The Gift (2015) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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A young married couple's lives are thrown into a harrowing tailspin when an acquaintance from the husband's past brings mysterious gifts and a horrifying secret to light after more than 20 years.

Director: Joel Edgerton
Stars: Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 66 out of 372 found boring (17.74%)

One-line Reviews (333)

The bitter ending leave the viewer feeling empty.

Joel Edgerton done a terrific job in creating this unique well- crafted intense thriller in his directorial debut and looking forward for what he does next?

" Gordo's actually a pretty nerve- wracking character, and there are more than a few suspenseful moments along the way as we follow him, wondering what he's going to do.

It was stunning.

The Gift is an intelligent physiological thriller that starts out in the vein of films like Arlington Road or Single White Female and then takes an unexpected turn that makes the viewer really question their loyalties.

Having watched the trailer and read the reviews here, I thought this movie was going to be mind blowing.

also directed by Edgerton, is beautifully shot in that the camera cuts in and out at the right time during the scary/suspenseful parts which adds to the experience.

I found there to be tension throughout the film which made it a riveting thing to watch from start to finish.

This is a very entertaining movie with lots of suspense.

The film is done well and intense, but ultimately the ending lets down the film as it's very ambiguous and confusing.

Man, the two main characters in this movie where two of the most boring and vacuous of all time.

slow and painful .

As the story develops, we learn more about the story behind the story, and we are taken in some quite unexpected directions.

Really enjoyable ride...

It sometimes ventures into horror territory with intriguing camera works, the type which plays with audience whether something is lurking nearby.

The most compelling part of the film for me was the unshakable sense that no being can escape their past.

I went to a first performance where the audience had all paid about £7 and were bored stiff.

The exact nature of these problems are gradually revealed to the viewer and we learn the whole truth in a slow, though suspenseful, way.

The house is stunning in its modernity Old friends from high school gather round and welcome Bateman and his wife back home.

Filled with questions far beyond a simple answer, the Gift is worth the watch for anyone willing to read deeper into the human psychological disaster.

This film is different from other stalker flicks because of its unique story and slow pace.

Joel Edgerton has made a really enjoyable thriller here.

Dark and entertaining .

The Gift (2015) – 7 out of 10 A Movie Review by Nathan FischerThe Gift is a great example of a slow burn.

very entertaining .

His style of directing is very stunning.

Edgerton plays with the viewers' expectations and takes them to the unpredictable directions adding to the plot more layers and depths.

I got this film in one of those Instaflix machines thinking it wasn't going to be that good just another so so 'thriller' but , after a relaxing , uplifting beginning making me feel fluffy and laid back the show moved in on my emotions and sensitivities and threw me into an exciting, significant, well acted, well written, well paced and wonderfully entertaining flick.

I ask only because The Gift struck me as being a bit of a snore.

Hollywood thinks they're being daring and exciting when in the end so many of their plots these days end up down a politically correct path....

It keeps twisting and turning in unexpected directions, pulling the hidden story together and leading Robyn towards the big reveal.

It doesn't have a clear focus of where the story goes, but the idea sounds intriguing .

slow is not bad if you can keep the viewers in agony or amaze them with good acting!

Overall, the story is unique it was unpredictable and well acted cast.

Though the audience may think they know who the real culprit is, this film will have you on the edge of your seat & will keep you guessing right till the end.

All in all certainly an entertaining creepy movie about stalking and about a lot more which I cant explain right now, because of spoilers.

Then the unexpected gifts and day time visits begin and Robyn, being too nice for her own good, repeatedly lets Gordo in.

One of the things that makes this film so compelling is the impressive story line.

The whole movie fairly predictable and not remotely entertaining.

Quite slow-moving with the promise of a great revelation and possibly some sort of revenge-motivated violence.

By the time she passed out drinking the water she got from her fridge, and given how her husband had bullied him, it was all downhill and predictable.

This is for killing time and if you like to torture your self with slow pace movie this is for you.

Mind boggling film .

An absolute waste of time.

The Gift is an uncomfortable film, but in an enjoyable way.

The Gift will leave you on the edge of your seat as Gordo's weird activities and interaction leaves you wondering why he is so angry.

Strong original ideas with simple, gripping premises and don't come along nearly as often as they should.

The worst cliché is the change in characters as new plot points are revealed characters dramatically change in personality to just over the degree in which I'd feel is realistic, with characters requiring to be unreasonable in the later half for an ending that is played off as life ruining, only when a modicum of thought needed to see the multitude of flaws in a character's plan.

Edgerton has done a solid job, in all three aspects, THE GIFT confidently toys with the middle- class suburbia, lashes out at the corrupted morality in the American society of its bullying canker and partisan winner-or-loser dichotomy, challenges expectation in a compelling fashion and crowns the film with a reasonable finale, which elevates itself a niche above the standard criteria of the genre.

Worth the watch .

But other than this I very much enjoyed the movie and would recommend anyone to watch it if you are bored of the same formulaic movie and want a more psychological mystery that makes you think more in- depth.

Day after day, he visits the couple's house bearing thoughtful, but tedious gifts, only when Robyn is alone.

It's an enthralling ride which manages to be intense and thrilling without sacrificing superb character development and subverting audiences' knowledge of the genre.

The movie has a slow, patient buildup, profiling a couple who have moved to a new town.

However, The Gift is a slow-moving, non-pandering thriller made for adults that's a nice change of pace in the middle of the blow-em-up summer cinemas.

The story at first glance may seem simple enough, but as the film goes on it becomes more and more involving and after a few twists and turns it really gets us on the edge of our seat and it was also one of those films that certainly stays with you lost after you have watched it and leaves both an impact on the viewer and leaves you thinking about it for a long time.

The low-budget production lives from its strong acting and twisted plot that comes around with creative ideas and unpredictable surprises from start to finish.

The storyline feels familiar and too slow, and you never really invest in the lives of the main characters; Jason Bateman is perhaps too good at playing his jerk of a character, although British actress Rebecca Hall is very convincing for her part.

Towards the end of the film, as the story unravels and a dramatic ending is set up, I was genuinely on the edge of my seat.

A few moments have glorious jumps and unexpected bumps.

All 3 leads are multilayered and engaging.

The characters develop throughout the course of the film in often unexpected ways...

It just gets tiring and really slow!

There are a lot of good twists and turns at the end and the acting is good all around but the slow pace makes this sometimes frustrating to watch.

From the get-go they're all authentic and engaging.

Plot holes the size of TX aside, this movie was boring and sucked.

However, as I expected a thriller, I thought the initial pace was very slow, until I found that it was not a thriller at all and the pace went as slow through to the end.

Based on the trailer all I knew about the film was that this film was going to be a thriller with some intense moments.

A mind blowing, twisted film that just solidified itself as one of the best films of the year.

The slow shots in this film, and the way that Edgerton paces it is truly a sight to be seen.

Anyway, this film scenario would have been a non-starter in many a European country, but in America (and especially California) it has everything going for it, and that makes it intriguing, though also a tad exotic in its premise for many of us!

This was a good thriller and had me on the edge of my seat for much of the movie not knowing what would happen next and pleasantly surprised that there was no gore or excessive violence involved.

such as where and how did Gordon find the married couple at the store ..Was it accidental or premeditated.. A s far as the acting it is good but for me at times flat.. Furthermore I found the movie a little slow and too long in duration.

Towards the end of the movie especially I was on the edge of my seat.

The dialog's completely empty, for an hour and a half nothing happens, there is no progress in development, the film's rhythm is very slow.

Even though the California setting comes across as perfectly typical and mundane, the sense of foreboding, menace and tension in the movie is expertly delivered to the movie goer.

This was a great, suspenseful, tasteful, poignant film.

Slow, disappointing, anti-climatic and not engaging whatsoever.

If you go into it expecting fast paced, spine tingling thriller, you will be disappointed.

The film, while maintaining a high level of unpredictable tension throughout, can't quite deliver a satisfying ending.

Taking a non complicated story and converting it into a gripping suspenseful plot.

It's extremely predictable although I'm not going to give away the details why.

Worth the watch on a slow boring weekend.

Unlike cliché thrillers, the movie is not all about frightening dark scenes and screaming woman characters; Instead, it is based on representation on realistic emotions.

Edgerton also wrote and directed this movie, and proved to be quite adept at both, crafting a very suspenseful story and putting together a movie that was compelling and interesting.

However I do recommend you give it a try for yourself as the acting is great and it is still above average for a suspenseful thriller.

It's disturbing, gripping and thought provoking.

Also, it's too slow for my taste and probably would have worked better if it was half the running time.

The Gift is a well executed film, directed well and paced just to the right length to keep things interesting even when the progress of the plot is a drawn out one, with issues with plot and originality rising up to hold the film back.

However, after about 30 mins in, i was bored, eyes rolling and twiddling my thumbs.

Given its minuscule production budget, "The Gift" can be considered a modest but most unexpected summer hit.

When The Gift started and for the first half of the film I thought to myself how good this was for a formulaic (and I mean that in a good way) thriller.

Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed with the ending it was dull.

The Gift is a surprisingly well-crafted and intense thriller film that feels like a throwback to the best 90's stalker flicks.

Its original and exciting.

It's a slow film that takes careful time to evolve across its run-time, a genre entry that's wicked and subversive and disturbing, ultimately proving to be worth the wait.

From then all other twists and turns feel rather bland because the audience has already built their anticipation and think of possibilities to which the story will like lead.

I was on the edge of my seat.

The trailers for The Gift make it seem like a dull home-invasion yarn as forgettable as last week's soap opera.

Jason Bateman's character transition in the movie is quite riveting.

Jason Bateman pulls off yet another eerie film which keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The acting was just so intense and spot on throughout the whole movie.

It is an intense thrill ride of a movie.

The way this film is shot and put together will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entirety of its runtime; just as the characters became paranoid you become paranoid.

Although it kept me watching with curiosity, I was kind of bored because of its slow progress.

Edgy and tensely entertaining **NO SPOILERS** .

Gripping and thought-provoking.

It's hard to talk about The Gift without dipping into too many spoilers, but in the short of it, it's fairly safe to say Joel Edgerton has one of the most exciting directorial debuts in the past few years.

Plus the direction is slick, the production is stunning and the acting is pretty great; it shows that Edgerton could handle filmmaking better than acting.

The argument is promising, is very good, however the development is dull, empty and boring.

I recommend for lover of suspenseful thrillers like Alfred Hitchcock.

Entertaining, thrilling and enlightening.

I love suspenseful films.

There was a point around 20-30 minutes into the film where something happened in Gordo's "house" that turned the movie from an interesting, slow moving film to an eerie, creepy, stalker-ish flick.

Still, intriguing and engaging enough.

I love these types of movies, where the whole action builds up to an mind blowing ending when all the scenes and clues finally make sense and the pieces of the puzzle are put together.

The peripheral performances are likewise engaging.

The movie is slow, takes a while for the story to build-up and seems to drag.

In another words a arrogant guy that thinks everyone is pretentious and looks down on people for their differences.

If you like slow burn psychological thrillers with a whole lot of tension and cringey moments, this is a must-see.

So, absolutely exciting to watch for 100 minutes, an abject failure after that.

I will give him serious praise for his direction especially, as The Gift looked visually stunning.

It starts a bit slow, where you wonder what's going to happen.

Joel Edgerton also wrote and directed this story that's not only scary, but intriguing with the many directions that it takes.

This is a seriously well put together intense movie.

This mystery-thriller was too much dramaticed and presented at a slow pace.

So did The Gift waste my time?

Joel Edgerton pulls a triple play: directing, writing, and acting the main role in this entertaining and thrilling film that would have made Hitchcock green with envy.

The beginning of this movie was extremely intriguing and unpredictable.

The suspense continues right up until the finale - which is both shocking and unpredictable.

Very slow and incomplete character introductions.

The revenge motive is kept suspenseful and intricate as is the revenge plan.

Decent story with a touch of boring.

I was sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what would happen next in this film as the psychological thriller aspect of this movie is so very well done, and without spoilers, everything that would be common and expected in a typical movie is spun completely different in this one.

The acting is phenomenally good, but more, the story is actually very much original, fantastic, engaging and entertaining.

I guess this movie is slow because they have to give you the backdrop and then the drama.

Engaging and understated psychological thriller.

His blank expressions throughout the movie only add to the suspense but he also is able to bring an engaging lonesome character to the story that resonates with the audience.

The movie starts slow with typical character development.

What it turns out is that there's been a history between Simon and Gordo, and it's these secrets and lies, and the personalities of both Simon and Gordo, that make the film so immediate and compelling and truly harrowing.

It was slow and disappointing; this movie is about a bully who gets caught.

Overall it's a very suspenseful movie but it does start slow.

From the onset the film has a creepy dark aura about it, and though the films pace is slow, the film is like slow poison by the time it hits you at the end, with its twisted suspenseful climax you are left with your foot in your mouth in awe.

From the moment Gordo leaves his house while he is entertaining Simon and Robyn, you can see what is coming a mile off, so the ending is more of a 'finally......

Impressive debut from Edgerton who relies more on slow build-ups than jumpscares .

Many plot twists kept it from being predictable, yet also made it a bit too confusing; it leaves too many loose ends, sinking to the level of putting it to the viewer to fill in the blanks, and a few plot holes, which doesn't work well here.

So much holes and eye brows raising cliché.

It is such a compelling thriller from start to finish.

Truly,it was unpredictable especially during the the third part when Gordo starts carrying out his revenge plans against Simon.

At first I thought he was far too bland.

But have you only known boring genteel people your whole life?

Tense, taut and thrilling.

If you like a movie that constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat (in the psychological sense) and thinking, then you're gonna love this.

The Gift is a suspenseful movie because it feels like it could really happen.

The film is structured quite like a play, but is still quite engaging, although it ends with a few minor histrionics that don't quite fit the overall tone, and it's refusal to take sides, even at the end, is distancing.

In those early entries to Edgerton's work behind camera he showed a filmmaking nuance in slow burning stories and letting dialogue take centre stage and The Gift is no different with Edgerton's script a highlight of the film.

It's a rather slow-moving drama if it's anything.

You will waste your time to come out empty handed.

His style of directing is amazing, and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The pacing of the movie is slow.

This first encounter fills the film with mystery and intrigue which keeps it utterly gripping.

Smart, gripping, great characters surrounded by an interesting and sometimes exciting story.

He has not only managed to craft a many-layered, entertaining story that is almost a parable that would probably work well in any medium, he has given us a meditation on the way we treat those around us.

How the tables eventually fully get turned and the dastardly deeds of Gordo happen I won't say, just as it would spoil the 'fun' of it (not that it's funny or anything, but you stay on the edge of your seat with this kind of material).

Acting is decent, but all is so obvious and predictable, than what's not is just ridiculous.

It's good but slow .

Rebeca Hall was pretty great but these two were the main reason this was so exciting and frightening to watch.

" But most compelling is the concept of revenge.

Highly entertaining and riveting.

Edgerton's directorial debut is astounding and truly gripping, a slow burner that rises and then explodes at the end.

Not only does he deliver a tremendous performance as a mysterious and unpredictable Gordo, he also manages to create a fascinating screenplay with a twisted plot at the end.

I wasn't very interested in watching The Gift, because its plot sounded like a typical and predictable film from the "psycho stalking a married couple" sub-genus, such as the ones which were popular in the early '90s (Unlawful Entry, Pacific Heights).

Full credit must be given to Joel Edgerton for his masterful directorial debut, he and cinematographer Eduard Grau utilise slow and controlled camera-work to give the film its tense feel, also Edgerton's choice of using music sparingly in the opening third and then adding more and more as the film builds to its incredible climax shows the mark of a fine director.

A huge waste of time.

The story has a lot of twists and turns, some of which are predictable, others I could not see coming at all.

The film had a very creepy and suspenseful tone for most of the movie that has you on the edge of your seat.

The script written by Edgerton is well done in that it strays from the predictable and his characters drive the plot forward.

The acting performances and character depictions are stunning, the detail of which is staggering.

Eventually through the movie, it seems there's an intention for revenge, with very slow and subtle intrusions on Simon's life.

As is the usual case, the truth eventually comes out but by then you're practically fast asleep or bored out of your mind.

But I felt that the dialogue could have been more subtle, the first half was slightly repetitive and it also had some messy pacing (too many time jumps and little montages)

I really liked this and I highly recommend it.

Great suspenseful drama .

It does perhaps drag in places, and a few scenes don't reach their full potential of scariness, but is for the most part consistently entertaining and frequently edge-of-your-seat stuff which will not fail to thrill, shock, and frighten you.

And its fascinating.

It wasn't as much a thriller as a drama, however it was engaging, well worth a viewing.

Where 'Gone Girl' is a poorly acted, predictable marriage thriller, 'The Gift' is clever and extremely well performed.

It is very predictable.

"The Gift" is emotional, intense and certainly a pleasant surprise that leaves very good impressions.

Leaving everything aside, the movie still manages to keep you incessantly thrilled, rooted and suspenseful.

This is a pretty intriguing thriller where a young married couple's lives are interfered by an awkward high school acquaintance of the husband's, who leaves gifts to the doorstop multiple times.

And the performances are very predictable.

A good Alfred Hitchcock type ending makes The Gift well worth watching.

Hall does not have the same opportunities due to the script, but still is convincing and enjoyable to watch.

The Gift follows married couple Simon and Robyn who get a unexpected encounter from Gordo, an acquaintance from Simon's past.

Even if you kind of know where this is going (unless this is the first thriller of its kind you're about to watch and/or haven't seen the trailer yet), this can still be engaging, entertaining and keep you on the edge of your seat.

It was very enjoyable the whole way through, with an incredible twist delivered at the end of it which I did not see coming.

The Gift, if you could not already gather the concept, was wildly entertaining to me.

Gripping and thought-provoking in equal measure, 'The Gift' is a well-crafted psychological thriller that also marks a fine filmmaking debut for Joel Edgerton .

If you're a fan of mystery and thriller movies or if you've watched enough movies about psycho thrillers, The Gift will seem to you very very predictable.

Entertaining but a little predictable.

Worth the watch if u have netflix

I mean really, this terrifically constructed storyline is what makes it remarkable and engrossing.

Joel Edgerton in his first directed film (which he also wrote and starred in), has done quite a good job and separates his film from clichés and predictable traps which is a tough thing for directors to achieve these days seemingly.

So for a enjoyable thriller night with some drama and thought, take the ride and watch "The Gift".

It's slow-moving and flatly directed by Edgerton.

Simon, Robyn and Gordo become our sole focus and we feel immersed in their lives.

Ho hum.

Serving as the writer, director, and co-producer, "The Gift" is essentially his playground and, in turn, he creates a thrilling funhouse of Hitchcockian principles and truly absorbing fear.

When I left the theater, I kept thinking of a movie that I saw years ago with Roseanne Barr called "She-Devil".

Additionally, quite a bit about it seemed to be predictable or capable of being anticipated.

It also made it much more suspenseful, and at times there were a lot of "on the edge of my seat" intense moments that made my heart beat a little quicker, and it sucked me in and hooked me for the rest of the film.

When our success creates space for boredom or selfish ambition, dangerous fear and anxiety can lead to poor judgment.

The plot is not quite intricate exactly, a little predictable when you see the end coming.

And yet, Edgerton, who also wrote the screenplay, is not just content for his psychological thriller to be just another B-grade exercise; instead, there are more than a few nasty surprises in store for an audience jaded by such run-of-the-mill genre fare, and it is Edgerton's emphasis on character rather than empty shlock that ultimately pays off in a slow-burn but nevertheless consistently gripping mystery.

This movie is perfectly set for a sequel that could be equally as suspenseful.

It often avoids the obvious and brings shades of gray with these characters to keep the mysteries complex and unpredictable.

His ability to be chameleon-like is impressive as he initially plays dumb to what's going on before things reach the unexpected climax.

She did play the depressed and boring housewife to perfection.

It's not the be-all-end-all the trailers would lead you to believe it is, but it was entertaining.

Compelling thriller for end of summer.

With a trailer that makes this movie look like a generic thriller, it was nice to see an actually suspenseful and smart film in return.

The directorial touches are smart and engaging, the characters development is original and surprising.

The Gift a real gift: half a scary thriller and other half intriguing character study .

The past creeps up and messes up their lives in an unexpected way.

The film throughout was gripping, it certainly kept my heart racing and it was so hard to look away.

A fascinating look at what floats in the mind of Joel Edgerton who wrote directed and co-started in the film with Jason Bateman, who played a great jerk in the film, and did a really good job of it.

It's a solid film with good direction and pace, reasonable acting and writing, enjoyable in short, however if a cliché thriller plot might bother you then it might be worth skipping.

I wouldn't call it a good date movie, but a enjoyable movie to see with a friend.

Nice cinematography, fitting soundtrack, convincing performances, awesome ending, quite suspenseful, interesting and smart.

My opinion is that it is very contrived and a big fuss about nothing.

I found it very slow moving and we're left with the idea that when you meet someone after such a long time, it's not that great to pursue the meeting as old things will be brought up from years ago.

The film already had a pretty decent length as at times I felt the 2 hour runtime, but it's a really enjoyable psychological thriller.

It goes beyond the standard stalker formula to something more complicated and compelling.

She goes against the "freaking wife" cliché.

As the story unfolds, layers are stripped away, and the past comes back in an unexpected way.

We learn of a disturbing history and a compelling story of justice.

Labelled a Psychological Thriller rather than a Horror, I was expecting an intelligently created, suspenseful story.

At glance, The Gift looks like a by-the-numbers thriller with generic characters, generic antagonist and a terribly predictable plot.

I'd just like to start off by saying well done to Joel Edgerton for making his first major directorial project a very good, gripping psychological thriller.

A Very Enjoyable Psychological Thriller .

Fascinating .

However, the pacing of this film is pretty slow and it feels like a longer film then it is.

It is a fresh take on a seemingly formulaic story, and i loved how everything played out, or maybe it didn't?

This is a well constructed, suspenseful tale with fine acting and direction that will keep you guessing 'til the end.

The story is simple, but the execution is thrilling and the way the revelations unfold and keep us guessing about Gordo and Simon shows that this is actually a character driven film.

The story was laid out perfectly, in a slow, and heart-racing manner.

I will say right out of the gate that if you fall asleep easily and aren't into slower films this is probably something you might not last through, because to create that suspense the film is a very slow burn for pretty much the entire film.

For all these,I must say give credit to director Joel Edgerton for crafting a great script and how he remodeled and remixed numerous story formulas into creating something genuinely unique and truly entertaining.

His character's intense eyes, persistent spirit and creepy persona, along with the cinematography from the "watcher's" perspective looking in through windows, makes for a scary and twisty film full of mystery and surprises.

The film remains unpredictable throughout and has a very interesting twist, so much so that I really feel sorry for Simon (Bateman).

Enjoyed it very much, actually loved it.

The Gift is a slow burner, it progresses at a very leisurely pace, building suspense and mystery very well as the story unfolds.

On top of being an engaging "thriller/drama," this movie is packed with little lessons and messages, on many levels, having to do with greed, envy, malice, love, regret, remorse, materialism, and our always false sense of security.

It was a great unpredictable ride right until that one hour mark where it almost looks like someone else took the reigns and steered the film in another direction.

Intriguing thriller marred by lackluster twists .

As for the first and second part,it was definitely full of twists and surprises especially during the time when Simon had difficulty recalling who Gordo was after all these years since High School as well as his confusion of Gordo's true objective into becoming a part of their lives.

Of course, a very personal advantage for me with this 105-minute film is that I quite like the 3 main actors here, namely Jason Bateman, the stunning Rebecca Hall and of course Edgerton himself.

The pacing sometimes dragged, too.

When married couple Simon (Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Rebecca Hall) run into Gordo (Joel Edgerton), a former schoolmate of Simon's, their seemingly perfect lives take an unexpected turn for the worst.

The ending was also boring and if you've ever seen a movie before you'll see it coming from a mile away.

The slow build of uneasiness and the constant build of misleading elements are very well done, and the ending was particularly pleasing.

Some of the most boring yuppie characters ever .....

The film did have a Hitchcock feel to it because every scene is slow and very tense and my heart was pounding in those moments and I was on the edge of my seat.

Don't waste your time on this one!

Still, the ending is good enough and unexpected, and it doesn't undo what came before.

The suspenseful scenes delivered a creepy and thrilling sense to the audience.

The thing that makes The Gift so unpredictable is the ambiguity of the villain.

I have to say, it's one of the most entertaining well-done stories, I have saw this year.

He has this way of giving his characters depth, an unusual, unpredictable edge.

Save your money.

'The Gift' was an extremely enjoyable late night thriller for me.

Everyone in this were simply astonishing, Edgerton played such a compelling creepy loner with so much aplomb, Hall played her role perfectly as a depressed woman that can't stress enough with all the fear and for Bateman, coming from his comedic standpoint, simply impressed as the husband with one troubling past.

The weak points of the movie is the genre itself which is hard to make surprising and Rebecca Hall whose carachter is common and uninteresting.

The Gift is truly a gem because its slow burning with fascinating performances and it really does send you through a gambit of emotions.

A Thrilling Thriller .

But the assumptions work both ways, and the gray areas of the characters make it so compelling: do we completely root for one character over the other after a while?

Viewers left empty and disgusted.

Entertaining movie with lots of suspense .

Suspenseful And With A Really Good Twist .

Though it didn't leave any mind blowing conclusion, but most of the experience is filled with intriguing turns, helping to make the suspense even more effective.

After finally getting the chance to watch this film, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There is a sense of paranoia throughout the film & that's where Edgerton succeeds in making the proceedings, engrossing.

The only thing about the film is that it's actually pretty slow for about the first 30 minutes or so, and there are moments where you do wonder if it would ever pick up.

A good ride yet it gets predictable very early on .

Was it Suspenseful?

And the payoff is tense, entertaining and cathartic.

For me, the way the film's written is made to keep you on the edge & to keep watching and it succeeds in doing just that, all the way up to the nice wee twist at the end.

It really makes the normally, mundane house-hold errands, so much, intense than it has to.

This is a very clever, twisty and unpredictable thriller that constantly keeps the audience guessing.

The Gift was simply a shot in the dark when it let loose from the formulaic genre it was hanging off of.

Surprisingly Good, thrilling.

The way the characters are portrayed has to be definitely appreciated as the depth of the characters gets unfold as the film goes by which makes it more interesting and highly gripping.

Constantly brooding with suspense, we are continually left to guess the outcome of Gordo and Simon's mysterious relationship which, as it unfolds, throws up many unexpected twists.

That's another thing, a lot of this movie is predictable.

Such a suspenseful thriller .

A Gripping and Unforgettable work of art.

It is very slow.

One afternoon, the couple meets the socially awkward Gordo, played by the unpredictable Joel Edgerton who really steals the show, who is an old classmate of Simon.

He has also lent his talent to the page, creating a story that slowly simmers away before catching fire in all its magnificent glory, reminiscent of a suspenseful old school Hitchcock thriller from the past.

It's much more straightforward than I expected, while the music occasionally indulges in boiling our senses, it's otherwise held back and effective in its detail and slow unveiling of backstory.

I have seen her in Transcendence and Closed Circuit and I find her fascinating to watch, she's different from many a female lead and I think and hope we will be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

The music definitely lacks a bit of a punch but the raw acting, dark suspenseful cinematography and a lonely themed production design is terrific.

It has just enough ambiguity and creepiness to keep you on the edge of your seat.

It had some good suspenseful scenes, even when there are moments when there is no music playing building the scenes up.

The thing is that this movie tends to be very predictable from the start.

I wanted this to be good, but it's too slow, poorly paced, and sloppily written.

The film itself is entertaining and there are some very suspenseful shots in it.

I left the theater a very disappointed customer.

Intense character portrayals.

Overrated and a little boring .

Predictable and slow .

Except, you tried to make it really plain and boring.

So slow and so boring.

It's simple story cuts out the shock violence, ridiculous plots, and confusing story lines, all for the better.

Finally Since the script was so well written the viewer is left in ambiguity towards the morals of a character and I find this masterfully executed with every twist and turn being virtually unpredictable.

That's where the movie starts to become a gripping horror movie.

I was very disappointed with the movie and was really hoping for a tight, gripping and a good thriller.

Enticing but predictable .

The unfolding is as formulaic as the tense fragility between the couple in their abode.

It's an intriguing movie with a couple of good twists.

The writing was flawless and the twists mind blowing.

and each character perfectly embraces the circumstances they're put in with again a key realism and gripping nature that is really seldom seen.

The pace is slow, too slow and it's one of those were you are waiting for the pick me up.

This film is superbly entertaining in a film type that's been done to death.

The movie used slow moving cameras to give off an eerie thrilling vibe and it worked very well.

What a wonderful suspenseful thriller.

I was literally on the edge of my seat through the entire experience.

The movie is immensely intriguing and doesn't feel conceited.

I cannot recommend this movie enough, saved for the fact that it seems slow at times.

Here, they are Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall and Joel Edgerton, and the dark drama they bring to life is driven by dialogue and unexpected character development, instead of jump scares and dark hallways and other conventional thriller conventions.

It is a suspenseful story which begins when the married couple of Simon and Robyn decides to move from Chicago into Simon's hometown in order to make a fresh start, attempting to flee from the -many- problems they had in the previous few years.

His long, sweeping, pan shots really build tension, and I was on the edge of my seat for a lot of scenes in this film.