The Girl Next Door (2007) - Crime, Drama, Horror

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Based on the Jack Ketchum novel of the same name, The Girl Next Door follows the unspeakable torture and abuses committed on a teenage girl in the care of her aunt...and the boys who witness and fail to report the crime.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Gregory Wilson
Stars: William Atherton, Blythe Auffarth
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 32 out of 198 found boring (16.16%)

One-line Reviews (65)

It's also gripping because this is inspired by actual events in 1958.

Slow, surreal, striking .

Don't waste your time or braincells on this...

What I can say is that this is one of the most emotionally gripping movies I have seen in a very long time.

There are torture scenes in this movie which is disturbing and yet engrossing to watch.

My issue with the movie was that it just seemed kind of pointless and exploitative, under a veneer of integrity that doesn't actually lack.

I cannot have myself rating it any higher than 7, 'cause that would make me feel that I actually enjoyed it.

Too intense for an R-Rating- .

when a policeman bursts through the door just seconds after the main villain is killed (as per the cliché).


Jack Ketchum's novel, like much of his work, is based on compelling real-life events.

Well it was just another boring night and my girlfriend and I decided to watch some movies on Netflix.

pointless to watch .

The last 15 minutes was just unbearable.

Do I expect something original, shocking and that pushes the boundaries of the cliché, Hollywood horror?

It is a torture and abuse movie that will make you cringe and begging for a better outcome.

Truly gripping, truly horrific, truly disturbing.

A virtually unbearable escalation of torture images in all its forms.

You almost picture yourself as the main character, Meg, who is receiving the torture, and try to imagine the pain that she is going through, but find yourself empty and not even wanting to think.

Bear that in mind if you're foolish enough to waste your time watching this polished bolus of a film.

The acting on all fronts is nothing short of brilliant, the detail on the set is stunning, bearing in mind it is set in the 50's the attention to detail is excellent.

The story was completely unbelievable and there was really no plot.

The story is so gripping that the weaknesses glare like arc lights.

It's the same thing that makes drunk daddy hit his five year old with an empty liquor bottle or beat mommy to a pulp right in front of the eyes of his terror-frozen offspring.

The movie is fairly slow and oddly enough the filmmakers don't bother to establish the character of Meg enough, which is why we can't really feel for her all that much until the very end.

If nothing happened, you wouldn't watch it.

While the performances of the child actors can occasionally be overwrought, Manche is fantastic as the curious and conflicted David, showing a maturity that makes the third act all the more compelling; Auffrath is convincing and heartbreaking as Meg, a truly courageous performance.

It is simply a torture film -- as bad as a snuff film in its horrific and ultimate violation of this young woman's body.

This movie was actually slow and boring and had I not read the book in advance (knowing what was coming), I would have been bored out of my skull.

The way this builds in a slow fashion leaves us almost like the frog in the water which is slowly heated on the stove.

Ruth is not like the other parents: she allows the neighborhood children to smoke and drink, and has an intense dislike for Meg -- for no real reason.

The story is more than a little disturbing, but it's made worse by a film that is ridiculously tedious and boring.

First of all, the plot device of David (and that's all he is) is pointless and manipulative.

This is perhaps the most disgusting gratuitous pathetic piece of garbage movie I have ever seen -- A torture film masquerading as a mainstream film?

It is completely pointless in every other way.

Rarely, if indeed ever, will one hear shouting and everything seems to move at a deliberately slow pace, that helps the images sink in and eventually helps breed hate for the perverse and demented character of Ruth.

Riveting and surprisingly well-done .

He proved that you can make a torture flick without actually showing all the bloodshed and gore.

Much more intense than the average torture movie .

I wouldn't call it "entertaining".

Now, I'm not going to go into any great detail, but what happens to Meg in this film is disturbing, but incredibly engrossing to watch.

It's a slow burner at first, it sets the scene for over half an hour and I began thinking am I watching the right film?

Truly gripping.

Too real to be enjoyable .

Although I have seen this story before with Ellen Page, it was worth watching again.

The worst movie i have ever seen .

The plot is very engrossing.

This movie was a complete waste of an hour and a half of my life.

There were so many chances for her to get away, but no she couldn't because the director wanted to drag out the plot, and it only made the movie more unrealistic and silly to be honest.

This is just too well done to be brushed off as anything but grand, grueling, but ultimately unwatchable cruelty that with its message is trying to be kind.

I have to say that although the acting is passable, the violence is realistic, it is just too real feeling to be enjoyable.

And then in the final scene, viewers are lead to believe that one of the witnesses of the torture acquired something positive from the experience with the cliché quote of 'as meg taught me, it's what you do last that counts'.

And the incessant metaphors pertaining to "darkness" and "monsters" grew repetitive and trite early on.

Unwatchable and Very Emotional Movie .

This movie works on so many levels; it's a brutal psychological horror film, an intense character study, and a coming of age story.

Worst movie ever made .

This is a pointless presentation of a horribly sad story that deserved better.

So many otherwise innocent children have come under Ruth's sway, observing and engaging in acts they would never normally countenance, and it doesn't even seem remarkable, merely plausible.

Disturbing and yet engrossing .

This is a great film to watch it will keep you on the edge of your seat not knowing what will happen next.

Pointless Rape of Children.

Bottom line, this is a torture film starring kids and I wouldn't let me kids see it if I had any.

Something that would give the young girl who died a sense of justice, but nothing happens.

Watching it left me with a dark, miserable and ultimately empty feeling that I have rarely experienced before.

And the neighbors were so clueless in this small town (where scandal and gossip is usually welcome amid the boredom) that they were unaware that the drunkard single mom on the block (divorced moms were suspect back then, too) was feeding alcohol to their own kids and raising a brood of bully, violent brats?