The Grinch (2018) - Animation, Family, Fantasy

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A grumpy Grinch plots to ruin Christmas for the village of Whoville.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Yarrow Cheney
Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Cameron Seely
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 107 out of 474 found boring (22.57%)

One-line Reviews (248)

so incredibly boring....

Lots of pointless filler scenes that run the time, a little too long like the reindeer hunting sequence & the b plot of Cindy Lou (Voiced by Cameron Seely) trying to capture Santa Claus.

The Grinch - While "The Grinch" is enjoyable in some areas, (very few), this remake of Dr. Seuss's classic tale fails to provide any good characters and does not boast a good cast, (with the exception of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Is quite average at times, but fun and entertaining .

SO BORING I wanted to Vomit .

Save your money and wait for it on Netflix.

Everything else was either bland or just plan bad.

I found much of the additional script, which is not in verse, to be flat and uninteresting.

This is just another boring same-y throwaway movie.

Boring, derivative, forgettable and worse.

It lacked a bit of humor which adults will find a little boring.

Same Story, Same Plot, and a complete waste of Time.

The children in the film, having a smaller part, are quite entertaining.

You do not expect to critically acclaim this movie,but the visual details is what makes it worth watching .

However, the story is just rather plain and dull.

Waste of time .

Boring .

This is a pointless remake that doesn't need to exist.

Save your money!

" As a stand alone, animated, seasonal movie, it has some good points: the animation is good (the young Grinch is absolutely adorable and will probably sell a lot of merchandise - which may be the point of making this remake), it has some entertaining and diverse additional characters and it has an additional umbrella morale about the sacrifice of mothers and value of family.

It was boring.

If I wasn't at a birthday party I would have walked out on this movie 20 minutes in.

Looking around the cinema, most of the children were bored with the film.

Don't waste your time or money going to see this.

The animation and colours were just stunning, the storyline adorable and we were giggling the whole way through.

There was aboslutely no plot or emotions.

So the only thing to do is run out of the movie theater and write this one off as a waste of money and, more importantly, time.

It was a sweet, predictable movie.

Thankfully, this new version manages to recapture the heartwarming feel of the original, even if the story has become incredibly generic and predictable after all these many years.

The animation is pretty good, as expected for Illumination, but it can only dazzle me for about 5 minutes before I realise how dull and uninteresting this movie is.

The movie in general was very forgettable and bland and was simply only made to cash in on the success of Illuminations other films (and the 2012 Lorax film).

Illumination is a studio known for producing gutless, boring, paint-by-numbers, mass appeal movies that focus more on cute gimmicks and marketing than they do on actual storytelling and character development.

Don't waste your money on this, go take your kids to watch a better film.


Boring, silly and one of the must be forgotten animation films.

Sadly, both the character and the overall movie as a whole share the same problems; it's boring, uninspired, and vanilla.

My daughters really enjoyed it.

Incredibly boring!

It's unexpected and kinda cool.

It will give kids something to enjoy and be quiet to while the parents most likely fall asleep.

The dog was cute, but otherwise super boring.

The graphics/drawings (however you wanna call them) are mind blowing !

And therein lies the issue plaguing this 2018 version of Dr. Seuss' holiday classic about the mean-green-grumpy Grinch-it's a dull final product that likely resulting from a lack of effort.

This was a complete waste of my time.

I got bored halfway through it.

It's a big cliche.

As far as flaws go , the story is ungodly predictable and bland.

The animation was colorful and entertaining which made it fun to look at.

The humour throughout the film was also average, making some scenes very boring.

Directors Yarrow Cheney & Scott Mosier have given us an entertaining movie, that shows its protagonist in a more empathetic light that previous adaptations.

Overall this subplot is boring and really is only their for the Grinch to fell bad about stealing Christmas.

While visually stunning, the entire production feels ho-hum.

The film is boring and has very little humor in it.

A visually stunning movie - the animation is spectacular and top-notch.

Save your money.. Watch the original...

Don't waste your time on this one, just watch the original .


This film was not even mildly entertaining, it was just so boring.

Thoroughly entertaining!

There is nothing wrong with the animation, and it sticks to the basic plot with the mean creature stealing Christmas, but the backstory of why the Grinch is mean isn't great, the lead character integrating with other characters is a mistake, it only makes you laugh a little, and the sentimentality is icky, it is nowhere near as entertaining as previous versions, a disappointing and very average seasonal animated comedy.

Worth the watch.

It doesn't have the unique, risky, yet funny entertaining humor of the 2000 live-action film version nor the charm of the original 1966 hand drawn animation television special.

Jim Carrey's was so much more entertaining

Kids were so bored in the theater they started playing in the isles and parents were sleeping.

Uninspiring and shallow .

Worst Movie Ever .

I am more bored then mister Grinch.

It's entertaining

Prepare to be disappointed and left bored and tired when you already the story when you simply could have just rented the Jim Carrey one for the family to see.

Boring, Nothing Entertaining, and could be the reason why Illunination is falling apart.

All in all, I think this is a great movie for the family and would highly recommend it.

Because of this lack of depth, the character motive might seem confusing, and very lost.

To start the animation style was very boring and ordinary, I saw the new "Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse" a while ago and the animation in that film was unique and stunning and that is due to Chris Lord and Phil Miller caring about their film.

Don't waste your time wait till this movie comes out for free it'll be one to forget they chose the wrong actors and totally changed the "grinch" they don't make him scary and they make it seem like who ville just accepts him like another person when what makes the grinch is people hating him

A bit unnecessary, but still enjoyable.

The Grinch was another enjoyable version of Dr. Seuss' holiday story .

Boring, best parts in trailer .

There is no enough comedy in it, the way the Grinch has a change of heart is so boring.

Entertaining on a very soft and easy level.

I highly recommend it.

Parents beware, there are a number of boring parts in the film so take lots of LOW sugar snacks to keep them going.

Shiny, Sterilized Grinch is Moderately Entertaining .

A very beautiful and very bland new adaptation of Dr. Seuss' The Grinch .

The Narrator is positively unbearable.

You still get a pointless cliche unnecessary movie.

As creepy as the jim carrey one was it was more engaging than this.

3/10 Save your money and don't watch it.

Went to the cinema with my four year old, she got so bored she slept half way through.

Despite all the hype, this is totally unwatchable and annoying for anyone with a modicum of intelligence who's over the age of six.

Unfunny, boring, and added nothing new to the original grinch story.

Anyways her mom is the recycled Illumination cliche of an overworked mom (gee how relatable) and Cindy Loo Who wants to ask Santa to help her out because she's so overworked.

But for me, an adult that actually enjoyed Jim Carey's over the top movie, and of course the universally loved magnificent Chuck Jones version, I just thought this was dull.

I went to go see The Grinch with my daughter who is 8 years old and we both enjoyed it.

Just boring.

Struggled to stay awake.

Don't waste your time if you don't have a kid .

Whilst this is a mixed bag of fun and dull stuff, it does speak to the films general problem, there's not quite enough to keep the whole family entertained.

Horribly boring .

Actually, the entire movie is predictable.

This is just a pointless and overly long remake of a classic.

All in all, don't waste your time.

When you compare the latest grinch movie with the previous, it's very boring!

I enjoyed it and would probably buy it on DVD for the grandkids to watch.

It is a waste of money and time and you'll regret it

*Many pointless scenes.

This is a 45 minute film fluffed out with an extra 45 minutes of paint-by-numbers cliché plot points.

So there's this confusing, pointless, nonsensical slapstick scene where the punchline is a kid being naked in front of his friends.

save your money and rent it later.

Also parts of the plot were dragged out.

Otherwise, the interactions between the Grinch, his dog Max and a huge reindeer Fred lend to the most entertaining moments.

Pharrell Williams as the narrator offers a bland and uninspiring performance.

Don't waste your time with this one.

The setting is awful and feels empty, the music sucks, and the pop music REALLY makes your ears bleed in this one folks!

Very enjoyable, adds some new stuff.

I went to this movie today with my 3 and 7 year old kids and we all enjoyed it!

Tedious Remake with many missed opportunities .

The kids behind me got so Bored they was dancing.

A bad pointless movie that will make you go, "We get it!

The main plot is very weak and bland, although this film was meant for younger audiences the producers could still have taken a little more creative approaches towards this film and its main plot.

It was rather dull.

Don't waste your time...

You're a boring one, Mr. Grinch.

Pros: the film is visually stunning and certainly engrosses its audiences in the Christmas spirit.

THE BAD Now onto the bad stuff, this film feels quite long, To stretch a small book makes it boring and wrong, Mr. 8 felt the movie stretch, so did the kids in the crowd, While Mr. 5's one complaint was that it was too loud.

Predictable/Shown In Trailers: No surprise that the Grinch is predictable, but why could it not have escaped the curse of the revealing trailers.

I have 4 children I have watched many animated programs from the symbolist made for toddlers to the most complex of stories , this was a complete waste of my time.

It's just Illumination's typical bland, unfunny humor and bland, uninteresting story.

The characters are flat and boring, literally nothing important to the story happens until the very end (meanwhile you're just watching a bunch of meaningless nonsense being thrown at the screen), all the humor is forced and only 2 jokes actually landed, not even Benedict Cumberbatch's voice acting as the Grinch brings any charm to the movie.

It was a cliche plot.

It's fairly impressive in terms of its visuals and voice-work but is certainly nothing new, or even compelling, when it comes to its narrative.

Most of the jokes are entirely predictable.

Very dull script- jokes were few and far between.

However, it is worth watching with the full family, during Christmas season.

Silence throughout the theater besides kids talking out of boredom.

" I enjoyed it also.

Honestly, it's boring.

Nevertheless, despite not being the target audience, I did find this film funny and entertaining.


A movie worth watching in my opinion.

The good is that it is visually stunning.

Stunning story and visuals, how could you lose.

We thought it was going to be as exciting and entertaining like Jim cary's Grinch and Dr. Seuss.

Boring as a Grinch .

I do wish that they delved more into his backstory, which I learned more of post watching this film, but the story they gave was sweet, and enjoyable for me to watch.

" I enjoyed it also.

Save your money and watch it streaming if you really want to see it.

It's safe, like chicken noodle soup - just a little bland.

Boring and pointless .

Adults may be bored or tired of seeing this being adapted again.

It was fairly boring and I loathed Benedict's voice in it.

Save your money save your time and watch the original grinch cartoon that's only like 25 minutes long and you'll be a lot happier.

It was so boring, long, not funny and honestly Cumberbatch gives a really lazy and half-hearted performance.

boring .

So yes its predictable, yes we know what's going to happen and how it ends, but even so it was a joy to watch and the kids really enjoyed it.

The worst sin of this movie is that it's boring.

I was bordering on boredom for most of the movie, so I would characterize this strictly as a movie for kids who all seem to like it.


Very long, boring and not worth the price of a movie ticket .

It's muted look and lack of plot made that more of a slacker.

It was quite similar to the original and maybe was unnecessary to make but still I enjoyed it nether the less.

The 6 year old said she enjoyed it, and the 12 year old said it was "alright, nice", although in the car they started talking about Ralph Breaks The Internet (which they saw two weeks ago) and that is probably not a good sign for The Grinch.

Not bad till 60%, the rest boring.

He seemed bored more than anything else and that shows.

This movie is also just visually stunning...

It's sound a little bland.

More for kids than adults but still adult friendly.. It is entertaining.

The hip-hop reimagining of the theme was I my opinion very good and it seemed to had a solid cast but jokes failed to land and it stretched a simple story out so long it was boring

This is more of a propaganda movie than anything.

Bored and Angry .

It was boring, bland, and unoriginal.

Animation of characters are stunning and effects are just beautiful.

Complete waste of time, another shameless Illumination cash grab.

It takes some time to slow down and be dramatic; a nice break from the surge of colors and painfully unfunny slapstick that obviously panders to the younger audience.

Not like OG Grinch, which makes it more enjoyable .

Well say hello to this unnecessary same plot and a cliche twisted ending.

Uninspired, boring and ho-hum.

Boring and unfunny .

It's very enjoyable and an great film for the whole family to enjoy!

Complete waste of time.

Pretty boring.

However I honestly enjoyed it.

Despite it's predictable plot, The Grinch is a great animated remake that's both funny and heartwarming.

Terrible, but made me fall asleep, so there is that.

Just make the background blue, or yellow, or pink, etc. Everything these days is CGI'd to death, to the point where the CGI isn't even impressive anymore, it's just boring.

Exclusively for young children, slow narration and simple storyline.

At an hour longer than the original film, you would think that screenwriters Michael LeSieur and Tommy Swerdlow would dabble deeper into the past of a cute and small little fella, yet, despite brief flashbacks of a baby grinch in an empty orphanage, these questions aren't really relevant in a child-friendly animation film in 2018 thats main intent is to cash in on cute and memorable commercial products for the 2018 holiday market.

An enjoyable watch .

My son fell asleep...

None of them, were that compelling nor matter much.

The side plot of the fat reindeer was also pointless.

He was bored and only liked the music.

I can imagine that it would be hard to adapt the classic book, but there are some scenes that feel more like pointless filler.

Your a bland one ,Illumination's The Grinch .

" I then grabbed the popcorn and drinks and left the theater with her.

It's a good Christmas Film, that is pretty entertaining and spreads a great message to kids and adults alike.

That being said it was still well put together and entertaining to myself and my family.

Disappointed even my son was bored lol what you see in the trailer is actually the best parts of the movie.

When I was in the theater my party fell asleep and the only people laughing were kids.

The moral allegory presented in the film was overly cliché and appeared to be forced as opposed to presenting it in a natural way.

Cons: the plot was seriously underdeveloped and seemed to be lifeless and tedious at points.

Wife fell asleep, I was bored and so were the kids.

Slow .

The are no plot twist that will keep you wondering.

" Don't waste your time it's the same story.

Overly long and boring and turning the ginch song in some hip hop trash is inexcusable

All the characters around had no story line.

Don't waste your time.

There's a completely pointless subplot about Cindy Loo Who and her friends.

My husband really enjoyed it, too.

This is really only worth watching if you have kids that want to see it.

There isn't much to be enjoyed with all the cliches, predictable scenes, cheap looking animation and unfunny humour.

It was unpleasant and tedious and overstayed it's welcome.

Pharrell Williams is a respectable choice for narrator, but he too plays it safe and boring.

Entertaining, kid-friendly, decent story, overall great for the family.

Save your money, and watch the better two Grinch movies instead.

But again the animation is so basic and simplistic that each character looks so bland and unmemorable I can't even remember more than 4 character designs.

Kids fell asleep, some left early, I don't know if anyone was entertained by this garbage because of all the crying in the front rows.

Sometimes it does it fine, but other times it's a cliché.

We had three kids with us and they wanted to leave.

I like some of the gadgets The Grinch creates to steal Christmas and when it actually gets to that point in the movie (an hour into the film, give or take), I enjoyed it.

It was quite mediocre & somewhat boring to watch.

I guess one perk this movie has is entertaining kids and that's fine, i have nothing against that.

The characters were sweet but the movie ran way too long.

Benedict Cumberbatch's Grinch is boring.

Boring & unfunny .

Same story everytime with a cliche lazy backstory.

The story was forgettable and boring, the animation was too simplistic and empty.

There were so many pointless side stories and filler in this movie to make it full length.

As eager as I am to catch any new Christmas movie this time of year this one was a total waste of money and I came very close to walking out had not my young daughter been with me.

Don't waste your time.

I'm sorry but the Grinch is a cliche story that will be known as a classic story with nothing entertaining about it in the future.

It may have bad elements like the 2000 film with a weak story and some unnecessary characters but thanks to it's Christmas colorful animation, enjoyable characters like The Grinch, his dog Max and Cindy Lou Who, a good performance by Benedict Cumberbatch and with some parts adapted from the original book, it manage to be a okay-to-good Christmas movie like the 1966 special that maybe some Dr. Seuss fans may enjoy or not from some that hate films based on Dr. Seuss' books.

Boring movie .

Highly recommend to see it with kids and then once again, after the kids fall asleep :)

Otherwise it's a safe predictable fun kids movie, families will enjoy.

The characters were relatable and enjoyable to follow, especially 'Max' who's innocence and loyalty is instantly cherished by audiences.

I just left the theater with my family and for my youngest sons birthday (His B-Day was yesterday 12/23) we went and saw The Grinch, The whole family absolutely LOVED IT!!!

Comedic moments were quite predictable and not very clever.

There was a great song called Happy by Pharrel Williams that the kids liked, but Tyler's monotone voice and complete lack of singing ability probably would have fit right in with an episode of 'The Simpsons' back in the 80's.

even if it's hard for me to say this film was boring and needlessly.

We watched it tonight, opening night, the very first showing our theater head and my husband fell asleep.

All in all, I think this is a great movie for the family and would highly recommend it.

If you like slapstick comedy, people animated firmly within the uncanny valley, cliché characters and a plot as pointless as a sphere, this is the movie for you.

It was so boring that we decided to see Ralph breaks the internet right after so the trip to the theatre wasn't a huge waste of our day...

This has got to be one of the most pointless movies I've watched in my life.

I also felt that the movie was full of fluff that just dragged out the movie.

This movie was decent and while the kids enjoyed it, the original is still so much better.

A stunning film for all ages just the same, except for Chuck Jones', it renders all others lame.