The Final Destination (2009) - Horror

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After a young man's premonition of a deadly race-car crash helps saves the lives of his peers, Death sets out to collect those who evaded their end.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: David R. Ellis
Stars: Nick Zano, Krista Allen
Length: 82 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 93 out of 297 found boring (31.31%)

One-line Reviews (257)

It was fast paced (probably a little too fast, clocking in at 82 minutes), had some really gruesome deaths and an outstanding scene in a mall towards the end.

The Final Destination films have always been more suspenseful than anything, and in a genre full of stalk-and-slash films, they were always a fun diversion and often even encompassed incredibly good film-making.

The previous 'Final Destination' films had some black or ironic humour and some tension, 'The Final Destination' has neither, which makes the dull down-time between the deaths, silliness and contrivances far less forgivable, on top of the lack of character development and scares.

They was very dull.

Complete waste of time and money .

There was practically no plot.

maybe i'm just getting old,but i found myself bored out of my skull with this thing.

At this point everyone knows what to expect gruesome deaths, sudden deaths and long drawn out cat and mouse sequences by the main character and of course tons of blood, only slight difference this time that's 3D.

I really enjoyed the red herrings that popped up all throughout the movie; it almost got to a point where you're never really sure quite how a character is gonna bite it, and it makes for an extremely entertaining watch.

After the enjoyable third instalment, the crew of this movie decided to hire to most talentless bunch of good looking kids and add a third dimension.

It's Undeniable that the Formula that made this Franchise so Special at first, that Never Varied from Film to Film, has Lost its Luster and is now rather Boring.

Quite Entertaining .

I went to see this souley for the "3D experience", and I can categorically state that I would have stood up and walked out if it were 2D.

Horrible Acting, Bad Deaths, No Story line from the get go.

Now this is the FINAL destination, and ''death saved the BEST for 3D'' Yea right, this film was so rushed and so painfully predictable i was only feeling tense at the very beginning before anything kicked off, when the crash occurred and all hell was breaking loose, i was thinking back to FD 2 and realising how crap this is compared to that preminition, this is meant to be the last one, and it just didn't feel like a Final destination movie!

What was once a pretty neat little idea has been beaten to death, dragged to hell and brought back one time too many.

So why it's listed as horror is just confusing.

All of the Final Destination movies are full of holes and flaws, but every one of them are still enjoyable to my taste.

At least in the first 3 you could understand the character's point of views as with this one you aren't rooting for anybody because they are all boring.

Waste of time and money .

See, the problem is that despite that we have some very fun deaths, this movie was pretty much pointless, no plot and just boring actors.

What a waste of time.

Horror movies with story that's neither engaging nor story telling are just bad to me.

I was pleasantly surprised that the movie was as entertaining as it was.

It is only about the core and has very boring characters that mean nothing at all.

Its 3D, ha ha the I observed this movie offers MORE bloods, MUCH terrible death, and MORE Thrilling scenes.

Bad enough that there is no plot, insert the poor acting, and then add to that the over the top gruesome and violent scenes...

Without the 3-D, you might just die of boredom.

"Summarizing the plot to a Final Destination movie is always a pointless endeavor, so rather that waste time recounting the story of the fourth film in this franchise, I'll just list some of the ways that Death goes about offing the latest group of people that manage to evade his icy grip courtesy of a conveniently timed vision.

However, this movie is much less bloody, shocking and entertaining than parts 2 and 3.

Hysterically entertaining, The 3D adds to the series beautifully.

The story itself, all 75-minutes of it, is pretty boring as we've been down this road one too many times.

The Final Destination is probably the least entertaining entry of the franchise, and probably the least favorite as well.

Sex: Yes, there is one scene that shows a couple engaging.

At the same time, the movie has flaws, such as a contrived scene in a hospital and an annoying homeless character who pops up in a couple of scenes.

No big deal, just a teenage - sorry - a 8 years old kids movie that last 75 minutes ( way too long).

Predictable and bland offering in the latest installment of an otherwise ingenious genre flick .

I didn't care about any one of these people, and I had to go through 90 or so minutes of pure boredom when all was said and done.

Some minor aspects of the movie are predictable especially if you've seen all the others.

The plot is pretty consistent with other FD movies while the characters are torn from every horror movie cliché imaginable.

This movie is predictable in every scene.

My wife had not seen any and to quote her, she "definitely enjoyed it for what it was".

The ending was a bit confusing too.

Instead the group are shopping and carrying on like nothing happened.

I dare say that the whole thing, for me at least, can still be viewed on and on even if the whole thing is predictable.

Highly recommended for those who love fast paced thriller films!!!

So predictable at this point...

What can I say, cliché to the max.

Waste of my time .

The plot was so predictable and tired that I didn't even cheer for anyone to live because I knew that they wouldn't.

Overall, this is a mediocre film because the story is very uninteresting the 4th time around and the acting is very lame.

A racist getting dragged by a tow truck on fire, a douchebag getting his intestines ripped out from a pool suction device, a garage worker being pushed and then cut by a fence because of a chain reaction of accidents, and and the mom's death was by far the most tense.

If you're a fan of the franchise, you'd know the drill by now, and can probably mentally run through all the cliché moments you'll be expected to see being played out on screen once again.

The opening also suffered one of the worst and dullest of the franchise.

This got so repetitive, that nearing the end of the film I actually nearly falled asleep.

I thought it was smart, thrilling and different.

They also lead to the single worst movie ending of the year so far (by which I refer to the entire last half-hour).

I found the movie much more enjoyable to fast forward from death scene to death scene.

Let's have a toast, we defeated death woohoo!...? Dragged behind the truck and set on fire.

in fact, don't waste any money at all.

Unfortunately, the faults don't stop there; the acting leaves a lot to be desired, the leads do well in the roles they are given, but the dialogue is very contrived, one scene in particular is remarkably cringe worthy, given it's just the character speaking their line.

Granted, there's no real originality here, but the deaths were always entertaining and thrilling to watch, especially in 3-D (probably the only way it's worth viewing).

From this point of view the ending was totally unpredictable especially when you learn that the two girls don't really die in the movies!

The Final Destination is worth watching in 3D.

The story is formulaic.

The first movie in this franchise was alright and the second was amusing in spite of already being predictable and tired.

Enjoyable Re-hash...

All the characters are incredibly cliché for a teen horror flick.

Many of these set-ups are so needlessly contrived and purposefully exaggerated that there's nothing taken from what's supposed to be taken seriously from these scenes, and the amount of work required to make them logical occurrences is borders on the insane.

There's a lesson to be learned about movies that sell themselves on the premise that it's meant for 3D; movies like this have very little foresight--myopic at best--and add to the terrible cliché, and somewhat of a misconception, that blood and guts somehow compensates for the egregious amounts of Deus Ex Machina it takes to make this premise work at all.

See, if you're looking for a pointless horror movie with just some good gore, this is the movie for you.

If you like pointless entertainment, by all means, see it.

It is merely a marketing tool in order to extend a franchise that reached its zenith in the second movie and now proves there's only a limited number of ways you can kill off characters in a film before audiences stifle a yawn .

The action keeps coming and it is consistently exciting.

The 3D is pretty good too if pointless.

Don't waste your money here folks, if you have to watch it wait for DVD, oh and not all the theaters are showing this in 3D.

The action was intense, with some mild suspense.

All in all, worth watching if you're bored out of your skull and need something to waste 80 minutes of your life but stay away from it if you value your time.

3-D or no 3-D, the producers don't seem to comprehend that despite how many different ways people are killed, or how much shock value they try so desperately to provide, this is the same tiresome plot that was used in all three previous films.

Actors are boring and need lessons and the flow of the movie was even comical.

A lazy, poorly-acted, predictable mess .

Beyond this, the film gets some really enjoyable elements from it's rather convoluted and contrived set-ups that manage to bring about some ingenious attempts at suspense throughout the scenes, from the admittedly silly attack at the guy's house where the rolling truck lights him on fire, the outcome at the salon parlor and the events at the mechanics create a rather fine and chilling set-up here that makes for quite a nice time overall here where this one some suspense to be had from how they're all placed in here.

Although the occasionally iffy CGI does tend to detract from the horror at times, The Final Destination is another hugely enjoyable dose of popcorn nonsense that should more than satisfy fans of the earlier installments.

While it was not a great or perfect film (particularly in the dialogue, ending and some of the acting), the first 'Final Destination' was entertaining and effective (especially with its terrific opening plane sequence and the creative deaths) with a fascinating idea done well.

*A racist redneck is set on fire while being dragged by his pickup truck.

The death sequences are more elaborate than before, and also more suspenseful.

The dialogue, script and acting are abysmal and even the deaths have lost there inventiveness and are just repetitive.

Empty entertainment, just like the others.

As a fan of the previous pictures, I was very let down by this unoriginal and overly predictable blood fest of a movie.

Boring: Not too much.

The movie was just like the others, very intriguing that is the upside.

I'd do agree some death scenes look fake but I'd think some are real like the second death when he was dragged down the street on fire.

The fourth one is equally a waste of time, with the difference that now the body parts and cascades of blood pour out of the screen and "surprise" the viewers.

Again very predictable.

Campy, yet enjoyable...

In this movie, it's heightened tenfold by the extremely fascinating use of the 3D, which at times sends all sorts of really cool things flying at the screen.

The ending was, although expected, quite random as it shows several signs reminding us how the story began this time but then comes out and gives us a completely new and unexpected addition to psych us out, after-all, a movie wouldn't be fun without one or two of those...

It's an enjoyable film, and though you may be upset about the lack of characterization- Oh, wait...

then ending is 100 % predictable, the deaths too fast and the effects horrible.

Don't waste your time and just wait for the rental!!!

However, the characters themselves are boring, clichéd and unlikable, resulting in you not caring whether they live or die, which is good because they all die.

The 2D version seems pointless in comparison.

This was watchable just but only watch it if your very bored.

Deathly entertaining.

Instead, its a trite and stupid movie with only mild camp factor.

Sounding so harsh, the movie didn't exactly bore me to death, it was entertaining at some parts.

But apart from that everything else in this movie is just weak and when did this franchise become so lazy, the dialogue was awful and the characters were plain and bland, it just seems that there was no effort put into this whatsoever and a crying shame and shows that this franchise is on its last legs

The acting was embracing, the characters were predictable and had no depth at all, you didn't care about them you didn't even notice them!

Aside from that complaint, this "Final Destination" entry was worth the trip, even if the series - like any other horror franchise - has become formulaic and if by now you don't know the drill, then what are you doing watching these movies?

I also expected it to feature no story.

The storyline is non existent, the characters are cardboard cut-outs - best example to blonde guy totally oblivious and ignorant to what is going on (as you would expect him to be) all very, very predictable and boring.

However I was bored so I went ahead and saw it.

Please save your money...

Another comment I must make is the poor quality of the 3D effects, after seeing My Bloody Valentine (which despite being a formulaic horror, made good use of the 3D effects), I felt somewhat short-changed.

Biggest load of predictable tripe for a long time .

If you saw The Final Destination for character development and a deep storyline, you probably left the theater feeling empty, because the movie's void of any of those.

Predictable, (in a bad way) ridiculous and bloody.

The most intriguing storyline for me was the security guard's character, but they didn't explore that enough for my liking, and instead focused on the two bland and wooden leads.

So, the basis of all the Destination films relies on the opening disaster sequence, and in stunning 3-D, I believe I can honestly say that this one was the best of the four.

This is a waste of 3-D and just an excuse to get a crowd of people to fork over their hard earned money to watch people die for an hour and a half and then leave the theater with a headache.

Very impressive technologically and very entertaining.

Though more disturbing, I found that the mention (nothing shown, of course) of children's deaths added an unexpected degree of realism to the film, which is a pleasant (quite odd, considering that it deals with the death of children), if disturbing, addition.

watch it if you like no story and intestines, brains, and blood spilling out of everyone...

The third movie was ridiculously overblown and predictable.

All the scenes where very predictable there was no impulsive action to it.

The ludicrously elaborate deaths - of which the Destination franchise is known for - offer a small amount of fun, though where the first movie had the shock factor to its unpredictable gore, here it is just laughable.

Whether by Chuck Palahniuk-influenced swimming pool malfunctions (which prompted a couple of walk-outs in my cinema) or an agonisingly drawn-out sequence at a beautician's, where every scrape of sharp metal against toenail and click of scissors was accompanied by an expectant group cringe from the audience, you're rarely more than five minutes from another spectacularly gory (and often twistedly hilarious) demise.

i only get surprise once because of the 3D effect and get sleepy on the half of the movie.. the story was too boring..overall,the movie worth too watch ,a little bit but better saving it to watch another movie.. the 3D thing is good but the story was too awful.. I'm very disappointed waste my money on this movie

The second one I enjoyed, but not as much, but I still enjoyed it.

Even the modus operandi of death is becoming predictable.

I know the FD general storyline, I saw the first 3 and it is obviously kinda repetitive.

The characters are flat and uninteresting, which is probably why so many have accused the actors of being bad at their craft.

This movie is badly written and boring.

The biggest problem with this movie is that it follows this tired formula and ends up being somewhat boring and predictable.

The racist tries to stop it, but he winds up getting caught on the hook and dragged down the street.

It entertained me to no end as a really fun bad-movie, where it's too well-made in certain respects like its cinematography to write off as too boring, and has just so much zipping at you in its 80 minute runtime that if something doesn't quite work one minute, well...

Of course, a random guy sees it happen in advance and causes a scene, causing people to leave early.

With the sole exception of that for Mykelti Williamson, whose role is not big, none of the characters are developed well and are even more shallow, bland and annoying than in the previous three films.

Entertaining .

So, when we get to the pointless violence, you are just annoyed by them and you just don't care.

The characters, death scenes and plot will basically just leave you feeling bored.

The horror genre seems to be really dull these days.

The situations are repetitive, sometimes just rip-offs of previous Final Destination movies and are about as interesting as watching a game of mousetrap.

Worst movie .

Entertaining: Mildly.

While the very first movie had a spectacular, and some say too realistic for good taste in having witness from within a plane break up and explode upon take-off, this one had an adrenaline pumping race that got enhanced thanks to the latest gimmick in town, 3D.

I saw it in 2D and let me tell you, there were a lot of fake looking guts and gore, dull uninteresting series of events leading to unimaginative deaths.

Fourth and surprisingly predictable installment of the gory horror franchise, this time in 3-D (which admittedly are not that great) with another quartet of bland teens cheating death and attempting to change their fates from one Wile E.

From its really shoddy acting, to cliché scripting.

And really, for a film with nearly zero substance, the 3D makes it at the very least entertaining.

The death scenes were mostly enjoyable and I laughed at a few.

The race car accident in this film is boring and uninteresting.

Thrilling: No.

) Save your money, or rent it if you feel you have to see it.

In the fourth and hopefully final FD outing, a bunch of uninteresting people survive a speedway disaster, only to get picked off one by one by Death.

Oh and by the way when you make a fourth film in a series and you call it THE final destination that kinda means its gonna be the last one you make you can't then just go and make a number 5, I personally think the creators have squeezed enough money out of this limp, dead, old and now boring story and they should just do their job and "create"something new.

Only the suspenseful car wash scene and the pretty ingenious opening credits work.

Sure, they saw some POSSIBLE deaths, but the atmosphere that surrounds you in the theatres in 3D is so exceedingly thrilling that you definitely feel uneasy as you drive home.

Sadly the girls in the film were really bad actors very bland and forced a lot of the time.

This is the worst movie ever greenlighted, and unfortunately it had the Final Destination name slapped onto it.

Their performances are so bland and passive that there is not even a slight suspense for their destinies.

There's all sorts of blood and cool CGI-effects blazing across the screen, it was just a very fun and exciting sequence.

This is one of the worst movies of the year.

The cast of "the final destination" succeed in making death boring.

The originality is all gone and now it's getting tedious, boring, and lame.

Boring, if even that.

)if this drinks can falls over and spills on the floor here and then the door blows open and glass bottle rolls in from the street and then a feather blows into the fan, then a can of gasoline starts dripping onto a shelf next to a lit candle etc etc etc - all things which are so unlikely to happen simultaneously that it feels mega MEGA contrived.

Worst Movie of -- Oh, Ever.

Some of the lines were a bit on the cliché side, especially the fact that the story has been repeated three times - just differently.

one thing i hate nowadays is 3d this one was in 3d and i honestly think it ruins the horror experience,3d just seems to be everywhere,also the DVD run time is only 79 Min's which is another thing that is wrong with this movie the cast is not very well known,not many big names in there,a few gruesome deaths,1 or 2 unexpected moments.

It has good actors in it but it is just boring.

that might have added a lot of extra impact, but given how bored I was watching this in 2-D, I'm guessing even 3-D effects couldn't have helped THAT much.

Watching this felt as if the director acknowledged that there is indeed no plot and was trying to compensate this by implementing more blood and violence.

The sometimes-clever, sometimes-obtrusive 3D effects in "The Final Destination" improve things significantly over its increasingly uninspired predecessors, and they are the sole reason to see this fast, freakish, often absurdly entertaining movie.

The 3-D effects in this movie are literally breathtaking.

My sincere condolences to the souls who've already watched this insufferably awful flick including myself and to those of you who haven't - please, don't waste your hard earned money on this please.

It's very basic and bland.

Save your money or if you need to see it, choose the 2D option.

Outside of the first death scene at the race track, the rest of the scenes were dull and unimaginative.

That film was dark and dreary while this one is more lighthearted and silly.

I was expecting a movie in the same style as My Bloody Valentine 3D, IE Below average story but very entertaining due to the amazing 3D and gory deaths.

The worst movie ever made (no that was not a hyperbole) .

They're so bland and without personalities you could care less about them.

There is no real plot.

Nevertheless, 'The Final Destination' confounds all positive expectations, and the result is a lazy, poorly-acted, predictable mess.

Overall, I give this edition a 8 out of 10 due to the unrealistic (abeit entertaining) animation and campy feel of the story.

If you're watching it for the 3D, "Final Destination" will be an entertaining diversion.

It was pretty entertaining.

The music is unoriginal and boring, your typical horror film music with splashes of heavy rock.

It does not spend much time developing anything more than a meager, predictable plot line.

The only death will be the death caused by extreme boredom and disappointment.

The deaths were boring and unrealistic.

See the problem with this movie is that as virtually plot-free as it is, it's also criminally BORING.

And the answer to that is that He has his games, too, and that He has ways of entertaining Himself as well, watching hapless humans try to outwit His designs.

Complete waste of money .

The performances are all rather bland to fair with only Mykelti Williamson turning in good work.

Pretty much a waste of time .

The characters themselves are all dull, as are the actors who portray them, and I can't for the life of me figure out how they ever got the roles in the first place.

This isn't the exact same movie, but I knew the routine too well this time for it to have the kind of suspenseful impact on me that FD2 did.

Usually they just give red herring, but mostly they're a waste of time.

Days later he researches and finds out about the Flight 180 incident nine years ago, and the other similar stories after, and soon enough the first survivor of the accident, racist Carter Daniels (Justin Welborn) is killed being dragged by his truck, burned alive, and then blown up by his gas canisters.

It was about as suspenseful as watching a dead blade of grass growing.

Even the most dim-witted viewer has already figured out by now there's an overlong and ominous build up for each character, but eventually they die under banal and often ridiculous circumstances.

The storyline made sense(mostly) and was quite entertaining to watch.

Though, my friend whom had seen all the rest was also sitting up in an attempted to stay awake.

Yes, there's no story, no character work, or fantastic dialog, and parts of the movie felt rushed, especially the opening disaster.


FD3 was really fun and enjoyable.

It had awesome death scenes, and was really suspenseful!

The 3-D is the ONLY thing that saves this movie from being declared the WORST movie of the year.

Totally ignored here and we are left with the one uninteresting and lame character to continue getting his premonitions.

Scares are completely absent, the story is painfully predictable and suspense is fairly minimal.

I only watch horror films, and I dare say this was the most exciting among all 2008-2009 movies.

Some films, like Fast & Furious chose to remove it and cause confusion to some people.

A thrilling film which keeps on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Formulaic, moronic, are you surprised.

The best, most intense sequence involves a car wash.

e CRAP) The Story is the same as all the rest, but that was expected and I enjoyed it all the same.

Waste of time and money, in fact not even worth the energy of pressing play on my remote.

The script is pure sh¡t, there's no storyline and no important dialogs.

You know a movie is pointless when you can save yourself watching it by instead viewing a 2 minute youtube clip containing the death scenes.

I went to watch this movies with 2 of my friends having mix feeling about this movie giving that part 2 and 3 were really cheesy and cliché, apparently this movie only aim was profit, and the only way to revive final destination is 3-D.

 The premise is exactly the same as before, with a group of people (probably the most bland and least likable characters we've had so far) avoiding death in a massive accident (this time at a raceway) because of a premonition, and then being killed off by "Death" in gruesome, improbable ways, one by one.

I liked that idea very much, but the screenplay had bored me because it was full of gimmicky explanations and ridiculous situations.

I also think one of the death scenes was sort of just forgotten about when it happened there was no story to it.

This movie may some redeeming quality but most of it is buried under its bad script and tiresome formula.

No new plot devices are used, making this movie feel exhausted and uninteresting.

The characters are plain, predictable and rather boring.

Save your money and avoid this at the cinema and on DVD .

As well, the other great scenes here offer up a ton of thrilling moments from it's bigger set-pieces where this one really scores, starting with the race to free the trapped friend at the car-wash or the different scenarios that play out at the hospital and leading into the mall scenarios where it decides to pack in the action and suspense of what's occurring in both the vision and what happens in real life.

"The Final Destination" has achieved the unexpected – it's actually worse than the third film in the franchise!

for what they where trying to do (make a really fun gory trip in mind-blowing 3D) they fulfilled that mission in every way, Its not at all scary but its like a roller-coaster, (fast, short, fun, and intense) And thats why i give THE FINAL DESTINATION 7/10

Well, the effects don't really change the story that much, but it changes the whole atmosphere of the film, and sometimes it really feels like you're in the scene (cliché I know).

With each additional movie the death scenes had to get more and more elaborate, which in turn got more and more boring for me.

I guess XD The racist guy was dragged through the street with a chain while his truck was dropping gas until it burned him ...

Death goes three-dimensional in this lame, predictable, excruciatingly irritating sequel.

It's way too comedic, feels rushed, some really bad CG, and there are other problems with the movie, but my biggest issue is that it's just pretty boring.

If you watch this film expecting some new gripping storyline or Oscar worthy acting you are going to be disappointed.

Like the Saw series the movies storyline eventually became slightly irrelevant, OK by Final Destination 2 the story was pointless, as least the Saw series tries to keep its storyline sort of cohesive.

In "The Final Destination," the story is boring.

Being in 3D in most theaters, at least it does take advantages of the death scenes that are pretty gruesome, I do have to give the film credit on entertaining for these over the top death scenes.

The only thing that is exciting about this one is the vision of it in 3D.

As well as the second Final Destination, if it wasn't even better than the first, this is a strong series, even the third one has it's moments that made it entertaining enough.

) is entertaining and there are lots of actions, mayhem and deaths.

The final insult, however, is twofold: a sex scene thrown in simply for some gratuitous T&A scenes, and an equally pointless, inappropriate and grotesque use of "the 'N' word" simply for shock factor.

worst movie ever made.

The worst of the series, but still an entertaining entry into the series (3D review) .

Or you could just watch all the deaths on youtube and save yourself from wasting time on the useless/boring plot.

Also being extruded and crashed by a escalator mechanism was a horrible and at the time intriguing idea!

---------This review MIGHT contain minor spoilers-----------Let's start out with the positive - If you can see this movie, without having any high expectations at all, you might find it fairly entertaining.

potential contender for the worst movie of all time....

The rest of the film is actually quite boring and evokes one too many moments where you think "yeah, right!

Save your money and avoid this at the cinema and on DVD.

The plane explosion was intense, the highway crash/pile-up was breathless, and the roller-coaster accident was crazy (although cheesy at many points).

In 2006, the director of the first film (James Wong) made Final Destination 3 which, although it was inferior to Final Destination 2, was very entertaining.

I wonder what's worse: the creators of the film bashing our poor minds with a senselessly boring story...

Save your money.