The Gambler (2014) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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Literature professor and gambler Jim Bennett's debt causes him to borrow money from his mother and a loan shark. Further complicating his situation, is his relationship with one of his students. Will Bennett risk his life for a second chance?

Director: Rupert Wyatt
Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Lange
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 46 out of 175 found boring (26.28%)

One-line Reviews (157)

What I can say is that in spite of good efforts on the part of the actors involved, the script for this movie did itself a huge disservice by being a bit too artsy at places.


Surprisingly Gripping .


Good entertaining flick .

The ending was completely unsatisfying and I left the theater a bit disillusioned.

Why make a movie about a character that is uninteresting.

The dialog also seems like it's there just to state the obvious, as the plot is mostly fairly predictable whenever Jim speaks two or three lines.

The movie is also very boring.

This will depend on what you define to be a gripping thriller, if it does not take much for your heart rate to rocket then you will have a blast.

How innocent and timid he looks in the earlier films, the more pretentious and snobbish he is in these last three films.

If you are looking for a better movie with a very deep feeling, watch Interstellar that movie is way much better than this boring crap!

Gripping .

Although most of the characters in the movie are all pretty morally depraved, it is still a fast paced and impressively suspenseful film.

There was this love connection between Mark and Brie Larson's characters that I felt was forced and very tiresome and uninteresting that made it feel very unnecessary and useless.

With the killers on his tail and a 7 day dead line, his self destructive mannerisms gets him deeper in trouble with the gangsters which leads to an intense showdown once the clock stops ticking.

He just searches for somebody to live for, to give him some passion in his boring life.

Edward Norton has made a career of playing unlikeable characters, but they are always compelling, such as Worm, in a similar vein, from "Rounders".

As entertaining as The Gambler can be, there's only so many times Jim (Mark Wahlberg) can play and lose big money on black jack before patience is lost.

All of this leads up to a fairly bland and predictable ending that sizzles out instead of hitting hard with a bang.

Instead we got watch this boring garbage!!!

" Modernizing the story to current times, replacing the beautiful, vintage landscape to today's boring, flat aesthetics , we now have a stripped down story of a mumbling idiot with sloppy hair, (James Caan had great hair and always looked perfectly groomed in the original) who throws away mommy's money on longshot bets, when he isn't mumbling in front of the university class that he is teaching.

"I know this movie is a drama and it is supposed to be boring, normally I can handle boring movies but Jeez, this movie was just too boring for me.

The film falls a little flat getting across a lasting message or showcasing the highest standard of film making, but it does portray an intriguing perspective on personality, human nature, and how one chooses to live their life.

Despite this movie being a weird mix of different elements, I enjoyed it more than I didn't.

Very slow movie .

This is got to be the most boring movie I have ever seen since Antz.

Bland Remake .

Then again he seems to do his maturing in the latter scenes of the movie; and that was too predictable for my enjoyment.

Nevertheless they were entertaining.

It's a riveting look at the dangers of gambling.

Of course the usual clueless eggheads and elitist wannabes had to give it rave reviews because, in their minds, some jittery screen effects made a boring, classless movie 'artsy.

More often than not, films that have spot-on cinematography rely more on cinematic aesthetics than substance, lingering on pretentious; not so here.

The Gambler felt more like a slow, character driven film than a flashy, action-packed Ocean's Eleven (2001).

With the talented cast, a much more entertaining film could have been made.

The plot is a huge cliché, (i ordered burger half an hour ago) blah blah blah.

It was refreshing to see such a different role played by Wahlberg, and even though the character's message and disposition is one that can be far from likable, it was certainly exciting to watch.

He's riveting.

This is far from a risky choice, but it is very entertaining to be sure.

So many things made the 1974 version so effective, the inspired script and direction, James Caan's unique stillness, Lauren Hutton's stunning girlfriend, and Paul Sorvino as the only person who has an inkling about what makes Axel Freed tick.

With snappy dialogue and timed mannerisms he achieves a believable performance.

The acting in this is just so flat, and boring and poorly directed.

But something about Worm always made him fascinating.

RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES's Rupert Wyatt shows viewers a glimpse into the havoc of an entitled and self-indulgent whiner hell-bent on self-destruction in his latest film THE GAMBLER that stars Mark Wahlberg in the lead role.

Sure, the point of Jim Bennett is that he's doing the opposite of what any sane human being would do but some things developed during the movie that were confusing.

This snide, self indulgent wreck of a movie starring the current 'piece of meat' action star, "Marky" Mark Wahlberg, serves as a testament against remaking GREAT films.

That intense feeling in your abdomen when you are about to win a substantial amount of money, the tension, the relief and the gnawing anger when things aren't going as they should.

The somewhat love story in the film is also very confusing.

The fact that Wahlberg is the key figure in this quite boring film, isn't exactly an asset.

That said, under the cool pretence and intense pressure on the backdrop of impending doom at times he feels a little too fearless.

'The movie was boring, the dialog was inconsequential and dragged out, and there was no plot or theme.

The movie is slow, lacks character development, and is just...

Wahlberg is uncharismatic and unconvincing in a tiresome role in which he has to harangue his students on the subject of true genius.

Jon Brion of Punch- Drunk Love fame has composed a compelling score while an all round strong choice of music.

It's a disgrace that Wahlberg has done IMO, his worst movie so far & I don't believe there will be a day a movie will come to beat this!!!

The dialogue is polished, never feels forced or out of place and is always consistent, as well as witty, funny and fast paced.

It's not a bad movie, just sort of bland.

However, fans of Mark Wahlberg will more than likely find the film entertaining and a captivating ride.

Bad and pointless .

The movie also tries to be artsy, which just leaves you asking why the filmmakers added that one desert scene in the movie, it was pointless.

Yes this is a gambling film and includes just about every cliché you can think of.

Entertaining in its own right .

The story goes so slow.

Boring film about the dangers of gambling.

This movie is worth watching at least once like most movies.

The film attempts to study the character of Bennett and bores us by trying to make him "complex" when all he really was just a moody underachiever dissatisfied with life, welcome to the club.

This was one of the worst movies I've seen with a dumb plot line, retarded character and frustrating development that goes nowhere other than frustrate-ville.

Most of the time he looks bored (bored by his character not by his life as he supposed to) and sometimes angry - I actually had a feeling he will jump on someone at some points.

Worst Movie of the Year .

Truth be told 'The Gambler' becomes far too pretentious and preachy for its own good.

Very boring....

I could feel the movie literally vacuously and worthlessly sucking away my time like the most boring vampire that ever existed.

I just realized I've spend way too long on a movie I was about to walk out of.

We are left on the edge of our seats waiting.

My friend dragged me to this movie!

Screenwriter and self confessed compulsive gambler James Toback joined William Monahan to concoct this rather bizarre but ultimately fascinating film about a very bright English Literature Associate Professor who is an inveterate gambler.

It started really slow ...

The movie was very predictable, the fight scenes were also predictable and they weren't the kind of fight scenes in other movies mostly like "WHOA!

I was able to make it through without leaving though (Unlike when I saw Earth to Echo where I had to leave, It was the very first movie I walked out of early, I couldn't even finish the first 20 minutes of that movie) but while watching it, I actually fell asleep and woke up 30 minutes before it was over.

At least the story was fairly unpredictable although I was hoping for a nice twist to save it.

For me it was there and I thoroughly enjoyed it (as did my wife who insisted we watch it again a week later).

It could either be tense and good, or slow and boring.

There are some fine supporting roles by Andre Braugher, George Kennedy, Alvin Ing, Richard Schiff, but in the end the performances by John Goodman and Mark Wahlberg are the focus of the odd but compelling drama.

" Goodman really delivers on this, and the moving is worth watching just to catch the wisdom he imparts.

Heck, I even over heard someone who was sitting in the back of me (When I fell asleep) whispering to her husband "I told you we should have seen Annie!!!

Story Wise, the story did start to go onto a ruff patch because of its few slow paced scenes and uninteresting character development that felt useless and didn't have no need to put into this film.

The romance is really pointless and a real forced part of the film.

the plot takes unexpected turn ...

Overall the movie is unpredictable enough to keep it interesting which is huge to me this day and age, nothing worse then going to watch something and you see everything coming a mile away.

Perhaps that's why audiences are exposed to Wyatt's cliché ending of Wahlberg running through the streets of LA to his lady love – he's still trying to measure up to the superb performances and believability of his cast mates.

This movie is about a man who has given up hope on achieving his dreams and is trying to make his pain stop by engaging in self destructive behavior...

He seems to think that acting bored equates to the portrait of a deeply troubled self destructive man.


Overall, it was enjoyable.

The first time I saw the movie I fell asleep of being so bored.

Waste of Time!!.

Brie Larson is in this film and she just feels really pointless in this film.


While interesting it is far from gripping viewing.

I was able to see this early as part of a sneak preview, and I almost walked out of the movie it was so bad.

You won't care too much for the characters, but the plot is engrossing enough to yield your attention for the duration of the film.

The storyline was also predictable, and the character of the student he's into should've been more developed.

With a screenplay by William Monahan, screenwriter of The Departed, and director Rupert Wyatt, no novice or stranger to studio films, manage to produce an incredibly underwhelming and sleep inducing film that exploits the con-man crime genre with the grace of a rhinoceros.

Old fashioned and typical, boring dialogs.

Whether or not you have the stomach for two hours of much of the same is a matter of personal preference, but The Gambler, while a necessarily corkscrew of repetitive dour scenarios, explores the nature of emptiness in life, it is far from empty itself.

Although this modern version gives credit to James Toback (writer of the 1974 movie), I'm sorry to say I found this film to be beyond ridiculous, with incredibly stilted and pretentious dialogue, as well as absurd characters and situations.

A study of at times a confusing and unlikable protagonist, but an engaging one nonetheless.

Too much slow movie.

The definition of gambling is "Taking risky action in the hope of a desired result" the character of Jim Bennett (Wahlberg) didn't feel that society needs mediocre level anymore, he felt like genius should be recognized, and "genius" was what he gambled for..A fairly enjoyable movie with a well built main character.

Uneven, yet entertaining .

It took me three sittings to get through this movie, partly due to boredom, and partly because I stopped caring what happened to Mark Wahlberg's character.

I was gripped in parts, but bored otherwise.

It isn't the worst film you are likely to see, but it's too talky and surprisingly predictable.

I also found the story predictable.

-The pace is good, but it has its slow points.

All over the place, stressful and intriguing....

The simple compelling aspect of this work of art is that it tells the truth.

Going up against a troika of mob money men who will feed you cash 'til you crash, he's constantly on the edge of being rubbed out.

The movie holds the cliché problem of a rich guy wants his money back from someone who borrowed it.

Seriously, this is one of the worst movies of the year.

The movie teaches many things and if it leaves you feeling angry or empty it is because you are missing those things too or because you are afraid to take a risk etc. It is a very philosophical movie- and with a very particular reality, uncomfortable reality for many people, previously brought up in No Pain No Gain.

The only problem I had with the film was it lacked that certain something that could really grab me and force me to pay attention and be on the edge of my seat.

Strong story and compelling, really good movie to unwind to and highlights the bad side of big time gambling addiction

Great Casting; Entertaining; Wahlberg Carries Plot .

Other then the acting the film is pretty bland and dry and leaves you laughing at some of the lines of dialogue in the movie.

On the other hand, director Rupert Wyatt (making quite a big step back after the excellent Rise of the Planet of the Apes) didn't bring any energy or personality to the film, something which exacerbates the bland screenplay.

Beautifully shot by ZERO DARK THIRTY's Greig Fraser, THE GAMBLER is a visceral experience worth watching for the photography work alone and despite the sad reality that Bennett really isn't in any real danger of coming to an end.

Finally, the "typical Hollywood ending" of this film was so predictable as to be laughable.

Apart from Brie Larson's College Student, but she is always engaging so maybe that is just her personality shining through.

"The Gambler" (2014) is not the most memorable movie, but it's enjoyable while it lasts.

There are some very good performances, particularly from Jessica Lange (a very credible mix of hard, angry and distraught), and Wahlberg is no slouch, either (he has some hideous speeches to learn for the lecture room sequences which, for me, were the most entertaining part of the film).

When a film is loosely about gambling addiction masked as a suspenseful thriller, the audience wants the afflicted to have a heart of gold, not be an unconcerned ass, the latter being the character-type for Jim Bennett.

Wahlberg is great in it, Larson is beautiful and stunning to watch, the dialogue is always fun, and interesting, and the visuals are consistently beautiful to look at (as well).

There's plenty of well written existential musings along the way which make this a film well worth watching.

Not only are the characters tired stereotypes, the theme is a cliché all the way down the to predictable "happy" ending.

While trying to pay back the dangerous criminals, he also tries out an intriguing relationship with one of his students (Larson).

Honestly, this is the most boring I have ever seen since Antz.

I found nothing redeeming, let alone compelling or interesting, in Mark Wahlberg's character Jim Bennett.

Its about a guy who is bored and has mommy issues; that just seems to want to run a lot .

It is a dialogue driven movie that is likely to bore some viewers.

If you have a low empathy quotient or you just have not been there, you will find yourself simply bored.

At times, it approaches what appears to be a theme of sorts, then backs out, seemingly intentionally to establish the fact that the protagonist is an "empty" character.

There are far worse movies you could watch or things you could do to waste your precious time.

It was simple boring and nonsensical.

The premise is there and yet the film drags on because Monahan unnecessarily forces the viewer on a wild goose chase to pointless end.

There are a couple of gambling scenes in the movie that wren't even that suspenseful.

I want to thank Mark Wahlberg for entertaining me so thoroughly, a purely selfless endeavor on Mark's part, Mark if you want to invite me over to LA for drinks I am there bro.

-The story is cliché and predictable.

So i went tonight to see the gambler, i went to see it only because ir was sold out The Imitation game.. So i saw MArk Walberg, some cards, must be interested, ButJust want to let you know dear movie lovers, this film is boring, you don't want to know what will happen next, its not interesting to follow.


The only two things that I found to be incredible in this extraordinary example of useless junk are - the amount of first class actors engulfed in a meaningless and pointless "drama" and the exact quantity and type of prohibited substances the screenwriter used creating the most disgusting, unappealing and completely, insultingly imbecile principal character, very professionally played by Wahlberg though .

Fun, exciting, thought-provoking and, it clearly sends a strong message about the dangers of gambling.

Additionally, the story is decent and the drama is engaging enough.

He comes across as someone who has lost direction in his life, as a result embracing any sort of intense thrill he can get, as well as the suffering resulting from it.

Overall though an entertaining , enjoyable movie which also has a great soundtrack.

I watched for less than 45 minutes, walked out to the customer service desk and got a re-admit pass.

Nothing happened in the plot.