The House by the Cemetery (1981) - Horror

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A New England home is terrorized by a series of murders, unbeknownst to the guests that a gruesome secret is hiding in the basement.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Lucio Fulci
Stars: Catriona MacColl, Paolo Malco
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 55 out of 162 found boring (33.95%)

One-line Reviews (120)

Nothing seems to make sense, and the ending is just confusing!

Not Fulci's best, but still moderately enjoyable .

A boring film .

Although not without its moments, HOUSE is let down by a very slow pacing which is unlike Fulci in his prime, and the usual problems with cheap Italian movies: bad dubbing, acting, and editing.

Instead, he's a boringly studious type who spends all of his time hanging out in the library instead of with his wife and child.

I found there were things here that were really fascinating and I think it's a film I'll probably watch again at some point.

The trademark Fulci gore is effective and is worth waiting for, and there are one or two nice edge-of-the-seat scenes but, suffering from an annoying performance from a 'cute' blonde brat (who makes Angelina Jolie look thin-lipped), a slow first 45 minutes and an ending that makes no sense whatsoever, The House By The Cemetery is certainly not one of the director's best efforts.

Even when he's obviously just going for Cheap Thrills, he seems to have something to say, but as the scripts are usually not that well articulated in the early 80s films at least, you get the feeling you are right on the edge of it, trying to find it.

The ending was actually quite intense with the evil maniac wiping out the little boy's parents, before setting his sights on the boy.

Fulci make a great final but still is a boring film

I have seen this film several times and either I get bored with the movie real quick or I pay close attention to the story.

Some of the "going down into the basement" scenes are kind of suspenseful...

It needed a more subtle and perhaps also more visual orientated approach, that could had made the movie so much more compelling to watch.

There's no coherence, plenty of unexplained moments, terrible dialogs, and tends to get a little tedious.


Fulci started too many erratic sub-plots without ever bothering to follow them up, which left viewers scratching their heads in confusion.

With this film, he falls into repetitive ideas and he shamelessly adds all the typical ‘haunted houses'-clichés.

However, the story (which has shades of THE SHINING) is pretty slow-moving, so after a while you wish Fulci *would* throw in some gratuitous splatter!

The candidate for worst movie ever made is Manos, the Hands of Fate.

Directed by the late Lucio Fulci (The Beyond, City of the Living Dead, Zombie) made an interesting but lifeless and confusing horror film with an supernatural theme.

But as soon as you ask questions, it gets confusing.

Not much gore, and the blood was unrealistic, but in general, the film was enjoyable.

This a boring film with the typical argument that i really don't care if it has some great murders and a couple of good chicks and some macabre scenes.

Perhaps due to the majority of the English voice cast's failure to give any kind of credible performances, the movie becomes pretty slow and long-winded in places.

Standing alone, THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY is still an enjoyable film, nice and mysterious with a plentiful smattering of gore, but compared to his earlier works it appears as a confused, sometimes boring mess.

In my opinion , this is Slow...

This second theme is very beautiful and sensitive and hypnotise you when you watch the little boy´s intense blue eyes.

This movie is enjoyable for its atmosphere and nightmarish sequences and frankly...

However, despite this; the film is rather slow to build up, in fact, after the initial gory opener; the film doesn't really get going again for about an hour, and although once it does getting going it is pretty good, during the build up to it, it's not so good.

Fulci, with a really questionable ethic on what constitutes as a moving and engaging film-going experience, has unleashed an experiment barely 85 minutes in length and additionally pent up with that of the gruesome and of the grotesque.

And, like most Fulci horror films, it has its good and its bad, and ends up somewhere in the middle, a very entertaining disappointment.

Fulci never seemed to be conscious of the laughable shortcomings of his films, like the killer's annoying voice and motivation in New York Ripper, his plodding pacing, the fake-as-can-be spider attack in The Beyond, and other dime store fx, as well as his thin to non-existent plotting.

***SPOILER ALERT*** Very confusing horror movie that has to do with the suicide of the late Professor Steve Patterson.

Most of the time is wasted on back drop information that leads up to a banal climax.

The interiors of the Freudstein house from the past are stunning.

Some of the effects are very well done, but the protagonists are pretty bland (and really dumb).

Typical and pointless plot.

Overall if your looking for gore this is a film you have to see, but the slightly confused plot and slow first half stop this from being a true classic.

Now for the first act of the movie nothing much happens as there is no character development for this family, for the most part its just a bunch of boring dialog.

) All of which are very good (Except for the very dull Chiller.

There is no real attempt to generate any level of suspense, merely dull and overdrawn sequences of little consequence stringing together a small handful of gory setpieces.

Fabio Frizzi's absence is sorely felt as despite The Beyond being quite dull, his score lifted things quite a bit.

The tension was unbearable!

Personally, I love this film, but it's a slow wind-up.

But don't waste your time on this dud.

), one melty faced zombie fellow, and one of the slowest-paced climaxes ever filmed.

The gore provided may be the only attribute he can give us because the family is not interesting, the acting is bland and limited, the incoherency runs rampant as Fulci uses all kinds of oddball sub-plots to try and connect his abilities to splatter the screen.

Maybe the worst movie I have ever seen.

You get so bored waiting for the actual stabbing that by the time it happens, you just don't care anymore.

The House by the Cemetery is a droll, ugly and somewhat tedious exercise in schlock thrills and easy scares; a deeply unpleasant experience made by a man riffing on too many horror films and peppering his film with so much content inclined towards just delivering on a basic level of generic demand, that it's tough to take seriously.

He sounds, at best, like a sniveling toddler, even in the most banal scenes.

What was the deal with all of the close ups of the characters eyes, trying to communicate with each other, it was done a lot but never given a clear purpose, just confusion.

The main problem is that by the time anything interesting DID happen, I was already bored with the film.

The material has little progression and can be baffling in the motivations, but still I found it to be intriguing.

waste of time .

The score was usual boring Synthesizer-horror-music, with the exception of "I Remember".

There was no story line, just a poorly conceived concept the dubbing or voice sinc was atrocious.

The acting is decent, with ultra sexy Ania Pieroni as Ann the babysitter, Dagmar Lassander as Laura Gittleson the real estate agent, Silvia Collatina as Bob's intriguing new young acquaintance Mae, Fulci himself (uncredited) as Prof. Muller, and Giovanni De Nava as Freudstein.

They are just dull.

Despite its flaws, it is still very entertaining; its just puzzling how he can be so good and so horrible time and time again.

Boring .

Catriona MacColl ("The Beyond") and the guy who played the vice president in "Escape From The Bronx" play Bob's parents, and their characters are stupid and bland, respectively.

The film ends with the usual Fulci ambiguousness and a forged statement from Henry James which is pointless and reminded me of the quote at the end of Burial Ground.

This film has a couple of this things but is boring.

First of all this movie is crazy boring.

I thought this was an enjoyable movie from Fulci pretty low on the gore part if you want to compare it to City of the Living Dead.

There is virtually no buildup of tension, the music is boring and the dubbing of the kid is annoying.

But it makes little sense, the dubbing is poor, it is full of basic amateur technical mistakes (kid screaming down in the basement, parents hear it outside the basement door at exactly the same volume), and is fairly tedious.

The killer is scary and usually makes the scenes suspenseful.

What a yawn!

But you aren't going to know about it, because you'll be sound asleep clutching your teddy bear and dreaming about how you could have spiced up this dull effort.

The director seems to have more success with children than adults for while there are certain qualities lacking in the grown-ups the children are stunning.

Somehow I found the swirl of confusion, extreme gore, cold distant unfleshed out characters, and eyeball closeup shots to create a unexplainable creepy vibe, which I'm sure was by accident and not due to the planned technical skill of the director.

The acting is pretty mediocre with MacColl looking bored.

Having said that, the beginning and the end are interesting, but the rest is ruined by the little boy, who should have been first to die, and the lack of plot.

boring and gory .

But for the rest of us, it's a total waste of time.

The interiors of the Freudstein house from the past are stunning.

This old horror movie is very slow.

Actually quite dreary, devoid of suspense and atmosphere.

The death scenes are very elaborate and gruesome we get a knife through the head, a head getting chopped off, throat getting ripped all of which I loved, every time the cellar door opened, you just knew something bad was gonna happen, which was very intense.

The House By The Cemetery is a rather dull offering from Italian gore-meister Lucio Fulci, the man who gave us such bloody treats as The Beyond, City Of The Living Dead and Zombi 2.

The first time I watched "House By The Cemetery" was with my boyfriend, at first I was skeptical but I really enjoyed it.

Then there is the bat attack that prompts the couple to want to leave, but the realty agent gets killed before she can meet them and they seem to forget they want to leave and then the father learns everything about the house by listening to a tape that doesn't really explain everything and by visiting a cemetery.

It starts out pretty good, with the gut-vomiting chick from "Gates of Hell" getting a knife in the back of the head, but from there it's kind of plodding.

The plot is disjointed and surreal, with many unanswered questions; while the performances can get tiresome.

Don't waste your time.

Boring, some funny moments and OK ending .

But, if you want more than lots of fake blood and gore, you too will feel bored by the whole thing.

First of all, the story is uninteresting and nothing special (like basically nearly every Italian horror movie), the acting was average and the photography was only good at some small parts (the eye zoom, also used in MB).

After plundering the Gates of Hell in not one but two consecutive films, Lucio Fulci went back to basics with "House by the Cemetery," a tale that apes "The Shining" only on the most superficial level, and tells a story that--despite some ambiguity and confusing plot points--is relatively linear.



Totally predictable ending with the killer suffering for a severe loss of either blood or what looks like maggots, that somehow kept him going, from a fatal gash, by Prof. Boyle, to his midsection.

House by the Cemetery had an interesting story going in, but it is spoiled by a ridiculously slow-moving killer with a penchant for killing stupid victims who seem to share an uncommon characteristic of standing (or lying) still while the killer repeatedly slashes or stabs them.

I would definitely say that is his most intense film.

There's also a number of characters in the film that seem to come out of nowhere and only confuse an already very confusing horror story.

There are bits and pieces of suspense to detect, some characters (like Ann, the babysitter) are really fascinating and most slaughtering is terrifically shot (like the `knife-in-the-back-of-the-head' sequence) .

But, in other scenes it is laughably bad (though entertaining) like- the attack by the Uber-bat, and when the Nanny is mopping up gore, the wife seeing this, asks what she's doing, the Nanny's reply, `I made coffee', and then the wife just moves on, ignoring the weird response and the mess on the floor.

To actually watch the flic let alone think about it is a complete waste of time.

), but if you don't show the "good stuff", then the plot, acting, and storyline in general better be pretty top-notch, or at least entertaining.

One basic problem is the movie is slow, sometimes acting is weak.

That said, I have to admit that the gore is about the only thing worth watching for in this overlong movie.

I think that's where this movie went wrong; it had a bunch of really good, yet pointless, plot setups and no real follow through.

Enjoyable Italian Schlock Fest .

Their is plenty of creepy atmosphere, a couple of decent jump-scares, and enough action to keep the movie well paced and reasonably entertaining.

Dreary, devoid of suspense and atmosphere .

The payoff, however, comes only in the finale of the film, which otherwise is slow and difficult to get through.

Slow 'n' unsettling horror from beyond the basement.

Other than that, there is very little body count contained in the film and one death scene is just plain confusing which involves a woman getting dragged down a set of stairs by her feet, hitting every step on the way down with her head!

I know that the attraction of these horror films is more the visual style and gore effects but this film bored me to tears.

I actually found the majority of the film to be downright boring in regards to execution and sadly not much happens to keep you interested.

Either way, the movie is so boring you won't care.


it was boring and annyoing.

This is the slowest of the lot.

Whether or not I would have been impressed if I would have seen this film at age 11--or when the film was new--I can't decide, but compared to other films of that decade it's boring at best and by today standards it just sunk to bottom of the crap-pool.

I honestly don't get other reviewers who call this tripe a 'masterpiece',it is indeed one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The scene I dislike is when the mother and his son try to escape from a sure dead if Freudstein would catch them, going to the stairs under the living-room´s grave instead of climb the ones that lead to the kitchen, mostly because the door was destroyed and Freudstein very slow.

The ending is very intense and creepy as hell.