The Green Inferno (2013) - Adventure, Horror

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A group of student activists travels to the Amazon to save the rain forest and soon discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Eli Roth
Stars: Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 66 out of 241 found boring (27.38%)

One-line Reviews (157)

I found the buildup to their leaving for the Amazon to be a little boring and a little cheesy and bad.

The first scene with the cannibals is one of the most intense and gruesome scenes I have seen in a LONG time!

Definitely worth watching in my opinion.

It's like once these entertainers become famous and successful they lose that fire in their bellies and their movies/music/performances etc. amount to little more than a disappointing waste of time.

Pretty boring and pointless .

Cardboard characters with cliché feelings, motivations so caricatured they border on contempt for the audience.

A gripping movie which surely doesn't deserve the all hate it has got until now.

I say "attempted" shock, but nothing happens.

Don't waste your time.

Boredom ensues.

I truly respect and love them 100% for this bloody, dark, good, intense, adventurous fun ride.

Whether the onslaught of grisly violence is necessary is another question though; it soon becomes a repetitive (how many ways can a human body be pulled apart?

With forty minutes until any actual "action" starts, you'll find yourself bored before the plot even starts.

If you like suspenseful AND gory horror, you are really going have a good time with this one.

oh my god she was unbearable.

I like Eli Roth for this reason and I do find him a somewhat engaging, funny and entertaining guy.

This is the worst movie i've ever seen.

We are left with a dull drizzle of Hollywood fakers.

Empty Bloodbath .

The hidding "cannabis" in a corpse concept is just plain Silly, and in the end you just sit there with a bland "What ever" feeling.

The ending seems a little rushed, too conventional, and confusing.

They just seem tired and repetitive.

Female bimbo takes off to parts unknown with strangers against the gut feeling of her bimbo best friend - can say cliché?

The absolute highlight of the movie happens pretty much right after the confrontation with the cannibals, after that it turns into a bore-fest with embarrassingly bad attempts at humour ("jacking off" scene...

Don't waste your time on this flick, if you want to watch something this poorly shot and cheesy, watch The Predator and at least contribute to am equally poor film that's newer.

When he doesn't, it seems bland for some reason.

Most of the scenes in the movie are trite and simple minded.

Stay away if you are going to pay, wait for DVD on a rainy night when you are bored!!!!

This makes "The Green Inferno" incredibly unsettling and suspenseful, as it relies on these momentary instances that could completely alter a characters' fate as a method of grabbing you in and taking you for a ride.

Just a silly, dull movie by a director whose didn't have a chance to be a has been, since he's a never was.

Sky Ferreira shows the acting range of early Kristen Stewart a bland angst with bad timing on delivery.

Not without suspense, but this one gets kind of sloppy and slow.

I watched it on the big screen and it was heavily censored, but I still enjoyed it.

Possibly one of the worst movies I've seen .

I will say that the build-up was a lot more entertaining than I expected it to be because the violence doesn't happen until the last portion of the movie.

Torture Yawn ...

The trivia on the film is fascinating, so I would recommend reading it.

I have read accounts of people walking out of the theater in disgust (surely by now a common cliché for any hyped up horror movie).

Parts of it come across as full-blown pro-colonial propaganda.

I'll rate it 3 instead of 1 as some of the locations are breathtaking.

the green inferno was watchable but a boring mess .

Eli Roth unleashes another gory bore .

The beginning of the movie is really dull, introducing us to Roth's special brand of unlikable or nothing characters, and cramming in awkward foreshadowing about female genital mutilation (yeah).

In the end this movie is a cinematic experience, if you see it you'll probably leave the theater with an upset stomach, that being said this film's not for children or the weak stomached.

If this is one of the worst movies I've seen, why am I giving it a 4?

I suppose in summary, you could consider the Green Inferno to be a slightly gory waste of time (and yes, I did like Hostel).

This movie was a colossal waste of my time because there are no frights, no intense moments, and no plot twists.

When she is eventually saved, she runs around the jungle and once again the cinematography is just stunning!

It's not even good trash, it's confusing, stupid, overly long and kind of boring.

Even though the first death did leave me feeling uneasy (nowhere near as uneasy as the film 'Cannibal holocaust' made me feel) because it was extremely gory and "kind of" well done, the rest just made me feel bored...

All in all, "The Green Inferno" is a good movie and an entertaining one.

This was by far the worst movie i ever seen in my life.

This script had me rolling my eyes at times but regardless it is still very entertaining.

And once you look beyond THE GREEN INFERNO's indulgence with shock and confrontation, you'll find a suspenseful movie with an interesting story arch and some relatable and interesting characters.

You even may have commented that it wasn't as bad as you thought it was going to be, and that you kind of enjoyed it, all as you started to look forward to that next uncomfortable challenge.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

Worst Movie .

I still think the first act went for way too long, the first 30 minutes was progressing really slowly and was setting up some characters that were pretty much irrelevant for the rest of the film.

I saw her in Aftershocks (2012) she was OK but still bland.

The film felt more suspenseful to me because most of the plot focused on whether or not the students would survive their predicament.

So make it hip, make it snappy.

Movie's a bit predictable, camera's too shaky, and there are times I felt like Eli Roth was trying too hard to stir up audiences' anger towards his characters, but all in all it's a well done movie and CAN be enjoyable, if you can stomach it and if you understand that it's just a movie.

I got bored at a certain point, because the director didn't seem to be really serious about the movie.

Too much of the first forty five minutes is spent on development which is completely pointless due to this.

A fast paced film with the expected gory scenes.

Such a waste of time, if you are thinking about going to this movie do NOT do so.

I thought it fit but felt very pointless and lame to me.

Don't waste your time or money on this mindless drivel.

One is far more enjoyable than the other, I'm sure.

This is a sad, bland film which is sadder given how much the intent was to be shocking and ghastly.

Peppered with more plot holes than almost any bad movie you can think of, and weighed down with more illogical moments than an episode of The Walking Dead, TGI will waste your time in that spectacularly incompetent way we've come to expect from Mr Roth.

This movie is the result of bad direction, acting, effects and editing and a most predictable and bad plot.

Confusing ending.

Unfortunately, however, it does remain an Eli Roth film and he continues to make annoying mistakes over and over again… I'm referring to an overlong first half hour in which practically nothing happens except for a lot of blah blah (although it's not as bad as in "Hostel"), the use of infantile toilet humor (the tarantula sequence or the ridiculous diarrhea moment) and downright idiotic stuff (like getting an entire cannibal tribe stoned by hiding a little bag of weed in a corpse about to be cooked).

I actually kind of enjoyed it (what does that say about me?!

What makes The Green Inferno enjoyable is the initiative Roth takes in building a story around a group of activists intent on heading into the Peruvian jungle in order to stop acres of vegetation from getting slaughtered, as well as the guidance it has throughout the third act.

Even worse, this movie seems to be making a case that student activism is pointless and that some "primitive" people are savages who deserve to be wiped out.

Again pointless and waste of time to add it.

" "Contrary to popular activism, it is only a single bull dozer doing the "Development" and all ill- conceived idea of corporate terrorism against the world's natural resources are not true (only peaceful workers eating their lunches & securities for self-defense from demonstrating bombing terrorist groups such as that shown in the movie).

The cinematography is stunning, THIS IS WHAT MAKES THE FILM!

Funny thing is that I watched this with some monotone Russian dub so I missed some dialogue and the way I see it, you only need the visuals.

It's as though he knows it's cliché, so accentuates their negative traits as a knowing nod to the viewer.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

An intense and watchable 90 mins or so, if only for shock value.

There will be no spoilers here, I don't think people read movie reviews to find out what happens in the whole movie, that is kind of pointless...

The movie starts out uninteresting in its exposition, attempting to set the "scene" where we all know the average do-gooder's purpose; to be immortalized in the annals of history, screw actual social change!

The first part, if you make it past the snooze fest, is long, boring, talking sequences...

The films ending is completely nonsensical and very confusing.

His character development skills, however, show unexpected signs of refinement during his six year absence from the director's seat.

But this setup is so long, it has to be establish its own "world" even if it hardly has anything to do with the main plot, we're just walking around with these campy written characters that are often tough to care about since they are caricatures of a standard tree hugger or just another horror movie character cliché.

I enjoyed a lot of exciting scenes.

Some of the characters' deaths come unexpected and quicker/later than I thought.

As THE GREEN INFERNO commands, bull-doze the Amazon NOW!!

With the back story out of the way, our intrepid group arrive in the Amazon basin, confront the loggers, win a somewhat pointless victory and fly home.

I judge movies based on how entertaining they are and how well they each accomplish their individual goals.

Cannibals and zombies, ah, those good old and exciting days of gore and thrash and non-p.

The pace of the film works really well and I did find it to be quite tense and thrilling hoping that at least one character would escape.

The movie was boring and no one was even slightly intrigued.

The unpredictable script (anything can and does happen in the blink of an eye), the extremely violent scene that even the toughest of viewers winces at (despite no doubt denying it afterwards) and the unique ending where things that would never even cross other filmmakers minds usually happen.

After that it's all down hill and very predictable to the point of stupidity!

In case "The Green Inferno" triggered your appetite – so to speak – make sure that you track down all these controversial but hugely fascinating films.

The characters a little contrived.

The ending is confusing and stupid.

Entertaining gory film .

With that it was very boring and terrible to watch.

This movie is extremely entertaining, I was never bored at any time in the movie.

I'm sure Eli Roth fans loved this film but I was kinda bored with it.

A group of college environmentalists take a plane ride into the jungle and end up being involved in a cliché plane crash that leaves a number dead and others injured after the fact.

In terms of the characters, i thought there were like 2 maybe 3 interesting characters and everyone else was either just a throwaway character or seemed a little too generic and cliché.

It is also bold that he chooses to take a jaundiced view of activism set against the unexpected.

All in all, it was an entertaining and chilling ride.

But still an entertaining movie with some nice gore scenes.

Though, I objected to that movie because of the horrendous animal cruelty and the fact that it's hugely boring.

We are told early in the film's WAY TOO LONG exposition setup, that tribes around the world, including in S.

This is nearly unwatchable, even the violence is so cartoony as to be laughable.

The Green Inferno is a confusing film.

I had the pleasure of attending the midnight showing (to a surprisingly packed theater no less) and counted 6 people who walked out after the first death scene after the group is captured.

So far, so boring; we do not get the opportunity to begin to know, bond with or even like any of the characters let alone care what happens to them.

The movie gets sort of interesting in its critique of self-important college activists, but this idea is pretty much totally abandoned in the second half making the first chunk of the movie rather pointless.

Pure Intense Gore .

In terms of cinematography, there are a lot of slick, breathtaking overhead shots of rainforest, as well as effective and retro lens flares and other unnerving nuances that emphasize the horror happening on the ground.

Scene just after the plane crash where people come out of the plane and you get the one guy who was lucky to survive the crash unhurt but confused enough to stumble into the still spinning engine propeller blades - again, totally cliché.

So in the end, The Green Inferno was an accumulation of blood, gore and excessive violence from the sick mind of Eli Roth and through his use of sharp and confronting camera movements he managed to make it entertaining.

"The Green Inferno" starts out rather slow paced, in terms of establishing characters and plot.

And when approaching this film with that mindset and watching it with friends, you're guaranteed an enjoyable experience.

I felt compelled to write about this film because I am a huge fan and supporter of the horror genre (yes the 2 are different) I saw huge potential for Eli Roth when I first saw cabin fever, it was intense and scary and gross and then that dim wit deputy comic relief character came along.

Along with His other Films that strain for Mediocrity and are mostly just Bad, this is one more Mastuabatroy, Self-Indulgent, display.

Nor does it look good for the audience as they have to sit through an hour of repetitive screams, decapitations and sleep inducing darts.

It's weak, it's predictable and above all - it's not in the least bit scary or ultra violent - in fact this felt like a Cannibal Holocaust Lite, for the "Scream" TV series generation.

Waste of time watching.

So, once you make it through the slow start, involving inane college kid babble and the botched protest, things actually start looking promising.

Okay the setup for the ecological freaks is way too long.

While trite in theory, the action comes off even worse.

To be kind, the Movie looks great and the Color Scheme is Stunning.

Just skip through and watch the scenes with the tribe, don't waste your time on the other parts.

This is all formulaic and fairly predictable: a group of (mostly irritating and unlikeable) people end up stranded in the Amazon rainforest, first attacked by jungle natives, then held captive for an extended period of time, tortured, escàpe, blah, blah, blah.

There is even an embedded moral dilemma for one of the leads that plays out in an intriguing manner.

If you are, you'll find it derivative and pointless.

Let's pretend for a moment that Eli Roth actually wants to create decent, entertaining material - and that he failed miserably with 'Knock Knock.

But for non-psychotic people, then don't waste your time on this.

I'm sorry Eli,you can make a half decent film but your writing is way to simple and therefor very predictable.

Those who know the Italian- exploitation genre and have seen the films of the late 70′s early 80′s that director Eli Roth stems his appreciation from, and those who were dragged along by the former.

Do something more exciting with your life, like a crossword or wash the dishes, a much better way to spend ninety minutes of your life.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it as a stand alone film and not as a remake.

Entertaining and chilling .

But despite a rather mundane start, "The Green Inferno" does quickly pick up pace and becomes rather entertaining.

Ultimately we are cast away with these characters as they plunge head first into unchartered territory, taken away with a story that is wholly Eli Roth; a story that is frequently engaging and surprisingly tense with lush cinematography by Antonio Quercia.

Fun and engaging with good little scenes along the way .

The movie is entertaining and smart without taking itself too seriously.

Dear Eli Roth, I enjoyed it.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, its off to see what other piles of steaming dog doo there are to waste my time watching.

Unfortunately Roth wasn't interested in making any "mean" movie at all, but instead he came up with a completely boring and tame mix of teen slasher/"cannibal"-movie.

When I watched this (it was late at night and I thanked God I had an empty stomach), it definitely grossed me out...

Now there's "The Green Inferno," a nonsensical waste of time that should have never been made.

Naive, pretentious college kids traveling to a foreign country for a cause is nothing new.

When they arrived at the tribes home, I already knew it was going to be an intense journey.

I think that's a stretch, but the more graphic scenes make it difficult to simply call this movie "entertaining" without qualifying the term.