The Guest (2014) - Action, Crime, Drama

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A soldier introduces himself to the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their son who died in action. After the young man is welcomed into their home, a series of accidental deaths seem to be connected to his presence.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Adam Wingard
Stars: Dan Stevens, Sheila Kelley
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 61 out of 307 found boring (19.86%)

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The rest of the family sees nothing wrong with David, but Anna calls the base David was discharged from, and we get scenes revealing something went wrong with David and the squad he was in when he was overseas, leaving the audience with a thrilling mystery.

Adam Wingard, director of cult 2013 horror You're Next, helms this stunningly original, thoroughly entertaining surprise in which the Peterson family (including Maika Monroe, It Follows), grieving the loss of their recently deceased army son/brother Caleb, are visited by a mysterious young man called David (Dan Stevens, Downton Abbey) who was a friend of Caleb.

This film always makes sure you are on the edge of your seat.

Given the perspective a viewer has, which is, unlike main protagonists, that of having all information about what's happening, The Guest is very entertaining to watch coupled with great soundtrack.

Drive 2: Drive Hard is an entertaining 80's throwback movie with couple truly great scenes surrounded by lots of mediocre ones.

His negative presence yet pretty much appealing will keep you on the edge of your seats until the movie ends.

All I can say - is I highly recommend it!

Starts Off Intriguing And Falls Apart Halfway Through.

The beauty of "The Guest" is that even though it borrows from other genre pictures, it does so with such intelligence and clarity of purpose that it manages to feel fresh and exciting.

THE GUEST is a fun, if derivative, little movie from Adam Wingard, the guy who also brought us the familiar-yet-entertaining YOU'RE NEXT.

This is a really boring movie i almost fell asleep.

Surprisingly suspenseful, its mood is enforced with a supered electronic score that reflects the brooding tension and mounting suspense.

-The Guest is an example of sticking to a formula and adding to it to make an incredible suspenseful, unpredictable, and exciting film.

And finally I was just starting to get on board with the brother/sister combo who got sh&t done (which let's face it, is rare in horror films, especially when they've decided to end with the full blow cliché like here), and they wreck the whole thing in the last 5 seconds.

After a slow start that turned into a good middle, I'm afraid the end was quite abysmal!

This is an entertaining film despite it's fairly ludicrous plot.

Such an exciting film, I never wanted it to end.

The plot is a boring.

The movie is intense.

Having good mesh of action, mystery and comedy, The Guest is enigmatically fascinating.

Empty scenario, awful acting!!!

An entertaining and self-aware mix of action, suspense and dark humour, the Guest has a retro feel without being old fashioned (a quality that is encapsulated by the score), and features decent performances.

Second half of the film it went a bit silly, especially the school carnival style cat and mouse thing, really got boring.

It was the most incredible BAD AND WORST MOVIE.

Even after making two fairly entertaining movies I'm still not really sold on Adam Wingard.

Taut, gripping thriller in first hour devolves into meaningless psycho killer tale for the rest of the way .

It's not completely a horror film, so it's a little different coming from Wingard and Barrett, but it is violent and suspenseful.

Honestly this movie is worth a ten just for his character but the rest of the cast put in great performances and it's an entertaining movie throughout.

The first two thirds of the film are an engrossing and surprisingly plausible slow burn, before events surge inexorably toward the pyrotechnic.

They're driven to throw caution to the wind and deliver something unexpected to viewers.

Of course, with most films that try to be original, the ending is completely nonsensical and disjointed from the earlier groundwork scenes of the film.

What follows is an enjoyable thriller with laughs aplenty and an excellent central performance from Dan Stevens (more on that later).

The plot was elementary, the music was ear wrenching and the "thrill" scenes were so predictable.

However, despite this, I still enjoyed it.

" They take everything you know about the action, horror, and thriller genres and blend them together into a tasty and compelling concoction.

The character of David Collins is very intriguing & one element that makes it so is Dan Stevens' stellar performance plus he did an amazing job in carrying the whole picture on his shoulders while the rest of its supporting cast chip in with fine contributions.

For this movie, definitely it is worth watching.

-The story itself is cliché and, without spoiling anything, has a cliché twist and ending.

Given the premise (soldier comes back to the family of a fallen comrade) it starts off quite intriguing.

It is predictable, it is almost amateur movie.

Not quite horror-level violence, but still pretty intense for an action/thriller.

There is a somewhat confusing connection between 'mysterious stranger/guest' and CIA-type operational center, that by all weak editing suggestions, may as well be connected to the town through a series of underground tunnels.

realistic and entertaining.

"The Guest" is also brutish and bloody, but with a more commercial and socially relevant plot (the loyalty between, and the difficult reintegration of, war veterans) and a much slower tension building.

I expected a slow burning mystery film with a serious tone.

Wingard also embraces cliché after cliché; Collins sinisterly stares out windows or into the mirror, the local women are loose and the youth are all drug addicts, the mother is oppressed like Marge Simpson, and the father drinks like someone out of Mad Men.

That is what makes the film fun and suspenseful to watch, if a little formulaic.

The first hour is enjoyable.

What works so well with 'The Guest' is Wingard and Barrett's slow burn approach to the horror and suspense.

Unrealistic and predictable storyline with major flaws, poor acting .

This movie was just so mesmerising and compelling from start to finish that i was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Waste of time .

In the beginning it was tolerable to watch, then it became so predictable it was annoying.

No doubt that the most time spent on this film is the aesthetics with the detail in the lighting and the selection of the soundtrack, and it does pay off in looking and sounding pleasant and engaging.

The film is very fast paced with surprisingly some humor throughout.

OK OK, let's just all take away the ridiculous plot holes or weak script, sometimes we all just need to watch an entertaining action movie without over thinking it.

Dan had the same kind of intense coolness that makes Gosling a superstar.

This movie proves that great soundtrack can make up for superficial plot and make movie much more enjoyable and smooth.

this movie really tries, but it is so empty, there is no substance what so ever.

It was definitely entertaining with the shootouts and the humor.

But most off, it's such a joy to watch because its assuredly dumb enough to reinvigorate that sometimes cheesy atmosphere we enjoyed as teens in the 80's, yet remains suspenseful and clever enough to reinvent itself within a new era.

I enjoyed it.

I thought I was watching a classic but then it just lurched from one cliché to another until the ludicrous ending.

The worst movie ever .

Either way, the result is highly entertaining, disarmingly simple and at times, surprisingly humorous.

I was hoping that he had more unpredictable background.

Do a favor to yourself and don't waste your time.

It has Style and is Entertaining for Those that Love a Good Thrill Ride.

The good thing is that it keeps you on the edge for most of the time and this works in its favor.

"The Guest" 2014 was a really entertaining bloody action / thriller / mystery flick.

The film is violent, at times a bit erotically-charged and all-in-all rather pointless, though one cannot exactly say it is badly-acted.

The guest is an easy watching and enjoyable thriller.

Thrilling, funny, stylish and unique .

So I should mention that the entire first and second act of this movie is cookie cutter and predictable.

Predictable at every step.

Dan Stevens hits the nail on the head in the title role with an unpredictable wildness only just visible beneath his excessively polite and friendly exterior, and while it is easy to predict that something darker lurks beneath his facade, the first half of the film constantly keeps one guessing as to what exactly is going on.

Thrilling and with a killer central performance from Dan Stevens.

It's fun, thrilling and enjoyable.

My one complaint is that the plot isn't terribly original, but it still manages to be both gripping and wildly entertaining.

While strictly speaking not a horror movie, it's filmed as if it were a horror movie which makes it the more intriguing how things will turn out.

Instead I was on the edge of my seat and wanted to understand the meaning in every flicker of his countenance and sardonic smile.

Certainly nothing about THE GUEST is original, yet it's thoroughly entertaining at the same time.

Mystery of David's real identity is crafted slowly and it's compelling enough to pique interest without revealing too much.

I hope the right roles come along for him as he's entertaining to watch and has got everything required to become a major star.

VERY unrealistic, but overall an enjoyable movie.

"The Guest" is definitely not the most original movie, but it's an entertaining for sure.

This movie is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen and would rate it a 0 if i could.

Entertaining until the very end.

I wasted over an hour of my life watching this film which contains poor acting and a plot that is an amalgamation of every cliché in the action thriller genre.

"The Guest" mixes elements of intense action thriller,black comedy and slasher flick.

All in all, this movie is a complete waste of time to watch.

Having charmed his way into the home of a recently deceased man he fought beside, a mysterious young soldier begins to help out his newfound surrogate family in increasingly violent ways in this strange yet undeniably intriguing independent film.

I didn't find The Guest as good as other people did, but I can recommend it as a very entertaining thriller.

Wingard and Barret left the bigger gore effects on the back burner this time around and let this film play out like a very suspenseful thriller, although you might get your dose of gore in the third act.

The music was boring and uneventful and the acting was horrible and cheesy.

After the hour long cliché that is the first half, we are finally gifted something fun and generally more enjoyable to watch.

Instead, we get this recycled, very predictable story with lots of plot holes and lots of guns.

Waste Of Time Be Warned!

The Guest is an unevenly toned thriller with a strong start and a stereotypical 'action' conclusion, but stick around for the entertaining soundtrack.

This movie is decent, however, it is pretty good for a B movie, but one of problems is its setting, boring little town, which usually takes away from the movie, it also is a little unrealistic at certain points which I cannot specify in detail in order to stop spoilers.

The latter suddenly became a popular horror siren thanks to her part in the unexpected cult hit "It Follows".

I enjoyed it thoroughly, which isn't at all to say it's what I would normally call a good movie.

The script was okay with Stevens carrying the performance with his dialogue but everybody else felt a bit boring to be honest.

Another brilliant aspect of the movie is the build up, its not one bit boring and really tense, just watching David is entertaining.

Anyways, to sum things up we NEED more films like this to restore our faith in modern cinema, and I'm just so happy this film has proved we don't need names like Shia Lebouf, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise (yawn x3) to make a good film.

All in all it was a rather dull movie until David kills the arms dealer and his friend where the story picks up a bit with the ambiance of a cool 80's kind of soundtrack, awesome direction, and a handsome strong actor, ending up saving the movie just a bit.

Watch this film for its awesome music scores and thrilling scenes.

I have purchased both the movie and soundtrack so that tells you how much I enjoyed it.

The ending is somewhat unsatisfactorily predictable and the story can only go the way it goes because of absolutely ridiculous mistakes made by some of the characters.

It's pretty gripping and is worth checking out!

The first hour is actually taut and gripping: David Collins, an Afghanistan war veteran, insinuates himself into the Peterson household, consisting of the parents, Spencer and Laura, and the two teenagers, Luke and Anna.

Many would disagree as I have seen the majority say the second half is dull, but I found the movie enjoyable when it actually decided to grow a pair.

Although well acted and masterfully filmed, the plot is simply a little too predictable.

The first hour of the film is fascinating.

While the plot is dumb and somewhat predictable, it still manages to be fun in its own way, generating plenty of white-knuckle thrills to make up for it's flawed screenplay.

Intriguing Thriller .

Too much a homage to be taken too seriously yet too engrossing to be simply a parody, its one of those quirky movies that is brilliant, because of its indifference to the discourse of time, while simultaneously pocking a rod at movie rhetoric .

The random killings were a bit weird and the main characters past wasn't really explained that well, which made the movie a bit pointless.

This is until an unexpected visit by one of their son's comrades, David, who returns with a message from Caleb.

It is very slow moving to build up to the action as the action does take place about at end of the movie.

don't waste your time people nearly as bad as the box....

Oddly gripping.

Highly enjoyable and highly recommended!

Very predictable, but quite enjoyable .

The other characters including Major Carver (played by Lance Reddick) are flat and uninteresting.

Well worth the watch even despite some flaws.

It's even funny in the most gripping moments.

Too predictable story.

Throw all this madness together with some terrible acting, shaky dialogue, cavernous plot holes and a soundtrack straight from a 1983 teen slasher flick and you have what is possibly the most pointless hour and a half ever committed to celluloid.

" wouldn't be boring.

The whole first half of the movie is a slow, wary build-up of foreboding and suspense.

As while this is an entertaining sit, it's still unquestionably a B-movie that's well within touch of the better examples of strait-to-video action fluff.

So bad, so predictable.

" After watching Director Adam Wingard and Writer Simon Barrett's horror masterpiece "You're Next," all it really took was an engaging trailer with their names attached to it.

Films this exciting and this in love with themselves (and their audiences) rarely come along with so much assurance.

This movie is by far the worst movie I saw in my whole life.

But if you can forgive the lack of story development, and more importantly if you can give David a bit of empathy, you may end up watching a completely different movie than others did, because in my movie David is a real nice guy who gets the middle finger and it is asked to bend over far too many times......

This is because to me it felt a little hit too cliché and actually a bit of a cheat ending considering what the audience has just been through.

Ranging from slow dance pop to John Carpenter synths, the music is a character of its own and while it was always in your face, it never felt unwelcome.

Dan Stevens does a great job keeping you on the edge the whole time which is utterly entertaining.

Pulpy, thrilling, highly entertaining, with style to boot .

It's a totally predictable movie with no horror, thrill or action whatsoever.

By far, one of the worst movies ever .

My worst movie of 2014.

Really, really don't waste your time.. There's nothing "cool" " kooky" "retro" or "80's" about this .

First is the pacing, it is at places very dull and unmoving.

A pleasant surprise, I found this very entertaining and very funny.

There is no sense to this film, no plot, no ideas and in the end you just wonder, what happened there?

Most of all I just found it to be very entertaining.

The mysterious events that unfold as a result of his appearance bring a fascinating wrinkle into his story.

Yes, it's low budget, predictable, and corny, but it's very exciting, bloody, heart pumping and satisfies your guiltiest B movie pleasures.

interesting, suspenseful, and good albeit brief action.

Something got under their skin ;) If you like a good thriller this is worth watching.

Done may bore quit evil old mile.

Though, if you try to take the storyline and characters seriously, it's probably going to be more frustrating that entertaining as both are completely ridiculous.

Imagine an episode of something as nuanced, understated and gripping as an episode of Homeland gradually turning into something as darkly humorous and comic book-esque as an episode of Dexter.

)The catch, however, is the predictable truth behind the mysterious smile of main character David.

Don't waste your time.

Because what I saw was a cliché, spoof-like, cheap movie (if you can call it that) that was coupled with terrible acting and an even worse sound-track.

While the premise of the movie is somewhat predictable, the directors still create drama and anticipation.

He was intense and creepy even if the character is rather 2 dimensional.

The twist and explanation for David's nature is painfully unoriginal and the action sequences, though thoroughly entertaining and mildly comical, follow suit.

A thrilling genre exercise from the makers of YOU'RE NEXT .

I won't spoil anything but The Guest has one of the most stylish, suspenseful, colorful, and downright invigorating third acts in a movie I've seen in a while.

It started out (almost) OK, but it rapidly sank into the most predictable, stupid, imbecile, childish ...

Predictable and cheap plot - written in an LA diner over a weekend?

Even in scenes where nothing is happening, the assured direction and Simon Barrett's fantastic, witty script ensure that these scenes are easily as exciting as any of the others in the film.

Because the first 45 minutes were almost excellent - a tense, edgy, sexy and very enjoyable film.

Though the bar is set very high with You're Next, the filmmaker does make an enjoyable follow up.

And yes, they are that original and entertaining that it is cause for explicit distinction in a film review.

The exchange of banter is enjoyable, often resulting in manipulation or downright violence for David's benefit.

Brutal, Vicious, Suspenseful, and Highly Entertaining .

Predictable story line, poor dialogue and dreadful acting.

The first hour is silly but entertaining, nonetheless.

A highly entertaining action/black comedy.

Please save yourself from boredom I've just experienced throughout this movie.

It's as if the writer and the director started making a movie, got a bit bored, and resorted to any stupid whim they had just to get it finished.

Such a waste of time.

It is definitely entertaining because of the great performance from Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe.

Very enjoyable film, great central performance I gave it 8 as the link to the secret government service is a bit tenuous and not really explained, also excellent sound track.

Excellent Film, worth watching multiple times .

The overall movie has a cheesy vibe but it's really well done and enjoyable.

This movie was a total waste of my time!

Many scenes are thrilling just in themselves, such as when David confronts a group of thugs on the high school football team.

Entertaining throughout, The Guest moves at the ideal pace.

Entertaining .

The performances all really fit their characters well, with the Petersons all relatable and full of humanity while on the completely other hand Stevens' David is a charismatic but off-putting creation who commands a compelling screen presence.

If you like predictable plots, cheese, and plenty of clichés, then you'll enjoy The Guest because all of that is here and more.

All in all, it's an incredibly entertaining movie full of action and a memorable character.

A (mostly) entertaining viewing experience while watching it.

Their new film 'The Guest', which Wingard directed and Barrett wrote, is one of the most entertaining films of the year.

Long, Predictable, and Stylish .

The rest of the characters were either poorly acted, underdeveloped or just cliché and dull.

Don't waste your time!!!

He ingratiates himself to the parents awfully quickly, although the daughter, Anna (sexy Maika Monroe) is slower to warm up to him.

However, with their newest film The Guest, Wingard and Barrett pleasantly surprise us with a film that approaches the fringes of horror without actually crossing the line, teasing our interest with a killer soundtrack and stunning visual pallet.

Such a waste of time.

And then he's stabbed in the shoulder by the son with the knife he had given him earlier (predictable), and stabbed again in his diaphragm (which is a killing blow, would suffocate).

The suspense building up to the reveal was intense.

), stunning physique and winning smile.

So in summary, started off as a slow burning thriller with actual potential, and wound up as a mindless slasher film running round the clichéd maze (literally).

Sure it could probably have been improved but for my money I am happy to see something as straight forward, entertaining and unpretentious as this for a change.

That's what makes this movie kind of enjoyable, as it tries to pay homage to then known horror movies with scream queens, unstoppable antagonists and synthwave/retro music popularized by John Carpenter.

The plot is so predictable, my nephew who suffers from a mental disability would have figured out how this movie would end.

Second half is highly entertaining than the first half,full of gun shootouts sequences,violence and gore (I personally enjoy those stuffs) visually film is pretty stylish and background score at last 20 mins is fabulous..Dan Stevens performance is amazing,he is really looks badass in entire movie..The guest is a fantastic thriller a must watch Movie...

But the movie has lots of personality, is original and unexpected, it handles relationships well, and Wingard and Barrett just know how to make movies.

Instead I get a predictable movie where there are no actual surprises.

worth watching .

Don't waste your time.

Worth Watching .

And the development of story and characters is intriguing.

The storyline is so hopelessly predictable, that it frankly made me cringe.

But, apart from tipping its' hat to Hitchcock's "Shadow of a Doubt", copping a bit from Polanski's "Rosemary's Baby" and revelling in a very bloody climax, "The Guest" is an exercise in waiting for very predictable story beats to play themselves out.

What I liked the most about the movie is its slow paced story building with minimalist aesthetics and synth-pop soundtrack to enhance its rather ominous tone.

Entertaining, could have been better .

A Fantastic Cliché .

I agree some what with Chris from Australia that cannot believe this got such a high rating It was so pathetic and predictable.

The actors are boring.

There is no turn or twist at any given point, so by the time you see the end you are left with an empty feeling, waiting for at least one final turn.

Its funny, scary, and even though the final thirty minutes makes hardly any sense whatsoever, it's just so enjoyable.

waste of time .

Entertaining Movie .

Just amazing, stunning work really: he was riveting to behold and gives, in my opinion, one of the top 5 performances of the year.

when that music comes on to join our on screen activities it really is thrilling and sexy .

The main story itself is a given, but it's the predictable elements throughout that got me.

It's all very confusing and frustrating.

Indeed for the first section of this thrilling and visceral movie, it is fists that are the order of the day, the middle section sees guns come to the fore (and how!

==================================================================== ====================================================================As a rewatch (08/16/17') The Guest remains a very sustainable and enjoyable thriller.

'The Guest' belongs to the special WASTE OF TIME genre.

The slow-burn, and on the surface-level, seemingly generic first half of the film is used to build a complete picture of American ordinariness, the mid-level, mid-life, over-drinking father, and stay-at-home mother, as well as the afore-mentioned children, are so commonplace in film that they become instantly relatable, and when the thrilling finale gets under way, it becomes all the more astonishing as it unfolds.

While I wouldn't go so far as to call this a horror film, it certainly has some thrilling moments.

The most predictable movie ever!!.

The Guest is an oddly enjoyable film.

Worth watching.

enjoyable pulp .

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and it had a rating of 6.7 when I looked into it.

An unpredictable thriller with colorful lightning .

This smartly assembled, visceral thriller is tense, action-packed and unpredictable like everything and nothing you've ever seen before.

It was extremely bogus and predictable and confusing.

All the usual cliché stereotypes are here.

romance (kind of), breathtaking soundtrack , brilliant aesthetics , lots of ambiance , very good camera skills , and sharp acting...

It reminds me with the stupid series that have been on Air on 90's that on the end of the movies it remains open and this guy he is just like super man never dies, i waste my time on it and i don't recommend it to anybody.

Perhaps surprisingly, it all comes together well and the result is a slick, stylish and very entertaining film.

This film was also so well directed that i did not lose interest at any point during the film, the director did a great job at creating an overall tone and mysterious feel to the movie that just made it so compelling to watch.

It all worked here pretty well - director, writer, actors, composer - they all made a great work and it all clicks here for an entertaining flick.

it's so good that you really want to see the whole thing because it's entertaining.

The rest became so predictable it was annoying.

Unfortunately by the time I watched it, it scored 6,8 IMDb and 78/100 in meta-score which made me think that this movie was worth watching.

Despite the many good commentaries it received, I wasn't very interested in watching The Guest, because its plot sounded like a variation of the trite "domestic invasion" sub-genus, which I generally don't like.

This silly but mildly entertaining movie tosses credibility out the window early on.

After spending the first half releasing a nerve- wrecking,unpredictable mood,Wingard and Barrett set the title on a track going in completely the opposite direction.

And The Guest starts with similar elements to the ones from that formula, but fortunately, it then deviates in order to venture into less predictable and more interesting fields, culminating into a tense and violent movie, which isn't always credible, but is very entertaining and keeps us in expectation until the last frame.

A really unpredictable movie - at the start you can't really fathom where the story is going to go and when some secrets are revealed you still can't even guess which characters end up dead.

The Guest is a gripping, stylish thriller with enough scares and surprises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

This is supposed to have a comic edge to it, but the comedy escaped me and I found myself getting bored.

Sections involving a US General seem a little unnecessary and do not fit with the rest of the film, appearing as if added in to try and explain things to the audience, but apart from this The Guest is 100% enjoyable entertainment which will command your full attention and focus.

But eventually all of that is negated by an overly mundane big reveal, and "The Guest" turns into a "same old, same old" sort of yarn, albeit one with an amusingly high body count and decent enough action sequences.

The Guest is an intriguing movie in more than one way and I really liked it.

It reminds me with the stupid series that have been on Air on 90's that on the end of the movies it remains open and this guy he is just like super man never dies, i waste my time on it and i don't recommend it to anybody.

The film is slowly building up its tension to a disturbing and suspenseful final with violently badass actions, solid performance, well chosen music, up to a smartly twisted climax.

After a slow opening 20 minutes, this movie does pick up the pace and it turned out to be highly entertaining.

I mean yeah, there are some parts in this movie that can be a bit cliché or even a typical horror situation.

The Guest's absorbing up until to the final chapter when David's mysterious background's revealed.

This has to be one of the most predictable movies I've ever seen.

Immensely Enjoyable .

What continues as the film dives deeper into David's psyche, is thrilling and surprising.

It's dramatic, it's funny, it's intense, and it gets pretty frightening at times.

The concept behind the story line is not exactly original but it does deliver thanks to some fantastic performances, suitably placed dark humour and a frankly ridiculous yet highly enjoyable 80's style electronic soundtrack.

They resisted and that may have been the best decision they made to save the film from further cliché status.

Super entertaining with slick soundtrack and superb acting by Stevens .

The baddie oozes so much charm (as with many psychopaths) that it's fascinating to watch him transform.

Very confusing.

In a way it's more enjoyable than seeing the movie in a linear fashion.

Overall this a cool movie with a intriguing build up despite it being done before.

It's somewhat absorbing for a while, when you have to wonder what "David"s' motivations and plans are.

If not, I'd suggest a Clint Eastwood movie or something for really entertaining action.

The camera-work and aesthetic are bland, very bland.

I love all kinds of movies, but this is truly just so bad, that I am asking you as a friend, lol save your money and time and find something else to watch.

The most shiny of 2014's hidden gems; a wonderful surprise and brilliantly entertaining.

The Guest is a very entertaining thriller .