The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange (2012) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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A tv series of the popular youtube series ''Annoying Orange''. Where Orange goes on an adventure with his friends. His weird friend Nerville basically played by a youtuber has a fear of ...

Stars: Dane Boedigheimer, Toby Turner
Length: 30 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 2 out of 27 found boring (7.4%)

One-line Reviews (8)

It's a fall-back to original cartoons, and it's entertaining for people of all ages.

Every episode is original in it's own way, and entertaining to watch.

This may not be Annoying Orange comedy at it's finest, but in my opinion it's thoroughly entertaining and somewhat amusing.

I love this show and find it to be the most entertaining cartoon I've seen in such a long time.

They go on adventures at night when the store is empty and sometimes joined by the store night clerk, Nerville.

But with that said, I find it pretty entertaining and cute.

Its annoying and loud that i sometimes have a feeling that i wanna eat more vegetables more because of show like this, this is why people hate Mr Meaty, shows like this that cause them to side with vegetables and eat them,and that's bad, i like meat and fruits, but i eat up my fruit fast before it chants and forces me to subscribe to his awful videos,and the worse character of all isn't grapefruit, its orange and apple, whenever apple gets mad, i just wanna rumble my face into a wall in order to forget, and orange,ugh, they put lots of money on making him the most tedious character ever that should've been in a juicer, he has that squealing little voice most brunette Swedish you tubers use when they squeal in their webcams, so it reminds me of the lost remains of cartoon characters every time they do anything in this TV show, and it frustrates me when Danboer Manages to embarrass Tom Kenny,Patrick Warburton,Bill Farggerbakke,Grey DeLeslie,Thommas Lennon,Jhon DiMaggio, and Harland Williams, the guy who was in Freddy got Fingered and Ned's Newt,yes, seriously, did Cartoon Network seriously tell Danaboe to kidnap all American voice actors to voice ugly David Lynch FoodCN :alright Danaboe, i want you to steal lots of voice actors that lots of people will know Danaboe :With Pleasure CN : make sure you also embarrass Rob Paulsen in front of the audience Danaboe :Alright, Rob Paulsen speak like an alien commander Rob Paulsen :Indeed, Surrender Precious Earthling Danaboe :and Tom Kenny, get com fused Ton Kenny :Alllllllllriiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!!!

This show is cute, hilarious, stupid in an entertaining and enjoyable way, and awesome.