The Gunman (2015) - Action, Crime, Drama

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A sniper on a mercenary assassination team, kills the minister of mines of the Congo. Terrier's successful kill shot forces him into hiding. Returning to the Congo years later, he becomes the target of a hit squad himself.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Pierre Morel
Stars: Sean Penn, Idris Elba
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 51 out of 140 found boring (36.42%)

One-line Reviews (133)

"800 Bullets" lenser Flavio Labiano makes the scenery appear stunning.

I love all these actors normally, especially Penn (MILK and many more) It is predictable and laboured, poor script...

Morel's films to date -- "District B13," the first "Taken" and "From Paris with Love" have been have been fairly mindless yet fast-paced, entertaining popcorn flicks.

The final act of the movie is very predictable not to mention familiar and even a bit silly.

The result is a rather opaque, disjointed affair, that wanders, often without segue, from one badly executed scene to the next.

And if we add to all that the fact that the big ending is developed during a bullfight (something I absolutely hate), the final result is a tremendously boring, insipid and occasionally repugnant experience (have I mentioned the bullfight?

What we have is a pretty good suspenseful thriller.

Even though it is a familiar theme, very much enjoyable.

He suffers from head injuries that constitute his Achilles heel, and this makes his encounters with his foes suspenseful.

I did not expect such a disappointing, boring, stupidly written "thriller" I rented the movie and felt sorry for every cent i paid, is Penn turning into Cage?

The fight scenes are well-choreographed and suspenseful, while the main character's medical issues add an unusual and interesting dimension to his situation.

Worth watching, if you liked 'Blood diamonds' although not as good.

I couldn't tell you if this film is meant to be Sean Penn's "Taken", but it is fun and exciting enough to warrant checking out.

Even when I think they suck, others might find them worthy, entertaining, or whatever.

7) in the later scene, it already showed that Terrier was in the later stage of dying, he vomited lot of blood, couldn't stand up, lost memory, fell over and couldn't get up, suffered fatal gunshot and in critical condition and a long term imprisonment, yet when he reappeared and showed up in front of his eternal lover, he just looked so healthy, still looked like nothing happened during another, say, much years, long period of time, no memory lost....

I think Sean Penn is a great actor and does amazing work, I think personally though he is boring and takes himself a little too serious.

I would watch in a heartbeat if there would be some form of reinterpretation of this Film with an emphasis on the Love part (im sure there already exists this Movie in some capacity), the personal surprise for me is that normally i do not like romantic Movies (with rare exceptions), but here it presented itself with best, most dramatic and engaging story of this lost opportunity.

Don't waste your time with this.

Take note because with a poor script, inflated runtime, zero characterisation and a dull po faced story, The Gunman is not worth your time or money.

Good Suspenseful Thriller .

She's bland and didn't offer anything special.

I am not even going to say Sean Penn was a quarter of the problem with this film by any means, this film was very boring and generic, Sean Penn was the least of there problems.

The trailer makes you hope this film is going to be this intense suspenseful sniper drama with lots of action while what it truly is, is a few quickly edited action scenes among a ton of soap opera drama.

It is engaging with it's complex plot and well written characters.

The actions scenes that are there are for the most part well shot and intense.

Even with the cliché-ridden script and phoned-in performances, a tighter edit might have provided some sense of momentum.

It's just so boring.

Though the plot is pretty shallow and predictable, I was entertained.

Very dull action movie by Sean Penn.

It starts with what seems a pretty intricate set up, but before long it's become clear it's just a fairly standard, join the dots action thriller, that follows all the clichés to a tee and is fairly predictable to boot.

The being hunted down like Jason Bourne in exciting location is nothing special.

However, all too often it is followed by lengthy segments that are overly dramatic or just plain uninteresting.

He's a pretty boring character.

So I was looking for something of the sort after a few tiresome days with work that goes nowhere and bankruptcy all over the news here.

The trick only makes the action slow and lacks any suspense.

Much of which is cool, yet it manages to be totally boring throughout.

This message laden potboiler bogs down in its own pretentious pabulum.

Between (((yawns))) one is left thinking that Sean is trying to dull the audience with boredom, and then kill them later with bullets.

I found it very refreshing how both the protagonist and antagonist utilized the environment, as it made the action more interesting and exciting to watch.

Although it doesn't take us to any scenic locations, the camera work is good and keeps us grounded in the story and becomes exciting when the story calls for it.

I went into to this wondering why Sean would do a gun glorifying movie and still wondering the same thing as I watched this unbelievable character play out this predictable plot.. His acting, well I just don't know what to say.....

The holes in the plot are huge, the acting terrible, the story idiotic and boring, the directing slow and tiring.

Don't waste your money on it at a theater.

The Gunman's storyline became redundant and predictable.

I suspect that I was distracted by something mundane soon after watching it.

Perhaps more importantly, the other films each clock in around 90 minutes, but this one plods on for nearly two hours!

Too undistinguished and trope-heavy to engage as a thriller with weight; the action too infrequent and shoddily-edited to rate as empty escapism.

I'm extremely picky on political movies because they have a tendency to be really boring.

If you like the Borne series and its fast paced action you likely won't enjoy the more 'realistic' violence of "The Gunman".

For me, it wasn't that the plot was boring, but the details they tried to lay out for us were very convoluted, many details ambiguous and confusing in their presentation.

A waste of money, 2 thumbs down!!!!

If you want to watch an exciting and very entertaining film about mercenaries, I recommend you 24: Redemption.

Whether or not you'll enjoy it depends on how desperate you are to see violence, in which case, I'm sure there's something on TNT later tonight that will serve your need for an adrenaline rush in a much more effective way, and you won't have to pay any more than you already are to see it.

This film is dull, slow and way to easily predictable.

With credible cast touring different memorable cities, the film is visually engaging for most of the time.

So the movie started slow like French or European cinema building the plot up.

The pace is too slow, the scenes feel like they're just going through the motions, Sean Penn feels like he's too old to move as swiftly and efficiently as the character needs to, and there's absolutely zero chemistry between him and the love interest, so that element doesn't work at all.

As Tedious as a Textbook .

Instead it is a plodding mess left by rampaging bulls.

worst movie.....

"The Gunman" may or may not be Sean Penn's "Taken", but it is very entertaining in its own right.

Action is produced with significant effort, they are fast and precise, exceptionally thrilling when strikes or bullets landed.

His character here might not be supremely likable nor does he have lengthy appearance, but he's fascinating in every scene he graces.

Lucky I recorded it and could FFWD the commercials, because even by itself it is far too long.

I thought it was okay, but of course movies these days and gun violence is just so boring.

The plot also encompasses a tedious love triangle, with Penn and Javier Badem duking it out over Jasmine Trinca ( though at least that part of the plot is done away with in reasonably short order).

Lots of things happen when Terrier gets there , usually the same thing involving guns and people getting killed and the audience have probably become completely bored by the halfway point as one set-piece crashes in to another THE GUNMAN is an example of if you have a good cast this won't mean a single thing unless you've given them material to work with via a screenplay .

Indeed, even when you do put the pieces together, what they add up to, is a rather formulaic and clichéd tale of corporate greed and murder for hire.

There is one shoot out in a Spanish villa in particular that was intense because that's where we got to see Penn's full set of combat skills.

I wouldn't even waste $5 on buying this in the Wal-Mart DVD bin, let alone wasting money renting it from Red Box.

While director Pierre Morel keeps things lively including some bad-ass hand-to-hand combat surprisingly well done by Penn (this is his first attempt at a genre flick) the screenplay by Don MacPherson and Pete Travis (based on a novel by Jean-Patrick Machete) is somewhat flat-footed and predictable.

Instead it ponders along boring everyone in its wake.

Incredibly cheap and boring .

Wow, this movie was unexpectedly dull!

If you enjoy intrigue over explosions, you will find it worth watching.

Its predictable to the core.

killer who regrets his past and is trying to make amends), however for the most part I found the characters to be entertaining.

Awfully boring action flick that features more talent than it deserves.

I give the movie a 7, because I enjoyed it.

Still an entertaining film.

They were highly exciting without once ever going over the top, which is a trap that many movies fall into these days.

A generic but enjoyable action movie .

It contains a convoluted plot, poor dialogue, and (mostly) bland action scenes.

Same old same old boring yawn.

Followed by all the really improbable shoot-outs with formula predictable scenes and outcomes.

With its uninteresting plot, confusing dialogue, and unfulfilling action scenes.

The film is a long way from being terrible and the movie is very entertaining at parts but it is hampered by a story and plot that is way too familiar and predictable, a character attribute in our protagonist that just reeks of being a bad plot device, a truly unsatisfying ending and roles that were just too small for some of the films bigger and more talented stars.

They are usually exciting, tense and full of action.

But the problem is the hero remains unhurt and somebody else dies for him which so cliché.

The only fascinating angle of this film is Sean Penn.

Things move along here at a snail's pace and the convoluted nature of the narrative will almost guarantee that boredom will settle in very quickly.

120 minutes too boring .

When the action hits, it hit hard but everything in between feels so tedious and dull that you are forced to check your watch multiple times.

Afterward, he notices two empty vials on one man's corpse.

The story is actually pretty compelling and unravels slowly through the movie.

Since Spicoli, it has been nothing but lackluster, boring rubbish.

The rest of the acting is spot on, the action is good but the story is predictable and uninspired.

"The Gunman" stakes a claim as a riveting suspense thrill ride from start to finish.

I found this movie to be a very entertaining surprise.

Predictable story line?

The middle falls into a slow muddle.

Unexpectedly dull.

The script is very disjointed and the character development is non-existent .

this film had a couple cool action sequences but overall it was just boring.

Potential Not Reached: The Gunman Is Realistic, but Boring .

If you are looking for engaging entertainment, look else where.

The romantic triangle works well; however, the film might have been more interesting and compelling if they had stripped away much of the Congo/NGO and dementia and focused more on the Corporate intrigue.

Not the best film, but at least entertaining.

Further, the woman he adores, Annie, finds him broke, boring, and bails out on him.

Everything is totally predictable.

I love the idea of him starring in a movie like this though and I think this movie is really well made and entertaining; it's also really dark, graphically violent and pretty suspenseful (throughout).

Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen .

Pretty hard to fathom why this film got such a bad rap in the media while too many cheesy formulaic crowdpleasers from the Hollywood hit factory get 4 and 5 stars from well reputed outlets.

The film was really boring for me, He was boring for me.

--Sean Penn demonstrate that Africa is all screwed up because of wicked intriguing, and surgical assassinations, by the ruthless diabolical Capitalist West , of decent good-guy African politicians who were just about to nobly divert the continent's wealth for the good of its long-suffering impoverished locals when they were cut down by, well, Sean Penn, with a long-range sniper rifle....

Where the former 2 films focus more on the thrill, and are overall failures, Gunman is more action, and much more entertaining.

I just felt queasy and bored.

This movie is so boring(yawn) that we've seen these scenes so many times before.

I think the biggest problem was that they tried to cram too much info in the first 20 minutes of the movie, and it starts out confusing the heck out of you.

However, it trudges through bland story of stereotypical espionage and uninteresting romance.

Boring, predictable and not much to see.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

Sean Penn thought making another 80s cliché movie would make comeback, he was clearly wrong.

Just a shame that this is a humdrum action thriller with a predictable story.

Penn's character, a bland individual that doesn't deserve the honour of being named, is an ex-sniper or gunman if you like.

Don't waste your hard earned money on this movie .

All very confused and dull.

The film desperately tries to begin a franchise here, you can feel it constantly, they're not trying hard enough to tell a good story in two hours, but go for setting the movie up for sequels instead, it wanted to revive Sean Penn's career by making him an aging action star, similar to what Taken did successfully for Liam Neeson, but for someone who's given us outstanding performances from the likes of Mystic River and Carlito's Way, it saddens me to see such a talented actor trying to renew his fame with a boring action film that he also has a writing and producing credit on.

The film garnered unfair criticism and I found it quite enjoyable.

Even the star-crossed romance feels passionless and pointless amid the barrage of endless bullets and fisticuffs.

Gunman is actually a snooze fest, being one of the first movies to make me nap in almost half a year.

Mark Rylance makes a boring villainThis movie is overlong, plodding, boring, and way too heavy-handed to fully succeed.

This movie goes on and on and it's more and more boring.