The Hate U Give (2018) - Crime, Drama

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Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Now, facing pressure from all sides of the community, Starr must find her voice and stand up for what's right.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: George Tillman Jr.
Stars: Amandla Stenberg, Regina Hall
Length: 133 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 16 out of 327 found boring (4.89%)

One-line Reviews (95)

Without the many humorous moments, the ones that left you on the edge of your seat, and the ones that made you cry the movie wouldn't make sense.

Great writing and riveting drama .

The movie portrays a pain that is searing, very real, and as intense as the movie depicts it.

Well worth watching, and absorb the message don't ignore it .

Amandla Stenberg is engaging.

Once this life changing occurrence takes place on one fateful night, Hate takes us on an unpredictable and deeply moving examination of what it's like to be a minority race in the United States at present, targeted and vilified by a law enforcement agency that sadly has failed to adapt itself to the needs and situations of the very people it has sworn to protect.

Worth Watching .

Either way, the premise of the story was indeed quite intriguing, i felt like the objective, to represent black people's (and other oppressed groups of people, as the movie puts it) was in no way offensive, and instead very insightful.

As a film it is quite gripping and doesn't glibly dismiss all the points it raises - some remain unresolved, in which it mirrors real life.

Delivered with intense passion that touches on a whole range of gritty and topical issues in incredibly hard-hitting fashion, while also featuring a beautifully heartwarming emotional core, as well as a stunning central performance from Amandla Stenberg, The Hate U Give proves a fascinating and exceptionally intense watch that grows and grows to boiling point over its long, but thoroughly engrossing runtime.

Compelling take on Ferguson-like shooting through teenage eyes probably won't satisfy everyone on either side of the racial divide .

The plot was indeed predictable, from the shooting to the reaction by both the white and black community.

A perfect set of performances in a riveting drama - never overly done .

The very end was the strongest example of this - after many intense, realistic scenes showing complex social interactions with racial undertones, the cinematography is suddenly bright and happy and everything works out perfectly in Garden Heights, the struggling area (King leaving won't change that much).

The tragedy real and the relationships compelling.

However, the story and message it communicates is good and I highly recommend it for most audiences.

It is a gripping and thought provoking film.

Stunning performance .

I had to leave the theatre, the language was way too intense, rated R dialogue.

Intense, intelligent and ambitious film .

The acting is good all around, particularly Stenberg and Hornsby, and while Mackie is a fascinating and surprising casting choice, he plays his predatory, aggressive character well.

And it is an intense film about family in large sense.

Stupid, formulaic nonsense.

Incredibly compelling, frequently moving and very powerful; urgent viewing that demands to be seen.

Well worth watching .

Emotional and intense from start to finish.

Amandla Stenberg was riveting.

Worst movie of the year!

Amandla Stenberg's performance was positively breathtaking.

The growth of the main character through difficult events (and the growth or stagnation of those around her) allow her to transcend this confusion and find her voice.

Complete and utter trash, please don't waste your time.

I think the movie simply thrives off of the fact that people are very much aware of police brutality and the fact that Afro-Americans get shot by police, but the movie was just too tacky to be entertaining to me.

The story was timely and engaging and acting was stellar.

There are some silly arguments between Starr and her white friend that were pretty pointless, especially given how good the other discussions in the film were.

Hornsby is funny, rousing, powerful and deeply human, sometimes all at once.

It takes look at all these issues whilst putting out an entertaining movieThe acting is good.

This is a thoroughly engaging watch.

It seemed to waver between cliche, accessible to teens tropes and more gritty and nuanced racial commentary.

A stunning performance by the unstoppable Amandla Stenberg alone justifies the film's existence as a smart kid in a troubled African-American neighbourhood.

Everyone i know(black or otherwise) enjoyed it

But overall I thought the story line and Stenberg's acting were emotionally engaging.

Ultimately, it's incredibly compelling, frequently moving and, frankly, urgent viewing that demands to be seen.

This movie takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with compelling characters and terrific plot.

Me and my 15 yr old daughter really enjoyed it, Lamar much better than I'd hoped for after the teen show I'd seen him inThought provoking and emotional had me gripped to the end

Despite that, it was also entertaining.

Amandla Stenberg is stunning in the way she plays her role.

Omen of the most compelling and realistic movie I've ever seen .

good entertaining movie .

How Enjoyable The Movie .

A great film that is definitely worth watching.

However, ultimately the script was just too one-sided and it ended up being an all too predictable anti-police film.

But otherwise it's a very engaging film with some very good performances, most notably by its young star, Amandla Stenberg, who has the daunting task of carrying the entire film on her young shoulders.

It's crisp, witty, smart and engaging.

This theme of misrepresenting white people was common throughout the film and I rather felt like I was watching a black lives matter propaganda film.

The Hate U Give was a surprisingly powerful movie and worth the watch..

Also thought that there was some contrived scripting, especially at the attempts at levity, and that parts could have done with more subtlety and tact as well as made much clearer.

Be prepared for what you know you'll get with this movie in terms of emotion and injustice, but it's well worth the watch.

The movie were totally unique and was very magnificent, this article is pretty much action packed

It was exciting to see Anthony Mackie in this role.

There were some spots where the story became contrived and in places I felt that in real life it probably would have gotten worse for the characters.

A bit predictable, none the less powerful for it.

Most intense YAF.

The dialogue is at times a cliché use of "black" slang and jargon that ties each character well.

I found Russell Hornsby's portrayal of a father who's lead a colourful life, leaving it behind to concentrate on raising his children in what he sees as the right way, particularly compelling.

It is a powerful, riveting drama and a must watch.

I thoroughly enjoyed it .

It's sincere, it's original, it's unpredictable and it has genuine heart behind it.

With that said, however, the fact that the film is so hard-hitting and so intense throughout is what makes it such an incredible watch at times, because it takes on a whole range of complex and very sensitive topics with immense passion and frankness, delving into them in a manner that I haven't seen achieved in any other film in years.

What a waste of money, time and talent.

A very mature, deep and fascinating drama delivered with incredible passion .

They showed the worst sides of everyone, and just left me feeling empty and annoyed at humanity.

Tillman does a great job adapting a complex novel, but struggles to balance the lighter coming of age tones with the darker social themes .

Low-Minded Propaganda for an Ignorant Audience .

The movie was engaging from the start.

My only criticism is the fact that the book is quite intense and the film tries to cram it all in, so it is a bit overly-dramatic.

Division propaganda .

What dragged the film down is in something like this the actor needs to BE the character and amandla 'acted' everything out which made it less believable than it could have been.

It is a compelling social commentary on racial injustice.

A coming of age story about the struggles of African Americans as seen through the eyes of Starr.

This starts of YAF with the very sweet and pretty black girl Amandla Stenberg and her high school romance with Riverdale's KJ Apa but gets serious and surprisingly intense because it's so relevant.

In our politically charged culture, there is an audience fatigue for movies with a point (I was disappointed to be only one of three people who came to watch this movie in the theatre), but don't miss this good movie, it's worth the watch.

Every character was connected to each other which made Starr's decisions even more intense.

It is engaging, sad and thought provoking.

The story is compelling, effectively showing the true horrors of the situations without sugar-coating and making one feel very strongly about what's happening and relate.

it's just unbearable.

While the story is a bit predictable, it was told in an intriguing way.

Brilliant, real & engaging.

__________And a couple of other things to note:I found it interesting and, again, unexpected that the film showed how a peaceful protest can easily become violent.

The witty, creative use of teenage slang and perfect comedic timing give it weight as a Young Adult comedy, the nuanced, unpredictable and original way that it tackles race and race relations (I was beyond impressed by how little narrative cliches this movie uses) give it weight as a racial commentary and Stenberg's harrowing and heartbreaking journey of grief and self reflection give it weight as a character study.

Starr in particular was a compelling protagonist because she was literally caught between the two worlds of her privileged white school and her crime-ridden home life in the ghetto.

I found it quite brave and, again, unexpected for the film to show Starr being sickened by seeing white teenagers holding Black Lives Matter banners in a protest.

It's not a film that I'd recommend for younger viewers, simply because of the intensity and grit of its main themes, but for those who can handle it, it proves a deeply fascinating and passionate movie that goes far deeper into a whole range of intensely political issues than any other film of recent years, while still retaining a beautifully heartwarming human core that is further evoked in Amandla Stenberg's brilliant central performance.

And the direction is engaging and sharp.

Best known for her work as young Rue in the first Hunger Games film, Stenberg's performance as Starr was breathtaking.

The movie gets very intense at the end and is probably a little over-baked in terms of drama and conflict.