The Great Raid (2005) - Action, Drama, War

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Taking place towards the end of WWII, 500 American Soldiers have been entrapped in a camp for 3 years. Beginning to give up hope they will ever be rescued, a group of Rangers goes on a dangerous mission to try and save them.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: John Dahl
Stars: Benjamin Bratt, Joseph Fiennes
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 46 out of 189 found boring (24.33%)

One-line Reviews (154)

Amazing archive footage is the most endearing element as we have a faceless mass of soldiers, confusing situations and a totally out-of-place Connie Nielsen as a nurse who is part of an underground network of civilians attempting to help the American prisoners from certain death.

Thanks to all the cast and crew, for a stunning movie.

I am sure this sort of directorial religious indulgence goes a long way when selling Cinema tickets in the US but it just made me cringe at every tired cliché.

The Bad:--Some occasionally cheesy, cliché moments, unfortunately.

Incredibly dull and boring interpretation of a fact-based rescue mission during WWII to save over 500 American POWS in the Japanese infested Philippines that truly deadens the senses in this laborious and uninvolving melodrama from filmmaker John Dahl and a leaden screenplay by Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro with clichés aplenty, interchangeable unknown actors (never identified by character's names to boot!

Compelling movie, especially for those of us who didn't experience WW II ourselves.

Boring, and dull.

And boring.

" The movie remained highly accurate to history (except for love story) while being entertaining and also honoring our country's deserving veterans.

This is a movie which fails on all levels: Directing, Actors, Storyboard, Music, Camera What a waste of money to produce such a movie.

This movie seems to trade right-wing sentimentality and propaganda for World War II Pacific Theater history, and there's nothing wrong with that if that is your goal.

Some critics have complained that the movie is a bit slow and talky.

However, a lot of them were left-wing media and often contained propaganda.

Boring, boring, boring...

myself and 3 friends watched it and were totally and utterly bored with its slow pace.

The even did the beginning on the cheap with a dreary voice-over and stock news reel footage - they did not even bother filming the march!

It really is a compelling story, although I know some license was taken with the romantic angle between the major and Margaret.

Franco brings his usual intensity to the screen and does a decent job but his character is mostly empty without any real substance.

One of the dullest films I've seen in some time.

Granted, if you're looking for an action packed shoot' em up movie, this might not be your first choice.

Just ironic to see these propaganda movies.

I thought the movie was an honest, unglamorous, yet incredibly compelling re-telling of the sacrifices of heroes in the midst of a brutal war.

The exploits of the Army Rangers as they planned and rescued over 500 Americans who, somehow, lived through the Bataan Death March, is a compelling, worthy story.

The battle scenes were well-done and intense.

Both books put into context the feats of heroism and valor depicted in this stunning picture.

The action was minimal and the movie was, among other things, flat out boring.

I was ready to fall asleep 30 minutes in, and despite the somewhat accurate, with real footage, informative introduction, the story goes right down the fantasy road after that.

The film's conflict is finally resolve with a rather predictable shoot-out, with the Japanese bad guys getting their comeuppance amid noise and fury, signifying little.

Instead of these loud battles of bouts of boredom we are shown how a carefully planned strategy is thought up and finally executed in the film's most exciting sequence.

Yankee propaganda movie again .

Slow at first, packs a wallop at the end .

Slow, but at least it was boring .

If you ant to watch a movie that will keep you interested, intrigued and on the edge of your seat with excitement and suspense this is a movie you want to see.

A polarizing peace of Propaganda .

Indeed, every part of the movie that was true was exciting.

Even so, the Raid was fairly well done, but for me the most gripping scenes were with the nurse.

This movie was boring from beginning to end.

There are plenty of much better war movies out there, don't waste your time with this one as I had a hard time just writing ten lines about it.

The colors, ranging from dry browns to burnished golds to field grays to dull greens, were to me very, very evocative, and gave the whole movie a flavor that fit the Stories very well indeed.

5)The raid itself was a 100 times more harrowing and exciting then what the movie showed, they had to low crawl in daylight up to the wires and was nearly detected by the Japanese several times.

A Yawner .

Too slow, too dull, too moralistic, too overblown, too clichéd.

It seemed like one overacted, trite scene after another.

Dull throwback to old war films .

Errol Flynn's captain under the direction of Walsh was the more enjoyable performance.

I went with some friends who enjoyed it very much also and considering that we were women going to see a war movie, we did not know what to expect.

It is desperately badly written, especially at the start: long periods of dull exposition, including the fatal use of dialogue in which characters, for the sake of the audience, tell each other things they already know.

Most historical movies fudge the plot line in order to make an entertaining film.

This was a fast-moving, dramatic movie.

The music is the generic, ponderous drone you would expect to hear on this type of flag-waver.

has to be one of the most boring war films i have ever seen.

The action and war seems are also very good and the final third of the film is pretty exciting.

And this "something" turns out to be a dark, quick, boring firefight without any action or content.

In those old films we were presented with the idea of the righteous American ideal, but in this film we are subjugated to a generous helping of Christian propaganda, and the righteous path is only walked by those of the faith.

Boring, way too moralistic, modern war movie attempt.

The first 2/3 of the movie is slow, with far too much emphasis on a love story than should have been included.

An incredibly exciting, true account that will move you to tears at this superb film's conclusion.

A mediocre propaganda flick with some good actors and a weak script, nothing exciting, can't even remember any particular scenes that are worth it.

The battle scenes are stunning and the musical score is one of the most beautiful ever composed.

An old predictable storyline handled badly.

I just don't see this movie as being that great, I mean the action was good, and some action in a middle to hold me in to see what was going to happen but, the movie was rather boring!

And his lack of acting skills only force this production further into the mundane zone .

It's boring.

Any sluggishness in the middle is forgiven by the time of the exciting finale and the heart-tugging dénouement, accented by the terrific vintage footage.

I was on the edge of my seat helping the raiders and the underground all during the movie.

From the planning of this raid to the heroism displayed by the Rangers and their Phillipine counterparts kept us on the edge of our chairs.

It's an overlong, overblown and just plain boring war movie, that even becomes annoying to watch in parts due to its moralistic undertone.

Overrated propaganda flick.

" It's on about the same level as "Enemy at the Gates," but more exciting (Joseph Fiennes stars in both of these).

The movie wastes about 90% of it to build something up, and it gets really boring and irritated, with all those string melodies to support this and flood of dialogs boring enough to be rejected by low-class soap opera director.

More Compelling than Saving Private Ryan By no means!

Promising, but ends up being pointless .

Had it been more about the great difficulties and dangers that those rescuers overcame, I'd have been more immersed.

Flawed but still fascinating.

Like Pearl Harbor, the maudlin romantic sub-plots and gooey sentimentality go a long way toward wrecking what might have bordered on an enjoyable experience, even if one could overlook the wooden performances.

The action scene is believable if confusing.

I take it this film was created as a propaganda piece to sell the Afghan and Iraq wars, by harking back to WW II glory.

It truly becomes annoying in parts and because of this approach this movie also can be seen as propaganda, while the movie tries to let you believe that this is a very accurate and honest portrayal of the true events, that occurred in late January 1945, near Cabanatuan.

Meanwhile the whole thing is photographed in a dull, sepia-toned style well-suited to a Fourth of July weekend broadcast on The History Channel or Lifetime.

I found this movie totally unwatchable and carelessly produced, directed, and acted.

Let me just say, this is one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

While the film was 'inspired' by the true story, as noted in the opening credits, some unnecessary creative license is taken in detailing an event, which on its own, is compelling, and needs no embellishment.

This is engaging and interesting from start to finish.

"THE GREAT RAID"(2005) This story is thrilling in concept because it is largely true with only a small fictional romance added for interest.

It bogs the film down, leaving it to be a little boring.

I enjoyed it very much, as I have always been a history buff, particularly of the Pacific Theater of WWII and have always enjoyed well-made war movies.

Even with 1,5 hours of tiresome explaining what's going to happen, some things still remain unclear.

I highly recommend it.

And the performances were extremely dull especially from the horrid Benjamin Bratt, (dude stick to T.

If only the movie were as alive and as fascinating as the real life story.

stupid propaganda.

The rescue operation is suspenseful and detailed.

It is told in a very formulaic way where you can expect what happens next quite easily.

The contrived relationship between them was more distracting than involving, as were a few other things.

"The Great Raid" is a long, dull and anemic experience that is sure to cure those with the worst cases of insomnia that fails completely in everything it wanted to accomplish.

If I had viewed it in a cinema I am sure I would would have walked out long before the end.

Exciting and heart-wrenching American POW action-drama plus the heroes who rescue them: U.

I'm not going to be the ones saying, oh this movie sucks don't waste your time!

There movies that show how boring war can be between violent outbursts of combat.

As a Hollywood studio film goes, it's an academic, nearly blow by blow accounting of the events surrounding the raid on the Cabanatuan prison camp, but because of the nature of the story and not because of empty manipulation, it is intense, inspiring, and exciting.

Connie Nielsen was quite gripping in her depiction of Margaret.

It shows beautifully how exciting and thrilling real history can be.

I had pretty high expectations after finding out that John Dahl was directing this film since i was a follower of his work since "Kill me again" but what i was left with was over an hour of boring Hollywood war stuff and then when the Raid was initiated on the camp in the end it was a five minute Un- Dramatic shootout that you would find in any large budgeted action flick.

It might even be a pro-war propaganda blurb, in which case it doesn't deserve even two stars.

From the outset, we seem to be instructed, or reminded, that war is not a matter of just heroism, exciting action scenes, or battle strategy - though this is how it culminates in this particular true story of rescue.

the subject alone is awe inspiring and the presentation of the entire story is unbelievable.

As much as this tale deserves to be told, some may consider the first part to be rather slow-moving.

In some ways this was more fascinating to watch than the dramatic re-enactment we've just witnessed.

Though Hollywood has done it again, we have a new propaganda war movie in theaters that is about to become a classic the same way all overrated propaganda movies (Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers, Black Hawk Down etc.) do.

even the characters are empty with no real depth.

Among the Americans there is no one who presents a compelling character to focus on, everyone is a cliché from countless war flicks that have gone before.

Great Attempt at staying awake .

Dull .

Mediocre , lackluster and uninspiring are all words that describe the acting , the photography and the story here .

But, it is a Respectable, Slowly Paced, Effort that if Given the Patience it Needs, Comes Across as a Deliberate and Heart-Wrenching War is Hell Portrayal of an Important and Necessary Mission.

And a boring one, by the way.

Instead trite and shrug-inducing story lines haphazardly slow everything down, pushing the decent battle scenes to the final act, by which point they are as inevitable and anticlimactic as possible.

The film gets off to a slow start, deliberately, I assume, to present contrast with the action at the finish.

boring as hell .

Yawn inducing history lesson that surely deserved better in its delivery; otherwise forgettable.

The acting schools are better than years ago, and shows that no film needs a 9 million dollar actor which kills the budget, with cheap sets, and no script rewrite.

Director John Dahl missed an opportunity to make a compelling story into a great move.

This film expertly balances the need for authenticity with the need for compelling drama.

It appeared to be very dull and thus the interest of viewers is slowly fading out.

So even if the suspense is a bit lax, "The Great Raid" has enough of what is needed for a compelling story from the books of military history.

More importantly, the stories preceding this exciting finale are well watchable (albeit a tad too long) and well cast.

So I was invited to the premiere screening of this movie in Washington DC and found the movie both exciting and longer than really needed.

This has intense and exciting sequences, and it's certainly not boring for a second.

So then why was I so bored while watching?

The script is uninspiring; the cast range from the adequate (Fiennes, Csokas)) through the bad (Franco, Nielsen) to the truly atrocious (Bratt, giving a performance of such stupendous badness it's difficult not to fall asleep when he opens his mouth).

The film is too long and seems sluggish.

FINAL VERDICT: Compelling, entertaining, informative war story.

Filmed in the classic style of the WWII movies of the fifties, it is fast paced and does reflect the unfortunate attitude of the Japanese to the prisoners of war, which they held in contempt for the shame of allowing themselves to be captured.

Every part they had to make up was trite or boring.

The action was pretty intense and I have to say the shooting scenes were extremely realistic and graphic.

The Great Raid proves that history is always more compelling than fiction .

Do not bother with this overacted, slow, boring movie.

The Great Raid is a Great Bore.

He took all the actors out into the isolated jungle and conducted intensive training, starting out with an early morning jog each day for 5-8 miles.

Yawn inducing history lesson .

On the opposite end is Franco who underplays to the point of stoicism and whose monotone voice suggests an almost total disinterest in the proceedings, whether he intended it or not.

This is just another propaganda movie for the world.

But when the raid finally happens, it's a supremely well executed, adrenaline pumping sequence that only Hollywood can pull off with such thunderous, technical bravado.

Instead the movie is overlong and above all things quite boring to watch, also since you just never really care enough for any of the characters.

Yet it smells as silly and overdone as those Woody Woodpecker or Popeye WWII propaganda films.

Fictional elements are added to the story, such as a surprisingly compelling love story, and believable explorations of friendships among both prisoners and fighters.

He seems to have the idea that to act a tough guy he has to speak in a droning monotone.

Snooze fest .

The only problem I had with the film was the portions having to do with the flashbacks involving the female nurse which seemed to me to be really long and after the first three times boring.

Don't be discouraged by critics if they say its boring, in my opinion it was the opposite and the film was engaging all the way through dialogue and action with a steady pace.

The subplots were gripping.

Just an awful propaganda movie.

Rousing, Spirited, and Clean .

Before the "Bataan Death March" was over, those who survived would march more than 60 miles through intense heat with almost no water or food.