The Good Liar (2019) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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Consummate con man Roy Courtnay has set his sights on his latest mark: the recently widowed Betty McLeish, worth millions. But this time, what should have been a simple swindle escalates into a cat-and-mouse game with the ultimate stakes.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Bill Condon
Stars: Helen Mirren, Ian McKellen
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 99 found boring (15.15%)

One-line Reviews (66)

A classic con movie story, its twists and turns are compelling enough to keep one watching, the main reason being the terrific acting performances from Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren.

I think a lot of it has to do with Bill Condon's mostly bland direction that leaves the film feeling bland and ultimately forgettable.

Snoozer .

Because of his slow way of working, Roy spends more time with his victim than usual.

It may be a bit preposterously muddled to pull off its ambitions and isn't as good as some other films of the same genre, but what it does have are suspenseful thrills led by two legendary actors giving great performances.

Trite script, disjointed storyline, laughable plot.

Best acting ever And unpredictable .

The story in this movie was fun, engaging and interesting with some good plot twists.

The plot is predictable, but does take a few unexpected turns and a very unexpected dark turn towards the end, although the ending is pretty much as you would expect.

View on the film:With director Bill Condon working with the actor for the 4th time, Sir Ian & Dame Helen set sparks flying on the screen in their snappy, thickly sliced hammy turns as Roy and Betty.

I admit the characters are not perhaps fully believable, the fake companionship plot is bit up-and-down, the con artists stuff works well, the twists along the way are a mixed bag, and the final twist of who "the good liar" of the title really is at first is a bit random, until the facts are explained, I agree it is bit hard to swallow, but it is a reasonably entertaining crime thriller.

If you like twists and turns while promising yourself not to take it too seriously, you'll find The Good Liar entertaining and captivating.

That's due to the events that occur towards the very end of the movie which are totally unpredictable.

Overall despite a few limitations and dragged out plot points.

There are some shivery flashbacks to the ruins of postwar Berlin, but the scenes in Helen Mirren's naff suburban bungalow are too slow and very repetitious.

Serious plot holes hurt this otherwise enjoyable pairing of great artists.

enjoyable .

The premise sounded fascinating and the sort that is right up my street.

"The Good Liar" is clever and entertaining.

McKellen's character in particular has multiple avenues to figure out, trying to piece all of them together to uncover the truth behind this quiet, intense character.

"The Good Liar" is quite entertaining even if it does have its flaws.

The scenes in which Ian McKellen lights up his character in a different way are so entertaining to follow.

Entertaining and with dark plot twists .

I adore both the main actors and the supporting cast is also quite wonderful, but the film is rather dull.

Am someone who loves Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren (especially McKellen), two of Britain's national treasures, in intriguing roles for them.

The films story is also very intriguing, adding some back story to McKellan's character I didn't see coming making the film far more complex than its trailers let on.

The five stars I've awarded the film could easily have been four, but it did pass away two hours on a drab Friday evening.

He revels in the somewhat trashy storytelling and only tries to make the material more entertaining than believable.

Moved along nicely with an exceptional cast despite the main twist being predictable from the outset before going to far fetched to counter its main predictability to end.

One of the WORST Movies I've had to sit through .

In any case, despite giving it a good hour of my time, I couldn't take it anymore and walked out.

Based on the rating, I thought this movie was going to be boring, but on the contrary this was an entertaining thriller even though it was kinda predictable and didn't bring anything new to the table.

When you look at all the other dislikes I had, the very slow pace does not do much to sell sitting through nearly two hours of this convoluted tale.

The film does actually keep you locked in from the start despite the slow uptake.

The film gets off to a rousing start with McKellen's character Roy meeting Mirren's Betty through online dating.

The good liar is an interesting,entertaining and clever thriller.

This was truly riveting.

Well after watching joker I want to watch some best acting and unpredictable shocking storylines well Now I got a new good movie Well thanks to Condon and Mckellen again after Mr Holmes and gods and monsters

Overall whilst it's an interesting film with two great performances and unexpected twists, I just expect more style and excitement in it.

The first one coming off quite a lot better, it was more predictable as there is a lot of foreshadowing and suspicion before the scene happens, but the scene was still quite suspenseful in particularly the build up.

Generally, it's relatively enjoyable throughout, despite some eye-rolling moments.

It's a reflection of the times that it's taken a film about two older people to produce one of the most gripping and enjoyable films I've seen in a while, something that could have been a bland Sunday afternoon affair, turned into something far more gritty and dynamic.

very interesting and suspenseful.

Looking at the cast and after the first 15 minutes of the film, I really thought this film was going to be a gripping classic, sadly it went down hill quickly from there.

An enjoyable Agatha Christie type plot.

It's not perfect, but it makes for a much more enjoyable watch once you come to terms with the outlandishness of what's going on.

An Elegant and Highly Intense Thriller .

But as he begins to start developing feelings for the widow, it is then that things start to take a more sinister turn as a jaw dropping revelation is about to be dropped...!The film at first, is kind of boring & dull.

However kept me interested except at the very end which was dragged out about 10 minutes too long.

I felt it dragged on way too long for a revenge thing?

Worth watching!

It is a shame that they have to do it with a script that is less well elaborated, because this makes their characters appear somewhat predictable in the first plot twist.

But I found it incredibly bland.

It seems like the movie throws so much into the short time period that the focus is too spread and somewhat boring to discover.

I just got out of The Good LiarBoth my eldest and myself enjoyed it considerably.

All in all The Good Liar is a solid film with great performances and an intriguing story that is brought down by its bland approach.

All the attempts to redirect you, the story layers that require one to pay attention, the redirections that continue to fly at you throughout the film, and some semi-rando turns may make most look at the film in confusion.

The ending of The Good Liar is predictable, and its unexpected revelations do not derive from previously established clues.

The pacing was too slow.

While Ian McKellan and Helen Mirren are as wonderful as one could hope, their performances are wasted on a rather contrived, quite convoluted script.

First of all i loved the slow building of tension and the good blend between classic and modern.

One that, in hindsight, brilliantly presages the unexpected plot twists to the back stories of Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen's characters.

In addition, the slow pace is going to be a turn off for those with short attention spans, so get yourself ready for that.

It's forgettable and retroactively strained but it's engaging enough.

For example, the first plot twist is too predictable, while the second suddenly comes out of nowhere.

If you want something really good in the thriller genre, then The Talented Mr. Ripley or even a traditional suspenseful Hitchcock film like Psycho is what you are looking for.