The Frozen Ground (2013) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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An Alaska State Trooper partners with a young woman who escaped the clutches of serial killer Robert Hansen to bring the murderer to justice. Based on actual events.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Scott Walker
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Vanessa Hudgens
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 33 out of 167 found boring (19.76%)

One-line Reviews (137)

Until the end of the movie, you will love it, because it has a magic inside : the unexpected, the action , the drama and the pure quality of the story, makes one of the very best movies in 2013.

In the beginning of the film the serial killer is listed as a suspect but for 95% of the movie you got some cliché boring district attorney saying they need more evidence.

All in all, a fine, atmospheric film that is both thrilling and sad.

Gripping saga .

They force the additional story about the Prostitute turned stripper into your face and it just gets confusing and honestly downright silly at times.

Her acting was so intense that there was moments when I needed turn away from the screen.

I mean, it's about a cop doing regular non-exciting cop stuff and a criminal doing even more mundane stuff and a victim being a hapless victim.

riveting .

Mundane .

We did not even get any nice scenery, just read, flashy and seedy nightclubs or a gray and dull outside.

Both give solid performances, and the cat-and-mouse game that ensues will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat from the offset, luring you in with each new part.

Considering what is being proposed usually as thriller, this is worth to be watched and it is entertaining.

It's an icy slow burner, almost like the moody 1970's procedural, with a laconic pace all its own that nicely sets it apart from other similar movies.

On the acting front, the two big names of Hollywood - Nicolas Cage and John Cusack have done great work and made the movie worth watching.

This is a very intense and nerve racking atmosphere in no small part due to the cruel frozen Alaskan backdrop.

If you're bored, and need something to do, this is your movie.

after reading the description about this movie I was expecting something along the lines of Insomnia.

Either way this was a good movie but started off really slow and a little boring and I found it hard to get into through out.

In fact, the movie was a bit slow sometimes, but nobody in the audience left the theater, 'cause it was real thrilling.

It is a slower, more realistic story about an Alaskan state trooper, a 17-year old victim who survived, their relationship, and how a killer was caught along the way.


"The Frozen Ground" turned out to be an enjoyable movie which, albeit following a straight forward script, did offer some good moments.

For this kinda story in Korea, they make breathtaking way with lots of violence and gore which sometimes looks very real.

Unfortunately, 'Frozen Ground' feels repeatable from other serial killer movie that could bored fans of this kind of genre.

Very Intense .

The script is extremely contrived, with Cage becoming the guardian angel of Hudgens.

This is functional but it's too bland for too long.

Great fast-paced opening grabbed my attention right away, and a very intense ending.

The lurid material is dealt with sensitively, even if it isn't too deep, and above all the strong central performances make this a riveting watch from beginning to end.

"The Frozen Ground" is a well done film, it is intense and thrilling throughout.

The surface approach the writer director takes could only work if the film was intense and exploitative and it is neither.

Not a single scene stood out to me as poignant (considering the topic), thrilling (searching a house repeatedly and for ages because of a "troopers intuition" is not enthralling) or memorable (everything was so mundane!

An intense and thrilling film .

An engaging thriller, that keeps you engrossed.

The movie was predictable because it was the same movie that is repeated every once in a while.

That in itself is admirable, it does, however, make for very dull viewing.

The Frozen Ground had a decent sized budget and an intriguing cast so it's strange that the whole affair feels so cheap and nasty.

He looks bored to death in this movie.

It's a dark story but worth watching

I'm reminded of Robin Williams performance in Insomnia.

Also, near the end of the movie, when her character gets in danger again, her contrived predicament had me saying, "Oh, come on!

Intense Drama!

Unfortunately, handheld shaky cam and really bad editing renders this unwatchable.

The story was riveting and unravelled in well timed layers.

Very believable, fitting, intense, even "bone chilling" at times.

The movie manages to be compelling without going over the top with too much gory details.

Pretty boring for everyone except true Cage fans .

Interesting story ground out in a dreary and pedestrian manner .

It's quite a brave line to tread really, and although the end-result is a little slow and occasionally dull, it's still intriguing and tense enough to be worth the time.

This is a well-paced and engaging film feature.

The Frozen Ground exists somewhere between an accurate crime procedural documentary and a thrilling Hollywood serial killer flick.

I was bored wish some great movie that thrill my adrenaline rush.

The story line is gripping with some exciting twists and turns.

There are several scenes where Cage is "debriefed" with facts about the case and they are shotgunned out one after another sounding cold and quite frankly boring.

It has a lot of good moments and excellent thriller, it kept me filled with adrenaline all the time!

While this movie is good overall at times it seemed a bit disjointed.

This is a sleeper that is well worth watching.

'The Frozen Ground' is like a cross between Christopher Nolan's 'Insomnia' and 'Zodiac', being based on a true story back in the '70s and having a great amount of realism pumped into the film's dark and seedy aesthetic.

Now unexpected was John Cusack.

Poor music score drones on constantly adding to the monotony.

With an A-list cast with Nicolas Cage and John Cusack, "The Frozen Ground" is an innovative, well-paced and engaging thriller having the appeal of a truth-based narrative.

While watching this movie I was constantly on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to happen next.

The real enemy, the thing that stops the hero to get his killer is not the brilliance of the bad guy, but the slow and imperfect system that ties the detective's hands even when he knows who the murderer is.

Riveting crime thriller .

His short, but fascinating role in "The Paperboy" was more than enough to convince me he can play a deranged character.

It put me in mind of other slow-burn thrillers such as One Hour Photo and Insomnia.

Short of remaking or adapting a compelling thriller, sometimes you can tap from the source of true life and generate a pretty decent, riveting yarn.

Despite being rather formulaic and predictable (as true crime can be), the film is bolstered by strong performances, beautiful photography and assured direction by first-time director Scott Walker.

Overall it's a fairly gripping police procedural concerning the obtaining of enough physical evidence to secure prosecution and conviction of a man who has tortured, raped and executed over thirty women using a relatively consistent modus operandi.

Rather it looks very flat and confusing at times.

Boring as hell, terrible acting.

Nick sleepwalks through a very uninteresting film.

Don't waste your time with this.

Dreary, not even workmanlike, STV material .

She captured the terror and confusion that all terribly abused woman must experience.

Throughly Engaging Suspense/Serial Killer Thriller with Cusak in an Outstanding Performance .

Very intense .

As a thriller, it relies too much on predictable contrivances.

Really amazing movie I know I enjoyed it from the very beginning till the end!

As far as real life serial killer movies go, this one about Alaskan killer Robert Hansen has a good cast and a fascinating story.

I'm sure the true story is fascinating – I'd suggest Googling it rather than spending the time on this rather dreary film.

Seemed fake and contrived for dramatic effect and spoiled the believability of the movie.


It is a little dull and dreary and you do just find yourself waiting for it to come to an end the way you suspect it will.

In all honesty, Cage and Cusack are about the best this film gets as it is a very slow going movie and it really does just drag on.

The story was therefore boring from almost beginning to end.

A movie doesn't have to be non-stop action for me to enjoy and there have been slower-paced films I've liked, but for me after about 45 minutes Frozen Ground just gets boring.

John Cusack does a good job of bringing a cold-blooded performance to portray Robert Hansen, and Nicolas Cage is decent as a non-intense State trooper Jack Halcombe.

We have seen it too many times before, and I was bored to death after one hour and forty five minutes.

Contrived .

The reasons for this are simple; the disturbed minds of actual maniacs are often far more engrossing than anything scriptwriters could come up with and these films are almost automatically suspenseful & dramatic because you know it involved the suffering of real victims and their families.

Everyone knows that Nicolas Cage has had his share of bad and ho-hum movies.

This film is a suspenseful thriller rather than an action film.

)I recommend this movie to people who are into there intense serial killer dramas about true events that happened in Alaska in the 80's.

All these details are left out which could have made the movie more thrilling right at the beginning.

Fortunately both shine in this cat and mouse game which proves that a good story and snappy acting easily trumps a big budget.

The icy locales always make for a decent cinematic backdrop, but I'm afraid I found the rest of the production largely uninteresting.

That said, performances were quite decent when dealing with such a heavy plot and a repetitive script.

The views of the Alaskan outback, which primarily entails the entire state, were stunning and almost inviting if it were not for the crime scenes sprayed throughout.

A suspenseful serial killer drama with contrast .

I guess it might be worth watching if you know nothing about police procedure or investigations but if you do, don't waste your time unless you want a good laugh.

Ho hum.

Terrible and cliché .

While pretty enjoyable in movies like "1408", "Max", etc., I generally found his acting to be shallow and insincere.

Boring film.

(Christopher Nolan's 2002 Snoozer starring Al Pacino as the hotshot detective was, in fact, a remake itself of a 1997 Scandanavian film; Nolan seemingly proved for all time that crime stories based in Alaska are doomed to be b-o-r-i-n-g).

It's nothing new and all done before, but still reasonably entertaining.

For a suspenseful film, The Frozen Ground was absolutely terrifying.

As far as the film goes, it's a very intense crime thriller that hooks you all the way through.

I watched it for the second time last night and I must say I enjoyed it more second time around.

This boring real-life killer should have been forgotten forever--NOT turned into a Nicolas Cage payday!

The story is bleak, filmed in cold colors, and told in an intense way, with a stressed camera, often hand held.

As he's boxed in by history, Walker's film is mostly dull.

Nicholas Cage portrays the trooper Jack Halcombe, and though we know he can really act, Adaptation, Matchstick Men, World Trade Center, and Joe, here we have the usual Nicholas Cage being Nicholas Cage (though I have to say I am a fan of his work as his films are enjoyable).

He was incredibly intense in every scene and every time that Cage was playing a frustrated Halcombe, his face seemed to feel the frustrated words.

As mentioned, after a slow start and formulaic plot elements, I thought the movie ended up as a rather engaging and absorbing flick.

First i thought a bored police movie.

It was just so predictable and matter of fact.

More like INSOMNIA, less like NAKED FEAR .

Boring, boring, boring; that's what kept popping up in my head while viewing this movie.

Despite the weakness in screenplay and directing, the story of the killer is fascinating because it is so bizarre especially the hunting of his victims.

Based on a grim but fascinating true story, the film is riveting from start to finish.

The need for contrived suspense would explain why everyone from the Alaskan PD to the DA seemed bent on convincing the lead investigator that he had no case.

Fresh and intense cat and mouse hunt .

This was not what I expected, this was just boring.

Scott Parker as director has succeeded to pack this low-budget movie into something's still enjoyable to watch.

She expertly shows us Poulson's vulnerability, confusion, anger, distrust, and fear of her life.


An intense, formulaic sex crime drama.

The subject matter is predictable and dragged out and you never feel the urgency or momentum of the situation, as you do in the true classics of the genre like ZODIAC or SEVEN.

Overall, a very compelling and well-written film.

Fairly accurate (and hence sometimes dull) true-life serial killer story .

The direction is okay except that once in a while, for no evident reason, the camera is made to wobble and focus on an unimportant image, or a pointless close up, as if this were a TV commercial for a brokerage firm.

The Anchorage locations are perpetually overcast, but breathtaking and foreboding.

An authentic thrilling atmosphere, a solid cast and script, a true story based movie.

I am rating "The Frozen Ground" a solid six out of ten stars, and it is a movie that is well worth watching if you need some fair entertainment for a single viewing.