The Florida Project (2017) - Drama

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Set over one summer, the film follows precocious six-year-old Moonee as she courts mischief and adventure with her ragtag playmates and bonds with her rebellious but caring mother, all while living in the shadows of Walt Disney World.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Sean Baker
Stars: Brooklynn Prince, Bria Vinaite
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 94 out of 396 found boring (23.73%)

One-line Reviews (288)

I find this type of story albeit at times uncomfortable or unsettling but extremely compelling.

A fascinating look at childhood and poverty .

Walked out because they were bored and not interested.

It's one thing to capture/convey the grittiness of living on the lower economical edge of things, but without a basic story arc, it's quickly becomes an exercise in banality.

Terrible dull movie .

There isn't an abundance of plot throughout the film as it operates more as a series of connected stories, but those stories are impactful and emotionally gripping throughout.

As such, it is a waste of time to help them, because he ends up not helping them.

Dafoe kills his performance, but movie lacks in plot .

While there is no plot twist or spoilers to speak of, TFP is the sort of film the enjoyment will not be served by too much telling.

This is a very slow moving film with a simple storyline that definitely won't be to everyone's taste, but those who enjoy subtle, stripped back storytelling and engaging character studies will get a lot of pleasure out of this film.

What could be a dark yet beautiful movie about child abuse and upbringing became an empty portrait of an irresponsible mother and her obnoxious child.

I found the film to run slow, although it did get interesting towards the end.

This movie is a terrible waste of time!!!!!

I'd say it's worth the watch because of how interesting is, to me at least.

Nothing happens in this story.

This is the worst movie I saw this year.

What I found fascinating is Baker's explanation of his take on the ending and story overall.

As of the other two leads, Vinante and Prince I think also did a fascinating job, they convey the sense of realism to great lengths and were genuine and authentic throughout the entire film.

This and lady bird are the last two movies i had to turn off because the characters were so obnoxious.


A Story About Kids Being Kids That, For The Most Part, Is An Empty Episode.

I do understand the meaning of this movie but i found it such a waste of time!

And here's the kicker: All improv, no script!

What is moving about a slowly paced movie about nothing...

Her palm is splayed out, half in mockery, half in confusion, and you can see the same vein of arrogance already forming in Moonee.

There is no art to the directing which feels more like someone with a video hd cam walking behind children or long shots that are exhausting, and there is no story plot or any real journey you feel is worthwhile except to show poverty and a group of people that truthfully you prefer to not know about.

The movie's parody is willingly conventional and at the same time the efforts in directing children, in the amazing cinematography and set design are truly recognizable; still it feels like there's something missing, even though the story has everything it needs to be an entertaining piece about white American trash struggling with ordinary life in a fable-like environment.

Wonderful storytelling and a fascinating character study .

Brooklynn Prince, who plays Moonee, is undoubtedly riveting.

Its a decent film that goes on way too long even after its made all its relevant points.

This movie has no story.

"I like to go to beautiful places where there's waterfalls and empty fields.

Rubbish, no script, no story, no message why was this movie made,

This year's Jacob Tremblay-calibre discovery, Prince is exceptional beyond her years, brimming with fiery, combative charisma and snappy 'take-no-sh*t' repartee, and Baker is content to her her play, and celebrate the sheer mischievous joie-de-vivre she stirs up.

Our ociety makes this possible, people who deny the truth will be "bored" or upset by the film.

The denouement is pretty predictable and one must conclude that Baker still needs to improve on how to build suspense.

The Florida Project stars Willem Dafoe, Bria Vinaite and Brooklynn Prince in a stunning indie about life on the poverty line and deals with themes of innocence and injustice.

I found the camera work mesmerizing and Brooklynn Prince's acting totally stunning (she's the heart of this movie, perhaps in counterpoint to her mother, convincingly played by Bria Vinaite).

Worst movie of 2017.

You just get bored with the annoying trouble making kids.

Man, was that boring.

Dreary slice of life.

On an overall scale, The Florida Project captures the purity of childhood in a very sensible fashion and the sincere performances from its cast further uplifts it but the slow patches in between & the repetitive nature of it all makes it a frustrating sit if you are not already invested in the characters.

Really, though, it's a compelling, brilliantly-enacted story of how Disney's Magic Castle is more real than pretend, just as The Magic Castle is more nightmare than real.

It may not be the easiest sit through, but The Florida Project presents the opposite effect of successful towns in an engaging way that most filmmaker would have been afraid to tackle.

Totally pointless.

Baker's cast of non-actors bring a ragged authenticity to their performances so compelling that it adequately compensates for their occasional rougher patches when the dialogue leans more on script than the flexibility of improvisation.

Unmitigated crap disguised as 'artsy-fartsy' social commentary.

Regardless, her performance is breath-taking, and by the very last frame that she consumes, I was on the edge of my seat.

It has a very slow and deliberate pace that not anyone can tolerate.

However, as the plot is developing, the mother is getting more and more unbearable with her behavior, acting like a worst kind of delinquent without even any sign within the plot that she might be aware how devastating her behavior is.

An intense film about "living" in a hotel in Orlando, Florida.

People on the edge always struggling.

Apart from that, there's lots of cigarettes, foul language, tattoos and naughty kids to enjoy, but no real plot or character development.

It's so exciting to watch this film through Moonee eyes.

The setting is as boring as the rest of the movie, with no connection to disney world at all, even though it's hinted at throughout.

My husband and I left the theater with a bad taste in our mouths.


This film will appeal to all the overeducated, beige, middle class do-gooders that have never stepped outside their comfort zone & never will - a USA token "toe in the gutter" film, if only $ spent on BORING crap like this could be put toward research...

I found it extremely boring, fast-forwarding thru much of it because nothing happens.

It was also way too long, and would have been so much more bearable if the runtime was cut down a half hour, especially in the middle.

Adventurous and thrilling .

No story, no plot, no nothing.

General Public: This movie has no storyline.

Like a pointalist painting of folks strolling through a park-which is fascinating because of the tiny dots, juxtaposed to create the intended impression.

You could spend two hours watching a film that's visually stunning and actually well written at the same time.

She finds a burning house more "exciting that watching TV".

When the film started the cinema was around three quarters full after the first 10 mins people started to leave (this is not unusual)by the end of the film there was only around a third of the original number remaining (including my daughter and myself this is unusual)The ending was so strange it was as if someone had just cut off the film with no explanation and a big WHAT!

She was a fascinating character, and I would have preferred that she would be the focus of this story.

1 Terrible boring movie - Should be a Documentary instead of a film.

The plot, well, there is no plot.

It is a fascinating look at a part of the country that we sometimes forget exists, and I certainly can say I was not upset that I gave it my time of day.

The pacing is very slow and the runtime feels overlong.

Moonlight was able to craft the coming of age tale in a creative and fresh way.

Total Snoozer .

It's very hard to make a perfect movie and when you're entire film revolves around characters hanging out at a hotel, it can become tiresome at nearly two hours.

Bria Vinaite and Brooklynn Prince are compelling newcomers.

He even occasionally falls into the role of surrogate father to the various children especially in a gripping scene when a stranger approaches the kids when they're playing.

Pros: Simple yet interesting story, a good ending, Willem Defoe's great performance, Brooklynn Prince's performance, and how Halley got what she deservedCons: Most of the characters are annoying, Bria Vinaite's "white trash" character and how she blames everyone else for her problems, very slow pacing, and an overlong runtime.

He explores this world with stunning cinematography.

You will forget about it by the time you leave the theater.

Dafoe is the only real 'name' in the film, but he doesn't let that be what he is there for, and he is an engaging presence.

Strong contender for worst movie of the year: 1/10

Ultimately The Florida Project is an exercise in episodic screen writing which might have been more effective minus some of the more drawn-out scenes (maybe 30 minutes of less footage would have done the trick!

But if you need a storyline, be warned, there is no plot.

This movie, if you can call it so, is one of the most boring "stories" I have ever seen.

There is no plot.. .

The cinematography was also mostly great, except for that one last scene which is so weird and unexpected and shot in a completely different way from the rest of the movie, that it ends up being too distracting to hit you emotionally.

This was the first time I've seen a film directed by Sean Baker and after this I will certainly make sure to see his future works due to this absorbing piece.

Every character in the movie is borderline unbearable to watch they are that annoying.

A typical boring indie film with missed opportunities, nothing new or special .

Worst movie .

Apart from that the rest of the film is just fine or a bit boring, mainly due to not being able to connect with the character of Halley.

I found it difficult to follow which kid had which parents, and what their relationship with Moonee and Halley were.

Well-Acted but Somewhat Empty Indie Drama .

The kids are innocent and riveting.

This is not as strong as some would have you believe, it's very downplayed and very "boring", for a lack of a better word.

OMG, was I wrong--what a horrible waste of time.

As for an objective view the movie works for me on all levels the cinematography is amazing it's use of vibrant colors is stunning, the acting is superb from everyone in the cast especially Willam Dafoe, Brooklyn Prince, and Bria Vinaite.

Unwatchable .

If you ask me, endings to independent films are ALLOWED to be abrupt, which is why this attempt at a 'tying it with a bow' ending feels cliche, jarring, and just...

The movie was slow, slow, slow.

The performances are so raw and engaging, it's incredible to learn that the mom played by Bria Vinaite was discovered off of Instagram and this was her first acting gig!

crap , over rated , pointless .

came from the remaining audience, A total waste of 2 hours of my life see it at your peril.



Definitely worth watching.

There is no real plot, so the film needs to hang itself onto how interesting the characters - and the situation they find themselves - are.

Other than Willem Dafoe's performance and several beautifully intense and moving moments near the end, I cannot recommend a single thing about this film.

Although the film ends on a very uncertain note, it is in keeping with a compelling portrait of innocence toddling through a squalid adult world of poverty, crime and despair.

Moonlight immersed you in real scenarios of pain and struggle as one of the characters.

I understand this movie tried to show child abuse from a different perspective, but it ended up being empty and shallow.

Pointless .

It was really intriguing to see this sort of film from the perspective of children, mainly from the character Moonee, due to the tough life of poverty that they live through.

There is nothing happening throughout the film.

This movie, "The Florida Project", is one of the very rare movies that pay attention to the lower class in modern America, and it gives a truly natural, realistic, heartbreaking, depressing and absorbing portrait.

The constant shifts do make the movie worth watching.

Save your money and wait for this on netflixs as most of the people in the theatre walked out.

Nope, nothing happens.

People started walking out after 30 minutes .

Plotless and claustrophobic, the film is an endless series of too-long camera pans from one end of the hotel to the other while obnoxiously-behaved children run around pointlessly.

Hugely irritating and empty .

Plain boring movie.

Even when my wife wanted to turn it off 1/3 of the way through, and again 2/3 of the way through, I insisted on finishing because I was sure that some redeeming quality would make itself apparent.

Most who live there have feral children who explore the grounds and beyond out of boredom.

So boring, pointless and a completely waste of your time.

Pointless Waste of Time and Money .

From the director of Tangerine comes a simple, straightforward story about kids being kids while also offering a glimpse into the lives of the poor & impoverished, The Florida Project is well-crafted but equally hollow, for all it does is stitch a few random moments together and is an empty episode for the most part.

Also people have called this film 'pointless' which I really don't feel like it is as it brings forward the lives of people not often represented in cinema, which is always important.

The movie has no plot.

The theme of innocence and a coming of age can be observed in the way in which the film establishes a subtle tone and quiet musical notes that follow through the entirety of the film creating a dreamlike sense that reflects both the innocence of childhood and the sense of darkness.

Nobody is so one note, so empty!

Lack Of Message Dooms This Odd Film .

Theres no plot.

Story is so compelling which teaches a lot about the people who live very hard life.

My classic example of that is Meet Joe Black which many people seemed to feel was a masterpiece, and I felt it was probably the worst movie I ever watched.

The only one who stays compelling throughout is Willem Dafoe in the role of the motel's manager who tries to handle the nuisance both the children & rest of the residents keep creating on a daily basis.

There's little to no plot, and feels like they just got a bunch of actors together in a run down motel and started shooting without a script.

Like with 'Starlet', while it may take some getting used to for some, the sunny and slightly bleached colours and slightly (but deliberately so) off-kilter but very naturalistic filming (that's very evocative and not amateurish like it can be easily mistaken as) was very striking.

Don't waste your time like I did.

Although one may not want to watch this twice, due to it's underlying dark themes, it is certainly worth watching for it's bountiful amounts of energy and life.

I know I found The Florida Project thrilling, experimental, daring in how it doesn't LIE about these people, which may be all we can ask for, and it's directed and performed with total confidence.

Litterally nothing happens.

This movie has no plot, no message, and none of the characters have any redeeming qualities.

This is an indie from exciting new filmmaker Sean Baker.

It what absolute torture.

If the situation is unbearable, if something bad is going around, the characters don't react to the situation: the kid is a spoiled brat, the mother is one of the worst mothers I've ever seen, and that's it.

The story is told more like a rambling docudrama then a narrative that features a suspenseful plot.

No story that I could establish.


So boring, pointless and a completely waste of your time.

No story, just a random selection of meaningless scenes that add up to nothing at all.

It has absolutely no plot and no point except maybe to praise bad parenting.

The real story is a dreary two-hour slice of life in the low-end motels of Orlando's Disney World fringe, where even the gun shop professes a dubious Disney tie-in.

Really worth watching, .

Will be fascinating to watch how her acting career develops.

I found the way Willem Dafoe's character Bobby was written particularly compelling.

The Florida Project will feel more like a documentary then an actual movie, so if you think it is boring, you need to replay it again so that you can see the key points.

The ragtag kids & their daily adventures carry an innocent vibe & a sense of wonder at first but the interest in them doesn't last for long, for it all becomes repetitive real soon.

Bobby (Willem Dafoe) and newcomers mum Halley (Bria Vinaite) and daughter Moonie (Brooklynn Prince) acted well (that's the only reason i gave a 3 otherwise it'd be zero) but that's not enough to save this crap, i wouldn't watch it again, and if useless boring meaningless movies are for you, by all means go see and make your own mind up.

There are several options: it could be seen as a drama about a precocious free-range six-year old living on the edge of squalor; a reality-mockumentary about the gritty texture of life in the shadows of Disneyworld; or a post-GFC critique film that examines what inequality and hopelessness looks like in what is now Trump's America.

The adult characters were about as interesting as watching paint dry, as said kids run riot, set a building on fire and seemed to spend their entire, aimless lives without any meaningful parental control or direction.

Besides being a fun comedy, it is half sad, but all-in-all just fascinating the whole way through.

Profane, dysfunctional, monotonous, repetitive, repulsive .

But I got the feeling there was no script, just felt like someone's home movie, wandering here and there.

I fell asleep thinking about this film and I woke up thinking about it.

Like his endearing TANGERINE, Director Sean Baker is focused on the 'invisibles' who live on the edge of society (the former movie was in shadow of tourist Hollywood, CA).

The narrative creeps up on you until you're totally immersed in the lives of Halley and Moonee and their struggles to survive.

What a boring movie, so boring...

There are moments where you wonder where the film is going but the characters are so terrifically developed that you don't really care because it's so enjoyable to watch.

Stunning, stunning cinematography!

The young daughter, oblivious to her real circumstances, spends idyllic days with kids living in the motel complex, engaging in delinquent activities.. As much as she loves her daughter, she is just not a good mother, and another reason why child welfare services are a necessity to protect young children.

Set on a stretch of highway just outside the imagined utopia of Disney World, The Florida Project follows six-year-old Moonee (Brooklynn Prince in a stunning breakou...

That message doesn't have to be overtly political or overtly any one thing, but for me there does need to be some over-arching concepts that justify why this can be an entertaining experience.

Which makes "The Florida Project" a fascinating film, because it challenges some of us who would label ourselves as liberal, compassionate people to see just how far our tolerance extends.

It is important to say that it does this in a way that is very slow, and does spend a bit too long lingering in some scenes or ideas.

Just a total bore in every sense.

But this was disappointing and ultimately boring.

Worst movie ever.

His work is among the year's most compelling efforts.

So boring though.

Set in a motel outside Disneyworld, this wonderfully unique film follows a little girl with a troubled mother through her daily life with her little friends and interactions around a seemingly empty and pathetic place.


Worth watching .

This film is pure garbage, and was a complete waste of my time.

Waste of time!

There was very little plot to be spoken of and even less development of characters.

It has a funny concept of small children acting older than they really are, but that got old after the first half hour and the lack of plot or any motivation for any of the character's actions really starts to show.

Finally, a drama that finds the story compelling enough to not flood the audience with insipid music just in case they didn't get that a war is DRAMATIC!

Unbearable to watch and the adults just put up with it.

No story, No goal.

Don't waste your money!

It was kind of enjoyable to see all the places we've been driving by for years, but it was a complete waste of time to introduce me to this good-for-nothing mother and soon-to-be-the-same daughter (through other than her own fault, to be sure).

It is a waste of time.

The end was so bad,i felt i waste my time with this movie.

A 2 hour waste of time watching unsupervised kids, and adults make the same reckless mistakes over and over.

I think it is a fascinating element of the film that whilst everything feels uncontrived and raw the action is surrounded by garish colour and quirky backdrops.

Equal parts horrifying and fascinating.

This is one of those movies which you might come across while boringly changing the TV channel, and for some reason you'll keep watching.

It seems to me that to be an overrated indie flick you just have to put a piece of crap together with no story and call it art house and you'll be praised.

The worst movie I have ever seen in a theater - period.

The story is extremely mundane and mainly focuses on the average life of low class citizens.

A torture of a different kind .

The audience sees Nasia's categorical dismissal of her environs, and the available boys who habituate the place as trash, agreeing with her older sister: "You gotta get out, go traveling," she parrots, in spite of her strange affinity for George(Donald Holden), a slow boy who wears a football helmet to protect his fontanelle.

Sometimes you get some real boring stuff like Manchester By The Sea, Moonlight or this film.

If you think its boring, you missed the key points .

The subplot went nowhere.

Even for a slice of life plot, the second act in some point felt like a little monotonous, repetitive, like if the movie struggled to flow and was afraid to move on to the next plot point.

A total waste of time and energy.

But the reality is that they're growing up in poverty with parents (most notably a truly compelling Bria Vinaite, playing Halley, the mother of Moonee), who are questionable in their abilities/circumstances to raise kids.

I was, however, very disappointed and felt that this was an empty movie with no plot and no narrative arc whatsoever.

There was no plot arch, character development, or anything else to draw me in.

In true cinéma verité style, the dialog is rapid & often mumbled, making it hard to follow what little "plot" there may be.

The cinematography is breathtaking from the blue skies and sunshine to the famous Florida rainstorms, gorgeous sunsets, fireworks in pitch dark night to the colors of pink (the prominent color of the nearby Futureland Inn)and purple (the Magic Castle's primary color) and the overall local landmarks of Florida.

Empty movie with no narrative arc, leaves much to be desired.

The Worst Movie I've ever seen .

'The Florida Project' is an excellent film, engaging from beginning to end and one of the best drama films of the year.

The big 'irony' of the film is of course also a very fascinating exploration as we realize that the 'magic castle' in which our characters reside in is just off the corner of Disneyworld, dubbed the happiest place on Earth.

Those moments contrast with the several quiet moments in the film where we see the slow moments of a life with little to do and no money to do it.

Reprehensible characters with no redeeming qualities, which makes it unwatchable.

No plot, no story.

This film is simply unbearable.

The lead girl child presents a mildly interesting character but one gets the sense that she was allowed to ad-lib through most of the film and that perhaps there is no script at all.

I'm seeing a lot of other good review here.. but I felt like it was a waste of time

I see that it has garnered some real plaudits and I can on,y assume that it does so because it stands defiantly in opposition to the truly dull bland mainstream.

Slow but engaging .

When you don't know much of the topic, I can imagine it being a good movie but if you do it's somewhat boring to watch

The worst movie i have ever seen.

But i guess pretentious movies involving children is automaticly a masterpiece for the pretentious experts in cinema!

Boring would be a good description though, for the entire movie, but it's so empty that it's not even boring to be honest.

This is such an enjoyable film which captures the innocence of childhood so authentically.

But on the whole it was very compelling as an examination of the lives of the characters, especially Moonie and her mother, both very well acted.

Anyone who hasn't seen it, I highly recommend it.

Although, as for issues, because this film depicts everyday life, there are moments where pretty much nothing happens.

Boring .

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

There is no real plot to this film.

Where "Tangerine" for me, failed at providing an adequate script, this film flew leaps and bounds above its predecessor at being compelling and scripturally sound.

Boring .

Sure, movies like Star Wars or Harry Potter are huge events and deserve to be seen by everyone, but when a film like The Florida Project can transport you to a real place and either have you relate to the characters or feel the need to praise your own life in comparison with the ones presented on-screen, I feel like that is just as enjoyable sometimes.

No plot .

Beautiful and intense .

It was visually stunning despite showing very little of interest.

I could never imagine there are so many low low class people live and struggle there 24/7/365, trying to get by with whatever means they could have assembled to deal with the dreary hopelessness and, from worse to the worst, lowlife adults in low livelihood only created more lowlives of the kids.

It was very easy to get lost in this film, making it completely enjoyable.

Moments in The Florida Project reach intense and emotional climatic highs, which impact the audience on such an authentic level.

A sweet but grounded coming of age drama with deep characters .

Nothing happens.

so well acted and the ending was kind of unexpected.

Horrible slow and depressing .

Don't waste your time watching it.

She, along with her friends Jancey (Cotto), Scooty (Rivera) and Dicky (Malik) playfully terrorize the denizens of Orlando's crusty motel rooms and gravelly parking lots to stave off the boredom and the heat.

I've read all the great reviews about this movie, about its ending, and I completely disagree with all explanations, there was no message, no point to get across, just a lazy attempt at an "artsy" ending.

The colourful cinematography and setting looks fantastic and is the real highlight of the film; it really compliments the coming of age aspect of the movie.

Compelling film about innocence and poverty .

Fairly bad acting by pretty much the entire main cast except Dafoe, absolutely no plot...

The most intriguing thing is how they live (at least for those who don't share it), and what happens to them, not what they think about stuff or which state of mind they live in.

Fine film but way too long, and that .

However, halfway through the movie I realized there was really no plot, just kids running around Kissimmee Florida doing kids stuff, while the dead beat mother gets railed in a motel room for some money to help pay the rent.

Very enjoyable movie.

The movie consists of scene after scene of obnoxious kids running around doing bad things, a young woman named Halley trying to earn money by engaging in various shady activities, and a motel manager named Bobby doing his job.

The Florida Project is compelling, wondrous and bleak.

This is really Moonee's film, and a fascinating look at how kids even at the bottom find ways to create fun and overcome their grinding poverty.

What a bore.

it's a empty film.

An Overrated, Empty Movie about Bad Parenting .

Overall, I found it entertaining and unpretentious.

Watching grass grow is more enjoyable.

"When I look at my friends, I know there's goodness," are words spoken in a subjective voice and in the present tense, which makes Nasia a fallible narrator, because we don't see her interacting with any of the kids who find wonder int he post-industrial wasteland of abandoned building, junkyards, and empty lots littered with other people's junk.

A heartbreaking and absorbing portrayal of the lower class .

Waste of time.

No storyline just white trash people running around living in seedy motels.

Willem Defoe is great, but there is no story and there is nothing funny about the irresponsible adult characters or their feral kids.

"Investor #1: "No script...!?"Baker: "No script!

Stunning piece .

What a Waste of Time .

One of the central messages of "Pikk päev" is to illustrate that time seems to move slower for a child, and seems to speed up considerably for adults.

No storyline , nothing at all.

Wonderful indie dramedy about a Florida motel manager (Dafoe in one of his best and surprisingly low-key, poignant turns) who attempts the daily rigors of his demanding job include keeping an eye on single mother Vinaite (a newcomer worth watching) whose downward spiral lifestyle brings some serious concerns for her free-spirited and hilarious precious daughter Moonee (an amazing natural debut the likes unseen since the heyday of Jodie Foster and Tatum O'Neal and if there was any justice an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress; That Scary Good) causes daily jeopardy for the trio.

The Florida Project is a kind of movie that has an amazing premise and beautiful script along with it which comes off as a magic on screen but it also is kind of a movie that if not taken care of while executing it, it may come off dull and boring.

But there is nothing happening.

But despite all the issues, I still fell in love with the kids and their lives so I would highly recommend it.

The families go about their lives, working low paying jobs if they are lucky; whilst the kids do what they can to alleviate the boredom.


There is no plot.

Save your money because I couldn't.

It's a highly realistic and fascinating film that plays more like a documentary than a fictional drama.