The Grudge (2020) - Horror, Mystery

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A house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms those who enter it with a violent death.

IMDB: 4.2
Director: Nicolas Pesce
Stars: Tara Westwood, Junko Bailey
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 199 out of 472 found boring (42.16%)

One-line Reviews (381)

I was hoping something else, but is just predictable.

This on the other hand, is uneventful garbage.

I feel, though it is very predictable in some ways and sometimes comes across as almost silly, this film had a lot of affection and respect for its roots.

You will also encounter some boring dialogues and actions that lead to nowhere.

One of the worst movies I've seen in a looong time.

Nice Jumpscares, Boring plot.

Worst movie in the grudge movie series .

Although his performance was good, the roll was empty and hollow, just like the rest of the movie, Dull & Boring

The most enjoyable part of the film was the ending so I could get out of that disaster of a film.

Waste of time .

Might be a cure for insomnia .

The ghosts of the new family are just boring and not even creepy (especially the little girl...

However, it still contains the formulaic action and/or horror movies.

If you want a horror movie that is genuinely intense and scary, then The Grudge is for you.

But it lacks in scares and many of the stories began to bore me.

Overall The Grudge feels like it's produced from a tired and uninspiring template.

It appeared that the entire theater was bored as well.

The movie is full of plot holes and bland jump scares.

Even the scary parts are predictable.

Connoisseurs of the film are quickly ahead of the agents who are still researching their answers, so that the film can quickly become long-winded and predictable for experts.

Well that was a waste of money and time I'll never get back.

It also introduces a more fast paced scare since we know what we're dealing with, without detracting the original storyline.

There were some plot holes, and maybe too much jumpscares (some of them really predictable, like, you know exactly what is going to happen).

This was a good horror movie , scary and suspenseful- not sure why it's only got 4 out of ten - people who don't like horrors should stop watching them and stop reviewing them - as far as horrors go this was good !!

Another boring film!

There's comedic bad, and then there's boring bad.

Worst movie ever .

Don't waste your money.

My main complaint with the movie is there is really no plot.


Instead, I was frightened that I might actually fall asleep during a horror film.

It's so predictable, the plot is messy with too many irrelevant characters.

Bland, unmemorable cinematography.

Its so predictable.

also an empty kind of movie where nothing much happens kinda like the new movie 1917.

We were so bored that my wife asked if I would make fish sticks for dinner tomorrow night.

Worst movie ever .

You didn't even get to know the story of the ghosts though..I didn't feel any suspence, it was all just random scares, which felt very forced and predictable.

Save your money.

Very boring moving.

In saying that, for a film just over 90 mins, it was rather boring and felt a lot longer than it was.

For instance, They got rid of the cliche of being scary.

The trailer made it seem SUPER INTENSE with all the crazy going on but when you watched those so called scary scenes pop up, it was like totally anti-climatic and boring.

Terrible acting, terrible script, predictable, cheap scares, terrible casting, the whole movie jumps around like they threw scenes down on the ground and picked them up in whatever order they fell in and tried to make a movie.

So I went to see it yesterday night and I was very disappointed, the acting most of the time was very cheesy, the storyline itself was confusing, I even heard a woman next to me asking her date on what was going on, since the movie jumps between 3 storylines set in different times while not clearly making it obvious to the viewers.

Please don't waste your time

There are a few scenes that have blood, suicide and even self mutilation in them but by the time that stuff happens your falling asleep for boredom and then it's another thirty minutes before something mildly interesting happens again.

Unfortunately it's not a better version, I've been yawning a couple times during the movie, was waiting for some thrilling moments, that never came by the way.

Story too slow is the key failure.

It was cliché and predictable.

It felt rushed and slightly hard to follow.

Let The Worst Movies of 2020 List Begin.

Through the whole movie I was bored and kept on waiting for the movie to just end because every "scary" scene had them lazy predictable jump scares like every modern horror movie.

Predictable Jump Scares= Good Horror Movie.

This also then leads to the highly predictable attempted end jump scare where she says goodby to her son and hugs him only for her actual son to announce from the other room he's off to school and she then gets dragged away after which it switches to an outside shot of her house which the end credits then silently play over.

I did enjoy it going into the movie as just a cheap remake, with sometimes unexpected and creative jump scares.

Everything that needed to be said about this franchise has already been said and here it is all very predictable and full of blood and rottenness.

I am truly one of the most easily scared human beings on this planet, but the only thing that made me frightened watching this was the extreme level of cliche (though not frightening) jump scares and other horribly bad stereotypical horror movie moves.

It was sadly predictable, most of them cheap jump scares.

I'll be honest, yes the movie is very predictable.

It was a great film, good story plenty of creepy parts gave me goosebumps in some parts , well worth the watch, at the top with the best well done bravo 👍👍👍👍

Ultimately, "The Grudge (2020)" suffers from a multitude of problems stemming from poor writing, terrible character development, a jumbled narrative that goes nowhere and some of the dullest scares the genre has to offer.

Don't waste your time .

But it was a pointless reboot of a dubious remake...

The Jumpscares got more and more predictable so I got less scared as the film went on, and it was just so ridiculous in places I laughed when I shouldn't have done further adding to the tonal issues.

Worst movie ever!!!!

Very predictable jumpscares.

Its lack of surprising features, the extremely predictable jump scares, and the complete disregard for the audience, treating the viewers like the dumbest people ever, make The Grudge one of the worst horror films of the last few years.

There's a lot of movies that are entertaining that don't have the best plot or acting, however 'The Grudge' was just plain tedious and uninteresting.

However, this movie just relies on cheap jump scares, story and editing are a mess, characters are uninteresting and the whole movie is kinda dull to watch.

John Cho and Betty Gilpin were nice additions to the cast, but their story went nowhere and they might as well have got a couple of lesser known actors to play the roles because they felt completely wasted.

The ending was good but between the very slow pacing and confusing timelines it was far from enthralling and not worth waiting an hour and a half for.

Really bad movie don't waste your time unless you like unnecessary jump scares with loud volume.

The ending could have saved this, but the build-up lead to a 10 minutes that was so predictable and easy to guess that it was just infuriating.

Predictable at best.

The story was just plain dull and with no suspense at all...

But it gets boring.

This film is more entertaining for people who are not or only a little familiar with the earlier version of the Grudge film series.

Totally dull.

Movie wasn't scary at all, stupid story what a waste of time.

Definitely one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time and don't fall for the misrepresentation too, Sam Raimi is only one of three producers.

There is no plot no storyline just nothing!!!

Very poor acting, bland characters, and cliche jump scare type plot line.

Please dont waste your money!.


Rather than comparing the storyline of this remake to the original, just enjoy the horror that this movie provides and you will have a thrilling experience.

Even if it could pass as a thriller it gave away by cheap shots of really predictable instantaneous horror visuals.

It's a total waste of time.

Yep, I would rather re-watch the American remake sequels, and that includes the straight to DVD 'The Grudge 3' than sit through this snoozer again.

I walked out of the film, so won't even rate it.

The only problem is that its a borefest.

Boring .

The worst movie ever , I won't give it any star .

Now, many audiences think predictable jump scares are what make a film horrifying.

but the film it's 6/10 boring,so slowly and not much action or blood and jumpscare.

It was really cliché and predictable.

The ramen I ate watching this - because I was so bored I couldn't stop thinking about how hungry I was - was more Asian than this "Japanese honouring re-make".

Don't waste your time

Awful waste of time .

Everything else was a waste of time.

The characters are all very uninteresting and the plot is painfully dull.


Waste of time and money.

Jumpscares are sooo predictable, the story doesn't have any real connection with the originals and it is really lame.

It jumped around in time too much, I found it confusing.


Other than that, this is a dull and unpleasent film.

The cinematography was bland and unoriginal, the acting was passable, the script was confusing, filled with plot holes and poorly executed.

The jump-scares are so predictable and clichéd and not scary at all.

By the end of the film I had rolled my eyes back so much I had a pretty intense headache.

The appearances of the ghosts in this one sort of looked like gory zombies, which I find boring.

Then there's the end where the main character for no storyline reason suddenly decides that in order to beat the curse she's going to burn the cursed house down.

Everything felt extremely cliché and uninteresting.

-Confusing, non-linear story?

Spoiler Alert, nothing happened.

It's a snoozer that isn't even worthy of SHUDDER, NETFLIX or HULA.

Unwatchable .

Predictable.. .

Majority of the movie is just flat out boring and dull.

This movie is highly recommended for those who suffer from insomnia.

waste of time .

However, it's not too complicated, but I guess a second viewing would make it more enjoyable.

Don't waste your time.

It's boring, not scary or creepy in any way and the ghosts are generic 'dead body' looking borefests.

The interconnecting stories played out in a lackadaisical and uninteresting manner.

Boring story the script was bad some cheap jump scares that is all

And then the child of the main character is creepily bland.

There is no logical script, no story, no tension, just preparation for obvious scares , seen before many times.

Pointless .

You will be on for one slow and boring horror ride.

A little slow and not horror more of a drama and psychological tbriller .

I have seen all the Grudge movies both the American remakes and the Japanese originals and while the 2004 remake was terrible and boring this 2020 remake is even worse.

trust the reviews, don't waste your time watching this, don't waste your money.

Felt bored halfway through.

I enjoyed it!!

But it was boring.

The story line was confusing and unnecessary.

Despite it being rated R unlike the PG-13 rating of the originals based on the Japanese hit horror movies , this retelling of a classic is confusing and has way too many jump scares .

Well made and engrossing scares .

The film is full of disturbing flashbacks and useless forced characters that make it messy, annoying, and boring at some points.

Entertaining enough.

All-in-all it has some decent scares and is worth the watch if you're a Grudge Fan.

Special effects rubbish,silly script and boring story.

Horrible film based in jump-scares, no plot, terrible acting.

Uninteresting and unpleasant to watch .

Just a bunch of pointless scenes that lead to a lame predictable jumpscare.

everything just seemed repetitive

Dull, messy and predictable.

The film's direction is boring.

Worst 3 hours of my life .

Absolute waste of time .

-Slow, sometimes outright boring pace?

It's dull and lifeless and a bloody excuse for a horror film.

Most of time It's confusing.

This film had me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning.

Of course Muldoon has to put her nose into the case, otherwise this film has no story and she visits the household that Fiona and her family once lived at, which is now being occupied by new tenants.

For example of course the amazingly stereotypical, banal, worn-out, moth-eathen, corny demon-posing-as-kid trick showed up a few times as well.

This flick is really awful, a waste of time.

When will Hollywood start doing slasher movies again all these ghost, zombie, torture, and/or supernatural movies are just boring and have been done to death.

Many scenes are filmed and its very gray, very dreary, drizzling or all out raining.

I enjoyed it even though I was expecting a let-down.

This insidious outfit, the official propaganda arm of a Japanese Ruling Clique still sore at losing a World War Two which THEY THEMSELVES infamously launched with their Sneak Attack on such Hawaiian World Cultural Heritage Sites as the USS Arizona Memorial, uses THE GRUDGE as a Trojan Horse virus to smear our USA Law Enforcement Heroes such as Officers "Muldoon" and "Wilson," portraying them as unstable, superstitious hallucinating public menaces!

The movie has close to no storyline with childish horror.


Sure the gory practical fx were disturbingly good, but the ghost designs and their actions were just as bland as the film.

It's like teenagers made the plot but I suppose the cinematography wasn't too bad, just pretty uninteresting.

Engaging and consistently entertaining .

How can someone feel bored by a film constantly throwing jump scares and "massive" plot points every five minutes?

Don't waste your money.

This movie will probably make you jump but it will bore you and you will probably most definitely not be interested throughout this movie.

The movie is obviously reasonably predictable, even with the unchronological narrative the series is known for, though this time around, the film is substantially more linear.

I still enjoyed it.

Then it goes straight to the USA and do you get a slow burn with a new family......

This one's storyline is uncoordinated, relatively stupid jump scares and sooooo slow.

It was also extremely hard to follow which timeline and where in the story we were.

Awesome slow burn remake .

Confusing mess that gave me cause, to log on and offer my thoughts .

As a horror it just didn't hit the spot, a good horror will play on your mind after watching , this didn't do that at all, resorting to jump tactics which where all very predictable.

Timelines hopping all over the place makes it difficult to follow.

The film dares to be a slow burn and doesn't quite unleash the goods till the last half.

Boring jump scares.


I was bored 20 minutes into the movie and I had showed up like 30 minutes late.

Overall, a boring forgettable waste of time, and I thought nothing would be worse than Bloodshot this year.

Boring, predictable, not scary.

It feels like a waste of time with a couple of loud yet boring jumpscares and some unintentionally funny scenes.

Please save your money and go watch Cats.

Decent scares, boring movie.

After an hour, I was laughing out loud and soon left early, wishing I'd spent that hour doing something more enjoyable...

Predictable boring story all it had was some cheap jump scares it could have been better

The beginning was promising but only the first 2 minutes, the rest is just bad, stupid, predictable jumpscares and lame plot.


When even the usual obnoxious, jump-scare-hopeful teenagers are falling asleep at a film for their own demographic, you know the movie is bad.

The film is clunky, sloppy and boring.

Waste of money and time.

Terrible boring .

I literally walked out.

It was slow though and not horror more psychological thriller.

, A waste of your money.

Half of the theater we're yawning and on their phones most of the time and I don't blame them.

If you want to waste your time and your money, feel free.

Predictable as you go.

It's a dull, uninspired movie with no creative vision.

This movie was so boring and predictable I thought about leaving with the other half of the theater.

The build up was slow, with the sounds of banging slowly moving towards them, the fear on the persons face as they cannot get the door open evokes fear in you and then the slow moving in of the ghost through the hatch in the ceiling.

It was very dry and boring at times had to fight to stay awake and focus on this movie.

Making it dull, lifeless and irrelevant easily the worst horror film I have seen.

The scare factor was so so and predictable.

The story in this movie is really confusing, and really poor written.

A nonsensical and at times confusing plot, unoriginal scares, and an ending that leaves the audience scratching its head (in a bad way) make this movie nothing more than a Hollywood cookie-cutter horror movie.

The timelimes are very confusing for the most part of the movies but somehow, through all the confusion, you start to get the hang of them in the end.

extremely boring and unrealistic even though its about some evil spirit.

Even that felt overly predictable.

Literally 0 scary parts , not enough action , the story was pretty stupid & confusing , the best grudge was the first one !

My next two negatives would be that the movie is generic, and its pacing and tone got duller as the film progressed.


More intense, well filmed, and better being R Rated!

i thought lead actress our lead character is pointless at times she is pointless Detective Muldoon (Andrea Riseborough) she is useless compete nothing to character at all i thought she was useless cop funny is thing she is cop she is trained how to use gun, self defense, many more what cops are trained for, how she uses agun she holds handle but she does not put a finger at trigger in sametime as holding gun i am like lady hold the handle then put the finger at trigger in sametime i don't get why she holds gun only at handle this cop doesn't how to use gun properly lol.

Please don't waste your precious time watching this and who ends a movie so bluntly.

It's a waste of time and money.

Maybe that would've worked if the movie gave the characters compelling arcs.

The conclusion is predictable.

To then tie in a third time-period to help explain the character motivation behind the crazy old-woman ends up adding to the confusing narrative.

"The Grudge (2020)" is littered with dozens of jump scares that are tremendously predictable and uninspired.

What do you do when you're bored?

My nephew loved it and I enjoyed it tho I was sad about the lack of scariness and it's over reliance on jump scares.

It's just that the characters are uninteresting.

Very predictable jump scares too; I didn't jump once.

They made a truly unsettling movie way too predictable.

story is so predictable in a non scary way.

In short, The Grudge is one of the lower tier horror movies to spend on an extremely boring day.

Jump scares are predictable and already done.

Weak story line, 0 development of characters, inconsistent plot, unnecessary predictable CGI jump scares.

It's very confusing, very slow, and very boring...

It is an adaption based on the story, and based on it's own merits it is a well produced and engaging film.

At one point the Auditorium was laughing the sheer waste of time at what this movie is

This was the worst movie I've seen in awhile.

stupid and boring.

Maybe as a Sunday night sleepover with your mates, on Netflix, just to joke and have fun from how bad and predictable the scenes are.

Quite boring .

Nothing about any of the characters makes them likable, and since we spend so much time with them instead of showcasing the ghostly attacks the film falls flat and dull at every opportunity.

Boring .

There are very few movies that I have wanted to leave in the middle of and this is one of them.

It was insanely predictable, had no tension whatsoever and it wasted the acting talent of a couple of good actors and actresses, Lin Shaye, Andrea Riseborough, Frankie Faison, William Sadler...

What I did see was a whole lot of uninspired, boring, computer generated, formula-like nonsense.

[6.5] A mediocre and repetitive attempt .

The movie is also all over the place which makes the story very confusing and bad.

I was into it personally because I'm just a horror film addict and enjoy the feeling of being on the edge.

How did this get made with so much missing and disjointed?

The choppy point of view is just confusing; they tried to replicate one of the Ju-on movies with this - can't remember without binging the whole series which one - and failed at it.

This movie has no plot.

Why does it look like an uninspired, totally predictable, and an overall sorry excuse of a horror film?!

And the Jumpscares largely in the first half, were well executed and unexpected in places really catching you off guard.

Sorry for the director and the crew, but this felt like a waste of time even at home.

Absolutely pointless movie, with no plot!

Complete Waste of Time .

I did like this part, however because the sudden change in direction and the false idea that fire was the Grudge's demise was suspicious but unpredictable to some of the people in the audience when the movie ends with the mom being taken.

Waste of time went to see it in cineworld.

It has predictable jump scares, and I use scares loosely since they weren't scary.

This was by far the most pointless remake of a remake and even as a standalone movie it was an incoherent mess.

So this latest remake/or you could say it's a direct sequel to the 2003 remake was sadly a boring dud of a film.

It was boring, few body gore scenes, weak jumpscares, no atmosphere at all..

Save your money .

It is overloaded with way, way too many characters that overcomplicate the story and it takes way too long to introduce them all and is filled to the brim with non-essential dialog.

Like i said dont waste your money seeing it on the theater.

Plot holes and inconsistencies also add to the nonsense and take away from the scare factor and altogether just make it more boring.

Make a good story, even if it's a cliche just make something good with less predictable jumpscares and some plot twists that will keep our attention till the last second.

This movie is definitely flawed, but I enjoyed it.

Well worth the watch 😲 .


Con: -Boring -lack of creativity -predictable -doesn't like it -the ending...

Not only is the new version of 'The Grudge' incredibly unnecessary, but it's painfully boring.

U can waste your time doing somthing else.

Well worth watching


Entire film quite slow, and full of boring overuse scene!

Is a complete and utter waste of time for fans of (The American) Grudge movies.

Sadly, this reboot film lacks scares, terrible at creating a better story, and has a boring direction.

After coming out of it, I've got to say I don't think it was anywhere near as horrible as many are putting it out to be, it's just a pretty bland horror film.

This movie just made me fall asleep.

When I saw it tonight, the only thing that truly terrified me that when I went into the movie, I was fully awake and somewhat intrigued to see the film, but as the movie progress, I kept on nodding with boredom, even though some of the supposed jumpscares were supposed to make me afraid.

This was the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire existence.

Awful plot and predictable.

Anyway, the storytelling; acting; cinematography; sets; props - all worth the watch.

Worst movie .

Relentlessly Boring and Uninteresting .

do they want to spoil our year by making us watch this utter garbage with mundane plot...

As soon as the credits start to appear I get up, ready to leave, but to my surprise when I turn over the theater was completely empty.

What you get to see is a messy film with no clear structure or storyline, filmed in a dull way that doesn't appeal.

Boring, bad acting, lame jump scares, bad story, characters you don't care about, you name it.

Bored to freaking death.

and predictable jump scares.

The ending was really really bad with a predictable twist.

It has a dozen jump-scares, but it's so morose and heavy-hearted that even those aren't that effective because of the dominant dreary vibe.

Everything that Pesce tries to do, it's surrounded by such an aura of predictability that makes this horror film extremely dull.

And its pacing got slower and slower making me bored.

My only concern was a bit too confusing jump time periods, and the usual slightly open ended ending.

So get this: it's a remake of the film that is a remake of the Japanese Horror film: Ju-On: The Grudge (fantastic movie, BTW) and they took that and made it into one of the most predictable stupid films ever.

I could not believe what I was witnessing on the screen, and 7 minutes in I was already preparing myself mentally for the possibility that I might have to walk out of the theater (luckily, I didn't).

Worse than the original with lacking in scares, tone, and a boring story.

The story and the characters are uninteresting, there's no tension, the jump scares don't make you jump and the ghosts are so generic.

Don't waste your money, if you really want to watch it wait for it to be free cause you're throwing money away at this garbage.

Rough.. The cast is strong, with some great performances, but the film itself is a sloppy mess that just bounces all over, while being dull, predictable and hole filled.

Fell asleep watching this it's so boring .

The movies storyline is uninteresting slow and boring even the scenes that have the spirits haunting people are boring it's all jump scares and ghosts wondering in the background your typical paranormal movie cliques.

It was at this point that I realized the entire audience had walked out.

While unique story telling style and creepy aesthetic win in this movie, alongside some decent acting, the movie just is a bit too convoluted and boring to say it was the ride I was looking for.

Don't waste your money.

If you want to pay to watch an hour and half to watch 4 different timelines go on at the same time with nothing happening in any of them, then watch this movie.

Dont waste your time .

The ending was definitely predictable for a horror movie, always leaving room for the series to continue.

Boring .

This is the worst movie I have ever watched.

It was boring and didn't create a sense of fear at all.

The acting was ok, but there were pretty much no plot at all and jumping in time made it difficult to follow.

Moments from the 2004 film are shamelessly (and tastelessly) ripped off and desperately recreated here, fused together by relentlessly dull, long moments of nonsense surrounding a home care nurse exposed to the haunts of that nefarious house in Tokyo (we're in Tokyo for two minutes), the curse following her home to the States, where it will have dire consequences on her family.

A lot of the jump scares are extremely predictable and the attempts at building tension is almost meaningless as the tension is only temporary.

Andrea Riseborough and Demian Bichir characters are dull.

The story is dull, with nothing interesting or new to offer.

Though it is aging less like a bottle of wine, and more like meat left out in the sun, it is surprising to see how many new ideas can be dragged to the surface of this burial plot.

Waste of time .


The scare factor is non-existent for me and it just plays out like a middle-of-the-road horror flick, relying too much on cliché jump-scares and gore.

Don't waste your money.

Sooo slow and boring.

This film however gives us a slightly damp six year old Melanie Landers, who has a nosebleed and vomits water, a pointless stalking father Sam Landers, who's best scene was when he died from a blow to the head by his possessed wife, and the victim and cause of the grudge Fiona Landers.


This movie was boring and this movie didn't put out a good plot line like the original ones did, stop with the reboots, I fell asleep halfway into the movie, The horror points was not good!

I only found it boring.

Worth the Watch .

It's too "jumpy" for the A24 crowd of horror fans that want something more dread focused that inspires contemplation, but too slowly paced for the thrill seekers.

When you make a remake I expect it to be much better than the original one otherwise it's just a waste of time.

This is just one of the formulaic approaches taken in the 2020 adaptation of The Grudge, and though this is less a remake, and more a continuation, it might leave me hard-pressed to make this argument, considering how much is simply lifted from the previous entries, rendering parts of the film stale, and highlighting the creative bankruptcy of the franchise, example; the return of the grinding frog like groan of the ghost.

This is a bad remake of the grudge, it's boring and slow, very very predictable with unnecessary jump scares, some of them were very expected.

Save your money and rent the original.

A lot of pointless scenes.

Slow and confusing .

Boring and disappointing.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

This is not the grudge and this is not horror, the audience in my theatre laughed once or twice during the movie a the ghosts appearance and how boring they were.

was a waste of time.

You just sit there in agony waiting for the predictable jump scare to happen.

Another completely pointless hollywood shambles


Throw in a bloated ensemble of unlikable characters and an incoherent, nonlinear timeline, and you're left with an unscary, unwatchable mess.

Unbelievably confusing and underwhelming reboot .

The majority of the film is spent on investigating the strange deaths around her as a means of overlooking her personal struggles and discovering the fate of the couple who lived in the house previously, ending up causing a great deal of confusion by jumping back-and-forth in time to their encounters with the ghost as well as the present-day officers.

The movie is also extremely boring.

Worth Watching.

This movie did have okay jump scares but unfortunately they were all predictable.

It was a solid performance from these actors that turned a predictable movie that relied on cheap jump scares, to something that was rather intriguing, even though I guessed what would happen.

Save your money & your time and avoid this trainwreck snooze fest

Between films like this, and when well-known actors come together to sing a very poor rendition of "Imagine" on social media in some uncanny attempt to try and aussage our worries, shows just how out of touch Hollywood is with our realities and what actually scares us, what inspires us, what we actually want, how we feel about life and love and fears and truth and everything else in between, and how we really wish we were being entertained on our time off in seclusion, with actual thought-provoking content rather than this trite, waiting to see if a real horror will overtake us this year.

This movie is real stinky from start to ending and so hard to follow.

Suspenseful and scary .

Too slow, and full of overuse jump scare scene!

The script feels like it was written by a twelve-year-old who is starting to dip their feet into the horror genre, and it checks every cliché box you can possibly imagine.

The movie is also slow with no exciting details.

It's very repetitive and obvious they're dragging out a scene to scare you, it rarely works...

Boring plot with little horror elements .

The whole movie just felt SO disjointed...

Most of the story is spent on a ongoing police procedural, which is kinda drab & the only moments of intrigued are centred around William Sadler's minor part.

Sam Raimi for once please direct Grudge films for once in crying out loud don't know why did hire Sam Raimi just to make film better well it doesn't it, 3.10 just not much to say about this movie at all boring, dull, it makes you wanna go sleep, you watch it once because forgettable film of all time this franchise needs better directors, better writers, Sam Raimi i just don't know how in earth you agreed this project to be producer in this bad film?

Don't waste your time.

Finally watched The Grudge 2020, it's a little fast paced with so many quick storylines.

Very bad script, slow, boring and predictable movie

Dull and derivative, the rebooted Grudge wastes a talented cast and filmmaker on watered-down scares that may leave viewers nursing grievances of their own.

Worst movie i have ever ever seen in a cinema........

It became so predictable that near the middle of the movie, any moment of silence was going to turn into a jump-scare and you just knew it.

The other main problem with the film is the complete boredom that arises from this one.

If you're just bored and have nothing to do and time to blow then maybe catch this.

His first film 'The Eyes of My Mother' is one of my favourite films of the last decade and his follow up 'Piercing', while not as good, was still an enjoyable watch.

Everything is boring and it's very predictable.

This is one of the worst movies I've seen.

The jump scares are predictable and thrown in too often for no reason.

But when i see trailer,i say " omg,that trailer was so scary,intense and i see much blood!

LIKES:Short Run Time Good Use Of Visuals Creepy Aesthetic Lin Shaye's Acting A Unique Presentation StyleDISLIKES:Complicated Story Telling Predictable Story Telling Not Scary Vicious Deaths Boring Not Quite Unique Enough THE VERDICT:The Grudge will always hold its unique nature and destructive force in the world of cinema.

Huge waste of time and money.

It was boring from the beginning all the way to the ending!!!

The talented cast tries their best to bring this film to safe harbor, but the absurdly obvious, generic, formulaic, cliche story sunk the movie pretty hard.

Total waste of money and time!