The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) - Comedy

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A comic allegory about a traveling Bushman who encounters modern civilization and its stranger aspects, including a clumsy scientist and a band of revolutionaries.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Jamie Uys
Stars: N!xau, Marius Weyers
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 17 out of 154 found boring (11.03%)

One-line Reviews (59)

A thoroughly enjoyable, funny movie.

I'd seen this film years ago and enjoyed it particularly for its view of the !

The premise is how one empty Coke bottle in the garden of Eden could corrupt it.

This part of the film is the most enjoyable and interesting part because these three men from very different cultures start to find solutions in their ways.

This being said, this universal medium of the same character types makes this film that much easier to associate with and results in a very enjoyable viewing experience.

Exactly the same thing happened: the audience - a completely different one, of course - again stood and cheered as the movie reached its unexpected conclusion.

An empty Coke bottle, a scientist who's extremely awkward with women, and a terrorist group.

One day, a white pilot flying in a small airplane throws an empty Coke bottle into the desert.

The Gods Must Be Crazy is one of the most entertaining films ever.

This is a very entertaining movie presenting the primitive culture of the Bushman in the Kalahari dessert and contrasting it to modern civilization in much of Africa during the 1980s.

I viewed this film with these preconceived notions, which can make it hard sometimes to find the film enjoyable, but even with those factors working against me when viewing the film, I thoroughly enjoyed it and actually audibly laughed at most of the comedic parts.

Entertaining social comedy!

It tries to mix a bit of documentary style narration of our world, with an entertaining fictional story.

Worth watching

" every 5 minutes, this movie is definitely entertaining.

The comedy in this movie is mainly slapstick which is pretty funny but does get a little bit boring as does some of the romance in the story.

This is a joyful, exciting film.

Hugely enjoyable .

I enjoyed it and will watch it again and again.

Boring -- If you get bored by being laughed at yourself just a healthy bit, then this movie _is_ boring.

Entertaining; must see for a Land Rover enthusiast .

It may be worth the watch, depending on your comedic taste.


After watching this film, the only word that comes to mind is "entertaining".

None of the scenes were bad, annoying or boring and there was some reasonable action.

Three parallel stories come together in this enjoyable comedy set in Botswana.

Enjoyable .

This is one of only three movies that I have ever walked out of the movie theater while the movie was still playing.

what a wonderful life the bushmen have; they don't have to worry about being old, insurance, paperwork, jobs, bills, phones, electricity, car keys, etc. - granted, their life would NOT be for everyone but most people on this planet don't have it easy; in fact, few do, and i suspect that they are not "happy" or "fulfilled" and i don't care.. i'm not going to cry over the plight of any humans whose purpose for existing was/is largely an afterthought.. think about why, before you make more people.. think about the facts that they may never like you, that they may want to die at 16 years of age, that they might want to join an organization that harbors beliefs which conflict utterly with yours, that they might want to be an anti-humanity activist (contact me if the latter is the case with YOU, and i will tell you how you can help me with my propaganda) the bushmen are PART OF SOMETHING, they have a way of living that works for them, and that's something ALL "civilized" "societies" NEVER DEVELOPED, and now it's rapidly becoming too late - populations are swelling, "resources" are being taxed, some to the point of nonexistence (or soon anyway)..personally, i'd rather be in a situation like the bushmen.

This is a good, enjoyable movie that endears the viewer to Xi.

This South African film was an unexpected worldwide hit in the early 1980s.

An African bushman, while trying to throw an empty Coke bottle off the edge of the supposedly flat earth, encounters a scientist who is having one awkward moment after another with the new school teacher.

And while this happening, it is very very entertaining and fun to watch.

Life of those characters is so boring for me after seeing Xi's because he is very isolated and pure in terms of the rat race that others do all the time.

very enjoyable .

And the comedic scenes that use speed up film are at times unbearable.

This movie is very odd, but also very entertaining and sometimes touching.

The antics of the African guy set out to find the end of the world is entertaining.

bad guy subplot and provided a lot of exciting adventure and action that will sure captivate an audience.

Even though the beginning of the movie started out a little slow and was a little confusing because of the multiple stories going on.

It was a simple yet very entertaining and informative movie.

Uys pulls every Roachian trope he can think of, whether it be a terrorist slipping on a banana peel or the strains of "Rockabye Baby" with people falling asleep.

The plodding simplicity of the major characters clashes with modern culture and political uprising to yeild a very enjoyable story.

the biggest cliché in the movie: "I don't want to talk about it.

One day a flying plane dropped an empty Coke bottle on the community.

This absurdly popular South African comedy offers little more than a gentle slapstick poke at civilization, following a chance encounter by an innocent Kalahari bushman with an empty Coca Cola bottle tossed from an airplane window.

Even the narrator sounded boring.

It is worth watching.

xau is still the most compelling actor in this movie.

If you read the reviews below that describe this movie as boring or racist, don't bother -- those reviewers didn't really watch the movie and/or didn't understand it.

So, it's not very intellectual, and it has rather predictable main plot.

Taken as cinematic fluff, it's certainly enjoyable.

A pilot flying over Botswana throws and empty coke bottle out of his window, and it ends up landing in a village of bushmen.

The innocence and the general tone of the film makes it very sweet(without being sappy), and though few will make the claim that it is an unpredictable piece, it's a nice little film, one to take your mind off bad things and just relax(in-between the laughing).

This film is hilarious and I highly recommend it to all who love a good comedy.

Set in Africa, it tells the overwhelmingly amusing tale of a bushman, totally oblivious to the modern world, who finds an empty coke bottle while hunting one day.

Very enjoyable.

When you first start watching it you might think it looks incredibly boring as it's done in a kind of documentary style.

I really enjoyed it.