The Gift (2000) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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A woman with extrasensory perception is asked to help find a young woman who has disappeared.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Sam Raimi
Stars: Cate Blanchett, Katie Holmes
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 125 found boring (12%)

One-line Reviews (70)

While some of the film is rather predictable, the cast and suspense keep things interesting.

After the first half hour, I was so hooked by the story and gripping pace of the film that I checked IMDb to find out who directed.

It only goes to show that given good Directing and a cast of excellent actors doing their best, anything can be made into a good, or at least enjoyable film.

Intense supernatural thriller, though flawed and filled with cliches.

In the end a pointless, painfully slow, forgettable film.

Simple slow paced story full of stereotypes .

(Ho hum.

While The Gift is an undeniably riveting thriller, it is also a very unflattering portrayal of Southern folk.

engrossing with compelling acting from the entire cast.

There is such a thing as a movie being to intense.

Was predictable from an early stage (greg kinnear can never be that nice !!

I think the majority will find this to be a compelling movie to watch.

Nearly every cheap film-making cliché is used to manipulate the viewer - discordant violins at the "crucial moment", gross-out make-up and blood splodges, "scary" wind and lighting effects in the Bayou trees, sudden appearances on-camera, etc. Name 'em, they're in there.

Very entertaining and enthralling I highly recommend it.

The story is full of plot holes and the courtroom sequence is quite funny but Raimi manages to balance the supernatural elements, humour and drama in order to make it entertaining enough.

This movie is not awful, but it is a little dull.

Creepy and intense .

I was in a forgiving mood and found it quite passable but I'm sure many will just be annoyed by the fact that it is far too obvious (even for the genre) and slow while all the time acting as if it is cleverer than it actually is.

It's by all means a psychological thriller, and being at times pretty exciting and good, it doesn't keep this movie from just being a everyday thriller that gets support for Cate Blanchett and Sam Raimi doing a pretty nice job behind the camera after all.

Really enjoyable horror/murder mystery .

If the complete above-written review didn't convince you to rent The Gift just yet, I might end by mentioning that the gorgeous Katie Holmes shows a lot more flesh here, then she did in 10 boring seasons of Dawson's Creek.

The Gift is a fascinating, complex, and excellent showcase of a movie.

I found the story weak and some of the scenes incredibly predictable, the jump out and scare you moments, whilst only a handful are over done with sudden explosions of noise from the film's score.

intense mystery I should have enjoyed more then I did.

Greg Kinnear should also be thankful, as he is incredibly bland in this film, which is strange given that he is usually quite engaging.

Because of this, the creative and intense scenes in which the protagonist has symbolic dreams, or psychic premonitions are all the more effective, and the visual effects are almost unnoticeable, even after all these years.

Haunting and Evocative, this movie feels real.

The story is very suspenseful and also the way the movie was filmed was also great.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

The investigation lead to a compelling array of mind-numbing suspense and unpredictable terror.

Apart from being very dull, with its clichéd elements of tiresome drama, this forgettable horror drama (thriller even?

Like I said, it's not perfect - there's some overacting, some plot contrivances, etc. but it's an interesting and entertaining movie.

A pretty good horror movie, could have been better, but definitely worth watching for fans of the genre.

The movie's intense too and at the end of it I Just thought wow.

This was a really enjoyable movie.

The performances here are powerful and overall stunning, this film managed to gain an amazing line-up of some talented performers.

We learn that there are multiple, severely troubled minds living in this town and their stories are much more fascinating than the murder-mystery (which isn't that much of a mystery).

Blanchett was consistently good throughout and made the film worth watching.

Her accent alone is fascinating.

Brilliant movie even if some of the events fit the typical pattern, Cate's role brought a deep compelling presence to the story which pulled the audience in.

It's predictable, pedantic and lukewarm all around.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

With a cast and director like that, the actual plot is almost irrelevant, but it proceeds competently enough; the supernatural component is admirably underplayed and matter-of-fact, the "whodunnit" mystery is maintained until into the third act, and the (expected) twist at the end has a (unexpected) twist.

I do remember that Katie Holmes gets naked--if those are her real breasts, see Heather Thomas in Zapped, a great movie by the way, much more entertaining than this.

The story of a psychic who gets intuitions of a murder, it actually maintains a pretence of plausibility throughout; but only at the price of unbroken solemnity, and ultimately, boredom for the viewer.

She does an excellent doe-eyed frightened little-girl look when called for, but overall I find her physical appearance bland.

The problems with this film are many:The terrible slow pace made the film very dull.

Oh yeah, the movie: It's boring!

The story is spooky and well paced, even if mildly predictable.

Pair that with the evocative southern tone and Blanchett's winning presence and you've got one hell of a little package.

An enjoyable "thriller" , with the "chiller" element perhaps a little too laboured (which is a shame considering Sam Raimi's pedigree) .

Fine actors, directed by a perfectionist, telling a compelling story, shot, edited and scored in a way that compliments their strengths rather than distracting.

Dull visions .

Worth watching!

It's entertaining, atmospheric, and suspenseful.

Fascinating film .

She could be rearranging a bookshelf and still be compelling and elegant, and always is in whichever role she takes on.

I'm mainly surprised that anyone thought it was "typical" Hollywood pap or that it was slow moving, labored or simply so-so.

" And the vowel is prolonged and drawn out in a manner only found in the American South.

The story is full of likely suspects, thunder claps, and things going bump in the night and is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

To sum it all up a bit this is quite a good movie, it's entertaining and keeps you guessing to the very last moment, ignore the end and it's even better.

Giovanni Ribisi I liked very much as a confusing and psycho man.

(to predictable.

This was an enjoyable haunted mystery....

) its worth watching the film just for his piece of acting.

"The Gift" is a really enjoyable horror themed thriller that will keep you glued to your seat.

The third act is a bit contrived, and anti-climactic, which a twist that sort of becomes evident quickly.

) The script is solid, the cinematography is breathtaking, and score is spot on.

There are few movies that can be mentioned in the same breath as "The Gift" when it comes to suspenseful thrillers.

There is also the unexpected addition of the fact that Valerie WANTS To forgive Donnie, because he had been having an affair with Jessica King, and she thinks she deserved what she got.