The Fundamentals of Caring (2016) - Comedy, Drama

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A man suffering a family loss enrolls in a class about care-giving that changes his perspective on life.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Rob Burnett
Stars: Craig Roberts, Paul Rudd
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 13 out of 106 found boring (12.26%)

One-line Reviews (59)

Life has a way of putting people in each other's lives, who help us in unexpected ways.

Selena gomez was little predictable and pregnant woman was just there to extend the narrative.

This film is definitely worth the watch and I'm giving it a 7/10.

Overall, very enjoyable.

Ben also has an intriguing background just like Trevor.

She is the one who dragged the average down.

Contrived, Clichéd, but an Enjoyable Buddy-Road-Trip-Comedy .

Overall this is a great journey to watch that will have you entertained for the majority and is definitely worth watching.

Throw in a great (if predictable soundtrack) and I'm all over it.

But here's where I give it one star instead of two: After already being bored to tears with the most predictable movie I've ever seen, they introduce a pregnant character whose only contribution to the whole movie is to give birth at an unexpected location, just so Paul Rudd gets to be the hero and help her and have some sort of nearly-emotional moment.

Great movie - worth the watch!

Selena Gomez had an unexpected personality and Paul Rudd played his part perfectly.

The parallels of life and death making the moment all the more intense.

Sure, the movie gave me two or three laughs but the story was the most predictable and used piece of garbage I've seen in a while.

Some feisty, unexpected bits even gave it the illusion of being a new experience.

It's fun, sure, but you'll find enough predictable parts to make you wish someone had take some chances.

Breaking him out from being a "charity case" Craig Roberts gives a fantastic performance as Trevor,with Roberts giving Trevor's comedic lines a snappy delivery,that are underlined by Roberts gripping Trevor with a nervous excitement over going on the open road.

I always find it amazing how through some of the most pointless conversations between characters is often able to make them the most memorable, and in this film these moments are pleasantly scattered throughout.

An Entertaining Movie for the Casual Moviegoer .

It only adds to what is already there, which makes for a wonderfully intriguing character.

The addition of the expectant mother felt a bit forced/contrived and Gomez seemed to flip flop between being a believable character and not so much.


Underwhelming and Predictable .

The addition of Peaches, the pregnant woman was a little confusing to me and I questioned her relevance until the scene where she is giving birth and we finally see the full flashback of the tragedy that befell Ben's son.

But watching it as an adult, I find there to be quite a few clichés and the story is fairly predictable.

Boring, Done and lifeless performances.

It's brutally honest which is refreshing and highly entertaining as egos and morals clash in the van.

This is unexpected from a film that mostly relies on dialogue, and a welcome change from the generic camera work that usually comes with the genre.

This movie provides unexpected laughter and resonates on just about every level.

After watching Prince Avalanche and being thoroughly disappointed and bored, I had very low expectations for TFOC.

I highly recommend it.

I was wrong, this movie had me laughing, on the edge of my seat, nearly in tears.

I mostly saw this movie because of Paul Rudd, and because I was curious if the movie was as cliché and cheesy as it seemed.

I love a feel good road trip movie, or coming of age drama/comedy.

An Entertaining Comedy-Drama .

+Rudd's charm+Comedy picks up once they get on the road+New role for Gomez-Contrived and forced moments-Nothing really new here6.8/10

Honestly from the cover it looked like it would be boring, and I wanted to fall asleep so I selected it.

It was forced and cliché.

From the beginning of the movie I got confused thinking weather this is a good movie or not, because I founded that the script is really good but the directing wasn't, compared to the script, it was creative, entertaining and sarcastic.

I think the point was to show how beautiful life can still be even amidst all the unexpected sorrow.

I've rejected 5 movies after watching at most of their first 2 minutes precisely because I found them boring.

Waste of time.

Trevor has a very strict, repetitive routine every day, as the job and relationship develops Ben gets a way to challenge Trevor to move out of his comfort zone, get out and experience some things that he only muses about.

Engaging, Endearing, Quirky, Moving.

But it's still enjoyable to watch.

A clueless drama that trots out every awful cliché imaginable and is utterly predictable at every dreadful turn.

They help each other in daily living, entertaining each other and ultimately help each other grow.

Seeing Trevor waste his life in the house all day,Ben decides to show Trevor how much he cares about him,by taking him out to the great outdoors.

I think that the second time I watched this film I enjoyed it even more than the first.

I have recommended this film to others already-we thoroughly enjoyed it.

It does a lot of right and some wrong, mainly that it just feels bland and unoriginal.

I didn't expect it to be so engaging, entertaining and touching.

Dramatic, but never too much to handle, and very funny, The Fundamentals of Caring is worth the watch for anyone looking for a good comedy drama.

The child isn't even really mentioned throughout, and the flashback to his death is pointless and unnerving in a lazy way.

With a brisk run-time and fun performances from the cast, the majority of the contrived and clichéd elements can be forgiven.

Nice predictable road movie .

The beginning was so boring but everything got more exciting with Selena's appearance :D and dont worry about the parts that you skipped, you will catch up, they retell the main parts after

This movie is nothing groundbreaking or original, yet it was still so enjoyable and I think that's largely in apart due to the cast.

Like I said in the beginning of my review: I was worried that the movie was going to be cliché and cheesy.