The Hole in the Ground (2019) - Horror, Mystery

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A young mother living in the Irish countryside with her son suspects his increasingly disturbing behavior is linked to a mysterious sinkhole in the forest, and fears he may not be her son at all.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Lee Cronin
Stars: Seána Kerslake, James Quinn Markey
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 59 out of 185 found boring (31.89%)

One-line Reviews (139)

This is just a bland copy of Babadook.

altogether very well worth the watch.

An entertaining folk horror .

The acting was solid as you'd expect from the likes of James Comso but it was a tiresome movie which i would not recommend if you like fast paced and a thought provoking story.

Dull and boring, full of plot holes.

Could have been better, an interesting bore.

Slow burn is fine, if it maintains the viewers interest and delivers at the end.

Nay, strike that, the storyline was downright boring.

The plot is quite predictable, even at times irritating.

But the one-dimensional dialogue that felt too scared to traverse the mother's backstory and the monotonous bond with her son made for an utterly dull experience.

To sum it up, this is a well-made and enjoyable film with a message, which seems to be misunderstood and therefore heavily underrated (therefore, I had to rate it a bit better than I might normally have).

The last 10 minutes of the movie was confusing.

Slow .

Not scary, hardly freaky, ending was boring..Would rather watch paint dry.

Good acting but slow and disappointing .

it feels like everytime the situations start to get intense the movie the scene was surprisingly over.

You can present a sequence of unconnected, confusing events with no concern for whether they have any narrative consistency.

Slow .

But we can put The Hole in the Ground into a horror film that is worth watching this year.

I found it gripping and genuinely disturbing.

I give it 2 stars as Jeor Mormont from Game of Thrones is briefly in it, and that is sadly the highlight of this dull and beige movie.

It was really boring.

The first hour of this film is creepy, well photographed, and reasonably subtle, if quite predictable if you've seen this sort of movie before.

Boring with no character development.

Very boring.

I usually love these types of movies but I found this was way too slow and didn't keep my interest, Too many unexplained things and pointless scenes.

The plot was threadbare, the story boring and the acting average at best.

I think it's the worst movie you can see.

Very slow and boring with no payoff at the end.

Director Lee Cronin mostly feeds the audience with dream sequences and her son's Jekyll and Hyde personality which do little to involve or thrill and instead a lot of these scenes come across as silly or boring (particularly when the audience are already 1 step ahead of him when the narrative is unfolding).

the film story about mother go to the jungle to live alone with her son after leaving her husband to start with her son a new life and trying to overcome her fears and past chasing her and make her overflowing protection of her son so entered the stage hallucination and doubt in her son that it could be avenged by them or And he is not the obedient young man who walks behind them The tense relationship that the director looked like when the giant pit appeared in the ground and discovered by the mother to start a deep conflict internally in the fears that may be inflicted by her and the child to the depths of herself and the depths of the earth and in the fight to those monsters to save her son from herself, that wild jungle And the deep hole is only the mother and the same internal trying to see her son extension of his father, who hate him strongly and see the real evil extended from his father, who paid to leave everything and go to the jungle, but the film scenario has been some ambiguity in explaining the causes and motives of that mother And her urgent desire to go The jungle away from the father also left the script details important in the description of the relationship between mother and son and relied on the collages of American horror films, but the scenario remains coherent and strong in the characters specifically mother and son, but the mystery is the master of the situation for the other secondary figures, despite their importance Great in the film Photography was a fundamental part of the beauty of the film was the picture bore a beautiful in some scenes were similar to the paintings of the accuracy of composition and distribution of lighting within the staff and the use of yellow and gray most of the film events, which added to the touch of mystery and horror also from the confusion of mental characters increased the atmosphere The film was characterized by confusion and horror and marked the movement of the camera specifically in the opening scene when the camera turns upside down in reference to the ground and it will be the focus of events and performance was representative of the mother and her son very well and very suitable for all details of private personality and came very convincing Unlike the characters For the second and this is the result of the ambiguity of the character itself than the actor cast you but overall the film is very good

I don't know if I would watch it again anytime soon but I did enjoy it, it was creepy, entertaining and had good acting.

Unfortunately I just couldn't, lifeless dull boring movie on near every level.

Slow burn (in a good way) psychological chiller .

A waste of time.

It's a small Irish production with only a few characters, but it manages to pull off a very chilling atmosphere of dread, after a mother and her son moves into their new house in a deserted area on the edge of a large dense forest.

It shares some similarities with The Prodigy which was released the same year as The Hole In The Ground, but unlike this film The Prodigy was exciting, intriguing and at times quite chilling and for my money it is much better film than The Hole In The Ground.

The bad So SLOW!

It was seriously one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

Imo, one of the MOST boring movies I have EVER seen!

Soundtracks normal Acting normal Negative:Story,which was too light and boring,which could have been much better,with pinch of creativity and originality.

I enjoyed it.

The worst movie i have watched for the year for now.

This is a dignified little slow burn under a browny-gray filter.

It's only really a slow burn for a little while.

Man, talk about a slow paced and uneventful movie.

A disappointing film to say the least.. it had such Potential, but there were far too many unexplained parts and a lack of storyline to be satisfying.

One of the worst movies .

Yes, some people may find it slow if you like jump scares every 5 minutes it's enjoyable for the performances and photography.


Yet I must warn you right away - the movie is excruciatingly slow, not every viewer can handle such a slow burn.

It takes literally dozens of horror films to rummage through - and get bored senseless with - until you finally come across a good one.

The jump scares are predictable.

Slow like hell!

Not a horror movie, not even a psychological drama, just a slow little good-looking folk tale.

Unbearably slow and at times it comes across as being more silly than scary .

Boring and predictable .

Boring .

Sure, the big action finale is a bit muddled, but I'd much rather be confused by a somewhat baffling story than utterly bored by a predictable one that's been recycled 100 times by lazy and/or talent-free journeymen - who cross their fingers hoping that their audiences will be amoebas and that they will be numerous.

The whole movie was very slow and no explanation was given as to the origin if the hole which the movie is titled around.

Sadly The Hole in the Ground managed neither, I was bored by half way and the finale felt rushed and a tad predictable.

And as a final insult, it's shot in dull / monochrome colours - so predictable, so boring, so cliched.

Bored to freaking death!

Despite my misgivings, the film managed to be mildly enjoyable simply on the strength of its setup, visuals, and few effectively unsettling moments.

It's very creepy, dark atmosphere and quite intense and.

Slow .

While there are some genuinely shocking moments and strange events they seem done completely to bulk up the long drawn out scenes where not much is happening.

Enjoyed it very much.

The mother has a truly intriguing look about her and solid acting skills, she is fascinating to watch.

Nope, this movie is just BORING.

If I had to describe the movie I'd say it's a hyper slow burn psychological horror.

I found it engaging and gave it a 30 minute screening before settling in to watch the rest.

Just because story is this slow and as you find out in the end,really big missed opportunity,then you immediatly forget anything positive you saw in this film.

It was very predictable and so slow I think I saw the paint in my front room dry quicker.

I mean, slow doesn't even cut it, just a lot of 'eerie' music that fails to make up for the abysmal lack of plot.

I seen reviews on social media saying it had people scared to move, it had me bored stiff.


It's predictable and the script is very average.

Horror films need more then just atmosphere and I'm sick of the phrase "slow burn" to describe films that are in fact just " slow and boring ".

Cliché, until it isn't .

What an absolute waste of time this entire movie was.

Slow eery tense build with the odd freaky moment .

So many twists to the story which kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish!

This is a pretty slow and average film that turns into a decent one in the last ten minutes.

Unfortunately too much of 'The Hole in the Ground' lacks the necessary eeriness and intensity, burdened by a very lifeless pace and an increasingly thin and sometimes uneventful story that struggles to fit enough content into a standard feature length film.

Slow Burn .

This was a weak experience and a borefest to sit through.

The Good:Seána Kerslake & James CosmoThe Bad:Slow burn to nothingWasted potential

It had me on the edge of my seat at times.

What an absolute load of boring slow CR@p.

I want to say these things in the movie's defence: Of course it's slow: it's a slow burn.

Super boring, bad dialog, poor character development, barely watchable.

Zzzzzzzz .

Confusing .

Now we have to "explore" this and "introspect" that, and otherwise engage with pointless, post-modern psychobabble.

It was worth the 6.99 to rent and we both enjoyed it.

It's boring movie I was skipped some scenes , the story doesn't impress there's nothing interesting or unexpected

It's dark and dreary throughout.

Incredibly boring .

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It's still quite enjoyable though and definitely worth a watch.

Quite bored to be honest!

Unfortunately it came completely undone by being too slow, not very exciting or scary and didn't really have much of a story.

Overall you're going to find your cell phone much more entertaining than this movie.

This movie was very enjoyable.

A slow burn psychological nightmare.

Literally 1:31 minutes of pure boredom.

Don't waste your time.

Like everyone already said everything is great except for the actual plot, super slow to the point of 'why am I still watching this?

The movie was a little slow and I seemed to always be waiting for it to get good.

It's a tired cliche and simply bad writing.

This was a boring snoozefest...

Slow movie.

The eponymous hole providing a metaphor for the constant subsiding of a single parent's sanity through periods of intense stress, and how she must literally confront the anomaly that is controlling her.

Not a "fun" watch, but very entertaining.

Bad acting, bad editing, too dark, slow, boring, no suspension, no story, a whole lot of crap.

Predictable jump scares, zero character development, mediocre acting, foreshadowing and more plot conveniences than a field full of four-leafed clovers (had to get an Irish reference in somehow...

I fell asleep the 1st time I tried.

Slow, slow, slow .

Waste of time .

Interesting concept - boring execution .

Nearly fell asleep in the cinema.

The unbearable I thought I was going to have a panic attack when Mum goes down the hole and has to fight her way along a tight tunnel on her belly.

His unexpected body language and dialogues could not justify with his age.

Try and seek this one out and watch it if you are in the mood for suspenseful slow burn horror.

Don't waste your time watching this .

Entertaining .

If you are a claustrophobic and you like slow paced horror, you'll love to be frightened by this movie.

Her delusions gradually increase as the film progresses, and the viewer is dragged in to her fantasy world when there is no external context to help separate fact from illusion.

Movie was slow, way too slow.

The dialog was unimpressive and flat out boring.

I found the movie compelling and entertaining.

The ending was pretty predictable but enjoyable.

The movie itself was not bad, kind of a slow creepy feel and the scary piano music was actually one of the bright parts of the movie.

It's a boring drama movie with some loud noise pretending to be a horrormovie.

Sound design is also really engaging.

Very entertaining.

Very boring and the plot was really trash.

Was probably more exciting.