The Game (1997) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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After a wealthy banker is given an opportunity to participate in a mysterious game, his life is turned upside down when he becomes unable to distinguish between the game and reality.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: David Fincher
Stars: Michael Douglas, Deborah Kara Unger
Length: 129 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 81 out of 587 found boring (13.79%)

One-line Reviews (458)

+Douglas +Gripping story, eye popping +Fincher tone and writing -Ending is a big disappointment -Douglas was put into too many dangerous situations for my liking 7.1/10

The mad-kick answers are far more satisfying than expected, with Fincher crafting the illusory suspense into a leisure-class nightmare of panic and confusion.

It is more than two hours and the first hour nothing happens.

The movie is soo BORING and not credible.

In The Game, Michael Douglas plays a middle-aged, lonely and slightly bored executive.

I can highly recommend it to every cinema fan and I watched it already the third time on DVD with my wife.

The casting of Michael Douglas and Sean Penn was inspired and the story is compelling to say the least.

Although not a very original picture, the acting, together with good characterization and directing, makes The Game one of the most exciting moments in Cinema these days.

It is one of the most exciting and riveting films of recent memory.

david fincher is probably more famous for his more recent works like fight club, but this movie is also up there amongst the very few enjoyable and interesting movies in the last 20 years.

It's an intriguing film concept; a cold-blooded corporate exec submits to a proposition that forces him to function as a puppet on a string.

For it to be an entertaining movie of the mystery genre, the game Douglas is playing would have to be entertaining.

Though there was an increasing feeling that something exciting was about to happen, for me it failed to deliver.

This dark and unrelenting journey through loss and manipulation had me on the edge of my seat in the theater.

Worst movie ever.

The key is to enjoy the joke, and the ride, at the same time - and in enabling the viewer to do this, 'The Game' is perhaps his most successful (and least pretentious) work.

Slick, ominous, suspenseful and compelling .

There are some exceptionally good action scenes and some carefully crafted talk scenes that always move the film forward at breathtaking pace.

At the end of the film, we learn how the real game is played, as though one big joke has been played on us through the entirety of the movie, as Douglas too, but it's an exciting and maddening ride getting there.

Intense and insanely intriguing.

Very intellectual and simply fascinating.

This movie as gripping as they come.

It gets off to an intriguing start, as the anticipation builds for the game.

Proof that this picture is so engrossing for a wide array of tastes is that I saw it at my mom's and she ended up enjoying it as much as I did, even though I took her to see last year's Fight Club, also by Fincher, and she ended up walking out of the theater by the end of the first half hour of that picture, saying, "I'll wait for you outside.

Thrilling and chilling.

It's a very intense movie, with terrific action sequences.

As long as it's done in a innovative, immersive, interesting and entertaining to watch approach.

'The Game' falls directly into that category, and is particularly unrewarding given the awful plot twist and horrific ending, which makes the rest of the film feel like an even bigger waste of time.


very intense .

At the end (major spoiler ahead), Douglas stands on the edge of a skyscraper with a gun.

"The Game" is an engrossing, white knuckler of a movie--the best kind of intense suspense plots.

"The Game" is an intriguing cinematic experience and Michael Douglas plays his role very well.

I left the theater (and my viewing of snippets when I run across it in channel surfing) with a feeling of physical violation, of having had depraved intellects smeared across my brain.

- Entertainment : An edging emotion takes the toll of me as I watch this intense (yet slow rolling) and strange thriller.

This is a strange film, and one that is hard to follow at times because it is so unexpected.

But the director lost focus, seemingly more concered with the boring action sequences.

Following Nicholas Van Orton, played by Michael Douglas, we are introduced to a wealthy yet insular and empty individual.

The big moral point at the end is just another cliché in the pit of clichés The Game already was.

As gripping as it gets.

And seeing it again time is truly a waste of time.

A birthday gift from his estranged brother sends him to a mysterious organization that plays exciting, life altering "games" witht heir customers.

The Game continued to be mysterious and suspenseful throughout the movie right up until the end.

Fincher's direction is ambitious and also very good, while the film's pace is brisk, the script is well crafted and the story is a great idea and is very gripping up until the ending.

The fact that Nicholas did not check Conrad's "body", but they still showed Conrad's back of the shirt have the blood pack is quite intriguing.

It is one of the most inventive, unusual, weird and unpredictable films of the '90s.

It holds a great sense of suspense, and seems to be filmed effectively, in a very suspenseful way.

Yet I can recognize great acting, good story-lines, and sufficiently thrilling scenes.

"The Game" is a dark, tense, suspenseful thriller by David Fincher, the excellent director of "Fight Club" and "Se7en.

If you're willing to REALLY suspend your disbelief, then this is quite an entertaining film.

At last, it was one of the most entertaining movies I've ever seen.

The content is cheap and the rhythm is slow.

This movie received my thumbs up and I thoroughly enjoyed it an 8.5\10

For people who say that the somewhat sappy wrap-up at the end makes them feel "cheated," they ought to consider that this movie makes you think while at the same time taking you for a rip-rollicking, good suspenseful-thriller ride.

It was amazing and has a mind blowing ending.

Twists upon twists, amazing filming, stunning acting, and a preposterous end .

For most of the running time I found THE GAME rather compelling entertainment similar to TOTAL RECALL without the high body count and sci-fi elements and though everything disintegrates with the revelation I do recommend THE GAME as entertainment mixed in with a redemption plot

"The Game" is an engrossing, white knuckler of a movie--the best kind of intense suspense plots.

But it is still suspenseful and frightening and believable long enough for you to be taken in completely.

So Nicholas tries the service out, and one by one his life starts to get creepy, unpredictable, and very strange in very unusual ways.

dumb, confusing, and overrated .

This movie is really original and entertaining.

But I still think that it's as stunning as the two quoted movies.

The ending was really unexpected,just when you thought it's over,it's just really getting started.

this whole movie is a waste- a waste of time to watch it and a waste of time, talent and money for those that did make it but could at least have done a much better job if only someone really tried.

But some movies try to present a plausible reality, like a "what if this really happened," and when THOSE movies cheat with obvious fake and contrived plot elements, it knocks us out of the story and makes for a bad movie.

And I don't buy that the phycological screening made it so they could play him like a pawn, nobody is that predictable, especially all the elements you can't control.

Where he goes, jumps, runs, shoots, etc..The Game is boring.

The Game is an intensely exciting puzzle-gimmick thriller, the kind of film that lets you know from the start that it's slyly aware of its own absurdity.

This has probably got to be his most under seen work along with Zodiac, and its one of his most intriguing.

Ok, a boring stupid game.

It keeps you hooked, and it gets confusing at times.

The rabbit hole of confusion is continually re-introduced by the enticing Debra Kara Unger and the suspense ensues.

Money, power, wealth and all those finer things are empty when compared to the truth in friendship, family and living life to the fullest.

A classical mind blowing.

Unfortunately, Hitchcock would have ironed out the plot holes before he filmed the movie, because despite being a suspenseful film, the plot holes are unbearable, kind of negating all the suspense and belief in the film.

Intense, thrilling, and mostly fun.

The film is great as it is before the final development (which is very unexpected), after which it is amazing.

His luxurious, routine and also boring life took a drastic turn when he enrolled himself in a 'game',which was given to him by Conrad as a Birthday gift.


The only downside I thought was the confusion at times.

The first 30-45 minutes are a bit slow.

One would have expected something a little more exciting from the director of `seven' than this curious psychological thriller, a mix of role play and psychotherapeutic `Surprise surprise', based on a plot which is more cunning than thrilling.

"What a waste of time!

When you think you know what's going on, something totally unpredictable happens and the mystery's back, all over again.

The story is cool and the events that unfold really put you in his shoes with his confusion and bad luck.

The story is intriguing, the performances are good and the production values are great.

The Game is a good thriller, and an entertaining watch.

The idea is fascinating, and the way each of the events continues to draw Nick into a more and more complex fantasy is unique and endlessly amusing.

It is utterly unlikely and boring.

The first half hour or so was slow and boring, and the movie seemed far less entertaining than it ended up being.

This cut version just makes it seem totally based on chance and therefore stupid and contrived.

By far the most engrossing movie I've ever watched.

Michael Douglas gives a riveting performance.

'Panic Room', while not as excellent, is still a highly entertaining thriller.

He knows nothing about it or the rules, but we're led to believe that his rather empty, wealthy life has left him with an overwhelming ennui, so this slightly rash decision on his part was sort of credible.

This is a thrilling mystery, that keeps guessing you if it is everything real or just a fiction.

A business man is given a birthday present by his brother to play a game which turns out to be something unexpected and horrifying for him.

At two hours and eight minutes it runs way, way too long.

the piano track that was used repeatedlyOverall: A few issues here and there do little to dissuade 'The Game' from being a finely plotted and crafted film, with outstanding performances, fluid cinematography and a typical 'Fincheresque' attention to detail (even if you do need to significantly suspend your disbelief for the sake of a compelling story).

This movie is very suspenseful!

From the word go, it felt more like a B movie with ridiculous plot twists that are more contriving than intriguing.

Just when you think you got the plot right it turns around again and you have no clue what is about to happen next, that is the most intriguing part of this movie.

But this one is somewhat predictable and keeps changing as if it can't make up it's mind.

So they knew exactly how this guy would react, in a moment of extreme emotional torment, because humans are so predictable at the best of times, let alone under extreme emotional duress.

An intelligent, gripping drama, filmed with crisp efficiency .

It is a bit slow to get off the ground and will have you wondering which direction the whole experience is taking.

Douglas is pretty good as the increasingly stressed-out businessman, Penn is good too and the whole thing is taut, gripping and excruciatingly enjoyable.

"The Game" is entertaining.

The film's opening sequence, set to a quiet, somber piano piece sets the tone to a thriller that will impact us emotionally, as well as jerk our adrenaline.

Twisty-turny thriller makes for compelling viewing .

It was enjoyable as he started to become paranoid about who was in on it, what was going on, etc...

It slowly builds, and is a very intriguing film.

Ending is a real let-down particularly when an obvious window was there for a more intriguing and intelligent conclusion, although I suspect that popular tastes are the cause of this problem.

THE GAME is a compelling, twisting thriller which deserves to be see by everybody immediately.

On the other hand, for the film to be a compelling mystery drama, there needs to exist character progression in order to justify layers upon layers of mystery.

Like many of the prior comments here, I found this film engrossing and interesting, in terms of its presenting more intelligent fare than most of the offerings today, on large screen or small.

Thankfully, I knew what I was going in for, so when I watched it, I enjoyed it.

All the revelations are concentrated in the last few minutes without which the film would be a deadly bore also because Douglas is dull and unpleasant.

THE GAME is suspenseful fun for all.

This is one of the most entertaining, interesting movies I've seen in the last few years.

It was very fascinating to watch, some things were very unexpected.

If we knew he was afraid of heights or of suicide, or of failing to be perfect, the things occurring to him might seem more intense.

Totally engrossing.

This film is very enjoyable, and may appear to be like no other story.

Very enjoyable and underrated .

I don't care how many psychological profile tests a person takes, human beings are by and large unpredictable.

The yawn count was high.

THE GAME is very entertaining and especially original.

The Game is so slow-paced and tedious, not to mention repetitious, I could honestly see people shouting "We get it, come on!

More in a "I could have done the laundry in the time it took to watch that pointless movie!

" 2 other movies that wear you out with pointless plot-twists and reversals.

In the same mood as se7en, intelligent and thrilling.

An exciting Hitcock-like yarn with principles .

So many movies bore me with their predictable plots and over-used finales.

The film has nothing common with "seven" except the great cinematic language, the quick paced actions, the unexpected events, especially the end.

The Game is a tortuous and superb suspenseful thriller by David Fincher.

The Writing, in the first-hour, especially, is so engrossing & captivating, that it hardly gives you a chance to move your eyes from the Screen.

falling 100+ stories through the roof of a huge ballroom and landing on an air cushion, then standing up and suddenly the past week of confusion, frustration, and near-death experiences is completely gone.

During this very elaborate plot I went through different emotional states from confusion to understanding, rage and finally shock.

Whilst the end is powerful and gripping, you're still telling yourself in the back of the mind...

They're so fixed on making sure their movies have some sort of cliché, pretentious social commentary they forget that watching a movie was once, dare I say it, a fun thing to do.

Still an effective and enjoyable watch, with Douglas in his prime .

But, of course, that would have bored the intended audience.

The game starts with an intense psychological test where they probe every part of his personality and then give him tasks that are truly challenging.

Suspenseful and Thought-provoking.

A superb, tortuous and suspenseful thriller .

Van Orton lives a well-ordered life - until an unexpected birthday gift from his brother (Sean Penn) destroys it all.

Well, of course, you could watch The Game again and again, but once you know how it all ends, doing so becomes a little pointless.

Boring, to say the least.

Enjoyable film about a lonely millionaire (Douglas) who receives a strange birthday gift from his brother (Penn) that puts his life in danger.

What is initially complex and intriguing takes a route into a more confusing and muddled path that doesn't entirely add up.

In my opinion, "The Game" is an absolutely breathtaking film and a great mix between an innovative concept and huge acting.

But I guess everybody knew after he opened the empty fridge.

His ability to execute fast paced thriller/ film noir is bordering on perfect.

Good, but can be confusing.

What if you were bored with your life, and all of a sudden, your life becomes an action movie where you have to work hard just to survive?

It made me happy to think that a lot of people are still capable of absorbing material without blindly accepting it.

The gap between the haves and have-nots is now a yawning chasm, and when you imagine the preposterous level of financing the company behind "The Game" would have required to "awaken" its super-spoiled clients, the whole theme of the movie doesn't play well today.

We got it back with A Christmas Carrol and It's a Wonderful Life—why did we sit through this tedious movie just to hear old news?

From this moment, the movie takes an unexpected shape.

And so begins a long, perilous, and unimaginably entertaining psycholgical mind game where Nicolas' life doesn't just turn upside down, it turns inside out.

It's a truly great film, very entertaining and very underrated, highly recommended.

One of the things that can make this an enjoyable movie-going experience is taking some friends along who like to probe deeper meanings.

It was a good and exciting movie until the end.

It got to a point where any single character couldn't be trusted, and it made it all the more gripping.

It has an intriguing premise that besides a great first scene of "the game" being played, it goes nowhere with.

THE GAME is one heck of a great film, as I give it a well-deserved score of 9 because it's so well written and entertaining.

Nicholas Van Orton, a successful businessman lives a good life until an unexpected birthday gift from his brother destroys it all.

I think it worth watching for everybody.

The Game is a suspenseful mystery about a wealthy banker, Nicholas Van Orton played my Michael Douglas, who is a loner in life.

This is a very good and thrilling film.

"The Game" is, to say the least, very, very exciting, despite the...

Some movies have a distinct tone and rhythm, and you just get immersed in them, and it's that proverbial "emotional rollercoaster.

`Deadly Entertainment' The Game: rated R, 1 hour and 28 minutesThe incredible Douglas and Penn combo, along with the thrillingly unpredictable action sequences, are what make The Game such a great, ‘edge of your seat' experience.

It's too long, too boring and too unbelievable .

I mustn't spoil the movie, but it is stunning.

absorbing thriller .

It's worth watching again!

Impossibly engaging only if you know nothing before watching .

Two other elements contribute to elevating The Game above the average mystery tale: a truly unpredictable, phenomenal ending, in pure Fincher tradition (well, at least until he made Panic Room), and the great work by the leading men, Douglas' paranoid desperation slyly erasing all hints of typecasting (after all, this is not the first time he has played someone who is being manipulated; in fact, one scene explicitly spoofs one of those previous movies) and Penn's smug anarchy anticipating director's masterpiece, Fight Club, and its central character, Tyler Durden (without a doubt Brad Pitt's best role to date).

Thrilling till the end .

A thriller that is actually thrilling?

I have to admit the whole premise of putting your brother through all that as a "birthday present" is pretty perverse, but even having already seen the movie, I still thought it was gripping and brilliantly made.

The most unpredictable film ever.

A gripping mystery with the victim of the dangerous game played efficiently by Michael Douglas keeps you on the edge throughout the run time except the last five minuets.

In fact, even though the ultimate point of this movie is the twisting and turning and epic ending, and this time I watched it with the understanding of the plot, I STILL enjoyed it immensely and would still recommend it as highly.

It is a psychological movie that really kept me in suspense until the end OVERALL I RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE with a MIND BLOWING ENDING!!!

First of all the Truman Show has Jim Carrey (a clown 'actor' - his 'acting' abilities are badly shown up here), this has Micheal Douglas, the Truman show is totally boring and unintelligent, this is entertaining and intelligent.

let's just say,the film is suspenseful,action packed and filled with twists ans turns that will keep you guessing.

What follows is an engrossing roller coaster ride with enough twists and turns to keep you at the edge of your seat during the course of its runtime.

Overall I give this film a 6/10, because it is a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the dramatic finale.

But I must say that the event sequence cleared up to be most unexpected and most beautiful.

Wanna absolutely waste two hours of your life?

Always keeping you on the edge of your seat, `The Game' is a brilliantly crafted psychological thriller with a cool scenario.

Once the film ends, it doesn't linger for days in the front of your mind like the best thrillers, but while your watching it you'll be on the edge of your seat, never knowing what it going to happen next.

The premise of The Game is fine: a mischievous brother of a bored businessman finds a company that offers the customer a roller-coaster ride of an experience...

Wealthy and bored man convinces himself that seeming naive game can turn out to be his worst nightmare.

Chock-full of twists and turns till the very end, it's worth watching for its pure thriller value alone.

Keeps you on the edge .

The guy is just meticulous and entertaining when it comes to the thriller genre.

They both are quite entertaining.

Yes, I feel cheated after having been manipulated with so much suspense and tension, and then all resolving in such "dull" way.

His film repertoire is very impressive and it is enjoyable to see one of his early works such as this film and see how he has grown from it.

Certainly not--films that have a singleprotagonist following the truth with the rest of the world disbelieving are so common, they're beyond cliche.

Admit To Yourself That It Sounds Intriguing...

I really feel that had the film-makers speeded up the drawn-out parts of the film, and spent a little more time making Van Orton look like the horrid guy he was supposed to be at the beginning, the ending would have made much more sense.

This movie has so many plot holes you could drive a Mack truck through but, it is brilliantly entertaining.

Good-looking and exciting thriller ruined by a horrible ending .

The film follows a dull and greedy investment banker who is given a card as a birthday present by his brother, who tells him to phone up the company whose expertise lies in some form of enigmatic character building game.

Even Michael Douglas looks completely out of his element, looks bored or maybe that's just what he usually does with films like this.

There's always something odd or exciting going on which means that it holds the attention throughout, from the very beginning to the very ending.

I would highly recommend it.

Extremely pleasant little psycho thriller with fresh script and chilling moments, but actually who would expect Fincher to do something bad or dull?


Then, at the end, the movie literally insults the intelligence of the viewer with its contrived ending.

An exciting exercise in impossibility.

Se7en is probably the best thriller I've ever seen, Panic Room is pretty exciting and I've heard a lot of good things about Fight Club.

He makes even a stock shot of an airplane landing fascinating.

Somehow Sean manages to convey intense discomfort and boundless confidence simultaneously.

Watching him discover secrets and clues was all the more thrilling with his top notch acting.

Then Nicholas gives it a go, and after 3 hours of tests he is good to go.

Michael Douglas seemed bored in his role, proving that he can't really cut it any longer as the lead male in an action thriller.

This movie is a waste of time.

Thrilling, smart, classy, and chalked full with detail, this movie has got it all and more.

This is a movie with an engrossing script, excellent acting and flawless direction.

A psychological thriller, a cat and mouse game, that is ultimately pointless.

It's so enjoyable to watch a control freak like character like Van Orton, pushed in weird to uncontrollable situations, gradually building the suspense.

It's a thrill ride that always keeps you guessing, yet it's enjoyable and keeps you glued.

You're virtually on the edge of your seat waiting to discover the truth...

He is in fact very dissatisfied and bored by life.

If it were to happen a little slower with a few more transition I would find it more pleasurable.

He finds real levels of panic and desperation in his performance here that are fascinating coming from such a normally controlled actor.

It doesn't give you breath: action, suspense, mystery, emotion, one of the best movies I've ever seen, with an extraordinary performance of Michael Douglas, who seems that at some point will suffer a heart attack by so much adrenaline.

I would honestly say that the way Douglas portrayed his character was very cold, that his cold and suppressed nature perfectly fits the creepy neo noir theme of the film, making his very anger very ravage when released during moments of intensity, or personal confusion to Vanhorton.

The previous sentence you just read is how you will feel like when you watch the movie: bit confusing.

Douglas is impressive as a mogul who is thrown into a dangerous game of life in this exciting, well written mystery thriller.

This said, it is quite entertaining - a roller-coaster ride of a movie.

Totally engaging at all times.

I guess this is supposed to keep us on the edge of our chairs for 2 hours.

After watching this movie, I made all my friends sit down and see it so I could watch the look on their faces everytime something unexpected happened.

For 128 minutes, I was able to jettison everything else, and become immersed in a story that was both fresh and fun.

Rather than building up the exciting twists and turns they had planned well in advance, the script felt like the writers were making it all up as they went on.

Mind thrilling with fun entertainment and suspense.

The story moves along briskly and economically, Van Orten fighting to retain control (his biggest fear being to lose control) of a situation that escalates rapidly in a series of adrenaline rushes.

A lively and exciting puzzle-gimmick thriller.

At some point, I felt that the whole scheme scenario simply got a bit repetitive and at the end it was also one twist too many for my taste when he "shot" his brother.

Entertaining .

The Game is a great, suspenseful, fun, ingenious, crafty and original film.

The film did feel too muddled for its own good, there was a sense that they were making it confusing for its audience because they did not know where they were going with it.

Hello and welcome to my world today I have decided to write a review on THE GAME a movie that might seem dull.

The film was silly, unbelievable and very predictable.

A movie that looks good on the surface, but has a totally contrived ending that is shameful to the viewer.

Fincher's work is really great and is definitely worth watching.

Over and over we see him confront ludicrous obstacles that are so contrived and improbable as to be silly.

This is definitely a roller-coaster film that never lets up, throwing nonstop intensity your way, continually remaining unpredictable and serving as the ultimate movie-going escapism.

THE GAME takes you for a suspenseful thrill ride .

Thrilling and entertaining, The Game certainly does not shine as much as some of Fincher's other work, nor is it as enjoyable as Michael Douglas' previous thrillers, but I would still say it is worth the watch if you are looking for a good Mystery, just do not go out of your way to see it.

I was bored halfway through wishing I had chosen the night's movie and not let the hubbs.

it was quite suspenseful to my 16 year old mind which hasn't seen many of the movies of the past with similar approaches and tricks.

But it gets a little bit too thrilling...

This may be even one of the most unpredictable movie you'll ever see in your life!

Very unexpected allthrough.

The Game is a mysterious and suspenseful thriller.

Intense Movie that keeps your mind on its toes .

It keeps you on the edge of your seat for most of the action scenes, and it keeps you wondering, up until the very last minute, what the hell is going on.

The movie makes you think and keeps you on the edge until the very end.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS: A creative and suspenseful story and script centers around Michael Douglas as Nicholas Van Orton, a millionaire/investment banker living it up in San Francisco.

Thrilling, touching movie .

A Thrilling Tale, though it May Fall Flat, .

)BUT--it isn't because just like The Fight Club, Sixth Sense, the usual suspect and other movies before/after it, the entire movie hinges on an unexpected ending.

Silly, stupid and predictable .

Regardless of continual trick endings, you've already suspected the whole thing is a ruse, because if it's not, it's a pretty standard and boring conspiracy thriller.

It's an engaging puzzle that has to be worked out, so `The Game' is quite possibly the best psychological `rubix cube' thriller in years.

I could forgive the innumerable plot holes and general dumbness of this alleged thriller if I could actually feel some interest in pompous businessman Nicholas Van Orton's (a particularly dull performance from Michael Douglas) fate.

The sequence of events were definetly contrived and could cast doubts on it's realism.

Basically, nothing is what it seems and the whole perception of reality and normal life is subverted in THE GAME, which starts off with a typical businessman in a typically dull life and soon goes off in some very strange directions indeed.

Douglas & Penn were perfect and the ending was breathtaking.

Most of the middle Act consists of repetitive encounters that cause Nicholas physical pain and/or major financial and logistical trouble.

What this company provides is a game that will control your life and promises a thrilling experience that you've never felt before.

Very unpredictable, I must add.

The ending was not a big surprise to me (probably the weakest part of the movie), but many of the twists and turns were, so overall I thought it was pretty gripping.

" Yes, these are all Fincher films (as is the brand new American version "Dragon Tattoo" flick and the riveting "Se7en").

Interesting how times change - in a more recent film we would surely have expected more from "Christine" (a fascinating enough character played here by Deborah Kara Unger) - in this respect some of our wishes go rather unfulfilled!

An intriguing 9/10.

Super entertaining .

Drawn out and frustrating .

I saw this after I had seen Se7en and the fact that Fincher had direct Se7en the most staid and plodding film I have seen in a long time and the awful Alien3.

Deborah Unger and character actor James Rebhorn try valiantly to inject some life and Douglas and Penn do what they do best, but ultimately it's an empty exercise.

Mind you I still rated this film 6 out of 10, but only because it was truly engrossing throughout 80% of the film if you allow yourself to be sucked up by it's dark overtones.


We had a suspense crime drama with exciting plot twists and a Scrooge-like protagonist getting his comeuppance, so far so good.

Michael Douglas gives a brilliant performance as a man who is bored with his predictable life.

The beginning of the movie verges on the dull too, where we are treated to lots of brooding shots of Douglas thinking about his long lost father.

You won't want to be in the same situation I was and have to stop watching half way through, it's so gripping you'll be on the edge of your seat until the closing credits.

You really feel the increasing anger and confusion that the main character (played by Michael Douglas) feels as the film progresses.

Ultimately frustrating and possibly David Fincher's worst movie .

It is an incredibly good movie and I enjoyed it because I did not know how it was going to end.

Michael Douglas is the perfect actor for this film-- a truly entertaining one!!

I really too liked the story and thrilling mood from director David Fincher.

Still I'm giving this a 6 because, for most of its running time, it is exciting, fast-moving and fun.

I questioned myself often, "Why do people find this plot to be entertaining?

A fascinating, original absolutely pitch perfect thriller that is mysterious, suspenseful and rich in character.

) boring life as he lives alone in his large mansion and is bored of all around him.

On the other hand there is a great plot, along with a brilliant direction and nice performances that compensate these aspects and even make it one of the most intelligent and suspenseful movies I've seen so far.

So movie was exciting and there were action,adventure,mystery,thriller,drama in the movie.

Constructed and boring .

There is one thrilling scene after another.

As long as one can suspend one's disbelief for a couple of hours, the film is a thrilling ride, full of twists, turns and interesting tricks.

An excellent classic thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Sean Pean is excellent as Nicholas Von Orton's rebellious and unpredictable brother, Conrad.

I nominate it for the 'ride of your life' award, because it sure is a ride, and you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat once it starts twisting and turning.

In both, a brother wants to give his brother an exciting birthday "present": the giving brother hires a theatrical group to secretly entertain his brother on his birthday.

He manages to craft his most suspenseful film to date and having Michael Douglass run around trying to solve the mystery helps the case.

I enjoyed it the same way you would enjoy a good firework show.

It's too complicated to explain, but exciting enough to watch.

Dark, thrilling, entertaining, complex and great acted.

It mixes the gripping ideas of producer David Fincher with the representation of a great main character by Michael Douglas.

His character Nicholas Van Orton goes a little past cliche, which is nice.

The film is full of interesting settings from Nicholas' mansion, to a Mexican border town, to meetings in coffee shops, to cabins in the woods, but despite the actual events taking place being very entertaining to watch, the film never really establishes what truth it is trying to convey.

**HUGE SPOILER** Certain scenes can be so bizarre and confusing that it will likely leave the average viewer with that let-down or "I-don't-get-it" feeling so be warned.

But the flaws dont even matter bc it is so exciting and thrilling that you forget about the flaws.

Awful, terrible don't waste your time.

)The great thing about the movie is that tells the story of a man who has all the material trappings of success, but he's basically a prisoner of his own life, having gotten unknowingly trapped into plodding along like an ox turning a millstone with no way to escape because his own mind is the trap.

And that final "wow' ending (Think of this movie as a really long tedious sermon) matters more than any internal logic.

The plot is deeply contrived and contains a huge amount of x-factors which no psychological tests could predict.

It gets so tedious that I actually skipped three or four chapters onthe DVD.

Expected end in an unexpected way .

Complete waste of time .

This thriller is intelligent, fast-paced, exciting, and involving.

I really enjoyed it.

As such, any second viewing would most likely be pointless, since then you'll know that all the posturing of the slow-burn build up leads to something completely empty.

The pacing from Conrad's invitation on is perfect and to see the way Michael Douglas's in-control businessman is turned inside our by what he sees as 'depraved children' is very engrossing.

It is nowhere near as exciting as we would have anticipated, and I felt somewhat cheated on by this underwhelming finale.

Engrossing thrill ride .

Riveting, from start to end - David Fincher does it again after his slick & grim thriller, Se7en.

I would jam this baby into my top five worst movies of all time list.

For example, the clown in the opening of the movie was fully grounded in The Game, but in any other movie would have just looked like a cliché prop.

THE GAME was an incredibly intense psychological thriller, one that keeps you guessing at what's real and what's not.

The journey is entertaining per se.

This film, so long as you have no prior knowledge of the plot, is one of the most intensely engaging cinematic experiences of the past quarter-century.

This was a decent movie but moves into a huge anti climax and confusion.

This film is a depiction of a total waste of time and money, and as such itself becomes a total waste of time and money.

this was a thrilling action packed movie that even found me biting my nails.

It was so drawn out.

Paranoiac, thought-provoking and highly entertaining thriller.

This intriguing thriller then becomes too neat and loses its vice-like grip in an ending whose tidiness spoils what was until then a dark, scary and baffling film.

The concept of the movie is quite entertaining.

Like all Fincher films, he creates a sense of action that is not obvious, but is as exciting as a regular action movie.

Very few movies succeeds in encapsulating such a compelling plot that consciously subverts the intellect.

After a slow start it gripped my up until the fantastic ending.

When Nicholas first attended CRS, it was disorganized, riddled with odd and even pointless question regarding the physical and physiological, all good factors serving as forefronts to distract him, with enough time for them to make him their pawn.

Whether you liked it or not, it's undeniable that it's, well, unpredictable.

It just ruins so much of the movie, especially because the moment the definite end of the movie is reached, it feels empty.

While "The Game" does not offer profound solutions, it does provide an engaging story about the problem.

All in all, it is a very good film, yes with its foibles but it is an intriguing idea constructed in an entertaining way.

Tedious and unconvincing .

I found the movie draggy and boring.

As I left the theater all I heard from people was "wow - that was great.

Fast Paced Puzzle Box .

Don't waste your money, not even on a 99-cent bargain rental night.

I can truly say I have never regretted not walking out of a film as much as this one in my whole life, two hours of watching paint dry would have been a much more fulfilling and worthwhile experience.

Or then, it may be too intelligent and difficult to follow for casual popcorn eating viewer..8/10

Intense psychological thriller...

This movie is really very thrilling.

It is too clever for its own good and has a few too many plot twists to sustain and it all comes down to an overloaded, bloated, confusing letdown.

One of the most engaging films I have ever enjoyed.

Entertaining and clever .

Plus I thought the end was cheap and way to full of holes** Spoilers ahead ** As mentioned before, I liked how it started out, was intriguing, you definitely get the feel that the lengthy interview process and all the details within would be used against him later on, and they certainly are.

Not to ruin the ending for anyone, but there are only 2 possible endings, and so both are predictable - is everything real or is everything just a game?

Michael Douglas brings the style, Sean Penn brings the edge to this gripping tale.

Micheal Douglas plays the same boring victim he has played in all of his other movies in the past 15 years(with the exeption of Falling Down "1993".

The scenario will captivate and won't release you before the movie ends, with a series of intriguing and tightly woven scenes.

The producers may claim that that THE GAME is more of a journey than a destination whereby the audience are transported somewhere but the more you think about the plot at the end of the line the more the audience will complain that the journey was a little too contrived to be worth going back on the same route !!!!

I, too, have been looking at the opinions of others, and should warn the first-time viewer that although it is all hugely enjoyable and intriguing, it is, at the end of the day, just a piece of very well-made, thoroughly gripping hooey.

The Game is an exciting Hitcock-like yarn, with a principled message of wealth and youth, it's a fantastic thriller with amazing twists and turns from David Fincher.

Although the finale is a bit flat (but highly unexpected) and it had its inevitable boring moments, I strongly recommend this one as I enjoyed it a lot overall.

While The Game lacks in emotional character involvement and, towards the end, becomes rather redundant and plodding, it succeeds in developing a frightening and eerie utopia that, while giving its participants satisfaction and adventure, provides them with a scarring, indelible mark.

The most exciting part of the story is probably the ending, when Nicholas realizes that the whole story was just a try from his brother to make him more natural and change his type of a greedy businessman.

It is a very thrilling movie as we see a man get involved with an organisation that he can not seem to get himself out of.

Except for the last seven or eight minutes, the movie is gripping, exciting, and unpredictable.

Up to the point where this "surprise" is revealed, I'm on the edge of my seat, rooting for our man Douglas to beat the enemy and prevail as the hero.

Fascinating .

A lively and exciting puzzle-gimmick thriller!

The Game is uninteresting.

This film is very original and exciting, and will have many twists and turns throughout the whole film.

Boring, uninvolving, silly and pointless.

But the story is engaging enough that I found myself restraining my disbelief until after the ride was over.

It takes Nicholas from his boring rich life to a life of excitement, suspense, and thrills.

The script is solid, but it is really the effective partnership between Douglas and Fincher, as well as great supporting acting turns from Sean Penn, James Rebhorn and Debra Kara Unger, which really helps ground this slow burning but always engrossing psychological thriller.

Contrived, nonsensical balderdash .

I found it long and drawn out.

Well, to best honest I enjoyed it, regardless of how bad and unrealistic the ending was.

I had a hard time believing that Michael didn't suspect her being involved from the very beginning, there was so much engaging 'stuff' in this film it didn't really matter.

Another negative is how slow the movie is to get going, in the sense that it really doesn't.

The main reason that his number was up was due to his intense fear regarding his father's suicide at age 48, which is the age Nicholas finds himself at in the beginning of the movie and the fact that he might be destined to follow in his father's footsteps, or cursed in that respect, if one believes in curses.

2hr waste of time.

The plot (if a little far-fetched at times) is gripping and what can only be described as 'pure film'.

I enjoyed it today just like I did, ahem...

I was surprised, after reading some of the comments, how much most everybody thought this movie through when all the confusion was over.

As is the case with David Fincher, the film is visually stunning, with intriguing shots and camera angles and bold, stylish colours.

Eventually he will get around to some truly profound notions of narrative folding, and then his apprenticeship with welding style to narrative will be really effective and worth watching.

Even if you guess the end of the movie, or you think is predictable, it is still original.

But in the end, The Game is a worthy film if you are looking for a suspenseful thriller.

Of all the movies by Mr Fincher this has to be the most predictable twist.

Gripping Game From Start To Finish .

Mind Boggling!

This film was scattered, unbelieveable and boring.

It starts off great and has a good suspenseful feel.

Contrived sadistic thriller .

The Game is a terrific moody thriller with a very intelligent and unpredictable plot.

All in all, its a fascinating movie, really worth seeing, even if it does resemble a British mini-series from the eighties called 'the one game'

But this was still thoroughly enjoyable: the big picture premise is truly mind-bending and impressively creative.

Thrilling, Exciting, Attention Grasping until just before the end .

Its a very intriguing tale of a birthday gift, very unique in its nature, from a younger brother, who his elder brother feels is a failure in life, to his elder brother, for whom success in the world is the only thing he wants, and who has spent his life chasing these worldly goals, and has forgotten to live.

From beginning to end, it is a wholly engrossing film, one that is extremely under-rated, in my opinion.

It may heavily border on surrealism at times, but still remains very enjoyable and highly tense.

An Intriguing plot?

Because really you don't see any complex plot twist, and the the film is thrilling and suspenseful with a hard and direct pressed acting performance from Douglas.

'The Game'is unforgiving, the script is contrived and lacks a big dose of logic.

What follows is entirely unbelievable, very boring and did not surprise me in any way.

I mean it becomes predictable everything will be safe and this is where the movie loses its mark.

There are always unexpected events happening.

For the next hour after the game begins we, as the viewers, are taken on a long journey filled with on-foot and car chases, shootouts, kidnapping, explosions, and other cliché and typical action sequences.

On his 48th birthday (the same age his father committed suicide) his brother (Sean Penn) gives him a coupon for CRS (Consumer Recreation Services), a company that gives bored rich people the experience of a lifetime.

I was just glad for the entertaining diversion and a thrilling ride.

I can only suspend my disbelief so far and The Game is about a mile beyond that, the original idea of a man who is bored of life's activities intrigued enough to sign up for a "game" without any idea what it's about.

The 'big twists' were rather predictable I found, and I was just left thinking, 'What a horrible thing to do'.

It's dark, unpredictable and unrelenting.

This is one of the best movies from 1997, it is intelligently done; and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end.

A psychological thriller that is genuinely mysterious and constantly taking turns at unexpected points.

The story is very smart and entertaining.

The best thrillers have two things: growing tension and an unpredictable plot.

having said all that, the movie is still brilliantly made, and in-fact for the above same reasons is a stand-out in the otherwise boring hollywood action-thriller genre.

Great acting, very intense, keeps you on your toes throughout, easy to sit through without getting bored.

Highly entertaining and tense.

It's crazy and exciting and certainly baffling for a viewer--which is part of the game, actually.

This film is gripping to the end, anyone who criticises it is not seeing it for what it is.

Overall "The Game" is a predictable and boring mess that I will never play again.

The gift involves Nick signing up for a mysterious company which offers a 'game', which in turn offers participants a series of surprises that 'provides whatever is lacking' in their mundane life.

With Michael Douglas, Sean Penn and an interesting concept I thought i'd be in for a decent watch but at the end I have to say it is way too contrived and unbelievable, it thinks its clever and symbolic but it isn't and this has the effect of being extremely annoying , the movie is ultimately pointless and i felt cheated im not a fan of Fincher at all extremely overrated, far from the genius he is billed by the public and media.

Sometimes you have to live through your worst nightmare, to submit to or be dragged through your deepest fear in order to transcend it.

Yes, the film was boring.

Brought on by his movie brother, Sean Penn, this amazingly elaborate intervention contains a multi-layered, thrilling plot, invigorated by the family theme or motive behind the ruse.

All in all, there were some nice ideas and sub-plots that, if followed up, could have led to a much more entertaining film.

It was rather to create an exciting ride into the realm of cinematic magic, a world where reality and fiction dance together as elegantly as possible.

The movie had my attention most of the way through, but it also got a bit boring a few times.

Essentially, The Game is an interesting and fascinating film.

The cab into the water, any slower reaction, and Nicholas could really be drowned in the water.

There are many very good moments in this movie, and it is, over long periods, simply thrilling.

Even though i realized early on, this would be one of those movies, that would break down and descend into absurdity, i have to admit , that I found it suspenseful and entertaining.

Even the cinematography is mundane and tired.

He's ostensibly isolated and possibly on his own, taking us along down a confusing and difficult journey.

If you want a gripping thriller, go for this one.

I wasn't disappointed, I got a very entertaining film.

Any one looking for a mind blowing thriller and mystery.

It actually bored me so much I was simultaneously reading a magazine until about the last 15 minutes.

I expected a great, entertaining, and unforgettable movie.