The Garden of Words (2013) - Animation, Drama, Romance

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A 15-year-old boy and 27-year-old woman find an unlikely friendship one rainy day in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Stars: Miyu Irino, Kana Hanazawa
Length: 46 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 4 out of 63 found boring (6.34%)

One-line Reviews (41)

The rain hitting the pond's surface and the scenic backgrounds of Tokyo are just a few of the stunning visuals that make this the most beautiful film in all of anime currently.

Clocking at just 46 minutes yet allowing enough space for its characters to breathe, The Garden of Words is a fascinating take on loneliness that's short, simple & rich with emotions.

Simple story, visually stunning.

The impact of each word makes the movie into a masterpiece worth watching.

The awful slow pace of the first 90% of the film is made bearable with the very best animated art I've seen, complete with complex depictions of everyday life in Tokyo as well as even harder and visually stunning vistas of a public garden.

The colours are so vibrant and conspicuous that one can simply not afford to lose attention, because momentarily, we transcend reality and become immersed in dreamlike beauty.

just a little bit and i think the results look even more stunning.

The animation is the main draw, and it is simply stunning.

The dialogue is intense and almost violent, and at the same time kind of silly in a strange way.

stunning in its vision...

I personally would've liked to spend a bit more time with the characters and for the movie to take its time while telling the story; which is rather fascinating.

The story is good but the imagery is simply breathtaking

The story seems to advance at a disjointed pace creating a bit of confusion at the viewer, some sequences are way too fast and some not as much.

This film is worth watching because it is left open-ended allowing for deep and symbolic concepts to be left to personal interpretation.

The artwork and animation is just breathtaking.

It made for an entertaining experience.

It can be very predictable, can be very cheesy when two people are hugging and crying at the end.

Visually this movie is breathtaking - the anime really can't be faulted.

I thought the animation in this film was superb (very lifelike) and the story was enjoyable.

Good slow romantic movie, full of Japanese tropes .

Absolutely stunning.

Visually stunning with a good story .

was the basic fascinating aspect of film, for me.

The plot is incredibly slow, making the 46 minutes seem far longer.

Visually stunning.

The rest is boring and forgettable.

Its story telling is wonderful and its stunning to look at.

Over the course of the semester I came to talk a lot to a woman who was almost always there, whether the others were or not, and our conversation became quite enjoyable.

One of the most visually stunning animated films I've ever seen.

The Garden of Words is a wonderful short film that displays beauty that I have never experienced in animation; its visuals and emotional music, elevates its hard-hitting themes and compelling characters, emphasising emotions rather than thought.

The first thing you'll notice is that the movie looks stunning.

Though most of the setting take place in Shinjuku Park and it it a small short film, the emotional depth is expansive and engaging.

A visually-stunning, poetically woven romance of two differently aged loners (not 'lovers') - one a young aspiring shoemaker, the other a young working-professional.

Version I saw: UK Bluray releaseActors: 6/10Plot/script: 5/10Photography/visual style: 9/10Music/score: 6/10Overall: 7/10Makoto Shinkai is a master of visually stunning, quite short films that are heavy on 'feels'.

If you just have one single atom of romantic notion in you, you will find this engaging and more than entertaining to watch

Overall, well worth watching.

Besides the breathtaking visuals, the characters within the film are great.

Personally, I rather enjoyed it.


More importantly, I enjoyed it.

The piano music, the slow calm storytelling voice that hides the deep feeling underneath, the green lush vegetation in a Tokyo park, the detailed attention to rain drops and so on.