The First Wives Club (1996) - Comedy

Hohum Score



Reunited by the death of a college friend, three divorced women seek revenge on the husbands who left them for younger women.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Hugh Wilson
Stars: Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 16 out of 120 found boring (13.33%)

One-line Reviews (45)

" From this the cast is predictable and the script writes itself.

It's thoroughly entertaining and I'm sure every female in the world can relate to it in one way or another.

It is something of a mish-mash, redeemed, in part, by rather good and definitely entertaining performances from Bette Midler, as the abandoned wife of a Jewish merchant, and Goldie Hawn, an ageing Oscar-winning film start, who has also been abandoned by her film producer husband.

The pacing, the continuity, the look of the scenes and the characterizations are all very funny and charming and entertaining.

Waste of time .

One of the worst movies for good men and great women I've ever seen.

In conclusion, I will say that this is not an outstanding or impressive movie, and though entertaining after the first few minutes, it is nothing that I will really talk about that much.

It's supposed to be entertaining.

Expect the unexpected and enjoy this for the intelligent dark comedy that it is.

Having said that I'm a man and I still enjoyed it.

It was very entertaining to watch.

Its hateful vengeance was weighted with idiotic jokes, a predictable storyline, and an utterly revolting and asinine closing musical sequence that made me suicidal.

The film is so dull-witted that it presents these conflicting plotlines and is totally oblivious to their obvious irony.


Good start, slow finish.......

And Maggie Smith is totally wasted in a pointless character.

I found the financial damage done by these harpies to a trio of pampered and self-indulgent males trivial and rather pathetic compared to the hurt a truly motivated shrew can do in a divorce to a man of limited means.

However, about half way through I was personally bored.

This movie does have its bits and i will admit it was well done together, it also starred my friends favourite movie star in this (Stockyard Channing) so he made me watch it with him, but to be honest with you, i would rather have watched this in the dead of the night when i was suffering from insomnia.

Entertaining At It's Best Moments .

However, I must admit that I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

In the end my opinion was that this movie was simply too predictable, the story too sad, and if not for great lines and delivery by Beth Midler, a painfully pathetic waste of time!

The plot and the comedy both die midway, leaving us to wait for a painfully trite conclusion.

But otherwise very entertaining and it is a joy to watch three outstanding actresses doing their stuff and apparently enjoying themselves immensely!

I very rarely watch these "chick flick" type of movies, but a friend asked me to watch it and I gave it a try and it was worth watching.

This is a silly movie with plenty of entertaining comedy.

90's actresses seem so much more entertaining to watch.

Otherwise, the movie was okay and mostly entertaining and an easy movie to watch.

Not bad, really, but feels like an utter waste of time.

Many people have called "The First Wives Club" a chick flick but many men enjoyed it as well.

This movie has no plot whatsoever.

Overall, though, a very enjoyable and funny film, with three lovely actresses displaying their considerable talents very well.

So far, so cliché.

While the men in the movie aren't the most admirable and there are a bevy of them all in one place (so to speak), I was able to take it as an entertaining metaphor rather than a completely emasculating experience.

With the 3 protagonists feeling disgruntled about the way they've been treated, they decide to set up the First Wives Club and take revenge on their cheating husbands;Whilst, the film is rather slow to get moving, I did find that this to be an enjoyable film.

Some people called this a chick flick but many men enjoyed it as well .

The film is great to look at with its stunning art direction that makes the club worth entry.

When it's seen it twice, one can start to see through it's more formulaic aspects and sense more of it's tricks.

And in the closing shot we see the three women sing and dance in the middle of an empty street, which is a true low-point in corniness.

Speaking of yawns, can someone explain to me the appeal of Goldie Hawn?

The movie is enjoyable and funny.

A new and exciting concept .

This is a good rendition of several formula situations: divorce, money, predictable antagonists, and revenge by the protagonists.

The dialogue is witty, fast paced and brutal.

Cute concept, fairly trite, not executed very well.