The Goldfinch (2019) - Drama

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A boy in New York is taken in by a wealthy Upper East Side family after his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: John Crowley
Stars: Oakes Fegley, Ansel Elgort
Length: 149 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 37 out of 139 found boring (26.61%)

One-line Reviews (96)

What a colossal waste of time.

Complete waste of time.

It got disjointed, with the Russian guy, Miami, Amsterdam, murders, etc. it couldn't get out if it's own way.

The slow metronome pace of the movie.

Im just out of words - this movie is one of the most fascinating one's I have ever seen!

Relationships are evocative and complex.

😂😄😄😄😄(only 5 reactiview laughs) ⏳too long 🗑would not recommend The Goldfinch (John Crowley) attempts to portray the immortality of art but becomes mired by a tedious script, dull direction, and mediocre performances.

The movie did not disappoint, it told the story the way the book did, left me on the edge of my seat even when I knew spoilers, and moved me.

This was too slow.

Engaging tale that takes us on the journey of a painting wrapped in the coming of age story of a boy.

Especially the dialog, it's so awkward, contrived, and very unnatural.

There are parts to this film that are good but the most enjoyable was watching the Younger Theo....

I saw it with a friend who hasn't read the novel, and he really enjoyed it too.

Unexpected beautiful.

Save your money & catch it on TV.

There are also some interesting contrasts between two different Americas, the world of the Barbours, literate, cultured and metropolitan Manhattanites and that of the philistine Larry and Xandra who live in a largely deserted housing development on the edge of the desert, a long way from anything that looks like civilisation.

I expected action but even the scene when Theo kills Martin is boring.

This movie was way too long.

When you watch this, make sure you are prepared for an intense mess of emotion.

So slow and boring and really, a weak or non-present plot.

Poor casting, hollow dialogue, distinct lack of chemistry between characters and poorly stitched together time leaps leave the audience confused and bored.

ZZzzzzzzz cmon !.

IN BRIEF: The Goldfinch is a well-intentioned but dull adaptation that remains earthbound.

It was the sort of book that does nothing for literary fiction; rather, it is deracinated and pretentious.


Even if i didnt read to book i could tell by what i just watched that doesnt live up to it,that maybe sounds hypocritical but thats my guess it is also fulled with pretty boring charcters and not so intersting plot only saving grace is few good moments with childhood days which were far more intersting then adult parts of story,my advice is to skip this one or to read book cause it is probably better

Good, but really slow and hard to follow .

Great performances from Jeffrey Wright, Sarah Paulson, and Nicole Kidman, but the rest of the film is dreary and overly long.

It was very hard to follow.

My only real gripe of any significance is that it is overly slow at points, particularly in the beginning.

The Goldfinch was quite a special book full of atmosphere and suspense as well of coming of age.

It's certainly watchable, but it's far too long for repeated viewings.

Slow story, slow editing, slow direction .

I really enjoyed it and the actors playing the young Theo and Boris were a delight.

The book was so intriguing to me, such a crazy mixed up interesting saga that I couldn't stop thinking about it after I'd finished.

My general impression was that of a yawning shock - wow, are you serious here, blokes.

Probably one of the worst movies I have seen this year.

Despite all the story and character development though, the movie is dry, dense, and very drawn out that may not be in everyone's repertoire for a movie.

This is a very slow going deadbeat movie and its very suffocating.

The flashbacks and forwarding to present times gives it a kind of hurky jerky feel and it is hard to follow along at times.

Where it diverges from the novel, it does so in big and, I think, quite damaging ways (damaging, that is, to a film that presumably seeks to elicit the kind of intense involvement from its viewers that the book demanded from readers).

The story, script, directing and editing are flat and confusing.

Roger Deakins cinematography, as always, is breathtaking.

Slow, drawn out and disjointed .

Save your money and don't go and see this, it will probably ben on TV before long!

Enjoyable slow burn .


Cinematography breathtaking, acting excellent.

The film is worth watching many times.

BUT it is really hard to understand what is happening when you haven't read the book, it's really confusing and boring.

With so much dense plotting, the film is a bit of a confusing slog, meandering from past to present and back again.

The film is a very intense challenging character study and had a lot of dark elements to it.

It is boring and long.

The acting, by the young Theo (Oakes Fegley) was breathtaking.

The book is incredible, obviously, and yeah the movie could've been a little more accurate to the story but I really enjoyed it!

They are deadly serious by making this slimey slow sloth of a movie.

To my surprise it was (and still is) rated one of the worst movies of the year.

End of the story PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY.

Felt like a big platter of pretentious nothingness.

The music is similarly boring, and the long shots only add to sepia-tones misery of a film.

The characters visibly evolve throughout the film and it flows in an interesting and absorbing fashion.

I found myself bored to death hoping the movie would finally end.

Unexpectedly engrossing.

It's confusing what happened to Larry and who is Jerome, and so on.

The case here is that the book was overrated, contrived, smug and dull.

Interesting story ,really engaging and his friend who show up after years and try to make .

Slow but intense.


Theo's childhood in Las Vegas is an amazing part of the book but it's reduced to about ten minutes of confusion in the movie.

Long but enjoyable .

This is the worst movie adaptation of a wonderful book that I can remember.

The main problem for me in this movie is the length of it 2 hours 20, The mood is very depressing as well as the dull score by Trevor Gureckis and most of all the editing it's all over the place .

LIKES:Artistic Presentation Emotional Some Of The Comedy The Connections The Music The ActingDISLIKES:The Pacing Very Dry The Run Time The Depression The Ending The VERDICT:The Gold Finch feels like an Oscar film primarily in the in-depth story and artistic presentation.

Based on an award winning play the movie is a coming of age story as it leaves the world of a New York City bombing in an art museum.

The Goldfinch is an amazing unpredictable well written movie which had me interested the entire time.

Anyone denying the staggering amount of cliche, in both theme and detail, is not being honest about the book.

A slow and uneventful film .

My synopsis also simplifies the plot considerably, omitting as it does Theo's two romantic attachments and the confusing thriller-style ending which involves Theo and his old friend Boris tangling with a drugs gang.

With an all-star cast and intriguing premise, the failure isn't in the acting or delivery of dialog, locations or anything visual, Sad to say it's all in the overly long and melodramatic delivery.

Oakes Fegley (young Theo) is breathtaking he is so good.

Zero sense of storyline, very hard to follow as you are distracted with irrelevant characters, and story lines that end with no explanation?

Don't waste your money to see it.

save your money.

The plot never goes where you might guess it would, in a pleasing labyrinth through time and unexpected occurrences.

Truly absorbing and moving.

Their performances are stunning.

Cinematography is often boring and predictable.

Was pleasantly surprised to find this was an engaging and moving adaptation.


don't waste your time on the movie .

Pointless .

"The Goldfinch" is one long drawn out in depth drama film that's a journey of life and time of one young man who has been affected by tragedy and family.

The soundtrack was good but the pace of the movie was slow as mollasses.

Surpisingly interesting and unpredictable story .

So it's what I call a quiet movie, so it's not for people who need car chases, quick resolutions, etc. But it's an engrossing story that I really enjoyed.

horrible and confusing movie .