The Horror of Party Beach (1964) - Horror, Musical

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Sea creatures created from radioactive sludge terrorize a beach community.

Director: Del Tenney
Stars: John Scott, Alice Lyon
Length: 78 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 19 out of 97 found boring (19.58%)

One-line Reviews (47)

The slow-moving parts are so infrequent that you won't mind them and the 6 original tunes by the Del Aires make you forget them completely.

The monsters are so slow-moving, it's amazing they manage to catch anybody.

To its credit, it was fairly fast-moving, too, with enough action to keep one's interest.

But the innocence I spoke of earlier comes across in the slow dance scene at the pavilion, where the romantic tune, the cuddling couples, and the dreamy way Hank and Elaine look at each other, along with the hyper-romantic lyrics of "You're Not a Summer Love", almost transcend the corniness of the clichéd moment and the scene becomes actually touching.

And Tenney's use of closeups of the monster is pointless as the viewer has no idea what they're looking at.

Far better, though, is their attack on the town which is the best scene here and gets some solid action and exciting moments in their attacks on the side-streets, the doctor's office and in the various stores in the town which is rather fun.

not only hysterical and ludicrous, but the mst3k version was worth watching 3x.

Even more inept and definatley more entertaining than "Plan 9".

Overall this was a deliciously cheesy and enjoyable monster effort.

These here make this one quite fun and much more enjoyable than expected, though it's still somewhat flawed.

The choreography doesn't match the energy that the soundtrack has, much of it is repetitive and looks improvised, which gives the movie a rather amateurish feel to it.

It makes this movie funny and enjoyable.

No plot here, just a series of dance numbers linked together by really bad monsters killing teenagers.

""The Horror of Party Beach" is one pointless and utterly terrible film, with no plot, bad acting, a lousy atmosphere (with 35 and a half% of it was mainly on a Jersey beach!

All in all, one of the most enjoyable films of its type - much better than the similar "Beach Girls and the Monster," for instance.

" At least "Party Beach" is somewhat entertaining.

So while this provided amusement in montage sequences of other similar deliciously bad monster movies, it ends up being pretty boring even with what are supposed to be intentional laughs.

The main problem is not the content, it's the execution, the pacing is slow, many of the important scenes happen off camera, there is a ton of plot contrivances and the version I managed to get hold of was of really poor quality, it was sometimes impossible to see what was going on.

Compared to some of the worst movies made (most notably those of Ed Wood) the film looks quite good for being shot in black and white.

It's absolutely worth watching if you are into the old drive in movies or might be from Stamford CT!

'The Horror of Party Beach' contains so much unintentional humor that I find it an enjoyable bad movie.

A film that's arguably one of the top 50 worst movies ever conceived.

Like I said before, there was no plot whatsoever!

Yes, the cops and various authorities don't waste any time in this!

Their tunes are perfectly enjoyable in a throwaway surf rock kind of way.

After about half an hour, however, the film starts to become rather tedious and you long to just see the monsters dispatched after several different segments where the monsters do their worst.

What can I say, the acting is on the level of some of my junior high school plays, the cinematography is boring, the production values are lacking.

Arguably the worst movie ever made .

Fortunately the former significantly outweighs the latter to make for an enjoyable beach/horror romp with nice elements of both put to good use.

I have come to enjoy some of the worst movies ever made - - > low-budget drive-in monster movies from the 50's and 60's!

A totally enjoyable B monster romp that's thankfully coming to DVD soon.

Still, this was far better than expected and immensely enjoyable.

As a kid, I could even recognize the horrible acting, but it still was serious fun to watch and I thought it was pretty suspenseful on the part of the monsters stalking their prey.

This may be a member of the "so bad it's good" category but for a 10 year old in 1964 it was fully entertaining.

They drag out the simple premise "We can track the monsters by the radioactivity they give off" into a five minute discussion on how to track the hotdog horrors.

The biggest issue with this one is undoubtedly the teen-centered nature of this, which is so over-the-top here with its banal romance and party-filled atmosphere that it sometimes becomes hard to get through it with such a small focus on interesting elements with this one not really allowing for much to really matter here.

in the same way that you slow down to look at a car accident, or when someone gets clobbered on a sporting field.

THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH has the distinction of being one of the films chosen for inclusion in the great book "The Fifty Worst Movies of All Time" by Harry Medved.

Try to stay awake.

It's really dumb but it's entertaining from start to finish.

plan 9 is incredibly boring to watch as far as b-movies go.

I have overlooked it's obvious technical flaws and give it 8 out of 10 because it is entertaining ( and that is what a movie should be ).

Oh, and kudos to director Del Tenney for making the dreary Connecticut filming locations look like a flourishing South-Californian beach community!

Good for laughs and very entertaining and nostalgic.

This is one of those movies so awful it's fascinating.

Then a few dull minutes of talk,then the classic slumber party scene!

This is certaily a very poor movie but there's just a certain charm that keeps it entertaining throughout.