The Ghost Writer (2010) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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A ghost writer, hired to complete the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister, uncovers secrets that put his own life in jeopardy.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Roman Polanski
Stars: Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 89 out of 380 found boring (23.42%)

One-line Reviews (402)

It kept me mildly interested in the drawn out plot, hence two stars instead of one.

We can now feel fear, excitement, and adrenaline along with the character.

Polanski delivers his message about power and corruption in a subtle, engaging way, and delivers his message with a wry, humorous edge.

Unfortunately, everything else pales by comparison with this half-hour stretch of attraction and adultery: The seen-before thriller plot Polanski himself seems bored with.

A Journey into Boredom .

A very enjoyable, meticulous film that demands and rewards patience.

If that wasn't enough, the whole story was so astonishingly predictable.

Slower than slow .

The story slowly unravels, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Lets start with the casting problems:1) Ewan McGregor plays the Ghost Writer as a completely bland character with no particular special cognitive skills.

Why waste your time on a pastiche of sneering anti-American clichés?

So when Williams, as Lang's wife Ruth, shows unexpected fire and passion we are taken by surprise – without any of the voyeuristic appeal of watching Ewan McGregor bare his bottom – as he, or his double, does quite readily.

In fact,rather than eagerly awaiting each scene, I found myself fidgeting in my seat, praying for the credits to arrive.

The Ghost Writer is a very exciting thriller.

Plot holes and unspectacular boredom .

but nonetheless enjoyable.

An intriguing thriller .

There is no problem with a long film, but it feels like the more intense scenes were too short.

An intriguing mystery from Roman Polanski .

Not that the movie isn't good, I enjoyed it.

Last point is that this film was a waste of time.

Engaging story, interesting characters, incredible mood and sense of place (amazingly, locations in Germany substituted brilliantly for Martha's Vineyard -- having spent some time on the Vineyard, I was completely convinced that's what I was seeing, forgetting during the film that Polanski wouldn't have set foot on U.


Quite entertaining, though wouldn't say this is among Polanki's finest overall is quite solid and ended up positively surprised .

The plot is centered on a substitute ghostwriter who's been hired to revise the memoirs of an empty suit of a former British Prime Minister, one Adam Lang; a thinly-disguised Tony Blair-type, bowing to the whims of the most vacant cipher to ever sit behind the desk in the Oval Office.

My initial impression was that this was pretty slow, although the scenery is impressive.

It bored me after awhile as nothing really happened of note and what little was happening didn't really do much in terms of taking me along with the film.

Well worth watching if it appeals to you.

The biggest twist was so predictable, that I couldn't believe it they would actually having it in the movie.

Olivia Williams makes Ruth Land, Adam's wife, such riveting screen presence and her character one of the most interesting among all.

Low on action, but still pretty entertaining I must say.

Suspenseful and intriguing is the best way to describe this film.

This Movie is so slow you can easily go take a bathroom break and come back and you will have missed nothing So in my humble opinion this isn't worth seeing in the Cinema, it could maybe work out a bit at home, so you can take a break and walk your dog or something.

I saw plot holes, hard to believe twists, inconsistencies, Kim Cattrall's awful performance, slow continuity, and in general it never got me in suspense or puts me in any kind of emotion.

Intriguing mystery suspense film of hidden secrets, and conspiracy that holds your attention and interest clearly one of Polanski's best.

Engaging story, interesting characters, incredible mood and sense of place (amazingly, locations in Germany substituted brilliantly for Martha's Vineyard -- having spent some time on the Vineyard, I was completely convinced that's what I was seeing, forgetting during the film that Polanski wouldn't have set foot on U.

The plot summary from The Ghost Writer may sound as a bit dry to some people, but as well as Polanski made the world of the book collectors fascinating in The Ninth Gate, he again shows his expertise to drive a deceptively simple story, whose unexpected twists and hidden secrets are revealed at the same time the characters win detail and deepness.

The aid of the grim cinematography and the suspenseful music adds a punch too.

The Ghost Writer: A Stunning Piece of Plot and Acting-One of the Most Subtle and Excellent Thrillers I Have Seen in Years .

The film manages to build a tense undercurrent of suspicion with little outward effort: the story- line weaves without sinking into chaos, and the twists in plot are genuinely unexpected.

The plot is good in so much that it intends to shed some light into the possibilities of high profile propaganda and set up in political office.

Oh well, all these small (annoying) things, but when I add them up, I ended up with a pretty boring movie.

The atmosphere there is odd, to say the least, somewhat hushed, with security guards all over the place and a stunning assistant Amelia (Kim Cattrall) whom Mrs. Lang seems not to like.

it's a waste of time .

However, the plot often seems contrived, and there are some gaps.

long, tedious and absurd .

The villains are predictable: Tony Blair, George Bush, the C.

Apart from that, it was very entertaining and could have scored higher.

Polanski's The Ghost Writer is a gripping film noir somewhat masquerading as a political thriller; a tense and brooding piece which unfolds amidst a misty, smudged out and cut off locale in which grey hues combine with shrill blacks to create a world in which intense intrigue and mystery plays out.

This movie reminds me of some of the Hitchcock style movies where the movie starts out slow, then the suspense builds to a slight adrenaline rush, then to a stunning ending.

What I got to see was a slow paced movie with a horribly weak Pierce Brosnan, a suspense less story line with a boring and not at all touching twist and many plot holes.

Not always they have the best logic, and many times they end up sacrificing it in order to keep the film thrilling.

I think I have it all straight now (I will not divulge any answers here), but it is definitely a bit confusing.

Slow-burn adult entertainments like THE GHOST WRITER are pretty hard to come by nowadays and this one is very well done and, pretty much like the novel it's based on, riveting and intriguing up until it's bleak, uncompromising finale.

It's very atmospheric, suspenseful, and the acting is quite good.

And if the "twist" is that the wife was involved, two things about that: it was predictable, and Polanski already did that in "Ninth Gate", another film about a man searching for secret knowledge.

With so many discreet messages hidden in the dialogue and screenplay it would undoubtedly be worth watching twice.

This film certainly isn't fresh, or innovative, but it is enjoyable and the acting excellent.

What follows is a thrilling tale of political intrigue and conspiracy, as the Ghost gets entangled in these peoples' lives and the grey world of politics.

It trots out all the trite,smug, patronizing clichés about the CIA and America.

The entire movie is rich in these enjoyable little details.

***SPOILERS*** Mindless and Confusing political thriller involving this ghost writer, Ewan McGregor, who's hired by Rahinhard publishing CEO John Maddox, James Belushi, to finish a book about former British Prime Minister Adam Lang, Pierce Brosnan, that the original ghost writer Mike McAre didn't live long enough to complete.

I should also point out some pointless, meaningless plot points such as the brief relationship between the writer and the prime minister's wife...

Pierce Brosnan is to be commended as well for a smart and engaging performance, whilst his on-screen wife Olivia Williams projects the air of a wife who is committed to her husband in more than expected ways thanks to her great performance.

It creeps on and pulls one along for the ride, gripping tight.

Add to that list Alexandre Desplat whose repetitive Bassoon motif and breathy flutes give the film a sense of urgency from the opening scene as the ferry docks at the wharf.

Yes, I watched it with tense attention, what turned into uptight anger as finally I have been left with no story, no fun, no moral message - alone in a gray movie, waiting for something to happen.

An embarrassing, yawn-inducing Tony Gilroy knockoff - the equivalent of a street-bought Rolex or Prada.

Title: The Ghost Writer Year: 2010 Country: Germany, French, Britain Language: English Genre: Mystery Director: Roman Polanski Writers: Robert Harris, Roman Polanski, Cast: Ewan McGregor Pierce Bronsnan Olivia Williams Kim Cattrall Tom Wilkinson James Belushi Timothy Hutton Eli Wallach Jon Bernthal Rating: 8/10 It is hard to believe Roman Polanski is so trustworthy to blow my mind with his new film (under the current of his tedious rape case and jail time), THE GHOST WRITER has just swept 5 awards in 2010 European Film Awards (including BEST FILM, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST ACTOR, BEST SCRIPT), would become another THE PIANIST(2003) ?

In the GhostWriter the mysterious atmosphere is captured but the characters are uninteresting and unsympathetic and the story is just plain rubbish.

" Of course this is just a cover for the "shocking" truth, but that truth when it emerges is just as naive and pointless, in any geopolitical critique.

The storyline is so predictable it is unnerving.

The parallels between this ex-PM and his wife ad the Blairs don't really extend to the personalities of the people involved, and the relationship between this fictional couple is fascinating.

ghostwriting the compelling memoirs of the British Prime Minister Adam Lang(Pierce Brosnan)as he is falling from grace.

Smart Suspenseful Film.


His character is just that, but a neutrality that can be boring in some of his roles makes him an appealing Everyman.

The performances are superb too and the story is believable and enjoyable.

Through the course of interviews, research, and just plain happenstance, McGregor's Ghost begins to unravel a tangled web of deception and political intrigue that is wonderfully woven and totally engrossing.

Roman Polanski succeeds in delivering the message about power and corruption in an extremely subtle and engaging way, with performances enhancing the storytelling; eventually, also due to the humorous edge, the story proves an effective vehicle for Polanski's political statement.

In the end, this is a compelling mystery that is worth a watch.

I am always stunned how many people see anti-American propaganda in every movie.

Ewan McGregor, as the ghost, and Olivia Williams, as his client's wife, have real chemistry, which makes the time they spend at the beach house exciting and intensive.

and slow with no pay off.

Enjoyed it until the ending.

He makes magnificent use of a ferry and an empty car to open the film as well as turn the locals suspect with their less than amiable demeanor.

Only a good entertaining thriller with some flaws

And, as an additional bonus, I found a new love in Olivia Williams who played that intriguing, sinister wife, Ruth Lang.

An intriguing tale about a brilliant 'Ghost Writer', marred by plot holes, poor pacing, confusing character actions and a bad ending.

I was sitting on the edge of my seat during the whole movie as the plot got thicker and thicker.

Contrived, silly, politically lazy .

Worth watching (as usual) for Ewan McGregor's performance.

If you want political leftist propaganda and hysteria, by all means be my guest, otherwise don't waste your time with this movie.

This tells you how engaging it was.

Complete waste of time .

Overall this was by far the most refreshing, thrilling and natural film this year and I only wish it had received more recognition at the Oscars (actually, why didn't get nominated for anything???

It also felt very derivative - I kept thinking of State of Play (both the original British mini-series and the American remake), which were much more interesting and compelling.

The ending is craftily staged and the final effect is stunning, with a riveting score by Alexandre Desplat that accentuates the chilling suspense.

on the other hand, i found the movie confusing, as did many of the other members of the audience, who were volubly questioning one another in the lobby after.

but how is that actually intriguing?

It has potential for a first-rate thriller, but boredom and lack of plot makes it a second-rate, perhaps even third-rate thriller.

The twist is so lame and predictable that the whole movie leaves you with unsatisfied taste in your mouth and the painful realisation you've just wasted two hours of your life.

Mellow, a lot of talking, but entertaining.

Adapted from a novel, the storyline was quite intriguing.

His absence mirrors the same disappearance of heavier subplots that would have made this film a more gripping thriller.

Overall, a very good film which most will enjoy and find intriguing.

I would recommend this movie to any film fan because it is engaging and intelligent.

They is little need for quick cutting and he allows a slow burning pace at the beginning which speeds up later.

Be that as it may, it's still a decently entertaining flick.

But we are lulled, too, until events internationally unravel the situation and he discovers some inside information.

It has a topical political background that seems to be of little interest to the director (or to the protagonist), uninteresting mise en scene and a trite pseudo-Herrmann soundtrack.

I mean the plots shall be thrilling and complicated enough to be called a suspense.

The movie is well made but is pure anti-American propaganda made in the countries which are to be US allies -- France, UK, and Germany.

I had heard very good things about it, but I thought it was slow, clichéd, and predictable.

Has an amazing atmosphere but grows tiresome quickly .

It is one of those films that works fine at the time, with sustained tension and a final twist that is satisfyingly sudden and dramatic, but once out of the theatre one quickly realises that the plot devices are contrived and even silly.

The story, overall, is a little predictable, as it parallels a lot of Tony Blair/George W.

McGregor is subtle, charming, and real as the ghostwriter hired to redraft the memoirs of fictitious former English Prime Minster Adam Lang (Pierce Bronsnan), whose manuscript McGregor describes as the "cure for insomnia.

This movie looked great as one would expect from Polanski and execution is fabulous but the script was horrendously boring and dull...

As for the story, it's boring, contrived and silly in places.

  This was a convoluted, badly acted, badly scripted film with Ewan looking and sounding totally bewildered and bored (and wondering why he was foolish enough to accept such a role).

Brosnan is superb as the PM whose PR chicanery mask a far smarter man than most people know and the supporting cast do a great job, including the ever reliable Tom Wilkinson and Olivia Williams as the PM's long suffering wife, but as I said before, this is a film with a quiet sense of dread, a feeling of slow impending doom that builds menacing as the ghost gets ever closer to the truth.

But, how any reasonably intelligent adult could find such plot holes and contrivances satisfying or entertaining to any appreciable degree is the biggest question this film leaves unanswered.

But a pointless scene where it is questioned if McGregor will be hired or not goes, on and on and on and on...

It's a highly entertaining, thought provoker, with a brilliant script to match its brilliant performances.

It kept me engaged throughout, and I found it to be pretty unpredictable.

Developments between Ewan McGregor and Olivia Williams seem contrived and almost forced.

The cinematography of Pawel Edelman is appropriately grey and dreary to fit the mood.

Intelligent and engrossing "The Ghost Writer" is one of the best films of the year...

While Polanski's slow and plenitude of physically non-active scenes might have been effective in other movie genres, this Hitchcockcian moments don't have the bite nor the physical intensity to really carry the scenes.

Don't waste your money, and you won't be disappointed.

McGregor's character takes us on a journey that is gripping.

I thought that it was predictable and very easy to figure out.

To recap, this movies is essentially a combination of a writer's self aggrandizing erotic fantasy coupled with an absurdly transparent diatribe against corporations and "conservatives" presented at a lethargic pace in a predictable manner.

Compelling and visually stunning.

Editing is fine, making the film's slow pace more interesting and attention-grabbing to audiences.

The film would have had more impact with a director who could have done a proper job and a script written by someone other than the author of the contrived book.

Good but over long thriller suffers in the second half as sequences seem to be drawn out and leading to...

Although The Ghost sometimes is not very careful in the things he does it did not distract from the story, which was good from start to finish, including some unexpected twists.

The Main Weakness comes in the End as the Reveal seems Rushed and Contrived and Happens so Quickly that it is a Hard Believe.

The problem though, was the lack of that suspenseful atmosphere that Chinatown had.

We hear arguments, get clues from conversations, but are forced to keep revelations at a slow simmer as McGregor sorts out the issues at hand.

Maybe if the answer to the mystery was more mysterious I would have felt more suspense during the long drawn out scenes but instead they just bored me.

As director, Polanski makes the dreary and windswept seaside setting an integral part of the drama, and Alexandre Desplat's score, heavy on the strings, echoes Bernard Herrmann at his finest.

McGregor is an excellent character actor; you can tell that he is immersed into the role so deeply that you feel for him.

Beautiful movie dull story.

Employed to spice up the manuscript to validate a $10 million advance, he uncovers material to make it thrilling, accurate, and perhaps fatal.

It was a good film for Saturday night telly (which is saying something) and I quite enjoyed it.

And that's the story which i found it totally boring and uninspired.

The extraordinary director/writer Roman Polanski presents a tense and intriguing drama about a little-heard-of British ghostwriter(Ewan McGregor), who accepts a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity...

The Ghost Writer has been subtly designed with its cold, hard textures and written with a layered, suspenseful screenplay that holds the audience firmly in its grasp for just over two hours.

Intelligent, gripping political thriller with pitch perfect performances...

Macgregor seems somewhat bland and lost, whether this is acting or him portraying a genuine concern for his motivation and part within the film is not clear.

It's really a great suspenseful film without too much violence.

It's a fascinating film, not as fast paced as most stories of these kind are, but given to slow character development and not as action-driven as some espionage stories often are.

Intriguing plot, well shot, very well acted.

On top of that literally nothing happens.

You may forget it as you're walking down the aisle but it's certainly worth watching.

What a bloody waste of time.

Polanski delivers another well-written mysterious thriller but lacks of what Chinatown had: suspenseful atmosphere covered up in a tinfoil of good music .

It's a bleak and dark visually, slow in pace and without enough suspense to keep interest, actually sometimes I found it a little soporific.

It's surprisingly clichéd and empty to come from Polanski.

The movie is so boring, that actually absolutely nothing at all happens for the first hour and half.

The movie doesn't just entertain with a mysterious, suspenseful story (the screenplay was written by Polanski and Robert Harris, the novel's author); it's a perfect example of filmmaking.

The end of the movie, although pretty much unexpected so an interesting twist to the story, is a bit dull.

The film is based on the novel "The Ghost" by co-screen writer Robert Harris, The film manages to stay true to the book by following the same recipe that results in keeping the audiences interested and on the edge of their seats.

The Ghost writer: Smart, provocative,sexy,funny,engrossing.

Ghost Writer, calming by nature, sorta resting easy with a positive outlook and vibe, a super laid back attitude and feel and atmosphere like being in a deep dream state or gone comatose and lost in limbo, a pleasant film to take a nap to during the day or a good one to fall asleep with at night for all of you obsessive insomniacs out there, The Ghost Writer, as if it's barely even on in the backdrop perhaps never ending more so even like the soundtrack to my life.

His new film, "The Ghost Writer" has become an instant hit with critics and audiences alike and takes its place now along Polanski's arsenal of intriguing, extremely intelligent works of art.

It's the more slower type of thriller, at least in the way it's getting told.

While the film is by no means the class of The Pianist, the film is still thrilling enough to engage.

All directors who think they know how to set and make a thriller / suspense need to watch the movie made by 76 years old Roman Polanski and learn how to make a highly thrilling exciting movie without special impressive effects or overindulgence with blood, gore, shooting, and sex.

From the outset, its metallic visual pallet is subdued and intriguing.

McGregor is endlessly fascinating, and I could watch him do anything for hours and hours without ever getting bored.

The film is very well crafted by Polanski who does a great job at creating the right mood for a suspenseful political thriller such as this one.

The Ghost Writer lacks in the score also, because they could have made something more thrilling and they could have made something that will show the cold atmosphere the movie has.

A perfect and absolutely fascinating thriller .

Also at times the film did drag a little too slowly, that was fine at the beginning but other times it made the film a little dull occasionally.

However, I find the ending few minutes a little confusing, as it creates more questions than answers.

At best, it's timelessly entertaining movie-making at its finest.

"The Ghost Writer" is the product of a similar creative take on the political world, except that it is an endless, childish, rain-sodden bore.

It does not have huge explosions tons of armed men shooting at the hero chasing him through some small jungle country no, this film does one better it is a calm thriller, a steady thriller an intelligent and engrossing thriller that keeps you invested in what is going on with theses colorful and dark characters.

One star is too much for this propaganda piece.

This is truly one of the most original and entertaining thrillers I have come across.

The Ghost Writer (2010)A very conventional political thriller, well done, smartly paced, but a bit drab or slow at times, too.

Perhaps a little too drawn out (the film runs over 2 hours), and therefore keeping it from fitting snugly in the realm of bona fide masterpieces from the director, "The Ghost Writer" is, nonetheless, a film whose subtle machinations will be studied and appreciated years from now.

The Ghost (or The Ghostwriter, as you will) is a brilliant piece of filmmaking; subtle is the keyword, and subtly boring is the result.

What they are doing is extremely interesting how the unnamed hero goes upon solving the complex mystery he has found himself tangled up in this complex and ever-intriguing film that never lets you down even in the face of a less than riveting ending.


It is far too mundane and would have been a light TV diversion on a wet Sunday.

And both stories are immersed in water.

It is boring.

Ruth's character is something else completely compelling and curious.

Maybe enjoyable as light weight viewing.

His elegant assistant Amelia (an unexpected and stunningly sexy Kim Cattrall) is having an affair with him.

Suspenseful Political Thriller .

However, the manuscript is dull, hence the need for a ghost writer to spice it up.

Overall, "The Ghost Writer" is an adequately suspenseful film, and is quite enjoyable.

he conjures states of paranoia and extreme anxiety effortlessly, and his pacing is near-perfect, with scarcely a lull in the attention of the viewer.

Adding further confusion is that Lang is accused by a former colleague of being guilty of war crimes in handing over terrorists to the CIA to be tortured.

This isn't a political movie though, it is a suspenseful masterpiece that we don't see properly done these days.

Also I thought that the resolution was pretty bland and pointless.

Ignoring the fact that the film reduces the complexities of the British government's involvement in the Iraq war to a CIA master conspiracy, and ignoring the fact that the film is about a decade late in bashing Blair/Bush (cinema is mostly too "slow" to tackle topical issues.

Some have made complaints about the verisimilitude and their complaints can be tiresome.

This slow moving story that struggle's to keep your attention, dumps you at the side of the road miles from the nearest town, and leaves you thinking how did I end up here.

With most thrillers, the pacing serves to build you up to a rewarding climax, yet in "The Ghost Writer" absolutely nothing happens for the first 100 minutes and then it picks up...

Characters & actors - rather forgetful Directing - pretty good, but there was no script.

The result is a blueprint that is fascinating to watch and filled with tension.

This political thriller kept me on the edge of my seat right up to its final shot.

I, for one, quite enjoyed it, particularly the ending, which came as a bit of a surprise.

Not least, it is visually stunning.

The Ghost Writer (2010): Dir: Roman Polanski / Cast: Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Cattrall, Olivia Williams, Timothy Hutton: Thrilling mystery about one's take on another.

Intriguing Story for Mature Viewers .

So if you are craving for a slow burning mystery or thriller, The Ghost Writer will make your day.

It burns slow and efficient.

It presents the war on terror debate in a very uninteresting way, and paints Lang as a one-dimensional guy, not at all worth caring one way or the other about.

It is plenty intriguing and for a film that is over two hours long, it certainly doesn't feel like it.

Others will find it an engaging and absorbing political/conspiracy thriller that just keeps throwing out twist after twist after twist and never lets you figure out who is lying to who, who is behind what and what is going on with theses shady people until the shocker of a finale.

We just got home from seeing this movie, and my god i cant remember when i have been more bored.. As most of you i read some reviews and though wow !

The adaptation by Roman Polanski and Robert Harris is dull and loosely edited that has no amount of crisp or tangent in it which makes the Roman's work harder on terms of execution which he pulls it off like a magic rabbit.

It was just a little boring.

It's a suspense story with a wonderful and unexpected twist.

We've also got the Hitchcockian lonely barren house, gray colorless days, a lot of rain, a crazy old man (Eli Wallach--almost unrecognizable he's so old) to reveal a key plot point, and some thrilling chase scenes.

It is smart, riveting, unpredictable; mostly everything you want in a thriller.

With a stunning climax that will leave you reeling, "The Ghost Writer" may well be the finest and most beautifully made thriller in ages.

The early part of Ghost Writer is moderately intriguing, as an air of mystery, enhanced by brooding skies and weather, hints at dark secrets.

A very boring stormette in a teacup.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The truly excellent mysteries in cinema are drawn out, almost at times torturous, hanging questions over our heads like -- giant gray clouds.

Some of the shots were impressive, the atmospherics were good and the performances good to average but I simply did not care because there was no story or intrigue to hold it all together.

A few months back we bought & read the novel by Robert Harris, It was a thrilling read.

His eye creates breathtaking and beautiful shots.

Also stunning is the film's final moments, where papers are hurled into the air above a crowded street.

Polanski Combines Politics, Paranoia and Hitchcockian Touches for an Intriguing Thriller .

Pleasant but predictable .

This film is also tightly directed by Polanski to be as visually compelling as well and the script is sharp and poignant, never faltering.

Slow paced and observant of the little things.

This film, while entertaining and well-directed, fell flat for me.

Nothing happened.

I guess Truth is much more fascinating than this kind of half-baked fiction.

This is the most intriguing part, someone with power, private jets, the White House, the press hanging on every word, suddenly bereft of the baubles and symbols of power.

Too contrived to satisfy for long .

The film develops into an engaging game of detection and life-or-death investigation, Polanski toying with us and playing games throughout; seamlessly interweaving elements of noir when things are developed and certain reveals motioned toward.

At home, however, protesters show up on the island together with hordes of press and Ruth has to turn to the author for some physical and mental solace as the plot swoops and dives into unpredictable twists and turns that keeps us off balance until the powerful conclusion.

Further it was an entertaining film and well played by the actors.

Well, there's a similar scene in "The Ghost Writer," and believe me, the revelation is just as suspenseful.

If you are looking for an exciting thriller which will have you watching on the edge of your set, look no further as this one is highly recommended.

A smooth, atmospheric political thriller that has some classic elements of those similar, good old movies from the late '80s and '90s, like the slow build-up, the dangerous love affair and some twists and turns.

While the story in The Ghost Writer, which keeps getting better and more absorbing as it goes along, as the writer (never named specifically but played by Ewan McGregor) keeps digging somewhat unintentionally through Adam's past and connections with the CIA in the 70's and shady figures, not to mention the late-memoir writer who was found washed up on the nearby beach, is intriguing, it's Polanski's direction that kept me glued.

There's a naturalism here that stems from Polanski's general artistic approach, one which is classically trained but in tune with what ingredients make a thriller both suspenseful and authentic.

Before I watched this movie, I read review titles like "Polanski's master touch", "E]legant, gripping...

most definitely worth watching!

Sometimes parts were kind of dull like when he was driving in the car and the GPS was telling him where to go.

This is how thrilling movies should be made.

As fun and suspenseful as this film is, the B-movie underlying material here just isn't up to Polanski's level.

Loses a little steam at the end but overall an engaging thriller .

McGregor's official duties as ghost writer for the autobiography take a back seat as he suddenly finds himself plunged into a thrilling round of cloak-and-dagger espionage.

Original and entertaining thriller.

The plot is exciting for the most part and even when it isn't, this lends itself nicely as full of great character moments scattered in a bizarre British political thriller.

The pace of the movie is so excruciatingly slow.

This is a work with a lot of baggage: Harris has written a series of adequate but formulaic novels and adapted his own book for the screen which gives it a rather 'by the numbers' feel; Harris famously broke with Tony Blair when the latter took the UK to war over Iraq and this is a thinly-disguised critique of a political leader he once admired; while the director Roman Polanski could never have shot the movie in the United States, where it is set, because he is wanted there on charges of child abuse and indeed had to edit the film while under house arrest in Switzerland.

The film's final scenes, in particular, are so expertly crafted, so full of tension, that even the "Master of Suspense" himself (Alfred Hitchcock) would marvel at Polanski's command behind the camera - it's honestly worth watching just for that one scene alone.

This is a tight, suspenseful piece that moves along well delivers quite a punch.

But if the writer/director's name were, say, Johnny Whosis, then perhaps the movie's current enthusiasts would see this political mystery thriller for the empty vessel it is.

Of course, the beginning was a little slow and may have placed a few unknown questions as to how the film would have turned out.

Appalling dialogue, unbelievably weak story, and duller than dullsville on a dull day.

Still some may say all the above but that it was somewhat slow, no CGI, no real action stunts for it to be a thriller and they have a case too.

Olivia Williams is new for me and she gave thrilling and haunting performance, I think standing Neck to Neck in front of Pierce Brosnan, Ewen McGregor, Tom Wilkinson and Kim Cattrall is in itself an Achievement.

It is a complete waste of time.

I did love the last few minutes though, even if they are at odds with the slower tone of the rest of the film.

The film was excruciatingly slow, and even when the "climax" is reached, it's not even a big deal.

It's a wry, sexy and gripping thriller, full of joined-up thinking, easily as complex as anything by Raymond Chandler and framed in a production of rare sophistication.

THE GHOST WRITER begins in medias res - no credits, no lead in, just a dead body lying along the coast of either Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard, and this creepy beginning remains the tenor throughout this very smart and very gripping drama based on the book 'The Ghost' by Robert Harris as adapted for the screen by the author and by the director Roman Polanski (the Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard scenes were shot in Germany due to the political decisions about Polanski's being in the US).

There are plenty of twists and exciting ideas that I won't spoil for you here.

And The Ghost Writer is an addition to that group, because I found it to be a tense and perfectly modulated thriller with a fascinating and intelligent story, excellent performances and a perfect direction from Polanski, who seems to improve with the age, at the difference of other icons who survive thanks to their past glories (Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg come to mind).

Overall, the tedious bits outweigh the thrilling bits, which is why this is only a five out of ten for me despite its obvious production value.

This is perhaps a story about a very similar (the same) character as Tony Blair, an ex Prime minister being dragged kicking and screaming into a war crimes tribunal.

Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't seen the trailer so recently and had my expectations pointed in a direction different than where the story went.

Everything was so promising and the result is a boring, slow paced and illogical flick.

So, the result is an intelligent, narratively satisfactory and absolutely fascinating thriller.

In addition, the pacing was so lethargic that I actually fell asleep during the film for about fifteen minutes; it was the best part of the experience because it did not involve watching the movie.

It does have elements to enjoy, but as thrillers goes, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a recent and much more enjoyable one.

Music is suspenseful and fits the mood perfectly.

First off, the pacing in this film is always slow and sometimes even awkward.

Is running around on a ferry really that exciting.

A smile or a wince stands out like a shout in an empty theater.

That's how it seems, from the slow, methodical, creepy build up in the first hour, to then a headlong run and rush to wrap it up in the second.

While the film starts out a bit slow with the Ghost writer reviewing his predecessor's work, soon allegations surface followed by a chain of events making the Ghost writer look deeper with a sense of suspicion towards the memoirs, the ex PM's background, family, allegations, etc. As the clues start to turn up, the mystery unfolds bit by bit leaving the viewer intrigued and wanting more.

The film is really engrossing.

The expression on his face after reading Lang's utterly banal manuscript is priceless.

The story is very suspenseful and the acting is excellent.

But just as the ferry is ready to leave the tailing car catches up and also makes it on-board.

I hope this brings a change to this boring genre.

Polanski proves once again why he ranks amongst the best directors in the world showing he is a true master in the craft, creating suspense from the very opening scene, maintaining our full attention throughout the film, and creating several unexpected twists.

As a writer of mystery novels myself (As The Twig Is Bent, Opening Day)I was amazed at how contrived the plot was, and how two-dimensional the characters were.

Not because it was bad, far from it, it was an engaging beginning and a good (not great) premise.

'All The President's Men', if not the first at least the most influential of them, is an extremely boring movie that somehow got so successful that inspired other stinkers to follow its formula (ie.

This is definitely the worst movie of the year 2010 (at least!

pace too slow and too long running time .

It was also refreshing to see Cattrall in a role very far from Samantha that she plays with with class and Williams continues to put herself on the map, this time with a more enigmatic, intriguing role.

Then it gets more and more into an intriguing story.

A witty parody of political stardom in our times turns to a boring, conventional political thriller and ends in an unintelligent revealing piece on CIA scandals.

Outwardly conventional, it's above all entertaining.

Beginning: it runs kinda slow and doesn't intrigue the spectator in the beginning.

Movie is fit for: anyone above 13, lower than that would find the movie dull for its genreConclusion: a very good mystery and thriller movie.

On the other hand, the political/investigative thriller has always been a complete bore.

International politics are played between the lines of an intimate character piece, which is infinitely more compelling than trying to give geopolitics direct weight in the context of a two hour story.

and actually quite boring most of the time.

and neither are made very intriguing or compelling.

Ghost writer is a political thriller with predictable twists and no surprises.

) is picked for one reason and one reason only: he's quick and he's self-indulgent enough not to meaninglessly put himself in harm's way.

But though the film's setting is gloomy, the film itself is not, thanks to Polanski's nimble direction; solid acting from a surprising ensemble that also features Olivia Williams, Tom Wilkinson (playing an American), Kim Cattrall (playing a Brit), Timothy Hutton and, out of nowhere, John Belushi; and an exciting score by Alexandre Desplat.

Polanski's slick Anti-American rant, made fascinating ONLY by Ewan McGregor .

Dull is her middle name.

What's so funny was that even before half way I knew the ending, but by the end, I was so bored that I had forgotten that I had figured it out!

The plot however, as interesting and relevant as it is, grows tiresome quickly, probably due to the constant change of pace.

Conclusion: A compelling and Persuasive Political Thriller, "The Ghost Writer" is a must see.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Gripping, intense, great direction, great music score, great acting all around.

To appear to be engaging in business as usual, Lang travels to Washington in a private jet owned by a company with a name similar to Halliburton, where he is defended against the accusations by a State Secretary who looks very much like Condoleezza Rice.

Fascinating movie and concept .

Absolutely nothing happens in it.

He travels to the United States where Adam is located for a month and begins interviewing him in order to try to bring some heart to the memoir which according to him was ¨the cure for insomnia, ¨ and there was a lot of work to be done.

You would think that with all the pro-American propaganda in the mainstream movies, that could be called a different point of view.

Brosnan has a very intense face and Polanski utilizes it to further an already great performance.

somewhat enjoyable .

intriguing and dreadful .

Despite the roster of talent involved in this production it is neither suspenseful nor well acted.

There is already a draft, written by a man who is just found dead, washed up on shore in New England, his empty car still on the ferry.

and a critique it will be, although I did enjoy the atmosphere of the film, McGregor's appropriately empty performance, and a tightly-executed but (like much of the film) predictable ending.

This was just boring, boring, boring with almost no tension or drama and the "plot" was simply laughable.

The subtlety brings the thrilling question in the first part of the film compelling.

How can they say it's slow?

Based on a bestselling novel by Robert Harris, this is a solid and gripping thriller full of scheming characters, diplomatic intrigue and suspenseful scenes.

Yes, we know about this shadow government where people are manipulated and assassinated while the news coverage is rose and contrived.

It deserves by far a good entertaining rate of 7/10.

It's fast paced for a novel of its kind.

In essence it really is being a standard thriller, with a somewhat formulaic story and characters in it.

Much of "The Ghost Writer" is spent absorbing this paranoia, and questioning whether it really exists outside the mind of our protagonist--Polanski is an expert at this, and interjects jarring transitions to keep the viewer on their toes.

"The Ghost Writer" is ostensibly a present-day tale of suspicion, paranoia, and political corruption; yet its roots lie in the slow-burning suspense of the classic thriller (the film is very much in the deliberately-paced mold of Polanski's feature debut, "Knife in the Water"), where the characters aren't completely sure who is playing who, which leaves the audience in an even more precarious, unsavory position.

It might be slow for some people who are use to modern movies where things move at a fast pace (mostly to go nowhere).

Only flat-predictable nothing.

His pointless note to Ruth in the end is absolutely stupid since he knows that there is a huge conspiracy behind the death of Mike.

Prosperous as it may be, has there ever been a more modern day tale so strictly spiritually tuned in with very little sound to hear of, whimsically flawless in its transferring of scene to scene providing an otherworldly transcendental sensation transitioning transiently through hallow happenings wisplike with such fluidity, with such dignified grace and distinguished certainty, with such delicate ease and due diligence, direct, precisely calibrated materializations shadowed by one's own self-afflicting spirit summoned miraculously by our very own spriteful actors here appearing onscreen not in ghostly form but in actual humanly embodiment shaded boundlessly in the apparition of nature's illuminating light clearly in vision phenomenally backlit in the background locales as they are also inhabiting humble domestic abodes structured all around them as well, keen and unfaltering with its onward and ongoing yet meaningless dialogue even as translucent as it may seem, a real written onslaught of determinedly patient yet pointless story point tellings revealing themselves aimlessly like ghosts through the cosmos for all to enjoy?

Intriguing, Extremely Well Made And Stylishly Bleak Political Mystery Thriller .

I realise this was made under very difficult circumstances and was edited whilst in jail in Switzerland but it is a rather dull, flat and dull affair.

There was so much potential, so much, but a boring plot sent it to an early grave.

Offering a near-perfect blend of mystery, politics and human drama, the riveting and sublime "The Ghost Writer" is one of the most thought-provoking, intriguing and elegantly directed films of 2010.

Breathtaking !!!

End was too much unexpected.

" Do you remember how suspenseful that moment was?

I thought that the cinematography was beautiful and the settings were stunning.

many people will hate that its a one side story,propaganda or hatred against CIA is shown here i have to say just look at it like any other film its got a slow pace but its very entertaining got great actors here a solid script at hand what more.

It's an empty film about an empty person, or perhaps rather 2 or 3 empty people.

Roman Polanski's hard work is a quietly effective thriller providing an added value of very intriguing characters and a truly interesting plot wrapped around his polemic message.

It is a rarity nowadays to see a complete film that uses its characters to create suspense and thrilling moments, rather than relying on technological advancement.

don't waste your money .

No suspense at all, and made worse by a collection of dull characters that were so bland that it was impossible to care about them.

You would have thought about it before the revelation but would have dismissed it as being to trite and obvious and beneath the director/scriptwriter.

When the end does come it is sudden, feels a little pointless and doesn't satisfy at all.

The film is perfectly edited and is subtle and thrilling at the same time.

But one must remember, it's in the telling that all these things come to life and the story unfolds in a very suspenseful, logical way, and the pace is perfect.

An Engaging Thriller .

The Ghost Writer benefits from the slow, deliberate style Polanski implores.

A good moving picture with a boring to stupid story .

Polanski has made sure his plot is as unpredictable and new as it can be.

The plot was predictable, unfortunately and by the end, the conspiracy theory was way, way too incredible to believe.

A gripping, well-acted political thriller .

The end twist was quite unexpected and will really baffle everyone.

A highly intriguing movie which does not get produced/directed every decade.

This is a strong thrilling very very well written story, with no major flaws as I've observed, delivered in a wonderful pace, time not being a problem.

Polanski' direction is really excellent, but his choice of script for his big comeback movie is very awkward.. there practically is no story, no plot, no twist.

Entrenched in the PMs beach level bunker with a stunning view of the Atlantic he comes upon some information that may implicate the PM.

well, thrilling.

The meetings in motel rooms and clandestine discussions with 'the other side' are pure Cold War John Le Carre, whilst the ending zeroes in on a code breaking cliché which could have been lifted verbatim from a Famous Five novel.

Ewan McGregor's search for information is creepy, chilling and obviously rather thrilling as well.

Despite a high cliché content beginning with the venerable Innocent Abroad and adding claustrophobic settings, slow dawning by the protagonist that all is not what it seems, he could be in over his head, etc, the film still manages to keep you watching albeit it's hard not to be one step ahead of the script from the first.

This makes the film entertaining and captivating.

It's like watching paint dry.

pfff.. And don't get me wrong, I really like slow scenes, if there is something in for the winning.

That old cliché?

However, because everything has been exploited and exaggerated in cinema these days, Ghost Writer's plot and events feel somewhat dull in comparison.

Furthermore, I'm one to be easily bored with films (I literally almost fell asleep watching "The Bridges of Madison County" the other day.

Wildly contrived lefty hokum more suited to the Nixon Watergate era than the present radical single party left wing rule, with its activist judges and unelected czars ruling by fiat and decree with Bizarro World runamock political correctness, and tome sized largely unread socialist legislation rammed through as law with questionable constitutional authority and predominantly against the public will, that we are currently in the grip of today.

Some reviewers have even found 'The Ghost Writer' yawn-inducing and wished it had more violence.

Here we have a ghost writer of "Memoirs" of the ex prime minister of England who tries to investigate the connection between the unexpected and mysterious death of a previous ghost writer and the rumors about a scandal with the ex prime minister involved about arresting Pakistan citizens and delivered to CIA to be tortured.

The icing is of course the very predictable ending (even if you don't pay attention to the glaring hints during the movie) A great example of How Not To Make A Thriller.

The Ghost Writer is magnificent - intelligent, exciting, and dark.

Talk about the genre Political Thriller, a genre that only a few directors and writers embark upon for the unpredictable criticism it might receive.

With a smart, snappy, dialogue-driven script co-authored by Harris and Polanski, the film is a stroke of genius on every level.

However, the exciting events and discoveries lead to a complete throw up of the conventional film ending.

A throwback to the days when slow to boil suspense and subtle intrigue were reason enough to screen a film.

Ghost's initial read through of the top secret manuscript provokes merely yawns and he immediately realises that this will be a bigger ask than initially thought, especially when the deadline is fast-tracked to capitalise on the publicity.

The premise is excellent but the movie is painfully slow.

okay, but boring at times...

take a point off for the ultra-cliché' soundtrack (seriously, '60 timewarp) and another two for having absolutely no plot to keep you watching, and you have the final score.

This one is not among his best, being a bit light on content and losing a little steam at the end, but still and entertaining and engaging watch.

Again, it's somewhat entertaining and decent though.

Along the way, he finds out that his predecessor was killed for finding this out, sleeps with the former Prime Minister's wife, discovers that said wife was a CIA agent, and mills about in a fashion more bored than paranoid.

Intriguing thriller on the modern political world....

It's directed by a guy who clearly knows what he's doing to the extent that he could make something equally as compelling in his sleep.

i must see this movie but i really don't understand why this movie has gotten good Reviews, it is just long and boring, there is little if at all any Suspense.