The House of the Devil (2009) - Horror

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In 1983, financially struggling college student Samantha Hughes takes a strange babysitting job that coincides with a full lunar eclipse. She slowly realizes her clients harbor a terrifying secret, putting her life in mortal danger.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Ti West
Stars: Jocelin Donahue, Tom Noonan
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 114 out of 232 found boring (49.13%)

One-line Reviews (328)

Where House of the Devil succeeds is not only in it's accurate portrayal of the decade, but also the slow, gradual build to its climax.

The suspenseful aspect of the movie is how TI West kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

I found myself kinda bored with some scenes that seem to drag on a bit.

In some ways, the movie's start reminded me somewhat of Tarantino's Death Proof; character exposition through the mundane.

It took way too long to get to the point by which time I had started to washing the dishes.

honestly, BORING!

From what I've gathered, the classic 70's and 80's horror films are a slow paced build up to cataclysmic violence that utilizes an unbearable wait to reach a violent, thrilling climax which this film nails.

I'm sorry to say this, but this is by far one of the most boring movies I've ever seen in my life.

Boring and predictable .

Firstly, whilst I love a slow build up, many consider it to have pacing problems and a little too slow moving.

I found about 80% of it to be completely lackluster and an incredible bore.

Sooooo Boring.

worth watching .

Everything is so damn predictable.

The complaints about how nothing happens in the film until the final 20 minutes are exactly what I'm talking about.

Don't waste your time.

Very predictable for a film going with an old type horror movie.

There is a fine line between a film being boring and building tension.

For an hour you just sit there watching the movie, and NOTHING happens.

As a couple other reviews note, if you're looking for a fast paced, intense gore flick, this film is not for you.

In context of the whole film, the various uses of aesthetics (light, space) and technical know-how create the films intense atmosphere and terrifying nature.

90 per cent of the film was one long drawn out piece of boredom that consisted of the female lead roaming around in a house.

While certainly not a masterpiece of horror, West does manage to keep you on the edge of your seat, as you sit there waiting for something bad to happen.

This is not, as the film's admirers would have you believe, babbling on about what a great 80s pastiche or homage this is, a matter of a slow and relentless accumulation of dread, building to a revelatory climax.

It was slow, the plot was stupid, it barely explained anything.

This movie is creepy, terrific, slow buildup of the tension, sitting on the edge of my seat horror waiting for the next scare.

The titular house is almost worth admission price alone and the long sequence inside it, as our young pretty heroine's curiosity gets the best of her about what's REALLY lurking in that upstairs bedroom, is sweet and chair gripping in its foreboding.

Having said that let me begin by saying in my personal opinion this movie is a GIANT waste of time.

A review of The House of the Devil If you love slow building suspense and not knowing what is coming around the next corner, you will love this movie.

It becomes so unbearably suspenseful that the final payoff is satisfying and still quite scary.

I have heard some say that if The House of the Devil was actually made in the 80's it would be considered a classic now, well actually if The House of the Devil was made in the 80's it would have been released by the likes of Troma & be rightly criticised for it's lack of originality, it's tameness, it's predictability & the minutes at a time when absolutely nothing happens.

I literally fell asleep three times during the course of the movie.

If you really want to watch a blank-faced girl take half an hour to get a babysitting job, then sit around bored for another half an hour, then overcome the "horror" without too much difficulty, then HOUSE OF THE DEVIL is the movie for you!

This makes the last fifteen minutes of the film that more intense.

Recommended to bed time for its sleep inducing properties.

Others, like myself, will find it creepily suspenseful, as Samantha explores and putters about the deceptively innocent abode where she's sitting.

The climax of the film is somewhat creepy, albeit predictable, and really doesn't give the viewer a satisfying pay off.

They work so well and are so enjoyable.

The movie is a waste of time and money.

What strikes me the most about this film seems to be the dividing factor among viewers--there are long, drawn out passages of the film where there is no dialogue and we only see the main character of the film in isolated situations.

Creepy, thrilling, original, and great payoff for all the wait: the final 15 minutes are pure brutal violence including some gore for all the slasher fans...

Having grown up on those films I must say I was loving the tone and slow unsettling pace of the film, although I think most movie audiences of today would find it rather boring.

This film was so boring, so lackluster, that I will supply you with a list of things that would be much more preferable (and action packed) than watching this piece of crap: Observing an 80 year-old woman pick through produce at the local supermarket.

It was too slow paced with too many drawn out mundane scenes which didn't work for the plot.

I know they are trying to create suspense, as do most horrors, but this just gets boring.

Like many of the other guys have added, 75% of the movie is BORING!

Director Ti West understands what makes horror films work, that the horror is always more exciting when you don't know when to expect it.

Classic spine tingling horror made in 2009 but film feels 80s, they made it well great story well worth the watch havent seen a horror that high rated in some time So glad i watched, its at the top with my best horrors and filmsMasterpiece bravo

It's a very slow burn type of story and very atmospheric.

He perfectly builds tension and suspense all the way up to a thrilling climax that will shake the s*** out of you.

First, we get Dee Wallace("Cujo," "The Hills Have Eyes," and "The Howling") in an entertaining appearance as The Landlady.

The anti-climatic ending was also a letdown, and it seemed like the director tried his best to kill some time by making the protagonist do random and boring stuff that is pretty meaningless, to lengthen the running time.

Nothing happens that is interesting or not completely predictable.

But still entertaining as main character is not a buxom buffoon.

A masterpiece of film work but with it's re-creation, is slow paced, which is perfect for its goal, it's just I am used to more action and chill.

Instead, this film takes its time by building up the horror and suspense through elements of mis-en-scene such as the lightning, sound, and the reoccurring colors of white and red leaving the viewer submissive and vulnerable to the plot by sitting on the edge of their seat thinking, "when will this go bad?

This movie is slow but not as slow as i thought it wold be, it still watchable for the slow part of the movie, some of you will get bored, There was one scene that did shock me, i had no idea that was going to happen, that was really good scene and this movie did have great build up to this secret.

Slow Building Horror Flick That's Best Quality Was it's 80's Look .

Honestly once Gerwig is killed off I fast forwarded and like nothing happens.

Waste of time.

Suspense: It's unfortunate how many movies cannot pull this off due to predictable ploys.

The slow progression, the building suspense, the few or complete lack of special effects (not that it was needed), the great camera angles, and even the mixture of 80's hits and suspenseful music made this movie really great.

I wish I was exaggerating but nothing happens for most of this movie and very little (less than 5 minutes' worth) of it is for the sake of building tension.

The first 40 minutes are so tedious and pointless that by the time the "suspenseful" elements were introduced, the film had frustrated me beyond the point of caring.

The movie itself is very slow and only slightly gives you the creeps because you're expecting something to happen.

However, West rebounds by delivering more suspenseful scenarios throughout The House of the Devil, and they're so well-crafted that the downtime is inherently unsettling as is because we're just waiting for West to surprise us with something else.

Act three, though intense, lead to a disappointing finale.

But it is an entertaining film!

Instead of just terrorizing you with an extremely intense conclusion, it also leaves you wondering.

Boring, boring and boring.

The picture's central 1/3 is a very slow-moving affair that may well try the patience of many viewers.

The story is overused, predictable and it doesn't create any kind of suspense.

Yawn .

And predictable.

" His "Rosemary's Baby"-indebted riff on 80s scare-fare evinces great style and a good understanding of slow builds interlaced with periodic twitches and jolts, much like John Carpenter's "Halloween" and similar films.

Unfortunately, basically nothing happens in 70 minutes of the film.

With that being said, it is a basically constructed, but nicely shot and effectively scary film that is worth watching for the Halloween season.

Nothing happens for an agonizing first half, filled with silent apprehension, and when all hell finally breaks loose, our nerves are already taut strings waiting to snap, like the ones in the shrill, ragged violin score.

I understand slowly building tension and suspense but this is the most boring day-in-the-life of a college student I've ever seen.

Not knowing the outcome of a situation creates interests, interests creates the viewer to engulf themselves into the atmosphere of the film, when we engulf ourselves this is where Ti West has the audience on the edge of their seat vulnerable.

By then I was bored.

No, This was perhaps one of the most boring horror movies, I have ever seen.

Even though what you are doing is as pointless as remaking A Nightmare on Elm Street, people won't remember that they can go watch an actual film from that period and will think you are innovative.

However, this alone can't redeem the fact that the film, for most of its running time, is incredibly slow and there are long instances where nothing happens except for out lead girl listening to her walkman and dancing around to cheesy 80's music.

What follows is an hour of wondering around a seemingly empty house and a disappointing climax.

And when I say later, I mean a lot later: this film is pretty slow indeed.

This movie has all the elements of a slow burn done the right way: 1.

Horror fans check it out, fans of more suspenseful movies mark this as a must see!

If you have plenty of time in the world, maybe you can waste your time here.

The build up was so boring.

I assume the director was limited by budget so he had to film at that specific location , fine, but why waste film on boring characters.

Now then, this film is very slow.

Its boring.

Seems like they cut 20 minutes of exciting movie out between those two things and skipped to the end.

The film provides great acting with a nice, and somewhat slow, buildup of the climax where it all comes down with surprises and twists.

Suspense doesn't cut it, as people eating pizza and walking around an empty campus isn't in any way tense or scary.

Ti West had already had me on the edge of my seat while I was watching his segment in V/H/S (2012), which I found great until a very disappointing ending.

dull and full of anachronism .

Besides that it's a bore fest.

Slow build.

building suspense is one thing but unbearably slow content-deficient scenes are another animal-- an animal that should be euthanised.

Though to be honest because of who plays some characters you can kind of guess bits of where things are going) A slow building tension coils up until the explosion at the end which leaves everyone and everything blood soaked.

After an hour of waiting still nothing happens.

Very little happens and when we do reach the final act, it ends up being boring and forgettable.

It's halfway into the movie, and nothing happens!!!!

It took me 3 days to finish this snore fest of a movie.

I walked out of the theater feeling drained and rattled, so "The House of the Devil" definitely packs a punch.

Great Slow Burn of 1980's Satanic Panic .

A slow wasting of time.

mind numbingly slow....

This film does a great job of recreating the atmosphere of the horror films of the time, but really is kind of boring and uneventful, until a contrived 'surprise" ending.

So after the first 15 minutes I skipped through the boring parts cause it was just so droll.....

The end credits, same again so you know that you are watching a slow flick were everything happens at the end.

Overall I would suggest this only to those who like 80's style B-Horror movies and are not expecting a great deal from it, I gave it four stars as it is watchable entertainment on a boring night.

Scene after scene I just kept marveling to myself how great it was that I had a queasy feeling in my stomach just from watching a girl walk around an empty house peeking into different rooms.

Trite, Predictable, and So Very, Very Boring .

It's boring and useless...

Slow .

He understands how to work with a slow crawling atmosphere.

However, the pacing at the end and the disconnect from this suspenseful first half of the film served as a large disappointment.

Dont waste your time .

Nothing happens in this movie.

The film became very slow, and very boring.

I ended up watching this movie and it moved very slow and the way it was done seemed like it was a rob zombie movie at first.

That is, really, until West comes close to making it dull, which he does.

For most of the film, I was completely drawn in, waiting with a rising anticipation to see what was lurking around the corner; The House of the Devil is truly scary even with its superficial sense of the mundane.

For Example, a Shot Behind a Closed Door that is Unexplained and Confusing.

Such giant waste of time in fact that I subscribed to this site for the sole purpose of commenting on this very movie so maybe I can prevent someone else from utter boredom and disappointment.

I think one of the major reasons I enjoyed it so much, besides the cool '80s aesthetic (the opening titles are a real hoot) is Jocelin Donahue.

Ti West brilliantly succeeds in making the mundane task of babysitting utterly horrifying through the film's foreboding atmosphere and use of tension.

If you can get past the slow burn throughout the first 75 minutes of the movie then the ending is well worth it.

Snore fest not worth a free viewing .

When you've watched enough movies of any genre you usually have a fairly good idea of the general outcome of the story, but I don't remember the last time I saw a film that had me squirming in my seat as much as this did, of course there is an 'event' that takes some time to build up to, but the 45 or so minutes preceding it were masterfully drawn out by Ti West.

Luckily the snore fest upgraded itself to a bore fest.

Because there is so little going on, it becomes terribly obvious what is going to happen once that slow-moving ball finally does get rolling.

This is just waste of time.

Some have said it's a dull movie and nothing happens, I forgive them for that lapse in judgement because what's thrilling about the film is not the action thats taking place, its the sheer genius and remarkable originality that's going on behind the camera that makes this brilliant!

However for myself, I found the movie to be rather boring.

At just under 85 minutes (the end credits last for over 6 minutes) The House of the Devil feels longer, sure I like build-up as much as anyone else but I want it to go somewhere, I want to be surprised or thrilled or shocked or captivated by what I am seeing but The House of the Devil just bored me to tears.

Don't believe the other reviews which state that the director slowly builds tension, he quickly bores you senseless.

This is a terrible film, just terrible, and for the most part tedious with it.

The first night was because I was tired and only got through 15 minutes, the second night I could only watch up to the 70 minute mark until I said to myself, "If nothing happens within the next 2 minutes I gotta stop watching this.

The plot was quite good, and the ending was brutally enjoyable.

"House" is a slow moving movie that takes it's time-there are a few moments where some audiences may feel bored.

the film is so slow that I was able to leave the room multiple times (restroom, popcorn, cat nuisances, etc) without missing anything in my absence.

The louder music enables the audience to experience safety through these parts (and also wakeup calls for whoever may be yawning in this slow-paced film).

The first hour to 70 minutes is very slow and don't expect a high body count either!

The lull in the movie, which is preceded by the abrupt and gory death of Samantha's friend Megan, allows a viewer's imagination to run rampant.

The acting was also lacking believability and once the build up of suspense was fulfilled, the reward was the most boring satanic ritual sacrifice scene ever, making those 80 minutes of watching a stupid teenager hanging around a spooky mansion worthless.

They're predictable.

Ti West indulges in cliché horror movie concepts: the bloody fights, the running from the villains, using the villains weapons on them, only to be caught up and have to choose between life or death.

I found the story to be quite intriguing and creepy.

This has lead to numerous films including Hostel, Turistas, Martyrs and Captivity boring me to death for the last few years.

We enjoyed it because it was a slow burn, leading up to.....

But just thinking about how boring this movie is makes me want to fatally injure myself.

I thought it one of the most boring films I have seen in ages.

To those of you who claim it's "boring" - I can only hope that your need for an instant adrenaline rush abates as your tastes and understanding mature.

I can totally see where they're coming from but I have enjoyed repeat watches of this movie and the slowness doesn't bother me.

Edited, written & directed by Ti West who also has a small role in the film as the 'Favourite Teacher' this low budget retro style horror film has a certain buzz around it with many citing it as some sort of modern classic, far be it from me to swim against the tide of popular opinion but I thought The House of the Devil was one of the most boring films I can remember seeing in quite some time.

That's THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, has this slow-burning suspense and a quiet pace just for make suffer to the audience, and it really works!!

Yes, it's a little slow...

I like the "old" kind best: those that actually build up and develop suspense, have reasonably engaging characters, and take their time to carefully hook the viewer.

And yes, that flick was a slow starter too.

Nothing scary, suspenseful, or even mildly interesting happens for the first 75 minutes, unless you think a girl alone in a house is a particularly hair-raising event.

Unfortunately, he pays a lot less attention to the pacing and, after an hour of extremely slow build-up during which we get a few well crafted moments of tension but an awful lot of uneventful padding, the film erupts in a clumsy, rushed and chaotic last act that feels like it was grafted on from an entirely different movie.

I just waited it to make good use of this eerie atmosphere it created but it just turned out to be a generic cult slasher with an uninteresting back story.

pointless .

For fans of Hitchcock, Argento and slow building tense horror.

West uses such great orchestra music to build up that suspenseful feeling to keep us at the edge and give us that great scare that every great horror film should have.

Ti West's nostalgic debut plays like a homage to 80's low-budget horror and 70's Satanic shockers like "The Omen" or "Devil's Rain" with its slow pace and very retro building of the story.

The House of the Devil is a film I just don't get, it seems to be quite well liked amongst certain circles but I thought it was pretty awful & one of the dullest & boring films I've sat through recently.

Slow, with many flaws.

The premise sounds good, but in reality, it felt empty, amateurish, and quite frankly, just fell flat.

Nail biting, palm sweating suspense that beautifully leads up to one of the most thrilling horror climaxes of all time.

The first act was one big waiting game and act two was loaded with boredom and non-action.

Though some say it's too slow or doesn't pay off at the end I believe it has all the right elements.

The acting was good,the scenes were well crafted and so all this makes it worth watching,at least for me it did,also because it is based upon a true story(unexplained events)which makes a movie quite interesting (rather than boring).

Viewers expecting more will be let down by the slow pace.

The House of the Devil: Nostalgic, Suspenseful, and Creepy Satanic Horror .

As is, it was mostly a boring and unsatisfying experience.

Finally a smart, suspenseful movie that will haunt you to your core.

The bulk of the story was pretty much pointless.

Instead of spending the time creating the appropriate mood for the climax, it was just a series of long, drawn-out scenes resulting in about fifteen minutes of the film being dedicated to the action sequence.

After virtually nothing happened for the first 45 minutes I was seriously doubting the rating system.

The film does have a bit of a slow start which many people may not enjoy.

The first sign of trouble is the pacing, which is slow and uneventful.

The House Of The Devil may very well divide audiences and fans, as it's a slow burning film, which takes its time to get to its payoff.

They depart and she's left alone in the vast empty halls, or so she thinks.

But I think this movie should have gone through some heavy editing--where someone who understands the importance of conflict and tension reviewed the script--because in its current state, it will bore any intelligent moviegoer to tears.

if you really want to see a disappointing (and long/slow) "horror" (no profanity, no sex, no nudity, no ultra-violence) movie House of the Devil is for you.

Still, the suspenseful buildup is more than compensation for the half-baked and halfhearted resolution that follows.

In "The House of the Devil" he gets the balance right in an amazing slow burn.

This changes in the last act, when Samantha's plight becomes more than slow-burning teasers, and something manifestly evil.

The House of the Devillishly boring.

Being slow did not magically turn this modern horror into a classic horror for me.

Gave back 3 points for finally moving forward, if only to give a predictable ending.

It was DULL.

For those of us who love the slow burn approach and admire his evident adoration of retro horror, then he hits the mark.

As many have pointed out, the ending is more a fashion-show type pageant of pseudo-gore than anything truly suspenseful.

Girl runs (not actually running, but sometimes dancing and sometimes walking very slow) around in a big house for about 45 minutes without discovering anything.

In summary, it may not be a great film, but The House of the Devil is an efficient and very entertaining horror film which deserves a recommendation, thanks to its good rhythm, competent performances and solid direction.

Worth watching .

Then the director kills off his only interesting character and you the viewer have like a good hour-plus of movie left that's all dull people who do nothing very quietly.

If you like boring and not scary, this is for you .

Its because of boring characters that this movie shall remain obscure.

What a waste of an hour and a half of my life which I will never get back...

This stylistic overkill and unctuous tone is blissfully absent in "The House of the Devil", and it's easy to understand how audiences weaned on having their creepy movies spoon-fed to them would react with hostility and confusion.

Eventually it gets quite graphic and startling, but the slow, solemn lead up is the key in making the horror shock us all the more.

Ti West built up suspense and had me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the hammer to drop...

I must have really missed it, as I found it to be a total bore.

I enjoyed it.

Nothing happens.

It seemed like every week that pretentious dorks in black robes were sacrificing people in the name of Diablo.

The only thing that kept this film from being a true masterpiece was the fact that nothing happened.

Excellent Slow Burner .

The House of the Devil starts out promisingly, with introducing (in a nicely retro style) the nice enough, if a little bland and stereotypical lead character and her various issues that will lead her towards the experiences later in the film.


Fifteen minutes of classic 80's horror (i'm not a fan of gore, so i wasn't looking for blood, suspense movies works for me), whit a predictable ending.

Most importantly, however, the narrative dragged.

There was a real 80's vibe about it that made me believe this was going to be something enjoyable indeed and so I decided to watch it.

it's slow.

The house itself was clearly designed by the Addams family architect on a dull day, which invites ridicule from the outset.

Besides being an overall entertaining and tense film, "The House of the Devil" also provides very good cinematography and perfect subtle acting that is missing in many movies of its genre.

I really congratulate this director for giving me a good scare and finally making a movie worth watching this is a buyer for sure and will be added to my collection.

Now let's revisit the genre, in the 70s and 80s horror movies were basically drawn out affairs, 80 minutes of build, only separated by a few fake scares and maybe one or two kills, before finishing up with a finale that would either make or break the film.

But this movie was just boring!

Most of the movie has Samantha keeping herself together during a mundane night with little entertaining to do..and here lies my problem, we, along with her, are waiting for something to happen as well.

I was truly bored for almost the whole length of this movie.

Once the film arrives at its climax, the sound & music are in full force and is accompanied by about 5 minutes of intense sequences, only to end as quickly as it started, and the over.

I'm not exaggerating, the "Oh, I'm so bored" sequence is about twenty minutes long.

Its slow pace and tone will take modern viewers aback.

It is literally halfway into the movie that the first thing even happens, then it's another half an hour of watching the main character walk around bored.

Scenes dragged out too much and there was a lot of nothing going on.

The idea to shoot the film on 16mm really put me in the '80s horror mood, as did the "slow-burn" pacing, which I found to be very enjoyable.

The score was pretty intense as well.

Fantastic slow burn .

The film had a really slow build with not much build up for an epic finale that lasted about five minutes.

The film is pure nostalgia and he does a fantastic job at handling a slow set up which keeps the viewer interested.

I'm all for creating suspense without resorting to gory shock tactics, but this is slow, hackneyed and repetitive at best.

I found the characters to be interesting, and also all the mundane stuff was somehow interesting to watch, with a few sudden shocks.

The lead girl is boring, her friend's a watered-down slutty badgirl from central casting.

A very slow and boring build-up to all too familiar territory .

and this film is firmly on the boring side of that line.

Snorefest followed by a Borefest .

The last couple mins are really boring.

The pace is very slow.

Even the performances and framing of scenes make for an intriguing and creative experience.

After what felt like an eternity of nothing happening there was a shock moment that made me sit up and take note once again, maybe I had hit the spot that defined the whole movie (as mentioned by all the reviews here on IMDB) and then....

If you have time to waste or suffer from insomnia, this movie is for you.

Seems the poor folks that wrote the screenplay procrastinated until the last minute and then wrapped up with one of the most predictable, ridiculous endings i've seen in some time.

Like most babysitters she's bored has some time to waste.

The film is pretty slow moving- focusing on the build-up of tension- with the main character basically walking around and checking out the house for a majority of the film.

I even watched it twice-- the second time with my wife, who also enjoyed it.

What appeals to one of us in a horror movie will inspire disapproval from another and boredom from a third.

But until then, there is a lot of plodding around, and with that comes some really spooky, shot-in-blacks-and-grays cinematography Eliot Rockett, who uses this house to such great effect that you could feel like walking around it some more.

Those long and suspenseful set ups are what drive the film.

There's a fine line between boring and suspenseful...

This is the slowest and one of the worst films I have ever wasted my time watching.

The quirky atmosphere the director/writer/editor sets up is compelling....

The movie is only 90 minutes long but feels like 120 because of extremely slow building suspense.

Absolute waste of time .

Too slow for it's own good.

It was so refreshing to have a slow build up of tension without any false scares for quite some time.

Just a predictable ending to a thoroughly forgettable movie that won't scare you one bit.

Ho ho ho, man, this one was a waste of time.

" Nothing happened so I went to sleep.

Interesting that it was based on a real story but horribly horribly boring except for the first maybe 20 minutes and the end.

Ti West's outstanding first effort as writer/director (he had previously helmed the troubled but intriguing Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, and has since crafted the impeccable The Innkeepers and the soon-to-be-released The Sacrament) is an accurate and articulate throw-back to the 80's in the Roman Polanski mould of film-making.

As for the bad part, well, the movie just kept going on and on in a slow pace, never really getting anywhere.

The Fact that Virtually Nothing Happens for the Longest of Time Detracts from Audience Enjoyment and the Effort being Made to Make Everything Look Like the Time Period.

Some people will be bored to tears by House of the Devil.

The movie where nothing happens and a girl dances around .

This is an agonisingly slow movie.

Too boring and only half as interesting.

It's too slow in the beginning, the scenes prior to getting to the house should have taken half the time.

The music, the sound effects, the camera angles all provided an incredibly suspenseful build-up that had me expecting a crazy, chaotic ending that would leave me shivering and exciting with desire for more.

You may enjoy it or it may bore you .

For me, the movie is rather uneventful for nearly one hour and ten minutes, exploding with violence as the heroine attempts to free herself from the clutches of Satanists, something inside her causing inner torment.

It's a shame because I really wanted to like this movie, but it's just too damn boring.

All in all, The House of the Devil is a great horror film with some highly effective scares that will keep you on the edge of your seat up until the disappointing finale.

The female lead is captured in a conventional way, terrorized in a conventional and by-this-time-boring way, escapes in a massively implausible way and is chased.

The extremely slow build up and then the horror really starts.

The Film Forgets that those Films were Not Anemic for the Whole First Half, Slow Burning to a Blood Drenched Climax.

If you want a plain drama where nothing happens, you could do better than The House of the Devil.

And in "House of the Devil" Ti West brings a very slow burn movie that uses it's homages fittingly in it's film making.

The movie built itself up all the way to the last ten minutes leaving us with a snoozer of a movie.

Contrived ending undercuts tense satanic thriller .

suspenseful buildup, less satisfying resolution .

On a positive note, the movie really looked like an 80s movie; it even recreated the unending sense of boredom I felt as a child.

There is waaaaaay too much exposition: A lot of walking around, uninteresting conversation and nothing much happening at all.

I was expecting the movie to be much more suspenseful than a girl wandering a house for 50 minutes.

It was an awkward collage of ideas, combining a disjointed zombie movie with a wraparound horror host gimmick that resembled no horror host show I ever lived through.

The story comes to such a slow boil that the stretched-out tension becomes almost unbearable, thereby enhancing the atmosphere of dread.

Then there's the boring & routine script, there's no imagination here & the so-called twist at the end is given away by both the title & the pre-credit text that states some obscure fact about Devil worshipping in the US.

Any longer and the film could've been way too slow (even for the more patient horror fans).

Completely pointless.

The House of the Devil feels like it should have been released back in 1982, from the feathered hair of the leads, to the Walkman, to the music and sound, to the slow build of the suspense, to the vintage titles.

If in the third act there was a big payoff to all that, the movie might have redeemed himself, but the climax is so boring and clichéd, you'll wonder why you had to sit through the 70 minutes or so that preceded it.

The House of Bores .

Way too long of an intro to establish poor college girl then a bunch of nonsense for literally, about 70 minutes of the movie.

Even the grainy camera shots add a sense of, for lack of a better word, enjoyable "retro" style, rather than becoming a detriment.

People who called this movie BORING obviously have no attention span.

An old-school horror film, with very creepy atmosphere and a riveting and terrifying tone .

But since the story is clichéd and predictable, what the viewer ends up with is a hollow shell of a movie.

While they might be fine films for the era my Gen X eyes think they suck now, I don't want to waste 80 minutes waiting for what was usually a totally obvious pay-off (Rosemary's Baby), or one that either bored me to death (The Wicker Man) or made absolutely no f*cking sense at all (Don't Look Now).

Don't waste your time.

Had potential, but a tad too slow paced.

It seems, as if a lot of horror fans, who praise Ti West for this picture, are confusing the concept with the outcome.

Please, don't waste your time watching it.

Nothing happens for the first hour, save the supporting actress getting her head blown off and, frankly, by the time that happened I almost envied her.

Boring and useless .

Described by some as a "slow burner", it takes a more traditional approach to its scares, drawing out the suspense (although it can be argued that the film draws it out too much) and parcelling out the gore carefully until the finale.

Slow, boring, ambitious .

I wasn't entertained, amused, scared, it was a boring experience until the very end.

If the slowness isn't enough, the movie affectively spoils itself with the blurb about Satan-worshiping cults in the 80s or 70s or both or something.

As for the film itself, it is a slow burn.

The film is competent & looks nice enough but is bland & dull.

The House of the Devil makes you question the safety of mundane tasks, such as the simple act of walking down a street at night.

He crafts The House of the Devil so delicately and intricately, making the house the most interesting character in the film (something one would've assumed mainstream horror would've discovered, what with all the haunted house films being made today), building suspense through the use of long, slow takes, and even incorporating some fun and lively 1970's tunes in for good measure.

This slower pace and seeing everything unfold builds a lot of suspense and anxiety, which was the highlight of the movie.

Lots of 'suspenseful' views of closed doors and noises from upstairs as she wanders upstairs, downstairs, upstairs again, downstairs again and around the house, with a kitchen knife, and without a kitchen knife in hand.

House of boredom .

Entertaining horror throwback .

It is a matter of nothing happening at all, at great length, followed by twenty minutes of unconvincing and almost entirely unconnected mayhem.

West's shrewd, topsy-turvy, skewed camera angles (wonderfully concocted by cinematographer Eliot Rockett), sharp editing skills and a truly nerve-shredding scored by Jeff Grace keeps the scary atmosphere at full-throttle even by its predictable final act of bloody good genre jolts.

The attempts at creating a mood piece fall flat on their face due to the fact that NOTHING HAPPENS.

It's slow, not scary and predictable.

The artistry and techniques throughout the film were beautifully done, however the actual build up and story was rather bland.