The Great Hack (2019) - Documentary

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The Cambridge Analytica scandal is examined through the roles of several affected persons.

Director: Karim Amer
Stars: Brittany Kaiser, David Carroll
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 54 out of 201 found boring (26.86%)

One-line Reviews (90)

A Waste of Time and Just not Accurate .

Biased propaganda .

Obama was sort of a pioneer of using personal data in a campaign, but of course in that case it was not dangerous, while Trump using the same tech is a war criminal,there is no contradiction from Brexiters, US Conservatives or anyone who could disagree with the self righteous people who are interviewed in that 'documentary';3/ yet the subject is so thrilling, if only they had worked, other than making silly visual effects with useless texts: nothing on Cambridge Analytica's day-to-day operations, 2 minute long presentation of their history, nothing on the way they got to become the best political data company worldwide, nothing on their suppliers (data brokers + software Companies to use this data), nothing on their psychological research and the people who designed these, etc. Conclusion: so disappointing and far from what its purpose should have been (enlighten us on what Cambridge Analytica has really done to help political campaings, rather than pointing a stupid finger at people who never get to reply) I fail to grasp how people can enjoy watching it through.

It is just a collection of clips from mainstream media, news and public domain material, connected in a very confusing narrative that does not add nor clarify absolutely anything, and spiced with a series of testimonials that just does not add to what you can find in the mainstream media.

Leftist propaganda.

A riveting one .

A confusing, shallow and irrelevant take on the scandal .

They feel empty and hollow.

Even the most seemingly banal activities, such as online personality tests set up as "just a bit of fun" have apparently been fodder for these tech conglomerates.

- this turgid tale tells us virtually nothing we didn't (or shouldn't) already well know, making it largely pointless!

Entire film full of boring testimony and interview footage!

leftist propaganda???

The Great Hack was no hack, rather an unexpected betrayal of the democrat party by operators who were supposed to be committed to the political left.

It has a point but is lost in the propaganda and excuses for Hillary's loss.

Based on an engaging, important, and ongoing story, The Great Hack manages to fumble it all away.

The subject matter was interesting and the topic is so important, yet it was unbelievably dull.

However, the delivery was substandard and the result is just another propaganda piece to explain Hillary's loss.

This is a riveting and compelling look at how easily we are manipulated by big data corporations.

A boring documentary film!

Democrat propaganda .

It's all about disinformation, propaganda, lies, targeting the 'persuadables'.

Propaganda .


But it's still a fascinating revelation of what went on, and a scary indictment of the modern, tech driven world we currently inhabit.

I give this documentary 2 stars because it is interesting in a 'watching an elaborate, but ultimately empty, tantrum from the left.

Don't waste your time.

At 2hrs - far too long.

Everyone crying "left wing propaganda" in here is just showing how well this orchestrated brainwash has been working.

The irony in this whole programme is that the journalist from the propaganda machine of the past 100 years tries to argue against the propaganda machines of the past 10 years, without recognising how they've tried to influence and manipulate readers views!

Unfortunately it's just 2 hours of left wing propaganda and attacks on the right.

but it is a propaganda piece.

DEMS Propaganda .

Let me start off by saying that people who say this is a propaganda movie made by the left are mostly people who didn't watch the full movie.

Biased, distorted propaganda with a smidgen of well-known facts for good measure .

Also the storytelling is terrible and boring.

Slow and simply not great.

A Democrat Propaganda Film .

However, it turned out it was a propaganda.

For just one example, the Mainstream Media convinced the world it was a good idea to invade Iraq utilising fake news and propaganda about their supposed possession of WMDs.

This is a liberal propaganda piece.

Painstakingly slow .

Very interesting information, but too long and too many boring details.


One sided and clearly left propaganda machine .

Left wing propaganda .

Over-produced, boring AF, and nothing new.

This is a two-hour long piece of propaganda complaining about political campaigns using propaganda.

More Leftist propaganda .

Light on information and heavy on Cliche.

Propaganda tried to tell you Trump won because the election was hacked, that was proven false so now they are trying to say no man they hacked your mind man as though the Trump campaign is the only one that researches the true issues of the voters.

This carefully thought out and smoothly presented Netflix exposition of Cambridge Analytica's effective data shenanigans during the 2016 presidential election and pre-Brexit initiative is informative and entertaining, just like a good doc should be.

Entertaining an educational takedown of Cambridge Analytics and Facebook.

Propaganda is certainly the familiar domain of the fascists who currently hold sway.

This documentary is liberal propaganda that consist primarily of liberal media interviewing liberal media and selective information.

The film is incredibly hypocritical and ironic, but entertaining nonetheless, which is why I gave it three stars instead of one.

The definiton of propaganda.

Propaganda .

This documentary is a fascinating account of The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

Even though the subject is an interesting one, the documentary is dull and boring.

This is coupled with archival newsreel to drive the message home, but there's also a lot of new interview footage following Kaiser as she's dragged more and more into the story uncovering the unethical practices she was involved in, coming clean on what happened, without excepting any blame.

Watching the film-maker buy an artisanal coffee before driving his Lexus to pick up his kids from Montessori school provoked in me an odd emotional cocktail of boredom, annoyance and nausea - and I am a hard-left radical.

Slow, long and no new information .

but still felt it is a propaganda documentary who is trying to show whatever english or amercian people did was by brainwashing them!

Liberal Propaganda .

A propaganda film about a propaganda company.

Instead got a leftist propaganda campaign.

I felt there was some paranoia in some parts but overall it was an enjoyable flick.

tedious self-aggrandisement + blatant rehab.

The company had exploited the personal data of millions of Facebook users, without their knowledge or consent, and used it for political propaganda.

As this documentary goes into this is very dangerous because it also creates the capacity for widespread political propaganda campaigns.

Too long and bored!

Lies and leftist propaganda.

Story telling was boring.

Engrossing film, and reveals the extent of data scraping that is going on in today's world that is then being used for nefarious purposes.

Propaganda AT BEST.

I was literally half way through, and still saying to myself, 'any minute now they are going to have a slew of interviews with fence sitting voters who stated they were swayed by targeted propaganda / fake news - specifically on social media'.

At a running time of almost two hours, The Great Hack is overlong, but it remains a largely engrossing watch.

Well worth watching .

Too long, too slow and not intense!

I watched it on Netflix.. but I couldn't watch it until the end because it was very boring.. And I still can't get why they named "manipulation" something that simply is "targeted advertising".

Liberal lies and propaganda.

Dull .

Save your money for a far more deserving documentary that will look into how social media is being controlled by a whole lot of power merchants, and how Google is the worst of the Tech firms at spying and gathering data.

Stylish look at modern propaganda warfare.

Fascinating and timely warning for society .

Don't waste your time, it's like watching CNN on repeat for 2 hrs

Got bored in the middle .

Political Propaganda .

I am so tired of propaganda from both political sides .

DEMS financed propaganda.