at every level .

Corny but extremely entertaining movie that you can't at all take seriously.

fast paced movie, when its best .

The characters were boring, the plot was non-existent, and the soundtrack was terrible!

It is exciting and funny, with several great performances.

Stunning performances are put forward by Milla Jovovich, Bruce Willis, Ian Holm, Chris Tucker and Gary Oldman, who returns to work with Luc Besson after playing Norman Stansfield in Leon.

) the music is haunting and evocative.

And entertaining it is, like very few other movies out there.

Eric Serra's excellent soundtrack, great writing, stunning visuals and special effects and great acting make for a movie you can just sit in front of and enjoy.


The combination of creativity, vitality, acting, and general greatness in this movie is stunning.

But if you create a movie that is visually stunning, witty, and can keep you on the edge of your seat for 2 hours, then plot holes seem to disappear.

The ending is also totally predictable, which is no surprise for a movie focused on a saving-the-world mission.

the mass-market crap being put out here is really tiresome.

Light-hearted Visually Stunning Masterpiece .

Don't waste your time.

Yet the music is a peculiar audio mix, the pacing is slow and the writing has numerous holes that don't make much sense.

While I'm a big SW fan, I have found the Fifth Element far more enjoyable to watch.

Hugely imaginative and enjoyable .

Imaginative, colorful and entertaining.

It's so different in many ways, the visual aspect is brilliant, the cast is great (featuring bigwigs Maïwenn and Mathieu Kassovitz as the robber) and too few Sci-Fi movies can claim to be funny and entertaining.

There is plenty of action and romantic scenes between Karben & Leeloo and a very entertaining film.

Director Besson shines here as The Fifth Element is a stylish masterpiece, I've always though film was a visual medium & I love it when filmmakers just let loose & try to make something visually stunning & in The Fifth Element I think they've succeeded with panache.

Luc Besson's vision of the future is funny and fascinating at the same time.

However, because the film was fairly enjoyable other than his scenes, I give it a 5/10.

It also lasted way too long.

I think it does get a bit silly at the end but still well worth watching.

Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker) is a squeaky voiced, over-dramatic confusing Radio DJ whose hair is really eccentric and unpredictable.

Its eccentric Dickens-like characters are an absolute delight, the dialogue is contagious, the soundtrack is brilliant, the international flavour the film gives with its varied races and accents rouses the heart with a glorious outlook on the future of the world, and the special effects are so breathtaking that the movie will look good on any TV set.

Milla Jovovich is beautiful, and had a really tough character to play, and she nailed it down perfectly, and made a potentially boring and bland character, to a very interesting one!

Stunning Film.

Very entertaining, for anyone, even if you're not into sci-fi or action movies.

The DVD is reference quality for home theater video and sound, and truly entertaining to boot.

Bruce Willis is rock solid as the lead and Milla Jovovich bursts onto the Hollywood scene in stunning fashion.

Throw him into the mix, and it becomes unwatchable.

Although the movie remains visually impressive after all these years, its plot is simply too ridiculous, even for a futuristic sci-fi flick, as well as slightly cheesy and nowhere near as entertaining as I was expecting it to be.

A stunning performance by Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis.

This is an excellent movie, moving along at an excellent pace and entertaining you every step of the way.

Then the Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker) character is introduced and it's downhill into cliché from then on.

Good, action packed science fiction .

All of these characters go into the mix in a really clever way, leading up into a very exciting climax of an incredible display of the heroine's supernatural ability, and how ultimately she and the decorated hero/flying taxi-driver fall in love.

Even with a bit of off-the-wall silliness, the plot and effects are creative, Bruce Willis is entertaining, Chris Tucker as Ru-by Rhod!

The worst movie ever made .

This is one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen, and along with Starship Troopers probably the dumbest film that I truly loved.

Soon Dallas finds himself involved in this mess with everyones survival on the edge.

I think that sort of thing is beyond fascinating and this is a gold mine with a cherry on top of a perfect dessert.

By the end of the film both characters have met somewhere in the middle: Leeloo (Jovowich) has come to learn "humanness" whilst Korben Dallas (Willis) has found beauty, purity and perfection in an otherwise drab existence.

Anyway, these pictures convince her that there was no point in living, not for her or anyone else, and it takes Sweet Baby Bruce the Lovin' Hunk to convince her that she should do the laser yawn thing about 15 milliseconds before the Earth is atomized.

Although I am not a sci-fi movie fan, I did find this movie highly entertaining and funny.

It's entertaining, and provides a number of moments where the views will be on the edge of their seat or laughing at the oddities happening with in the film.

Dynamic, entertaining and lots of fun.

Dallas just throws caution to the win and helps Leelou escape from the police, although he doesn't have any reason except that she's adorable), it's still action packed, funny and worth your time.

This is the most thrilling Sci-Fi I've ever seen.

With great visuals, excellent special effects and some very clever editing, it's a film well worth watching.

This overblown cosmic comic book was boring, idiotic and an over-priced sham.

Certainly, it's not the best movie I've ever seen, and it probably won't be showing up on any AFI lists, but there are some times whenever I don't want to watch Citizen Kane or even Brazil, but just an entertaining little flick.

The movie is chock full of entertaining supporting actors.

Tedious sci-fi film about a New York cabbie who tries to save Earth in 2259.

second, and it's achieved by the silly red-haired chick's performing a kind of cosmic laser yawn.

Besson apparently wrote the script while he was in high school which means absolutely nothing & is a lot of fun, it's action packed, it moves along like a rocket, there are some nice ideas here & it shows some imagination rather than just being a rehash.

The story was boring, the acting horrible, and talk about a waste of special effects.

I always loved this sci-fi action packed flick and I always will.

Definitely worth the watch a true classic.

The Fifth Element is just stunning.

Bruce Willis (as Dallas Corbin) is charming, funny, exciting, sardonic in his best "Moonlighting " style, and all-around fantastic in this Luc Besson film.

Zorg is angry when he finds the case empty without any stones and tricks the aliens into blowing themselves up with some crazy rifle.

The film is largely dependant on its fast paced music to keep the audience enthralled, the punky pop music is extremely enjoyable and helps keep the film bouncing on its toes.

This is a very nice entertaining sci-fi movie, nothing more and nothing less.

With a fascinating and not sagging plot, the best movie heroine in history, the perfect balance between philosophy and fun, a delectable world and a wonderful aftertaste after every viewing!

It's just an entertaining movie with a fabulous soundtrack.

If you're looking for movies to watch for a movie night or just because you're bored, do not watch this.

if you find yourself bored and want to just watch something and laugh, rent/buy/see this...

Besson, ever the eye for detail, creates the future in a fantastically zingy way that draws the audience in to its colourful world of fast paced mingleaninga.

This movie offers a tremendous amount, it is visually stunning, the colours leap off the screen, the special effects are tremendous - there is just so much to marvel at.

I couldn't stand their little heads, their enormous shoulders, and how slow they moved.

His character is the most entertaining, brilliant and totally hilarious of the entire list of personalities in this production.

The cast, besides Milla Jovovich, includes many well-known faces, such as Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Luke Perry, and Brion James, and although their performances are not Oscar material, the characters are diverse, original and very entertaining, and for this type of film, they are just right.

A terrible waste of a substantial amount of money.

Bruce Willis (one of the best action actors of our time), Milla Jovovich, Ian Holm and Gary Oldman make the suspense even more intense.

Sounds confusing, I know.

The Fifth Element is one of the most bizarre science fiction movie I've ever seen, strange characters, the direction of Luc Besson is very good, the cast is great, Bruce Willis in his time was so good movies to excellent, rarely did film bad, Milla Jovovich still early career, and she is great, and a few years later would adaptation of Joan of arc with the same Luc Besson, Gary Oldman well, Iam Holm very well also, Chris Tucker this very funny in this movie , I laugh at your character is bizarre, the script is a bit confusing, the special effects are acceptable, the Fifth Element is a good science fiction film with a great cast and good scenes.

It is entertaining, it is stylish, it's endlessly quotable and it's filled with one great performance after another.

The special effects are excellent; the story if funny and entertaining; Chris Tucker steals the movie with his gay character; Bruce Willis is excellent in action films; and Milla Jovovich is impressively gorgeous.

The last 1/3 (aboard the cruise ship) is silly and boring.

The main flaw in The Fifth Element is the slowness.

A most entertaining, worthwhile viewing.

It could have been in league with 12 Monkeys, yet it is worth watching despite it's bane just to try to understand the effort at genius.

" Anything more has already been said, other than we've got the 2-DVD Special Edition version & on the movie Disk 1, if you ever get bored rewatching The Fifth Element, choose the Fact Track menu option.

From start to finish it's an exciting sci-fi adventure that grabs hold of mind and never lets go until the end.

Sometimes the themes are hit a little too often, repetitive if you will, like with Jovovich getting over-emotional (though her little lesson on the history of the world via computer is amazing).

Not the 5th Element, giving you a colourful, exciting look at New York of the future.

It's kinda long with its slow start.

Sure, the plot was cliche-ridden, some of the acting was terrible (the guy who played the President, and Gary Oldman as Zorg, stand out as examples), Chris Tucker was annoying as heck.

Oldman's sufficiently over-the-top villain adds to the cliché-ridden suspense...

I have a guideline for giving a movie the worst rating possible: I have to want to leave the theater.

It leaves space for depth, but creates a narrative with wonderful musical backing that is greatly enjoyable.

Luc Besson's look into this futuristic mythology is colorful and exciting.

Seriously mad but strangely compelling .

The combination of the visual (the actress, Maiwenn Le Besco) and the singing of Inva Mulla Tchako is truly compelling.

Altogether, this movie is very shallow, predictable, and because the characters weren't developed enough for me to care for them throughout the course of the film, it was very boring to sit through.

Still, the rest of the movie is also really good, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys action or sci-fi.

The intercut parts in particular were hard to follow.

The story in this is more contrived that even most science fiction or fantasy.

It's witty, funny script put together with action packed screenplay made for an excellent film.

Yet it starts off too slow for me to rank the movie as a whole highly.

The main problem: Freaking boring.

But then, he's playing a comic strip hero in a comic strip movie, and the character is certainly written as a parody of the action hero cliche, whether Willis knew to play him like that or not.

Watching the "Jetsons movie" is more entertaining.

The sci-fi is great and the view of the future is still intriguing (sleeper cells in airplanes, apartments with vertical storage and reconfiguration, instant makeup devices, instant food devices, flying cars, trains that ride vertically up super tall skyscrapers, smart rifles, nuclear powered jetliners, medical devices that can reconstruct human bodies, etc).

The characters are all unique and perfectly charming in this quirky film, and the effects and filming is well done, an action packed ride that never gets old!.......

The first one is the scene which Leeloo jumps over, the following part is extremely enjoyable.

The whole (pointless) story is simply a combination of a series of sequences or moments that have something or nothing to do with the next sequence, which propels the film (very slowly) to its predictable ending.

Milla Jovovich is the best actor in this movie, she puts in an excellent, edgy, exciting performance.

The Story about the New York cab driver named Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) who accidentally meets Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), a perfect beauty and a perfect weapon with the ability to destroy an equally absolute evil is simply fascinating.

The director and editor take the bulk of credit (although the writing, acting, costumes, etc. are all quite good, I think) for a stunning show.

Visually, the fifth element is an enjoyable colorful experience with a very imaginative production design-- nonetheless it feels very camp and unreal.

Jonovich is certainly in top shape in this film and her character is fascinating as well, especially during the first act.

Milla Jovovich is riveting as an "Alien?

The acting sucked, there was no plot and the whole thing was a disaster.

This movie is action-packed, visually stunning, incredibly intense, and outright hilarious.

The humour is of the best kind: clever and unexpected.

It's a thrilling, never-stopping ride of adventures, science fiction gizmos, unhinged humour, cool visuals and special effects, bizarre characters and even more bizarre circumstances and so much more.

A varied and well-assembled cast helped to bring the movie to life, as did a fast-moving storyline that's full of twists and turns.

There wasn't even an attractive girl to look at, something the most boring movie usually has.

Of course much of the praise goes to Luc Besson who has managed to pull this together really well to produce an endlessly impressive film, which manages to be a fun and exciting sci-fi.

You will sit on the edge of your seat from the very beginning either biting nails, laughing or crying (at the end).

The Fifth Element, Funny yet a little too slow to get funny.

Highly entertaining junk food .

Funny and Entertaining .

The social commentary about life in the future was rather entertaining.

Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman star in this action packed sci fi thriller about a mysterious Fifth Element(milla jovovich) who drops to Earth and into Willis' taxi.

of course I respect Schindler's List and Brokeback mountain and all that but movies should be fun and entertaining that is what The Fifth ELement is - a fun ride from beginning to end.

The Fifth Element is a hugely imaginative and enjoyable film, with only Chris Tucker's annoying character and performance and the occasional lack of flow in the plot being its sole drawbacks.

It's fun, it's fast paced, it's bright, it's vivid, and it's incredibly well made.

The dialogue is weak, the plot is thin at best, and cliche at worst.

i've watched it 6 times and i still find it extremely enjoyable everytime.

Zorg is one of the many many factors that make this film completely ridiculous, but he is nonetheless the most entertaining thing about it.

This movie was stunning.

Luc Besson's The Fifth Element is an entertaining and enjoyable film.

Look at Armageddon, it had been awarded as one of the worst movie of the year.

Don't waste your time on The Fifth Element, just watch the movies it steals every single idea and plot-line from.

A story like this, based on a banal moral, could have been saved by humor (like Armageddon, another movie about Bruce Willis saving the world) or good love story (like Nikita or Leon) or references/making fun of something else (I did not see any).

The stunning opera performance on the spaceship Phloston Island serves as an equivalent on an acoustic level.

Unfortunately, what I usually find is: "This is the worst movie ever!

Not mentioning her great charm and beauty, she had kept us on the edge of our seats just by the little smirks and voice inflections (again, hope that's a word) she used to be something other than human.

The film is so goofy and frivolous that it's pointless to view it for more than what it is: a somewhat entertaining disaster (a la car accident) that perfectly sums up the term Euro-Trash!

With the action packed Face/Off and Con Air, the campy cartoon fun of The Fifth Element and Batman and Robin and the antics of the Men in Black, it was a great year for blockbusters.

I would have given it a ten but a point got knocked off because it started out really boring.

The 5th Element is a firework of images, and I really enjoyed it very much.

From that, it's empty.

Certainly much better than 1998's dreary bunch.

A pretentious piece of trash.

This all makes the film very entertaining and extra-ordinary.

The plot is pretty linear and predictable but Besson's sense of style and fun makes it entertaining.

100% enjoyable,over the top editing.

Slightly amusing and entertaining sci-fi action adventure.

I watched a lot of (Besson)'s movies, as a writer, director, or even producer (sometimes all at once) and I felt how the man is trying to take the action entertaining cinema to the next level, and how also his sense of humor is so lost !

actually the whole movie, every millimeter of it, was outstanding and entertaining.

A friend dragged me to the theater to see this, and I had no idea what I was in for.

This is just one hell of a good entertaining movie that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Don't ask me why, but this movie is just entertaining, pure and simple.

The plot is contrived and trite.

Bringing together a wildly varied cast, from action stars to stage actors to supermodels to cult heroes, and putting them in a genre defying film about the salvation of earth in the future, he gives one of the most visually impressive films of the era, as well as one of the most entertaining.

Absolutely stunning!

It is not only funny, it had me on the edge of my seat.

Worst Movie of All-Time .

A stunning performance from Ms Jovovich.

What do compelling characters or intricate plots matter if you can unify them in the style of the story-telling?

One last knock against the film: it unleashed the unbearable Chris Tucker on the world!!!

Several human races and a few alien ones are represented on the screen, rather than a uniform cast of bland Americans.

Story wise, I find it very trite at its core.

There are several of my favourite actors in this film, especially a very diverse villain played by Gary Oldman, an absolutely stunning heroine who in my view, started the revolution of the female hero, rather than the 'damsel in distress' that we have seen for many years, played by Milla Jovovich.

The effects, production and costume design all have been thought through with considerable care and make a coherent and compelling world even if, individually, they don't always work.

of COURSE it's going to be intense.

For a compassionate and enjoyable - even realistic - look at Male Effeminism, enjoy Nathan Lane in "The Birdcage", released the previous year.

The plot is boring .

Finally, The Fifth Element is an immensely enjoyable movie, if only because of it's unconventionnal roots: the franco/belgian comic-book science-fiction school.

Once you go past the pretentious BS you can find in it precious gems that redeem the movie.

From the Gaultier clothes to the fine Shakespearean actors to the force that is Chris Tucker to the wonderful "language" spoken by Leeloo, it's a great thoroughly entertaining funny ride.

Set in year 2214, over-the-top Sci-Fi fun, I found it totally enjoyable.

Truly one of the worst movies I've ever had to sit through.

However, I think Dora got lost in the plot holes, no plot caves.

In terms of visuals, Besson's flourishes are stunning and nigh-perfect in their matching the parodic/celebratory tone of the movie.

She starts singing opera but with a punkish popish side to it, zingy waves of fast paced electric pop music flying into your awaiting ears and through your brain, instantly changing the mood of the scene.

Take a liberal dose of Blade Runner, throw in a splash of Brazil, a good shake of Star Wars, salt with some Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and top off with an oh-so-trite James Bond ending.

The Fifth Element is a great movie with intense sci-fi action and lots of laughs.

You catch new things each time and the world they depict becomes more fascinating/fun.

Great piece of entertainment, as beautiful as it is exciting.

I must say, though, it was intense.

The Fifth Element is a mess and, worse, a boring mess.

The childish sexual innuendo and flamboyant flaming homosexuality of Rhod was tiresome after the first five minutes.

Also, I found the the third act of the film to be overly contrived.

Overall, the movie is well thought out and seems entertaining and logical, once you get past some distracting oddities.

Aside from the futuristic gadgets looking cool, the camera-work is plain and uninteresting.

The imagery is stunning in its colour and design; The costumes are mad as only Gaultier can manage; the story is wild and untamed.

A fun, very imaginative, visually stunning movie.

However all aside, I thought the casting was right where it should be and with exception of some of the aliens being a little too 'plastic' for a feel of reality, I find this is fun and entertaining every time I watch it...

However, if you enjoy wild effects, strange characters and a very fast-moving, action-packed film you'll like this, even if the story is stupid.

This action packed, funny, futuristic adventure somehow still finds a way to show the age old story of good triumphing over evil and proves that despite the horrible things that humans do to themselves and the planet, we still deserve to exist.

His directing style is very wild and imaginative, but he achieves to make very enjoyable movies out of absurd stories.

It's visually stunning (just look at the vivid colors of the sets and costumes and try to say otherwise), has great pacing and dialogue, and (dare I say?

" (The Abyss, Q, etc.) (Bonus points for apparently forgetting the warlike race in Cliche 1.

It was as if this character was just thrown in there for the sole purpose of making this movie unbearable), Zorg's accent, the "duck" aliens, and the diva?

I'll start by making it clear that I am not recommending this film as an oscar-deserving classic, but instead as an enjoyable two hours-or-so of cinema.

The score, composed by ever-so-fulfilling Eric Serra, is well thought through and enjoyable listening to- even without the motion picture to accompany it.

What follows is a great action packed movie.

Visually stunning sci-fi set in French comic book universe.


So anyway, this film was very entertaining, and seeing as how I just watched total recall this morning- I felt the need to go out and rent the fifth element.

Big ideas walked right alongside trite ones, constantly bringing the picture down.

Willis and Jovovich get a great start on a rousing sci-fi adventure (with excellent effects).

A couple good points: This movie is visually stunning, a fresh view in sci-fi.

The Fifth Cliche .

Be patient during the opening sequences - the movie starts slowly and my kids were not slow to start moaning about the lack of pace.

The Fifth Eelement keeps you riveted to the edge of your seat with action packed scenes throughout the movie while bringing a grace and elegance amidst the chaos with a singing voice equal only to Sarah Brighton.

I can usually handle incoherent plot-lines, over the top characters, and movies with style over substance, but I draw the line at this self-indulgent mess.

Currently my worst movie-going experience ever.

This makes the movie fast paced and full with humor.

I liked the fifth element, because it is a good and exciting action movie.

Clichéd, predictable, and verging on plagiarism .

The lines were well-delivered, the storyline flows nicely, with little or no stops, and the action and creatively crafted technological advances are quite thought-provoking, as well as highly entertaining.

I watched it only because it was a slow Sunday night on TV, and the small screen and commercial breaks didn't help.

The outcome naturally is predictable and in the best traditions of "will love save the day?

, plus The finale is quite exciting!.

The soundtrack is stunning, created by the brilliant Eric Serra, who worked on previous Besson films such as 'Leon' and 'Nikita'.

the visuals are absolutely stunning, the music is exactly what i'd hope to hear in a dazzling techno-future, the script is both funny and extremely clever...

Luc Besson is a mastermind in mind blowing cinema and Gary Oldman is a convincing villain as always; although I've seen this before, it's been many years.

Luc Besson does a great job here, with fantastic camera work, stunning visuals, phenomenal angles, great use of colors and lots of other awesome shots as well, plus he kept the film at a very fast pace!.

But like I said I found it entertaining.

Totally enjoyable movie!

The film is immensely boring: Over and over again, the same over-the-top, silly scenarios are constructed.

One Of The Best Movies of all time and i highly recommend it to everyone.

Imaginative, colorful, and entertaining.

Its very fast paced with an excellent sound track.

Still the twists and turns are quite interesting enough to make this an entertaining sci-fi adventure movie ala Star wars.

If you just want a very entertaining popcorn film with very funny scenes and great action sequences with breath taking effects, this is the perfect movie!

Simply Gorgeous, Entertaining .

The movie has no plot.

This movie is fun, hugely entertaining, totally different and a movie which, if you enjoy it, you will watch time and time again and never become bored with.

The film advances rapidly through the masterful and exciting talents of Bruce Willis as taxi driving Korben Dallas and Gary Oldman as Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg.

An entertaining SFX sci-fi action comedy.

The story, the action, and the comedy were very enjoyable; all the more so because they were not ruined by previews.

A lot of the contraptions (a mask that instantly does your makeup, a cigarette machine that dispenses cigarettes with increasingly longer filters for those who are trying to quit smoking) were clever and entertaining, and the overall style of the film was impressive.

Gary Oldman plays his typically unsavory and intense bad guy, with supporting actors perfectly cast, especially Chris Tucker in a hilariously eccentric role.

His attempts at comedy here make me wonder how it was that he managed to be entertaining on "Moonlighting".

(Klingons, Draconians, etc.) Cliche 2: The universe is to be saved/destroyed by some mystical MacGuffin that everyone is chasing after.

Marvellously camp, marvellously entertaining and great fun.

The confusing part of this movie is why are 4 rocks so important to the world I mean there are only a countless number of other rocks to choose from.

The DVD of this movie is stunning both visually and audibly -- I frequently use it to show off my DVD/large-screen TV system.

The depiction of the future is imaginative and entertaining.

It's a visual, engaging action adventure.

) Cliche 4: Said wiser power is also puzzled because Mankind has this thing called "love.

A sorely misunderstood original and visually stunning romp .

Weird, gripping, enjoyable.