The Firm (1993) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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A young lawyer joins a prestigious law firm only to discover that it has a sinister dark side.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Sydney Pollack
Stars: Tom Cruise, Jeanne Tripplehorn
Length: 154 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 26 out of 160 found boring (16.25%)

One-line Reviews (119)

It starts out gentle and slow, yet ends with a gutwrenching suspenseful final.

I was impressed with Tom Cruise,Jeanne Tripplehorn,Gene Hackman and Ed Harris performances and their probably the only reason why this score isn't much lower,because their all just very talented and did the best they possibly could with this overall dull and boring movie.

Any movie with DS in it is worth watching.

The Firm (1993)The twist in the plot as you realize this Memphis law firm is not what it seems, and the rather innocent freshman lawyer played by Tom Cruise is slow to catch on, is the core of the movie, and a relief.

That doesnt distract from the suspense though, that stays riveting from beginning till the end...

It starts off slow, building up minute by minute and the tempo just raises all the time right till the end.

It's quite a solid feature, with intense performances from a youthful Tom Cruise and a middle-aged Ed Harris, whose part calls for the wearing of a pair of geeky glasses, presumably to emphasise his dubious character.

Tom Cruise is definitely the right man to lead the story along, making it compelling the entire way through and keeping the viewer on his side.

However, it is worth watching on a rainy night, and if you like watching Cruise run.

Anything that was remotely exciting from the novel has been removed or depicted in such a painfully tedious fashion lest one break a sweat.

Aside from one Woeful Miscasting (Security Chief) , the rest Deliver some Punch to this Otherwise Long, Wordy, and Confusing Story.

This is an excellent thriller, that's very suspenseful and involving, with a great story and superb performances!.

Riveting thriller with great acting .

A long and winding sleight of hand based on the vastly popular novel survives due to its stunning cast and remarkable direction by the always dependable Sydney Pollack.

* Jeanne Tripplehorn is so pretty but so boring to watch.

My main gripe with this movie is that it seemed slow at times, especially during scenes where nothing much is happening.

But after reading a few of his books, I noticed that he constructed the same conspiracies ever and ever again - a murder, an innocent witness, a young law student or a lawyer that gets in a struggle between the FBI and mafia etc. - I soon got bored of it.

Keep those last two terms in mind, because fast-paced and suspenseful can never be ascribed to the stillborn, ponderous mess that Sydney Pollack perpetrates on the viewer.

) The screenplay is effective, but kudos to those who can follow the entirety of the plot because it was hard to follow at times.

Overlong, unconvincing, surprisingly failing to really grip and rather plodding at times .

Because all of them include the most gripping and thrilling stories ever.

This movie is very entertaining and i loved the acting by Cruise.

At two and a half hours, the film sounds a bit on the long side, but it is gripping all the way.

Unlike the book, the pace is so slow, that you will have the urge to start checking your email.

A very suspenseful thriller and I was surprised how fast my heart was beating in the three-way battle between Mitch, the FBI, and the Firm.

What is this riveting story about?

Years later, and I still enjoyed it.

John Grisham is well known writer for his thrilling novels.

The story is intelligent, basing on a novel by John Grisham, and really exciting.

I know that adapting a novel for the screen is a rough process (10 times more difficult than writing an original screenplay), but the screenwriters could've done a more earnest job at making a suspenseful film, while at the same time remaining faithful to the Grisham novel.

Invited to join a mysterious legal firm on a high salary, a law school graduate begins to suspect that something is amiss in this riveting Tom Cruise movie.

What a magnificent thrilling story.

I give it a three for how many times I felt ANY kind of suspense as I seem to remember the book was a very exciting read...

Very thrilling.

This movie is dull, uninspiring, meaningless, and...

A lot of the things didn't make sense, and the movie was just too slow and too boring.

That would let an actor like Hackman be stunningly compelling in scenes where he delicately authenticates that, in spite of everything, he has a decent soul.

It may not be quite as good as other John Grisham adaptations, The Rainmaker, in particular, but The Firm's complex and fascinating plot, as well as good direction and acting, makes it way above average.

One of the best films of the '90s, full of suspenseful twists and turns.

I enjoyed this action packed film, and Tom Cruise turns in a very good performance, as do Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ed Harris, among others, in supporting roles.

Still, Gene Hackman is a decent actor and the film has a certain, if confusing, intrigue.

There are so many admirable things in this movie, and the whole concept was very intriguing.

and starts to play his own game, the film descends into predictable, though unlikely, cliché.

The movie is too plodding and edited with so many inconsequential scenes it just sucks the life out of the suspense...

Long but interesting and well-cast drama has a most clever and compelling story, and an ingenious solution by Mitch to get out of the mess.

Propaganda, an ad for law schools .

Excellent thriller, that's very suspenseful and involving, with a great story, and superb performances.

But then maybe that's because film lore has taught us all that, like fate and God, the mob is all powerful, able to reach out and rudely pluck any one of us from our lives of mundane security whenever it desires…

It's a very taught, suspenseful and scarcely believable story.

a lot [154 minutes]) and I was entertained from the beginning until the end; and what an (add unexpected here) end.

Not sure about the book, but the movie is EXCEPTIONALLY boring and disjointed.

I must admit that was real thrilling stuff.

Based on the 1991 novel by the same name by author John Grisham, This flick offers a set of interesting & gripping moments.

It had some exciting chase scenes, and this role is ideally made for Cruise, plus I liked the ending as well.

What follows is a very entertaining legal thriller with the requisite labyrinth plot, twists and turns, and surprise (if a bit confused) ending.

I've heard some people say that it's boring.

Gene Hackman is fantastic in his role, and I thought Cruise and Jeanne Tripplehorn had very good chemistry together, plus the finale is extremely suspenseful and tense.

As noted above, the performances of Cruise, Tripplehorn, Hunter and Busey are also noteworthy, as is the score of Dave Grusin, which keeps a percussive (and suspenseful) thread beneath the entire proceedings.

did I mention BORING?

I thought Grisham's plot was thrilling and suspenseful, whereas the movie had a very lame ending.

The film is more successful than the book in my view - it is very accessible (perhaps due to the large, and excellent, ensemble cast), whereas I found the book stodgy.

As I left the theater I along with others who had read the book were complaining about how they (Hollywood) ruined a great suspense novel.

This is an excellent thriller, that's very suspenseful and involving, with a great story, and superb performances, and I say it's a must see for everyone!.

You might get surprised by how immersed you might get, as tension grows for each minute it passes.

The Firm is a crisply written, very suspenseful, well acted and well executed thriller.

I wouldn't recommend the Firm,especially not to fans of thriller's,it isn't exciting as the story makes it seem,and it is dragged out way too much,with two hours and a half,and it gets boring after about the first hour.

This is an entertaining film and exciting to watch, if you can suspend most of the technical flaws with the story.

During every scene of this movie, I would think to myself "This part went on so much longer in the book" or "This part was so much more exciting in the book.

Despite the predictable plot and the those long 155 minutes, the outcome is pretty fair.

To me, this always made the second half of the book and film to be pretty much pointless.

I also remember that the film is flabby, far too long and has one of the most annoying piano scores I've ever heard in a film.

'The Firm' was an average movie at best, and also a waste of time in the end.

Cruise had tackled being in the courtroom in A Few Good Men, he is pretty suited as the rising young lawyer who discovers the dark side of his prestigious law firm, the star- studded cast all do their parts well also, I could just about follow the story, there are some suspenseful scenes of chases and the violent moments when the dodgy superiors get nasty, the only problem was that the film was a little long and the subject matter is a little dry, overall it is a reasonable legal thriller.

Riveting from beginning to the end.

This is slick, repetitive, and just plain boring.

Most entertaining of the John Grisham works made into film.

I enjoyed seeing it in the theater when it first came out, I've enjoyed it on TV, and now I'm enjoying owning it on DVD.

John Grisham wrote a wonderfully exciting and suspensful story and when it was translated to movie format...

I happen to have seen most of them and the rest fall somewhere between trivial and yawn.

Though some might think it's pretty slow paced -- and it really is, this movie is thriller all the way.

For dumb people it will seem boring and difficult to follow.

the story got lost in the production/writers translation, thereby losing the true and exciting storyline.

here, with awesome camera work, great angles and just keeping the film suspenseful and at a very engrossing pace.

This film is very thrilling.

"The Firm" is enjoyable.

It's very well written and made, and while patience is required at times, it's never boring, and always engaging, plus Holly Hunter is terrific in her role.

All the elements to make a hard-hitting melodrama of corruption (with FBI and Mafia aspects present) are unfolded here in a gripping yarn from John Grisham's novel.

And Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman are fine actors of course, no doubt about that, but it was just too predictable and unbelievable.

Slick and suspenseful with knockout cast .

Gene Hackman is fantastic here, he had an unpredictable character, was likable, and as usual didn't know what to expect from him, he was just perfect for this role.

The Firm is actually a really tense, character-driven thriller that works despite a stuffy running time and a very confusing plot(especially the last half-hour.

Not for the impatient at two and a half hours, still a very slick, suspenseful and entertaining film with a knockout cast.

Without betraying too much of the story, I can say that McDeere is soon enough being blackmailed by both the FBI and the firm's security chief, grizzled and mild Wilford Brimley, quite compelling in an unusual jaunt as a bad guy.

The plot's first half is pretty good, with fine editing; the second half trends labyrinthine with tangled and convoluted plot elements that make the film hard to follow.

I think the locations chosen throughout the film add to the atmosphere, even if the scenes themselves are predictable.

For there is enough in this sometimes implausible plot to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Basically all the best stuff from the book has been left out of the movie making it a weak and formulaic presentation (hopefully Grisham has never watched this movie, it would make him angry).

One look at Cruise and we get a complacent feeling, because he is, in lots of his roles, just a little slow to figure things out.

There are a lot of positives "The Firm" has going for it: great ensemble cast, intriguing lawyer/business plot line, & great ending that comes out of nowhere.

when i watch films in order for it to get a 9 or a 10 it has to be almost or fully perfect and this isn't just for the musicits a long, exciting and mysterious thriller.

Jeanne Tripplehorn, (wasted in a bland role), is his wife, Gene Hackman is his smooth talking mentor and there's a first-rate supporting cast that includes Ed Harris, Hal Holbrook, Holly Hunter, (Oscar-nominated), Terry Kinney, Wilford Brimley and David Strathairn.

This intriguing premise comes from the pen of John Grisham, and as the film veers off into speechmaking near the end with Cruise talking about learning to "discover the law again", Grisham's mark is noticeable.

I was in grade school when I saw the movie, so of course I was just bored out of my skull.

And a CLASSIC it is, because I have seen this movie many many times over the last decades and it just stays as riveting and suspenseful as during the first watch.

I enjoyed every minute of this intense thriller, from the beginning until the surprise ending (though I'm tempted to tell what happens, I'll let you find out for yourself!

It's intriguing, tense and highly entertaining and features a whole collection of great performances from its star-studded cast.

Silly bore of a film, darn near impossible to take seriously on any level .

Dave Grusin's piano-driven, initially upbeat, jazzy score takes on an edgy, suspenseful pulse as the action culminates in a heart-pounding chase over Mud Island.

They changed this wonderful thriller of a book into a long boring commercial for the supposed high ethical standards of the legal community.

Especially gripping is the supercharged climax.

) and there's seldom a dull moment.

After an Intriguing Set-Up of a Harvard Law School Graduate's Recruitment into a Too-Good-To-Be-True Law Firm that Utilizes a "We are all Family" Slogan things start going Downhill at a rather Sluggish Pace as though some On-Set Billing Hours needed Padding.

Interesting movie, but slow at times.

This should be higher then 6.6 in my opinion, and all the characters are extremely likable, plus Cruise and Ed Harris had some brilliant and intense scenes together.

The soft jazzy music throughout this "thriller" is an constant irritant that only lengthens the boredom of this tiresome piece of film-making.

Even though I found the book more exciting than the movie, I still highly recommend it for its ever-occurring suspense and the atmosphere that causes shivers on the back.

Anyway, the film was good, the plot was intriguing and I may say That Grisham is a great writer, and any movies done on any of his books are great.

Recent law school graduate Tom Cruise takes a job with the titled entity, a deceptively dark and crooked organization with intense Mafia connections.

It was simply riveting all the way through.