The Game Changers (2018) - Documentary

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A UFC fighter's world is turned upside down when he discovers an elite group of world-renowned athletes and scientists who prove that everything he had been taught about protein was a lie.

Director: Louie Psihoyos
Stars: James Wilks, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 34 out of 212 found boring (16.03%)

One-line Reviews (72)

I was blown away,this film was so exciting, tense, informative and funny all together.

Vegan Propaganda .

But this is pure propaganda in advert form.

Definitely worth watching.

James Cameron and his wife have a vested interest, through their veg companies, for this propaganda to be produced.

Propaganda in Advertising Works.

Although convinced a whole food plant based is the way to go, I found the documentary rather boring and bland.

I'm not saying I will go vegan after this, but I do believe it sets some interesting goal posts and tells us an engaging story.

Not a documentary, just pseudo-science vegan propaganda.

Of course, some are complaining about its sources (and naturally the meat industry is collectively clutching their pearls), but I thought it presented a very compelling, rational, and well argued case for why we should all eat a plant-based diet, and how elite athletes don't need meat to perform at the top of their game.

It was a compelling watch from start to finish and pretty convincing that I resolved to change the way I eat.

It's pure propaganda.

I thought it was very interesting, engaging and inspiring.

Total vegan propaganda .

Instead, they filmed content going in a thousand different directions and then tried to string all the disjointed parts together.

Biased propaganda .

Nonsensical vegan propaganda.

Unscientific Propaganda .

It is suggested that our digestive tract is too long for us to be carnivores.

This absolute propaganda, like every other vegan doc.

More vegan propaganda spwed out.

Informative, Entertaining, Motivating .

Propaganda .

Propaganda .

So for those reviews that call this documentary a "propaganda" fest, perhaps you've never watched a documentary before?

Brainwashing propaganda .

A cheap and amateur propaganda misleading the unfamiliar with human physiology audience.

This documentary is well written, and are more entertaining than some movies that I've watched.

Well produced, informative, and entertaining as hell .

This movie was entertaining, informative (if you've never studies plant based diets that is, otherwise no real new thoughts here) and reconfirmed what most vegans already know.

It all sound like a big propaganda or political commercial.

Worth watching it!

I find it frightening that propaganda expanded from politics to our daily lives and those manipulators(film producers which also produce vegan products) hurt people's health to grab their money into own pockets.

Interesting film with compelling examples to encourage plant based diets.

It makes some valid points but most of it is clear propaganda.

This movie though well put together to influence thought trends is pure propaganda, with no concrete basis in fact.

A great piece of propaganda .

Garbage pseudo science propaganda .

It explains real science in an entertaining way combined with great stories.

Boring, emotional and not scientific enough.

Plus Arnie is rubbish now selling out to the propaganda.

This movie was dull and basically made a straw man out of eating meat.

Per one of the other eviews, you need to listen to the Joe Rogan podcast episode #1389, before you make a lifestyle change based on a propaganda piece.

Has to be some government propaganda .

Extremely disappointed, massive vegan propaganda .

This movie is very informative, humorous and exciting at the same time.

Entertaining and informative .

Even if you don't agree with it, you have to admit (or should be able to), that this is nicely structured, well researched and overall entertaining

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's propaganda.

There's a lot of confusing information and content that doesn't really make sense.

This is coming from someone immersed in the fitness industry for the last 25 years, consuming copious amounts of animal based protein, 'because that's what we were told to believe'.

Important, entertaining and for some probably shocking .

Truly incredible and fascinating!

Maybe 10% scientific facts, the rest dangerous vegan propaganda.

The documentary certainly comes off as very propaganda driven as it's produced by James Cameron who is in the business of plant-based protein products and hence everything which is not meat-free and dairy-free is deemed toxic.

There was a pre-show I wasn't even aware of and most of the bonus material was repetitive, pointless, and deserved to be left out.

If you want a substitute for sleeping pills then watch this movie because I fell asleep watching it in cinema's.

Very compelling arguments for becoming a plant-based vegan!

Borefest .

Propaganda sold as a documentary .

Boring, too emotional, too long.

For that alone I would have enjoyed it.

A really exciting, informative and funny movie.

It's basically a propaganda film to promote a plant based diet.

Stop making these nonscientific, propaganda movies that has nothing to do with improving health!

Healthy Propaganda.

Very powerful and compelling.

Cherry picking Giant Waste of Time .

Biased, False, and Confusing to Those Who Don't Know Much About Nutrition .

Largely a propaganda piece for a vegan diet.

Only one way to describe Game Changers, an incredible ride of bore.