The General's Daughter (1999) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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When the daughter of a well-known and well-respected base commander is murdered, an undercover detective is summoned to look into the matter and finds a slew of cover-ups at West Point.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Simon West
Stars: John Travolta, Madeleine Stowe
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 56 out of 278 found boring (20.14%)

One-line Reviews (207)

I thought this movie was an interesting movie, but it was predictable.

Happily it rises above their standard and I found this to be really quite enjoyable with the pace and energy of the film covering over the slightly convoluted plot.

The General's Daughter is a slick,engrossing murder mystery,That'll keep you guessing.

The real cast highlight for me, however, is the stunning Madeleine Stowe (remember her from 1992's excellent "Last of the Mohicans"?

The plot was not overly complicated and easy to follow - signs of good pacing from a decent director, it was an excellent tale of revenge - I enjoyed it - and if you normally don't like these types of movies - then ignore what you consider these types - because it isn't - it's on it's own class.

A derivative murder mystery, but an enjoyable one .

This looks stunning on DVD.


John Travolta stars in an entertaining thriller/who dunnit about a Generals daughter who is murdered under very strange curcumstancies and the ensuing investigation which at every turn brings up a new lead and a new suspect.

The acting is extraordinary and the story strong, but the director chose to use his camera to manipulate the audience by using every visual cliche available.

Spend your money on something worthwhile and entertaining, like "Besieged".

Not travolta's best film, but it is very enjoyable.

A very entertaining film in all respects, I thought.

On a closing note, I wish people would stop repeating the plot in their reviews: it's boring, redundant and does not provide a bit of film analysis.

One of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

The rest of the cast turns in relatively weak performances, especially James Cromwell in a tedious outing as the villain of the piece.

This is an entertaining movie to watch - mostly because John Travolta is really interesting in his role.

But West does a great job of keeping the material exciting.

This movie was one big cliche.

Brilliant, powerful, and gripping Mystery / Thriller.

The circumstances of the killing are bizarre and the search for the truth unearths a number of unexpected findings that could potentially derail careers, cause great embarrassment to certain individuals and seriously damage the reputation of the Army.

A crashing bore of a movie, and a pretty nasty bore at that.

Very good enjoyable movie.

Do yourself a favour, save your money and don't go see this movie.

I just have some complains due to the fact that until 40~50 minutes the film is a little boring, having too many names and faces.

It's a shame that the season of Arlington Road and The Sixth Sense had also such predictable movies.

For once, I'd like to see one of these high octane directors (Michael Bay, West or Tony Scott) take on a project with some depth and complexity rather than these banal popcorn flicks.

Clues are regularly served up on silver platters, and the entire film is dragged along by the convenient action of minor characters.

Also unnecessary and quite trite was the affair that happened years ago between Travolta and Stowe.

It was the worst kind of dry, macho, Hollywood drivel imaginable, with lots of frowning men trying to look intense, and lots of pretentious posturing and "you don't know how high this thing goes!

JT soon dons a shabby raincoat and this becomes a mundane whodunit.

Lots Of Pluses and Minuses, But Entertaining .

And you can see that James Woods tried hard to infuse some sparkle into the insipid lines and to bring some depth into the shallow and cliché-ridden character he plays.

After Stefanson is brutally murdered, after an apparent gang rape, Travolta is teamed with a former girlfriend (Madelaine Stowe, looking even more drab than usual).

Unless you're home, snowbound (or something of the sort), there is nothing else to do or watch and this movie is on TV, you're probably better off engaging in some other activity...

The third worst movie ever made .

The long, complicated answer to the whodunit seems tacked on, and much of the story is advanced by conversations and cliche interrogation scenes.

Just breathtaking...

Instead, this really smelled like a way for the producers to exploit some S&M fantasies while scolding men for engaging in -- S&M fantasies!

An endless line of predictable clichés.

The story with the power of a sledge hammer presents powerful scenes toward the end making the film well worth watching.

Ultimate Unbelievable and Boring .

However the plot was shaky, unrealistic and a little hard to follow.

A really good movie, with an excellent cast, and a really thrilling plot.

Kudos on the director and cast for taking this difficult storyline and making into a powerful and exciting drama.

entertaining sleaze .

But it knows this and is able to look past it's cliché's and have fun with the genre.

Though his character was poorly written and bland (so not all the fault falls on him), he looks tired and bored during most of the scenes, and is hardly any fun to watch.

Slick and engrossing.

He is perfectly casted and recites his dialog in such a way that during his confronting scenes, the audience is on the edge of their seats and breathless.

Don't waste your time .

Considering the drawn out topic, its above average in its field.

Whether he is a soldier first or a Police Officer may have a bearing on what he does with the truth once he has it in this compelling and complex mystery.

It all just seemed a bit haphazard and disjointed - and the ending didn't satisfy either.

There are lots of orange filters, helicopters flying around, various shots of cool military stuff, dramatic music and slow mo close ups of things falling to the ground.

A very entertaining film from start to finish, and a true murder mystery of greater proportions.

However, despite its somewhat perfunctory development, 'The General's Daughter' remains an enjoyable, and surprisingly engrossing, experience principally owing to the performances of John Travolta, James Woods, the increasingly watchable James Cromwell and a redundant, but nonetheless engaging, Madeleine Stowe.

A boring suspence, actionless action, senseless drama film.

It will often leave you on the edge of your seat,while entertaining you in the process.

A well-made, suspenseful mystery/thriller.

Oh, and this for the ones who thought the rape and bondage scenes intriguing, rent a porno, may I suggest "Army Sluts".

i found this movie very riveting and engaging,although very disturbing.

So if you are looking for a familiar but really good, intense, and exciting action murder mystery THE GENERAL'S DAUGHTER is well worth seeing.

Though based on true events, the film's screenplay fails to develop a particularly compelling or surprising story, settling instead for a gallery of essentially stereotypical characters.

This is a solid, tightly crafted flick and though not a defining moment in film making history, it is an enjoyable and entertaining film worth seeing.

It is exciting, thrilling and suspenseful and addition to this John Travolta gives a powerhouse performance.

beautifully filmed,entertaining drama.

If you're looking for an intelligent, gripping movie that keeps you interested from beginning to end, you'll find it in this one.

The main theme of rape is dicey to begin with, but the movie's confusing plot line does nothing to add to the filmmaker's stand.

Naw, just wait for it to come out on Showtime when you're really bored.

There is one particular line in the film where Travolta describes what precautionary measures one must do in this day and age before engaging in sexual intercourse that had me laughing for at least five minutes after the joke was over.


There's too much of an attempt to set this up as a "mystery thriller" so that it actually ended up becoming rather dull waiting to see it through to its inevitable conclusion.

Worth watching!

Some of other commenters have noted this movie's characteristic, tiresome Hollywood anti-military component.

If you can overlook Travolta's accent, James Woods and James Cromwell's miscasting, and a southern county sheriff storyline that is unnecessary as it advances the film none and is there only to make fun of southerners, then the movie is worth watching right up until the final 10 minutes.

She's smart, clever and the scenes between her and Travolta were enjoyable.

From the opening credits through bloody-pawed cats and Carmina Burana to the final rainy blast this is a highly contrived film.

Here's an example of how trite some of the dialogue is.

The ending is disappointing to say the least, and I left the theater feeling cheated.

But that's only the beginning of the sleazy, distasteful imagery which Travolta and his partner (Stowe) become immersed in.

An intense thriller full of twists and turns .

THe interactions between him and Travolta's character were the most entertaining parts of the movie, and worth the price of admission.

On the other hand, the movie has an outstanding cast, is well acted and is engaging from beginning to end.

The stakes are high and the pressure on the investigator is enormous but his determination to see the job through provides the basis for this thoroughly absorbing tale of corruption, cover-ups and one of the worst forms of betrayal imaginable.

They show that's its not all spit-and-polish, snappy salutes and marching in formation.

I left the theater thinking of what a great cast did for this film.

I was quite surprised,by how engaging it truly was,the 6.1 rating is horribly low,for the quality of this film.

Gen Joseph Campbell is one to remember,and very suspenseful.

I cannot explain why, maybe a magnificent cinematographer is all a film needs, but it is riveting viewing.

Flawed but gripping movie, violence is difficult to watch.

For a movie that pretends to be so self-righteous, a lot of unrighteousness sure gets swept under the carpet so the contrived ending can take place.

The story is so intricate that it's hard to follow.

There was a scene when James Wood and Travolta was engaged in a intense dialogue...

Some snappy dialogue helps move things along.

Much of the investigation feels rather mundane, only to be punctuated by the overly gratuitous nature of the crimes involved.

I am sorry to admit that this was the first time I fell asleep in a cinema.


So unbearable I almost shut the movie off, Thank God that did not last very long.

A few scenes are such clever rip-offs, they're nearly intriguing .

The whole movie was thrilling from beginning to end, and I'm looking forward to purchasing it when it is released to the public.

Travolta delivery all as top billing actor and James Woods has a great performance and the unexpected stand the audience until to the final!!!

James Woods plays Colonel Robert Moore who is Elisabeth's mentor and he shares some fairly intense scenes with Paul before and after he is thrown in jail.

This movie is a waste of time.

It's sexist, racist, and revels in drawn-out shots of the title character's dead body.

This movie was watchable, certainly not one of the worst I've ever seen, but it was loaded with every kind of cinematic cliche-the answerable-to-no-one style of the military, the pairing of former lovers to solve a crime, the harrowing descent of the victim before her demise.

He is riveting, humourous and effective in the new film, "The General's Daughter," as he tries to solve a bizarre murder, which forms the center of the story.

You do have to think about who the killer might be throughout the movie,and ,looking back,there were an engaging list of charecters to choose from,and,if I'd concentrated and used my brain a bit more during the course of the film,I could possibly have made it a more interesting experience than it already was,had the initial revelation of the story been not so straightforward Simon West style.

The General's Daughter was an intriguing story but it had so many plot fillers and gaps that you leave the theater feeling, well, cheated.

Simon West wanted to make something slow after the Con Air.

As for the directions the movie takes, the development of the investigation is predictable and the good explanations for the main suspense case are soon overwhelmed by nonsense or cliché explanations and reasons of the main characters.

A movie that starts out well, then becomes very unbelievable and boring.

The film is engaging although disappointing in the end.

He's menacing, suspect, yet still sensual -- in a way that is both frightening and intriguing.

The investigation given by Brenner (Travolta) and Sarah Sunhill (Madeleine Stowe) starts somehow confusing and as it keeps going it keeps getting less confusing.

There's also a breathtaking shot of West Point, NY, where a small portion of the story takes place.

Strong and intriguing plot based on a novel,how the whole facts were inside the US Army probably the writer inspired in something alike that should happened in the past..and the picture works and hold you for a clever screenplay,the main cast carry on the story as good thriller,intense for a type of a so daring subject...


A well made and suspenseful, though grisly, mystery .

Pretentious, slow, and often boring.

The action sequences are very well choreographed and the climax is pretty intense.

It has the most stunning soundtrack I have encountered for a long time.

Pretty entertaining .

The film is so precise in its dialogue, so intelligent in its story, so tense in its confrontations, and so brutal in its subject matter that this can only be described as one of the years most intriguing movies.

The plot is - at best - average and extremely predictable.

"The General's Daughter" is a masterfully suspenseful thriller in which the audience can only try to guess what the truth is.

While far from a great story, this is still an absorbing one.

The narrative is strong & completely compelling.

Very entertaining.

The point of clear fiction aside, the story is intriguing.

It makes for relatively uninteresting cinema.

Would it be suspenseful?

After reading the very entertaining novel by Nelson De Mille, I was prepared for 2 hours of action and suspense, boy, was I wrong.

This film is not only offensive and gratuitous, it is also very dull.

Too many bad jokes and one liners (even though there is a delicious joke about lawyers), and a few pointless subplots plague the story, and inevitably sink this movie onto the levil of the typical MOR action movie.

This is only the stuff of an empty headed action film, and we later realise has nothing to do with the rest of the movie.

But even if, her role was empty, and her relationship with Travolta went nowhere.

First of all, some parts became boring and did not focus much on the plot.

Sometimes boring.

An entertaining, above average thriller.

Spiced up with violence and sex and a pretty naked girl, it's still more suited for deep overthinking than for perching on the edge of one's seat.

But it is a tremendously unpleasant film to watch and though there are some really good scenes (I loved the scene of Stowe getting the captain to confess all about the rape), many scenes just seemed contrived and fell flat.

John Travolta trades his boogie shoes for Army boots as he delves into a deep-dish mystery of sex, duty, and passion, and while he and the rest of a strong cast serve up some entertaining performances, the movie at the center of things feels simultaneously overdone and half-baked.

The scenes between Travolta and suspect James Woods have a crackling and unpredictable energy.

James Cromwell was good as the General but certainly not good enough to salvage this, cliche filled, effort.

The General's Daughter's actually a bit boring.

Sadly, at this point the film makers decided to make it a propaganda film by shamefully manipulating the audience.

With a surprise ending that was so contrived, in the light of the serious subject matter, that it came across almost as a comedy.

Although I had the beginning of "American Dream" in my head, I still enjoyed it.

I strongly recommend this exciting thriller to anyone bored with the standard fare.

My wife and I recently saw a fascinating documentary on prostitutes.

The movie was a tense, well acted but cliche ridden murder/mystery.

Weak and trite.

Well made film version of the thrilling Nelson DeMille novel that has it all, including a fine performance from Travolta as the investigator who searches for the truth surrounding the murder of the general's daughter.

I leave you to see "The General's Daughter," a well made and intense thriller to start the summer season.

The witty remarks between him and Travolta are really what make this film worth watching.

It was a great way to spend two hours,therefore,I highly recommend it.

Excellent murder mystery, very suspenseful, very intriguing .

This is a corny and predictable film.

While The General's daughter is a well-made and gripping thriller, the message it professes to deliver is two-faced.

Still, there are some enjoyable points, like the astonishing cinematography, largely in sick yellow and always sweaty; it gives the feeling that all the characters were imprisoned in some hellhole.

One of the most thrilling movies and i would love to see John Travolta to play a role in like this movie again

A summer movie either needs a killer plot that keeps you hanging on or enough bloody violence and explosion that lack of plot doesn't matter.

But I was left feeling empty about this film; the plot; the characters; and their hidden "double" personalities just didn't ring true to me; or have any depth either.

Formulaic but enjoyable .

Travolta is at his best in this suspenseful thriller that places him between the proverbial rock and hard place.

Hard to say anything against this; it is a very entertaining movie with good dialogues and very solid to brilliant acting by everyone, the story is full of variety and you never know really what will come next, and finally this movie has a (feministic) message and is based on a real story.

" Madeleine Stowe plays Travoltas investigative sidekick expertly well adding EXTRA tension to a script that already has the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Very enjoyable.....

Entertaining, no more no less .

Great movie, tense and suspenseful .

Contrived .

Things picked up after about thirty minutes and an interesting plot seemed to be unfolding, notwithstanding a totally pointless distracting sideline -- a hokey, done-a-thousand-times-better bit of turf-war animosity between a civilian cop and the swaggering military investigator (Travolta).

One problem with the movie is that Travolta and Stowe get off to a slow start.

this movie has a superior cast; is wonderfully shot and edited, with an engaging plot line.

The General's Daughter pulls out all the stops to give you an unpredictable ride,you won't soon forget!.

It's mystery IS compelling for the majority of the film, which is nicely photographed and well-made.

A little predictable.

Aside from the baggage of the many villainous roles he's played, which sit in the back of the viewer's mind and enhance the uncertainties of this story, Colonel Moore is just the most fascinating character here.

A violent, flawed, but ultimately quite entertaining movie.


Father Christmas types with a toothful of grins and a kid at each arms, as in the nazis/Russians/US propaganda pictures ?

There is a scene in the film that I found engaging when Paul is told by General Campbell "You're going to have to decide on this one, Paul.

I personally enjoyed it after even just seeing it on the video tape.

The plot is compelling and suspenseful, the acting is generally superb, and the script does not let down either.

The General's Daughter is quite a compelling film with particularly outstanding performances from James Cromwell and James Woods.

Despite a derivative storyline with several genre clichés, The General's Daughter remains entertaining as a murder mystery.

The story and plot are both extremely distasteful - but in the hands of a talented director, we might've actually been forced to face this issue as adult filmgoers - instead - we get essentially a slick snuff film - juvenile, sleazy exploitation that's just pointless.

Nonetheless, some really outstanding acting, and a few very compelling scenes in a mediumly-scripted version of what I've heard is a brilliant novel.

Overall quite enjoyable and even amusing .

one of the worst movies i have ever seen, and just about the most depressing you can imagine.

" Most of The General's Daughter is by-the-numbers, but a few scenes are such clever rip-offs, they're nearly intriguing.

Yet at times contrived lighting and set design clearly take precedence over content and this runs the risk of turning the film into an exercise in self-parody.

compelling mystery....

The worst movie I ever saw is rated like a 9 by critics, "Death in Venice" They are just movies - and not many of you here are going to be Ebert and his buddies?

Travolta does his role justice where the character could easily have been played mundane at best and horrid at worst.

Unfortunately, anyone relying on this for their adrenaline fix, will be sadly disappointed:, the plot is weak, the overacting is painful ( Clarence Williams III as Colonel Fowler looks like he is in agony in every scene) action is AWOL for most of the movie, and the "surprises" aren't.

The ending was quite empty; even though I liked the twist involving James Woods' character.

John Travolta's performance is fine, if a little uneven, and Madeleine Stowe is good, but somewhat limited by a script which is sometimes banal, particularly in her lines.

Ridiculously contrived story about the going's on behind the scenes in the US military.

My friends were overwhelmed by an intense rape scene.

Everything was going fine until the whole thing was wrapped up in an unexpected way that didn't seem to have any real purpose except to put the blame on the guy you least expected, which was a little too cliched for my tastes.

Compared with the gruesome murder scenes in, say, "Seven", which horrify by presenting brief glimpses and letting the imagination do the rest, these scenes are drawn-out and heavy-handed.

Firstly, I'd like to say that the movie IS worth watching, especially if you're flicking through the channels on TV and it happens to be playing.

Those expecting something synonymous with his name will be disappointed, those looking for recognisable names and faces in role you know they can play in their sleep on top of what is a rather engaging narrative of depravity and inner-filth will not be.

This film has a really intriguing plot.

The brief moments John Travolta and James Woods try to one-up, compliment, and simultaneously insult one-another are in a grandiose Tom Cruise/Jack Nicholson "Few Good Men" style that demands that you be compelled, even if you know there's probably a more intriguing interrogatory storyline on this afternoon's Judge Judy.