The Hours (2002) - Drama, Romance

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The story of how the novel "Mrs. Dalloway" affects three generations of women, all of whom, in one way or another, have had to deal with suicide in their lives.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Stephen Daldry
Stars: Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 171 out of 664 found boring (25.75%)

One-line Reviews (534)

It's also extremely irritating to have the artist Vanessa Bell reduced to some fluttering mother hen looking with incomprehension at her dotty genius sister Virginia, and to have the real erotic memory at the core of _Mrs Dalloway_, the kiss with Sally, switched to a kiss with Richard, and Sally reduced to the dull spousal role that is Richard's in the novel.

With a prosthetic nose and English accent, Nicole Kidman is barely recognisable in her wonderful creation of Virginia Woolf; Julianne Moore goes from strength to strength in her acting career and here portrays the inner torment of Laura Brown; and Meryl Streep confirms her reputation as the finest actress of her generation with a compelling performance as Clarissa Vaughan.

Drama fails to compell or even convince when all the news is either bad or mundane.

The best thing to be said about it is that it's too awful to be completely boring.

Woolf herself is played brilliantly and darkly by an almost unrecognisable Nicole Kidman, appearing dowdy unkempt and frail as befits a brilliant author on the edge of a nervous breakdown or worse.

Nicole Boreman dull city!!.

Empty lives .

If you think about it that's all this movie is, 3 boring stories including some gay characters.

Completing the trio of stunning performances, Meryl Streep is also wonderful as the trapped Vaughan who can't get over her obsessions with the past and with Ed Harris' poet.

The performances of Streep, Moore, and Harris are riveting.

These layers are fascinating in their sameness and too, how they differ.

What a disappointing and boring movie!

When it comes down to it, THE HOURS is a very well-made and well-acted film that deals with heavy themes and emotions, even if in a slightly pretentious way.

The last film that had this affect on my was "The Unbearable Lightness of Being", although I would not compare the two films.

Even More boring than you might have guessed.

Since the beginning until the end I was on the edge of the sopha because it was not expected what came next.

The trio's achievements were backed by the supporting characters' work and the compelling soundtrack, which enhances many of the film's capital scenes.

I understand a great deal of talent and effort went into this film, but the result is pretentious and annoying.

Laura is a 1950's suburban housewife who, despite her external appearance, is very unhappy with her boring life.

It is a poorly adapted story that has great performers in a thoroughly depressing and predictable, trite story.

The Hours is an intense motion picture that leaves one stumbling back into their own life and relationships filled with a sense of pensive ambivalence.

This movie was boring, uninteresting, dull and dreary.

This movie feels like someone is slowly drilling into your head with a dull bit.

While I would normally be the last person in the world to say anything positive about Phillip Glass, his score is evocative of the relentlessness of time.

A terrible movie, uninteresting and without purpose .

What it actually is is an extremely boring, overlong, meaningless film that is barely a step above a soap opera.

And the trailers looked so drab.

A fascinating with brilliant performances .

Picnic was suspenseful, eerie, sad, and puzzling.

She did great as always but admit it, kinda boring.

There are some truly wonderful performances hidden in here, but when you boil this movie down, it's just three hours of very talented people crying.

very confusing at times...

Time seem to slow to a crawl as the music and the actors droned on incessantly.

Not just a bad script, but a truly awful, phony, wannabe-artsy, pseudo-intellectual, piece of pretentious Hollywood garbage.

' One might leave the theater after watching this film asking, `How did this creative team get so much right?

"The Hours" is the phoniest, silliest, most pointless, pretentious movie of the year, and I recommend it only because it affords us a tantalising glimpse of Toni Collete's cleavage as she bends over a table, in a scene which I found both stimulating and enlightening.

The music was very appropriate to the melancholy air that never lifted, but that same piano interlude became so repetitive that it was nauseous by the end.

What a total and pointless waste of effort this was.

Reading it is only mildly enjoyable.

It leaves you with questions about Virginia Woolf's life, mixed feelings and perhaps makes you wonder how intriguing her writing was.

And Ed Harris, usually in no-nonsense roles, is quite gripping as the declining poet.

The acting is absolutely wonderful and quite breathtaking.

Pointless diatribe, endless boredom, kept waiting for the big climax.

It is very slow for the first 2/3rds to 3/4s of the film.

The score is so drab.

The drama is engaging.

Then half way through the film the women next to me put her head on her date's shoulder and fell asleep (I couldn't blame her).

An unexpected payoff might be that if they had been as searing as the material hinted, we might have been too devastated to continue watching.

Boring and pretentious!

A Depressive and Boring Movie With Outstanding Cast .

But this was just dull, unremittingly dull.

A waste of time.

She leads a typical 50s life of shiny new car, bland husband, spectacularly exotic repressed lesbian neighbour, annoying kid and Philip Glass soundtrack.

The editing was a bit confusing at times and didn't underscore the parallels as well as it could have.

The Virginia character was miserable and uninspiring and that ridiculous false nose Nicole Kidman was wearing meant I could not take the character seriously.

As his character shows signs of retraction from his sexuality, we realize that a traumatic experience with his mother and her friend sent him to a life-long confusion.

"It Goes On And On - And Nothing Happens" .

Stephen Daldry has given us another engaging piece of cinema.

This is a pretentious mess.

So compelling a character did Nicole create, that I want to see her again in other films - nose and all playing different characters.

Stunning, beautiful, first-rate acting .

Downside: pretty damn boring.

"Pompous, Pretentious" .

This films crude attempt to win it's heroines an Oscar is the only thing of interest in this slow, dull, film.

What a yawner.

Crashingly expensive BORE and the Kidman role could have been pulled off by any halfway decent high-school actress.

Basically its a plot-less two hour character study, an acting school excercise, and ultimately a not so deep sea trolling expedition in search of Oscars.

The ending was so bland and predictable.

This is one of the slowest films!

The film is a slow, meditative one, very literary in dialogue, and the acting is of the highest caliber by all the cast, not just the three stars.

Other than a few misfires with her accent, she's fascinating to watch and her madness is what I've experienced as true madness.

If there is a more obnoxious piece of feminst propaganda in the world, I haven't found it.

Although the actors and actresses give great performances, they do not save this film from its massive plot holes, disturbing content, and boring subject manner.

And we are bored.

The script for me was too contrived and there were too many 'poetic' monologues from depressed people facing down death.

The story is supposedly about how the lives of three women all revolve around a novel by Virginia Woolf: Virginia Woolf herself (Nicole Kidman) as she struggles to write the book, Laura Brown (Julianne Moore) as she contemplates suicide, and Clarissa Vaughan (Meryl Streep) as she deals with her ex-husband Richard (who wrote the boring fictional book) who is now dying of AIDS.

What made it enjoyable for me was the lovely period detail for the Virginia Wolf and Laura Brown segments.

Michael Cunningham's book of the same title was an intense work that, like Woolf's "Mrs.

but the sad part was that it was so boring from the first scene to every single one that followed, that it was hard to find where i had fallen asleep since it was all boring enough to knock anyone out!

a true waste of time, money, and talent.

From that point of view, the movie is not a singel moment boring, it is in a special way thrilling, just remeber the line "the poet has to die...

If I had to describe my feeling of the overall impact of the film in one word, I would say "Boring.

If you like self-indulgent tripe shoved down your throat for the three longest hours of your life, then this movie is for you.

The movie's score was unbearable because it never ended.

The ending is really unpredictable while we see the plot of Mr Dalloway being evolved through these three women.

Without knowing what the main characters are thinking or why, it makes for a very boring film.

The Virginia character was miserable and uninspiring and that ridiculous false nose Nicole Kidman was wearing meant I could not take the character seriously.

What a boring, depressing movie.

To accomodate such a talented cast, there needs to be an equally compelling story.

The mesmerizing interest that Laura Brown, 20 years later feels for this woman is compelling.

It has moments where it gets pretty dull.

All I know is - this was tedious viewing from start to finish.

In short, "The Hours" that I spent watching this film were among the most satisfying and engrossing of this year.

Suicide may perhaps not be the most beautiful of all subjects, but the way it is shown in this movie is very touching and compelling and also very beautiful (don't get me wrong, I'm not saying suicide on itself is a beautiful thing).

As time dragged on I wondered to myself, what is the point of all this?

They do what they can with the drab material (with results), but when push comes to shove, it's quite simply a pretentious, exhuastingly self-indulgent piece of trash.

Utterly Pointless .

And the scenes with her sister and niece were enjoyable.

Philip Glass, whose filmscoring is monotonous and dull, shouldn't waste his talent on film.

Elegant, fascinating melodrama invigorates with splendour.

So now, after sorting my thoughts out, i think the movie is about "Confusion".

With stylish direction by Stephen Daldry ~ marvelous editing by Peter Boyle (AKF '92's neglected 'Into the West') ~ dressed to the hilt with so many stunning performances (too difficult to say whose best) ~ then add Irish born director of photography Seamus McGarvey (known for the odd 'Harry Dean Stanton Partly Fiction') providing dazzling images ~ now wrap it all up in Philip Glass's haunting, insistently minimalist music score.

And, above all, the actors played wonderful, and the three women were more fascinating than ever.

Having eventually made it to the end of the film after about 4 attempts, it was admittedly worth it as that just about saved the film, but you have to sift through some of the most boring scenes & dislikeable characters imaginable to reach it.

This is a tedious movie whose plot wanders pointlessly through an incomprehensible trilogy of tales, each one as baffling as the last.

Dalloway" as a common thread among the lives of the characters, which are skillfully interwoven, eventually in a surprising and unexpected way.

straight down to the bottom of the abyss to join all of the other HUGELY pretentious, colossal-waste-of-time, movie un-classics.

It's utterly absorbing.

I nearly fell asleep several times.

Under Stephen Daldry's direction, the craftsmanship in `The Hours' is stunning at every level.

It just seemed like a pretentious mess.

Waste of Time .

Self-Indulgence at its peak.


Once I found out Stephen Daldry was directing a movie with the breathtaking Nicole Kidman, I couldn't wait to see "The Hours" as soon as possible.

Nicole Kidman's performance, while not the best in the film, is the most complicated, fierce, and intense.

It was slow and boring.

this is an attempt at passing off a plotless, pretentious, hodgepodge as an "intellectual" movie.

I'm sorry to say that Nicole Kidman's part consisted of intense frowning with one ranting monologue - hardly worthy of an Oscar.

Sadly they all share a sense of contrived melancholy which I can live without.

I found this movie to be a two hours of boring, whatever the opposite of life affirming is, wait for another suicide.

"The Hours" is about time - time we have left to make our lives enjoyable or to spend it in misery.

Nicole Kidman gives one of her best performances here, she is virtually unrecognisable as writer Virginia Woolf, the most developed and compelling character of the film.

One man in the movie said a certain book was difficult for him, yet Meryl Streep's character said she enjoyed it.

This ponderous, pretentious film drags on and on, with self-conscious, artsy dialogue that would never exist outside such a film dribbling out from actors who are ACTING, screaming "This is art!!

Although the story may be interesting (for some), staying awake to witness it is a different matter.

Slow and Tedious .

boring, unfathomable, and pretentious .

Because the result is plain, and this is due to a poor, clueless, irrespectful, unimaginative, tuneless and boring direction.

These are the three morals I took home from 'The Hours', one of those extremely well made but contrived literary movies that is almost too thought provoking and ultimately depressing.

I knew the plot was supposed to be confusing as it switched back and forth between three time lines and three different women.

It was an excellent example of what is known in the trade as 'pretentious rubbish'.

The writer titled this movie "The Hours" because when you are done watching it, you know you spent hours, and hours, and hours sitting staring at a group of very drab, dysfunctional people.

Peter Jackson, director of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, is on record as saying "What I don't like are pompous, pretentious films.

How about watching paint dry or the sand falling in an hour glass.

Good acting, but tendentious, boring, and offensive movie.

The New York scenes are set in winter and dominated by a cold, harsh light; the predominant tones are greys, blues and dull browns.

A stunning experience.

A Dreary Film .

The acting is damn near flawless - Kidman is stunning and Moore is even better.

a woman's life is generally made up of the little moments, "the hours", those seemingly insignificant, trivial and dull moments of picking out flowers to buy, baking a cake, talking with a friend, being there for a suffering friend, planning a party -- which still ultimately defines the quality of her whole life.

Phillip Glass's moody music is slow, relentless and plodding and underscores the slow, relentless plodding nature of time itself, as well as the inevitable consequences of its characters' choices.

Terrifically entertaining and terrifically sad....

The film is so boring that it seems to go on on slow motion.

What you have could be one of the most compelling movies you just may find all too difficult to watch again.

It kept me on the edge of my seat, I can tell you that.

In addition to predictable dialogues, cheap and tacky symbolism is out there, such as Streep playing with eggs to imply sex, while there is no sex to imply.

While the cinematography is simply stunning and the acting (for the most part) accomplished this just doesn't work for me.

boring .

Still, the Meryl Streep-Ed Harris storyline is quite moving, and makes the movie worth watching.

Just Another Long, Drawn-out, Boring Day .

In this moment, Woolf is reminded of how unexpected each day can be.

While there are three dynamite performances by three top actresses (one of which earned the Best Actress Oscar for this film), the film itself is all about depression and is a bit slow.

the atmosphere is so splendidly intense.

What's more entertaining than The Hours??.

It was visually stunning, especially through the changes in color schemes in each different story in order to represent the mood of that story.

Motivations are fairly clear and the acting is the most personal and engaging.

" Those last two points I thought should make it enjoyable to my wife and to me, respectively.

This film was so boring that even Prozac wouldn't lift its spirits!

' For a more subtle and uplifting movie about human suffering that is neither contrived nor untrue, see 'The Pianist.

But the overall story line with three extremely dull people building their private lives around the Woolf novel "Mrs.

But time will show Kidman's effort to be lacking in any subtlety and the script to be a wandering dull and depressing effort to capture the atmosphere Woolf created in "Mrs.

Worst movie ever.

While short, it really summed up the film very well when "The Hours" was called 'A depressive and boring movie with outstanding cast'.

The death of Virginia was visually a superb scene, but mentally, left me feeling empty.

Harris is also dominant in very little screentime (he only has two intense scenes in the film really and that fact probably cost him Oscar gold) and he arguably becomes the most memorable part of a movie that is driven by its female performers.

Waste of time ...

Pointless and vastly overhyped .

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 4: Worth watching.

I on the other hand was bored to tears.

The cast was great, and none of them annoyed me, but the characters were so boring I cannot understand how it is that this film will get all of the acting nominations that I'm sure it will get.


"The Hours" is one of the most intense works of art I've ever experienced.

It is simply unfortunate that the considerable acting talents of the principal actresses were wasted on such a plodding, inaccurate, faux-artistic, and ultimately uninteresting piece of film.

However, to say this movie is boring, depressing and drags on would be an understatement of monumental proportions.

I always found her characters so prissy and pretentious, and this was no exception.

A breathtaking experience.

Very slow.

We get three different stories, each fascinating on its own edited together into a complex, intriguing drama that will have you in tears a couple of times before the ending credits start rolling.

Disappointing and Dull.

Kidman is virtually unrecognisable as Woolf with that big prosthetic nose, her good English accent and her sympathetic attitude to life, Moore is also fantastic as the 50's mother who is miserable and wanting to escape from her boring and uneventful life, and Streep as always gives a stern and determined performance, the supporting cast like Harris and Collette also give great performances.

One or two of the scenarios could have been more weighty and perhaps less clichéd and the pacing is occasionally a little slow, but overall The Hours is a stunning film, very elegant and beautiful.

But with Daldry's subtle touch and the performances from three beautiful women, it's a compelling, mesmerizing drama.

The story picks up her life at the time right after she has been released from an institution and been sent to spend a quiet, uneventful and restful time convalescing in the country with her husband.

It's a rare accomplishment for a filmmaker, and Stephen Daldry deserves highest praise for using David Hare's thrilling screenplay and Philip Glass'score and the performances to perfection.

How contrived?

Affecting and intense .

There was no story progression.

Laura Brown (Julianne Moore) lives the archetypical existence of a bored 1950s housewife according to an ideal dreamed up by her husband and post-War America at large.

The most boring movie since Chariots of Fire and Driving Miss Daisy .

I just couldnt understand why hoards of people walked out when i saw it.. oh well.. great movie

It is a clever concept to see the writer of the novel, the reader of the novel and the real life character from the novel all in the same story merged together, all three stories are compelling in their own ways, it is a sophisticated and emotional drama.

But one thing for sure, this film is dark, depressing, and dreary since the overall topic of the movie is on a weighty matter and that is suicide.

The movie in itself was strange, but the way the camera work was handled made the whole film beautiful and enjoyable.

) Ed Harris plays the cliched "Tragic Aids Victim" and is really quite tedious to watch.

Sigh with pleasure at the bland pseduo-intellectual pretentiousness of it all?

The stereotypical Philip Glass score is supposed to make the events seem more exciting and meaningful than they really are: it's like playing a Wagner piece over footage of an afternoon nap in a nursing home.

But, of course, it's perfectly fine when a woman does it because she has all these problems to deal with in this dreary phallocentric world.

So repetitive.

Personal dislikes aside, Kidman certainly had to put on hold her real life charm, beauty, and cradle-robbing to effectively portray Woolf; I will admit she did an excellent job of convincing me she was a female author on the edge of insanity and incestuous longing (apparently Woolf and her sister were kind of sketchy in reality).

The actual events that take place throughout the film are boring in some places.

Because she is so bored, so empty and so ununderstood by her husband or what?

This is a stunning beautiful, haunting and moving film which proves conclusively that an actress's career need not end at 40.

Dalloway' ping-ponging back in forth from 1940's where the suicidal Woolf (Kidman barely recognizable under a prosthetic nose; one of her finest roles to date) is in the midst of composing her work in question; 1950's with depressed homemaker Moore (equally compelling) preparing her loving husband's birthday celebration and contemporary book editor Streep (ditto) organizing a banquet party for her ex-lover and poet (Harris in a memorable performance) dying of AIDS, all three characters are imploding while their world's are spinning (metaphorically) out of control and their very lives' meanings in question to how trivial they truly are/aren't.

The plot was absolutely amazing, and it was so intriguing to see what would happen.

I went to see this movie with my boyfr, he's a great movie expert and only takes me to french and alternative movies and the very few times we happen to laugh at every punchline and really enjoy the show we walk out of the theater and go "humpf, a bit predictable, wasn't it?!

The scene where she leaves her son and is going to the hotel is breathtaking!

Yet she has a subtle charm that helps you to understand why people found her fascinating.

It is confusing to follow --several people walked out during the showing-- and no one else in the audience gasped with me when a key plot point connection was revealed.

It could be the passing of time, but the reality is that it was destiny showing her mercy and terminating her hellish boredom while she didn't have the guts to do it by itself.

Absolutely stunning, well worth the effort .

A Two Hour Carnival of Yawns .

Julianne Moore does a good dose of underacting, with that dry, isolated characterization she usually churns up that critics seem to like (it didn't work for her in "Hannibal" though, where she just came across boring).

There are some films that are uplifting and enjoyable, where you appreciate every moment of their entertainment (and they can definitely include drama, just as long as it avoids abundant sappiness and sentimentality), and then there are others, such as "The Hours", where practically every dismal moment plays out like a sobering funeral, wherein everything is all about depression and "escapism for the tormented soul" (which results in eventual tragedy)...

Buggered if I know) making a cake for the bland husband and driving the shiny new car to a hotel and attempting to commit suicide, presumably so she doesn't have to read any more awful novels or listen to any more Philip Glass music.

All in all, "The Hours" is a film well worth watching.

) and the director has a grand time being pretentious and ponderous with all the delicacy of a steamroller.

The 3 separate segments were just awful and nothing happens in them.

Even more impressive are the beautiful haunting score, magnificent screenplay, compelling story and strong direction.

As for the performances, I thought all 3 deserved to be nominated, but Julianne Moore's more subtle performance was more intriguing to me.

Played by Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep, they begin to view their worlds as being trivial and trite.

Dull and self-serious .

One of the ongoing jokes in the movie is how everybody thinks Richard's novel is "difficult" and "boring," and those are really clever, self-depricating jabs at the movie as well as its critics (I love Clarissa's conversation with Louis about the novel....

Keeping in mind that I have never read the book, the only negative thing I can say about the film is that most of it was very predictable.

She too is a stunning actress who makes her characters so real and emotionally moving.

This unforgettable mosaic is woven through some poignant vignettes and its flawless editing, rousing musical score, and masterful screenplay make it one of the year's best.

The connection between the three women is stunning, their performance brilliant.

Moore plays a 1950's housewife who is reading the book and finding herself more and more deeply immersed in despair as well.

An amazingly intense, focussed film .


It combines every "ingredient" needed to make an absolutely stunning outcome!

I understand a major magazine ranked it the worst movie of the year.

Whats torturing the boring Virginia?

The movie contains performances by Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, and Nicole Kidman that are absolutely stunning to watch.

The music of the great Phillip Glass is also very monotonous and boring and fits well to this film.

The adaptation to the film was poor (yes, that's what I think), sometimes confusing.

The second worst movie in my DVD collection(the first is "Toolbox Murders").

Absolutely an amazing and intense movie!

Dalloway" as a common thread among the lives of the characters, which are skillfully interwoven, eventually in a surprising and unexpected way.

I thought his performance was riveting.

I strongly recommend this film for anyone looking for a gripping human drama that is relatable to any generation.

Astonishing, depressing, despairing yet engaging, haunting, mesmerizing and touching, The Hours is truly a masterpiece.

But the overall story line with three extremely dull people building their private lives around the depressing suicide centered Woolf novel "Mrs.

It was so successful that seven or eight times during the film I became so immersed I screamed 'Shut and kill yourself already!

Fascinating movie - Nicole Kidman delivers.

Don't waste your time with this film unless you enjoy shaking of boredom.

Brilliant, no one should miss this excellent film which is very impressive, just stunning.

And Ed Harris' riveting performance stands out as well.

A Fascinating, Compelling Look At Lesbianism .

Slow at times?

dull .

¿Why tell her story with other stories when her own life was so exciting?

The movie centers around three self-indulgent, spoiled, emotionally unstable women who sigh every three to four minutes while pondering suicide.

Such an intense movie...

I find this revelation beautiful and inspiring, and I left the theater feeling I had been kicked in the gut by the spirit of human potential.

Clarissa is planning to host a party in honor of Brown who has won a prestigious award for his poetry but, an unexpected tragedy occurs.

Worst movie ever!

They all pulled off stunning performances...

Surprisingly Self Serving Excruciatingly Dull Movie .

one of the slowest movies .

But oh my god was I bored watching this, to me, pointless and depressing monotone of a film where nothing happened and nobody smiled.

Nothing happens from the start to the end.

In film-making it is an unwritten rule that if you're an untalented director or writer you should turn to formulaic (political) PC dramas to garner awards.

)The kissing scene between Moore and Collette was much more powerful, shocking and necessary--clarifying the confusing, lithely behavior and speech of the Moore character.

Paradoxically it feels both overcharged and too slow, because we are hit by too much of the same things.

Self indulgent melodrama .

Her decision to live as fully as she can, even if it kills her, comes across as brave, rather than self-indulgent.

The fact that the connections between the plots are largely unnecessary and irrelevant to the main plot and yet compelling is testimony to the power of the story-telling and the masterful acting, scripting and directing.

I guess it was just a character study and I was too bored to notice.

The jumping back and over in time periods is a bit disconcerting initially and makes the movie a bit hard to follow and even lacking in continuity.

The words boring and tedious do not do this movie justice.

The men of "The Hours", Woolf' stoic and supportive husband (Stephen Dillane), Brown's husband and son, poet Richard, and his former lover Louis (Jeff Daniels) -- the sexual politics of the film are sometimes scattered but fascinating -- are innocent bystanders who, while making decisions to maintain or find their own happiness, neither victims nor devalue these unhappy women.

Crashingly Expensive Bore with a bashingly bad nose-job .

It was in fact, a boring movie.

The Hours is an absolutely stunning film.

Gripping and enthralling from beginning to end.

It doesn't happen often that a movie can be so well made (writing, directing, acting) and still be so un-entertaining.

The one thing is that it may trigger a number of yawns in case one misjudges it for an appetiser of a long night out.

The only suggestion the writers offer for her intense suicidal tendencies comes during a visit by Kitty (Toni Collette) her female neighbor - Laura plants a passionate kiss square on the mouth of this very surprised woman - could Laura have been a lesbian all along?

While, it is of course theoretically very "right" the whole thing seemed contrived to me and immediately pulled me out of the "reality" of the movie.

So we get Nicole Kidman miscast as Virginia Woolf, in order to get made a movie that turns out to be at best dull and unconvincing.

3 boring stories + gay characters = 7.6 rating .

I actually fell asleep.

As well as an Oscar nominated screenplay and an Oscar nominated piece of direction by Stephen Daldry (only really heard of previously due to 2000's "Billy Elliot"), the reason this film works well is due to some absolutely stunning acting.

- ConfusionIn the middle:more confusion - this gotta heavily clear up in the endIn the end:more and more confusion - something happend - i've watched it, but i haven't seen it.

However, as I have already complained, what one gets is dialogue that appears contrived.

Engrossing, intelligent story-telling.

At one point I did actually jump, because something dramatic happened, but that was just a fluke brought on by boredom.

and confusing...

Sooooooooo contrived.

This movie is simply fascinating and brilliant at the same time.

Despite claims of it being dull, for the majority of the two hours of screen time, it is easy to not realize how fast it flies by.

I found the whole thing enthralling, the sound track compelling, adding to the tension, and the emotional highs captivating..wonderful acting from the cast without exception or qualification.

It has had mixed reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What impressed me was the capability to follow the development of suffering souls without revealing too much all of a sudden, the touch is accurate, but never obtrusive: if you think of "The reader" by the same director, Stephen Daldry, you will recognize the same elegant, detached, attitude, never becoming cerebral but never indulging in the pathetic, in a movie where dramas and conflicts are so deep that it would be very easy to slip into the tearjearking, it is as if every emotion were taken under safe control, and the viewer could be accompanied gradually and safely guided to the discovery of intense dramas.

The difference between both in terms of artistic approach and intelligence was stunning.

What is intriguing is the hypothesis of how lesbianism is played out in different eras and how that might play into how each actress plays out her life in their own time.

I found the historic story line dull from start to end, with the exception of the opening scene, where Woolf drowns herself, hinting that the remainder of her story line will tell us more about _why_ she eventually kills herself.

Depressing and Pointless .

If I wanted a long boring story with no point, I HAVE my life!

This film I found to be very affecting and was quite intense.

Fascinating collaborative performances and pairings of actors: Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Woolf (in the 20s UK), Julianne Moore as Mrs. Brown (in the 50s LA), Meryl Streep as 'Mrs.

Her character was also very confusing.


David Hare has transformed Michael Cunningham's wonderful homage to Virginia Woolf into a mesmerising screenplay - literate, moving, profound and riveting.

What a cliché!

An intriguing, ambiguously philosophical account of transcendent relationships by three disparate women.

And did I say BORING!

Surely, this pretentious soap-opera ranks as the most over-rated film of 2002.

Three stories about three women living in three different times are seamlessly interwoven together, yet told in a slow, dark and sad mood.

Other than that, the music was awful and the story was as boring as it gets.

Crashingly expensive BORE and the Kidman role could have been pulled off by any halfway decent high-school actress.

When finally something does happen, its way too predictable.

However, when dialogue this ridiculous comes out of an actor'smouth it becomes pretentious and unbelievable.

It is the mark of a terrific film that, for all the banality of what we see on screen, the emotions of its characters can take hold of the audience and tell a nevertheless fascinating story.

Intriguing and innovative adaptation of the famous novel .

He managed to convey an understanding that his mother was depressed yet convincingly depict his confusion on the reasons behind her condition.

Daldry has made a beautiful movie, with excellent acting, about a lot of things, that all together add up to not so much because the novel David Hare has adapted is too contrived.

All in all this is an intelligent and intriguing movie, which while not breaking new cinematic ground, asks deep questions and discovers remarkable relations between them.

I can understand that the role only had 20 minutes screen time , But Kidman was dull and boring , she had no life in the role she didn't get into her role like Meryl and Julianne and there was just no oomph in her performance , I know Virginia was depressed and dull but you have to make that dullness shine , Nicole failed.

That said, A LOT of seemingly mundane things happen.

The acting was outstanding, and deserves lots of award nominations, even the great acting that went to waste in the dull parts of the movie.

Thinking about anything for more than 10 minutes has become tedious and boring for many, many people in this country.

For example, I must be mistaken in my belief that the Woolf sections of this film are intellectually light-weight, emotionally hollow and entirely pointless.

Easily the worst movie of the year.

Unwatchable movies from unreadable books .

This movie started out slow and ended up excellent.

I still think that the movie has all the trappings of an important, great film, but inside it's empty as an summer blockbuster.

In 1932, Virginia Woolf is starting to craft a new book in her home on the edge of London; in 1951, housewife and mother Laura Brown is trying to find purpose in the suburbs of Los Angeles; while in 2001 Clarissa Vaughan wants to celebrate the success of a poet who was once her lover.

That life is boring and tedious and we all die eventually.

The cinematography is breathtaking.

But the ultimate triumph is that of British director Stephen Daldry who rises above his earlier success of "Billy Elliot" to present us with a stunning film that has understandably garnered no less than nine Academy Award nominations.

One of the worst movies i have ever seen.

Simply Stunning...

The film ultimately had some thematic points to make about enjoying the happy moments in life for what they're worth while they're happening, which is something I find compelling, but in the end these points were watered down by the overall drab atmosphere of the film.

This film, however, is the first to personify boredom.

We spend the rest of the film cutting back and forth between the 3 realities, the discontent, and it quickly gets boring as nothing really happens in the film.

Grab those handkerchiefs, Hausfrauen, because schmaltz is being redefined here, brought to a whole new low level of cheesy banality.

When she's in the bathroom, her performance is shallow and pretentious.

Nicole Kidman is excellent in this film, not just because she makes herself relatively unattractive (for her), but because she manages to render the inertness of clinical depression dramatically compelling.

Dalloway" was one long embarrassing bore straining painfully for meaning while falling flat on its face.

Another pleasant surprise was the intense performance by Nicole Kidman, her best since "Eyes Wide Shut.

Of the three women, Virgina Woolf is the most compelling and Nicole Kidman plays her to perfection.

A totally pointless movie.

I adored the evocative manner in which the three different settings [contemporary New York, 1940s Los Angeles and Richmond] were signalled in the lighting, and this was aided immeasurably by simply glorious costuming and make-up.

So I would recommend this movie to anyone who's ever experienced loss, who's ever questioned his life, who's ever felt disconnected from the world or trapped…sit back, open your mind (and heart), enjoy the wonderful performances, the amazing portrayals, the stunning display of emotion and cherish life as it is.

As banal as Nicole Kidman may be (mostly)...

Overworked and annoyingly contrived.

The Hours is an absolutely intense, and dark story of three different women of different eras, and how one is writing a story called "Mrs.

Worth watching

Philip Glass' soundtrack is nice, but might be a bit too repetitive to bear several viewings.

I'd never thought I'd say this, but it was boring, the film was boring, and thank God I had a lovely girl by my side, otherwise I would have killed myself along with...

In any event, the movie is terribly slow and terribly serious, as are most self-important movies that pretend they are letting the audience in on some philosophical secret that will allow them to live their lives more authentically.

Occasionally I found it a little confusing when the early cuts were made to new characters in 1921 England, 1949 and contemporary New York.

The cinematography is beautiful and partnered perfectly by a haunting and evocative score.

The story carries on with no real plot, Harris is too cute as a child to ever want to touch a woman in his life (especially mrs.'5 layers of makeup' Streep), Julian Moore plays no more than some leftover footage from 'Away from heaven' and Nicole Kidman almost risks a heart attack realizing she's much more glamorous and touching with a fake nose than waving her legs as la belle epoque of the third millennium or quitting her pathetic marriage with baby face Tom.

But to be honest, I found the movie dull and ever so slightly pretentious.

I found this movie depressing, boring, unresolving, and not believeable.

) The acting was exceptionally good and, at least to me, I found the actresses to be compelling in their portrayals of women overcome with, at best, unremitting ennui; and at worst, soul numbing despair.

Resonating - or rather raging - with the simultaneous agony and ecstasy of being alive and human, this movie probes deeply and painfully beneath the surface of its characters without ever becoming heavy-handed, contrived or in the least bit pretentious, thanks to a masterful screenplay by David Hare, the impeccably restrained direction of Stephen Daldry, and the transcendent performances of the cast.

Another critically acclaimed movie that bores me to death.

compelling tale of depression .

Terribly boring pathetic movie

This film would probably make her go REALLY mad and suicidal,because it used her personality and her magnum opus for cheap feminist propaganda.

It's got a pretentious artsiness to it and if you're a lesbo you'll love it, I'm sure.

Most men will go see it only because, having sat through this tedious drivel-fest, their wife/girlfriend/boyfriend will owe them.

Fascinating storyline (especially the feel of Woolf's world of 60-80 years ago).

In conclusion, its not quite as bad as its predecessor, but is self-indulgent and sanctimonious nonetheless.

The score was good, I guess, but it was relentless, intrusive, and sometimes even repetitive.

Breathtaking .

The real issue is how a woman can feel totally embedded in her life to the point of suffocation, that these feelings, at the most banal occasions of life, can hit like an electric shock and they can't think of anything that is worth being happy for.

Production value and direction are superb and the performancesare what you would expect from some of the best in Hollywood, but great actors and beautiful lighting cannot make a boring story interesting.

this is a movie who tells that anyone of us lives day by day acting a character to please the others someway, to try to be far from his/her self inquietude and loneliness and empty spaces insight.

Too long, too quiet, too dull and no point .

Stunning Film; Why All the Hate.

Words cannot describe what a waste of your time this film is I'm just glad I didn't go to see it in the cinema.

"Such things considered, we HAD to like this boring movie.

In the 1920s Virginia Woolf (an unrecognizable Nicole Kidman) is writing her novel ‘Mrs Dalloway', which is about a hostess who is hiding how empty she feels behind a mask of happiness, much like 1950s housewife Laura Brown (Julianne Moore) and modern-day socialite Clarissa Vaughan (Meryl Streep).

The Hours, a cure for insomnia .

yawn .

And then you get to Ed Harris, who plays a character with such emotional scenes that are so intense; some of the speeches he gives about writing and life-- I think I have rarely identified with a character in a movie such as I did to him with those words.

The action is slow and uninspired, just another movie that pretends to compensate its lack of originality with week interconnected characters.

A stunning experience .

I like to think of films as roller coasters, and in the Hours and Mystic River the roller coaster is flat and dull and no one would want to ride it.

It's a lot more like life with all its peril, joy, boredom and agony.

the acting is good but the plot is so confusing that it turns you off trying to follow it.

Luckily I saw it at home on DVD - I was able to fall asleep and then rewind to where I thought I fell asleep.......

I went to see this expecting a film mostly made for women and where I'd feel a bit bored maybe.

) Overwhelmingly irritating and bothersome was the narrative equation between two neurotic,self-obsessed and self-indulgent women (was their problem really that they felt "trapped"?

But the part of me that wanted to be entertained or to leave the theater glad that I'd gone, was sorely disappointed.

Stellar cast in stunning film .

There's no script.

Absolutely stunning .

It's a lovely well crafted and extremely well acted film but nonetheless as uninspiring as the women portrayed on the screen.

However hidden underneath prosthetics, Kidman's talent that has been growing more and more compelling and captivating in the last years shines right through.

Unfortunately, it was still one of the dullest and most uneventful films in years.

But that would probably add up to a pile of unfinished thoughts in pointlessly pretentious, crippled English.

I shan't bother going through the plot of this tedious film, since it is given by many other contributors.

Seeing this film is an investment of time and intellect, it is neither entertaining nor diverting, instead David Hare's sublime script lingers for a long time in the mind.

The acting and the sets and directorial choices disappear into the background as the compelling and carefully woven story takes over.

Voice over of what they are thinking; they are depressed and want us to identify, so it is dead slow.

What a huge waste of my time!

I haven't seen Chicago, but I doubt that Zeta-Jones was able to put forth such a vivid, intense character.

i understand that this film probably isnt for everyone and i know that a lot of people enjoyed however i found it really boring!

A movie so boring that it left me shaking in the end waiting for the visual fart to end .

But even as a film taken on its own terms this was overdesigned and stupidly pretentious.

What a complete waste of time.

The acting by all those involved is absolutely breathtaking there are no small time roles here and plenty of big time actors I don't think I've seen a more impressive trio than Kidman, Streep and Moore each of their characters is laid out perfectly and while in a sense each is imprisoned by something the reactions are all different and make sense.

Thought provoking and fairly intense .

Intense drama based on the novel of Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Cunningham.

My last comment about this movie, is that everyone made a bigger deal out of the film than they needed to, but it's worth watching if you're a movie buff, just to see the differences between different films.

Stephen Daldry directs this compelling unforgettable piece about the lives of three women, the soul that binds there hearts together and the experiences of life we can all relate too.

It's a real snore-fest for the most part.

A fascinating, powerful & moving film that somehow cleverly maintains grip right to the end.

Completely Riveting .


It was almost too much too handle, and was very intense.

Performances are beautiful and so thrilling.

The story was absorbing.

So it became tedious.

While I understand what was trying to be said in the film, it was done in such a drawn-out, repetitive, overwrought fashion that I quickly stopped caring about anyone other than Kidman.

The acting is stunning.

I'm still yawning from the first scenes in the movie...

Now that I've complained about how dull more than half of the story was, I have to praise some things that were good about the movie.

Also, one of the story strands feels much more contrived than the others, shoe-horned in to make it all work: this is, I'm pretty sure, a problem in the source material which the movie couldn't avoid inheriting.

Okay, boring premise.

Muddled, confusing, disjointed, aimless, among other things, I could never figure out where this movie was going.

Choosing a slow and difficult death to show "she really meant it", even in suicide she is trying to score points!

the hours is an entertaining movie about the tedium.

The self-referential sub-genre of fine fiction is, in my opinion, over-played and has begun to become pretentious and lazy.

I found this movie dull and two-dimensional.

'" ― Betty Friedan Virginia Woolf published "Mrs Dalloway" in 1925, the tale of a depressed housewife who throws parties and engages in various games of self-deception in order to distract from a life and lifestyle deemed hollow and trite.

The result is an absolute visual feast of stunning imagery - flowers, water, and nature.

This is probably the most boring film I have seen in my life.

Only at the end, when the women reunite, did I find it start to get a tiny bit entertaining.

Thoroughly compelling multi-narrative .

Anything to lighten the tone of this dreary movie.

It is not a laugh riot, but there is a great satisfaction in seeing each of these fascinating characters find the right path in their very different worlds.

But the Kidman and Streep's performances and the very nice score make this worth watching.

Unbelievably boring, so much that despite me saying that I still can't understand why so many people love this garbage, especially the critics who just handed out awards.

In turn, the former are called pretentious by the latter, and the latter are called `attention seeking' or blind by the former.

This was a monumental waste of time for me - the title of the film a constant reminder of the hours spent watching this effete garbage that I will never get back.

They wanted the standard (and trite ) "just push on through and life will be dandy"-message.

Overall, stunning film, where the pros well and truly compensate for the minor cons.

Dalloway" was one long embarrassing bore straining painfully for meaning while falling flat on its face.

Use your time wisely and improve your culture, watch Elizabeth Taylor do Martha, over acting is more exciting.

But the music was a monumental distraction: a repetitive, intrusive overlay that tried to shape the viewers emotions and interfered with the unfolding stories.

First,it's deadly dull.

Stagey, theatrical, ponderous, plaintive to a fault, and annoyingly vague, "The Hours" squeezes three stories into one thereby diluting each for the sake of novelty.

So much praise for these well-to-do white women with big empty lives with nothing to fill it.

Bottom Line: Crashingly Expensive Bore with a bashingly bad nose-job

I have no idea how the film writer has come up with such a plot-line, that has the ability to bore the watcher to such an extent.

Deep into the emptiness of this movie and a stuck storyline, you will probably find you have spent three hours of your life for no reason.

The acting is brilliant, no doubt, but there is no plot, less story, and the film goes nowhere at glacial speeds.

The plot is boring, and it's too many bla bla bla bla scenes.

Some may call me stupid and unsophisticated, but let me assure you, i generally appreciate more slowly paced films.

To those "suffering" from such feelings (a Buddhist would call it "enlightenment"), human possessions, accomplishments, relationships, desires and self-appraisals have something hollow, empty and ephemeral about them, and most human behaviour seems rational only within confines that are themselves irrational.


Absorbing Drama With Fine Performances .

And there are a lot of that propaganda!

I was expecting this movie to be a huge bore.

I was dragged to this film by a friend of mine.

Julianne Moore is a bored housewife reading Woolf's book and experiencing the same ordeals.

I would have walked out of the theatre after 40 minutes if I hadn't been there with a friend.

Her scenes were especially gripping, especially in comparison to the horrible performance by Kidman.

I mean, there are plenty of good cinematic values to acknowledge: the music is excellent and perfectly befitting for the tone, solid and compassionate acting throughout, and the direction is very absorbing into the lives of these three women with depth and understanding.

A dreadful bore .

I fell asleep twice during my viewing.

Each story gets a rousing treatment with an equal proportion of attention divided among them.

This is a film that despite looking at life from a difficult and depressing standpoint, is about dealing with a mundane, dissatisfying life and searching for an answer to it--a way out, a way to happiness.

I did find it confusing when I saw the date 1941.

This is an intense and wonderful film, if you have not seen it, please please do.

I would have wished they had killed themselves earlier in the movie so it could end more entertainingly than the bland ending full of 'concept' and 'artistic value'.

Well acted but dreary and tiresome .

dark, dull and full of despair.

The movie was long and boring.

Last but not least, the gorgeous Tony Collette just in a small supporting part, but, wow, she took the scene, and her kiss to Julianne was breathtaking - like the whole movie ist.

Fairing worse is Julianne Moore as a 1950's Los Angles housewife on the verge of not only having a nervous breakdown, but on the edge of damaging her six year old son in the process.

This just made me want to leave the cinema.

The measure of a movie star is whether we're willing to watch them doing nothing, and as the ill-fated Mrs. Woolf, Nicole does hours upon Hours of nothing, and it's absolutely riveting.

This is slow.

I thought that it started out kind of slow.

The story in of itself is dull and fairly pointless, with nothing really grasping at you except the movie's ridiculous attempts at pulling on your heart-strings.

Overall, it's a pretty good piece of drama, nonetheless - riveting and mesmerizing.

Pointless, boring and pretencious.

In short, "The Hours" that I spent watching this film were among the most satisfying and engrossing of this year.

The moral---that they end up the same: dead--gives us a glimpse of the breathtaking enormity of mental illness (despite humans' best efforts to slay the beast).

A quarter of the way through the film a couple people started to walk out.

But for the most part, its worth watching.

The movie tries to capture intense feelings and emotions that can really be understood once you've experienced them yourself.

All he wants is some validation from his mother and a little bit of affection, but since she in incapable of giving that to him, he doesn't have any faith in her and can't trust her to be there for him, which is why he throws the tantrum when she drops him off at the babysitter (he also perhaps somehow sensed that she wanted to leave him for good).


of boredom.

The WORST movie of 2002, this film is politically correct nonsense for the NOW crowd.

Gripping, beautiful drama.

Having read the book, I think the filmmakers made some very intelligent decisions, fixing some of the novel's redundancies and making a compelling film out of what seemed like a decidedly un-cinematic work of literature.

but even the ill act better than her dull interpretation....

Sorry but if you enjoyed this film you are missing a serious part of your life, or you are a very boring person.

They are right, in a way: this movie is intensely boring and amazingly insignificant.

The movie moves kind of slow which makes it dull at times.

An astonishing piece of film-making from Stephen Daldry, (it's only his second film), that is sure to be under-valued only because it is so damned entertaining.

I think I suffered even more than the women in the film as I endured their tedious self-pity.

Intriguing Movie and Acting .

While the large images at the centre of the page usually narrate scenes from the life of Mary or Jesus, the "images on the edge" are a scatological commentary from which it was hoped, perhaps, that the reader would turn her eyes, just as the monks in the cloister walk might turn away in fright and disgust from the lecherous carvings on the columns.

Superb acting for a dramatically intense story .

All 3 characters portray a confusion, worry and concern about their own lives unfolding and how they are failing to come to terms with it affecting others.

Too disjointed and thin.

Although the individual performances were all high-caliber, and there is at least a gossamer connection between the three women's stories, the individual stories feel internally disjointed and slight.

A Stunning Piece Of Artistry.

absolutely compelling for two 'hours' .

Every single aspect of the film just seems to come together in just the right way to deliver a spectacularly stunning production which really digs deep for the viewer.

Tendentious and tedious, this movie is a perfect example of the "let us make an Oscar winner" formula that has worked so well in the past decade and a half.

I saw this movie with two friends - one thought it was "intense", the other called it "amazing".

The acting was stunning, and made all the more interesting because of the way some actors are used for parts vastly different from their "usual" parts (Ed Harris, often the solid hero, cast as a poet dying of AIDS; Nicole Kidman, normally the beautiful woman, cast as the ugly and manly Virginia Woolf - though even with make-up she cannot quite match the ugliness of the photos of the real Virginia).

What do these fascinating women have in common?

Now, to respond to many of the posted comments charging this film with the crime of being boring: Well, to some extent, I have to say it is.

From the esteemed playwright David Hare's thrilling screenplay, to Stephen Daldry's exceptionally fine direction, to the remarkable cast, the dimensions of "The Hours" continue to resonate long after you leave the cineplex.

It was aired on TV tonight so I watched it a third time and it was compelling as ever.

Unwatchable movies from unreadable books.

It's long and dull with no sense of entertainment.

I just wish a new cinema rating was introduced PD, Pretentious Drivel, so that people like me could avoid pointless exercises in navel gazing such as this.

) One of them actually has the unbearable burden of a single (1, one, uno) well-behaved child to raise!

kidman and streep are also wonderful..ed harris also should get the oscar his verstility is stunning..a film to be revisited every year..and also should see again mrs dalloway with vanessa redgrave..

It is full of emotions, tender yet intense, and it has some surprises down its sleeve.

" The movie is the type that is totally disjointed until the very end.

Compelling, beautiful, brilliant...

The Hours is unique and fascinating during every moment.

Stupid, pretencious, boring, pointless movie.

I guess my complaint about this well-executed, well-acted and quite absorbing film is that the artifice is too apparent.

she was so lifeless and dull......

This is just about the worst piece of cinematic dreck that has disgraced the silver screens in - at the very least - ten years, an abhorrent accumulation of the most atrocious clichés regarding artists, artistry and everything to do with it, a preciously pretentious piece of whiny tripe, a sugar-coated soaper in disguise with a lemony would-be feminist twist or, if you prefer, an old, stale-tasting slice of non-life, smeared and buttered with one of the worst and most nausea-inducing scores these ears have ever had the displeasure to hear, in short, a waste of just about everything: talent, resources, manpower etc, but most of all, a waste of two hours of your life you'll never, ever be able to reclaim, or, less pompously put, a piece of utter, artsy-fartsy garbage that makes you want to kick everyone involved.

Totally absorbing!

I liked the connectors within and the slow, easy pace.

Her haunted, empty look, on the verge of unraveling into madness, her understated voice, her blank eyes, her desperate attempt and failure to love her son, all point to the talents of a great actress.