The Hunter's Prayer (2017) - Action, Crime, Drama

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An assassin helps a young woman avenge the death of her family.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Jonathan Mostow
Stars: Sam Worthington, Odeya Rush
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 42 found boring (26.19%)

One-line Reviews (40)

There are many action and combat scenes that makes The Hunter's Prayer a fast paced thriller.

) producers / co-producers / executive producers etc for this masterpiece of sharkey camera action, fortuitous car chases and endless boring nonsense !

Bland and emotionless.

The characters are also nothing terribly new, and the lead character is a kind of bland figure who doesn't open up that much and show what he is thinking or feeling.

The supporting cast are largely unknown to me, yet all deliver riveting character roles.

Moving and thrilling soundtrack by Federico Jusid that elevates the emotion and the intensity of the scenes to new heights .

Well worth watching .

It was realistic action and the story was entertaining enough to not get bored during the movie.

There's plenty of wooden dialogue and formulaic plot elements here.

It's a fun action film for the most part, nothing too memorable (or special), but it is entertaining.

Yeah, it's that predictable, and plays out like a low-rent BOURNE copy for the most part: some shooting, some fights, lots of familiarity.

The movie did not have large special effects, but the action sequence including the car chase and the hand to hand combat were actually pretty exciting.

THE HUNTER'S PRAYER is very much an average kind of thriller: made with an average budget, an average script, and average direction from Jonathan Mostow, who once upon a time made some very entertaining movies in the form of BREAKDOWN and TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES.


The first half of the film is a fabulous adrenaline rush and very unpredictable.

This film is poorly written not much of action, the action is forgettable it was boring, villain is boring nothing to say about him.

"The Hunter's Prayer" has a thrilling story, and more importantly a story that makes you care about what happens to the characters.

An attractive thriller that it will have you on the edge-of-your-seat in which an assassin helps a young woman avenge the death of her family.

There are several assassins and so the firefights are unexpected, thrilling and graphically explosive.

There also isn't a lot of action, and while the few action moments do have some genuine energy, they are often directed and edited in a somewhat confusing manner.

I found it to be pretty entertaining.

But no, the film is a predictable and polished turd wrapped up in a sentimental bow at the end.

Another part is a cartoon villain with a phoney pretentious English accent who drags down the entire film.

Cliche by cliche.

There were times when it was in the more dramatic moments, the pace would become slow (which was actually in contradiction to the novel which according to critic was a fast-paced page-turner).

If you've seen enough movies about assassins, this one's fairly predictable, and explains the relatively low ranking here on IMDb.

Worth watching .

first of all in Leon Professional jean Reno and Natalie portman their characters had great chemistry together but in this 0% chemistry Sam Worthington character and Odeya Rush characters have NO chemistry together at all, i thought threw out movie was boring just Sam Worthington injecting needles inside of him threw out movie, it's like his putting them up his butt because he is freaking bored in this movie waiting for stupid paycheck.

action was noting at all i keep saying that because action was lame, boring, noting to say about it's forgettable easy forgettable, Sam Worthington character was LAME i don't blame Sam Worthington and Odeya Rush because script writers or director must written their characters poorly done.

I did not enjoy this , what i'm gonna critique about the movie should be essentials , the story is so vague and badly written , the movie becomes so confusing at so many moments , the score of the movie was very badly used , that would put thrilling symphonys in non action packed parts of the movie , overall it was a flop for me , I didn't care about any of that characters .

Formula thriller filled with gritty intrigue , crisply edition , tension , suspenseful and loads of violence .

the movie becomes so confusing at so many moments , the score of the movie was very badly used, i totally disagree that would put thrilling symphonys in non action packed parts of the movie.

But there is some stunning footage of Yorkshire at the close of the film, as well as a grand old English manor house.

From adrenaline rush beginning to 'what were they thinking'.

Apart from all that, though, the film is thoroughly entertaining and Sam Worthington truly is a worthy actor.

Thrilling action with genuine emotion .

Chases galore , including breathtaking pursuits , crashes , crossfire , and destruction , though it has some unrealistic scenes , too .

This serious and truly original film with groundbreaking narrative results to be a fantastically intriguing story of violence , deceiving and killing , being pretty well done , swiftly paced and including a twisted screenplay .

I find this film enjoyable.

Such a dull movie .