The Gate (1987) - Fantasy, Horror

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Kids, left home alone, accidentally unleash a horde of malevolent demons from a mysterious hole in their suburban backyard.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Tibor Takács
Stars: Stephen Dorff, Christa Denton
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 4 out of 93 found boring (4.3%)

One-line Reviews (33)

The gradual build-up in the opening half leads to a delightfully surreal and nightmarish second half which culminates in a lively and exciting climax.

However the boredom is relieved by some good special effects in the form of a number of small demons, who generally try to drag some people into the gate.

The hole's appearance at the very beginning and its contrived openings along with the discovery of the strange rocks starts this off rather well, and with the supernatural lights and party levitation tricks which all come along together very well.

Moreover, the main characters are well developed and genuinely appealing: Dorff and Tripp make for engaging leads while Christa Denton brings an endearingly spunky charm to her role as Glen's sweet older sister Al.

Stephen Dorff is a spirited, engaging little actor.

It is rather boring.

There's the creation of the second pit beneath the house, the abduction of their friends and the initial haunting dreams to go along with these scenes as well as the frantic finale which features everything from tiny demons crawling throughout the house to the fight against the multi-limbed monstrosity that appears at the end which provides this with plenty of rather enjoyable action-packed scenes that come off quite fun due to the supernatural bent to these scenes.

First, the pre-CGI special effects are pretty amazing, including, but not limited to, the intensely creepy "minions" which were stunning in the late eighties and remain so today.

A great 80's movie for those of us who remember being stuck in suburbia, and wishing for something exciting to happen!...

This was quite a fun and enjoyable kid-friendly effort.

You can usually count on Tibor Takács to do an entertaining "B" movie, and he doesn't disappoint here.

Inconsequential fluff though it may be, the film still succeeds in being an enjoyable piece of family friendly horror thanks to its likable young cast and a whole slew of impressive pre-CGI special effects, including some excellent stop motion animation and clever use of forced perspective during the scenes involving the tiny minions (I always wondered how they did those—thanks IMDb!

Oh well, this was still a surprisingly enjoyable film, I definitely recommend picking it up, it's usually in a bargain bin somewhere...

The rest is pretty tedious.

The supernatural activity is kept to such a minimum that it really feels in a back-seat against the film's main point which is the teen angst drama of being unable to connect with his sister as she grows up as this particular storyline overwhelms the movie so much to the detriment the more horror-centered elements found in the second half the other flaw to this one is the absolutely banal and ridiculous special effects used for the demons here, with some really bad stop-motion photography that's jerky and obvious and just plain up-front about its origins which really tends to lower this one somewhat.

I love the opening scene, the monsters and the thrilling scenes it contains.

However this turned out to be a distinctly average, politically correct, teen-orientated horror film and boredom quickly sets in as we are treated to an insight of this boy and his family's life.

A hugely enjoyable 80's teen horror blast .

If you are ever in the mood of seeing a funny and thrilling 80's horror movie, please watch The Gate!

Things actually get good when a big, tentacled Lovecraftian monster rises out of the hallway and the film becomes entertaining.

Even for adult viewers, "The Gate" can be enjoyable as long as you can get past the silly plot and typically teenage acting performances.

The Gate starts out slow and it ends up going nowhere.

Then again, I enjoyed it more this time around because The Gate is pure eighties goodness, and is nice, light hearted stuff.

Soon after the parents leave, all hell breaks loose..literally! This is a horror title that probably should be watched by anyone in for an entertaining little ride.

It stands out as the worst movie of 1987 that I have ever seen.

"The Goonies" for example started out interesting but very soon became silly and pointless.

With everything from a creepy telephone call, monstrous hands reaching from under a bed, ghostly moths, melting parents, a zombie in the walls, diminutive demon minions, a massive, multi limbed, four-eyed Lovecraftian beast, and even that hoary old horror cliché, a Satanic album revealing magical incantations when played backwards, The Gate is a messy hodge podge of tried and tested ideas tied together by that most uninspired of premises—the 'entrance to Hell'.

Aside from this, once the filmmakers of The Gate get into these monsters and terrible things happening to this house and then how the set-up and pay-off in the script happens with some toy rockets, it's genuinely charming and exciting as a horror movie.

Really enjoyable kid-friendly horror effort .

The practical effects still hold up and the story is fairly entertaining.

it rivals, possibly surpasses evil dead 2 for the worst movie i have ever seen.

" Overall, "The Gate" is a film worthy of it's cult film status and is a unique horror film that's well worth watching.

The acting is nondescript, and the only parts worth watching are those with the monsters in which do make up for the rest of the mundane story.