The Hurricane (1999) - Biography, Drama, Sport

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The story of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a boxer wrongly imprisoned for murder, and the people who aided in his fight to prove his innocence.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Norman Jewison
Stars: Denzel Washington, Vicellous Shannon
Length: 146 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 37 out of 269 found boring (13.75%)

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The script is quite cliche, but Denzel's classy acting makes the movie well worth watching.

The Hurricane tells the story of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (Denzel Washington) an African-American boxer whose boxing career comes to an unexpected end when Carter and his friend John Artis are both convicted for murdering 3 people at a nightclub.

It is unpredictable and could possess many outcomes.

This whole movie just seemed a bit contrived and forced, not as impacting as I expected it to be.

There much better movies from Denzel and Foxx than these leftist propaganda devoid from all reality and common.

The writing and directing is dreary, and the two and a half hours or so drag.

The efforts that have failed over many years suddenly shift into high gear, and it's quite exciting to watch the process of finding out the truth.

Of those three wonderful performances, I give the nod to the hugely talented and charismatic actor, Washington, who gives a stunning and towering performance as the boxer who was falsely imprisoned for 20 years for the killing of three white people in a New Jersey bar in 1966.

Overall this was potentially an interesting, compelling and emotional film based on an intriguing real life story of injustice.

My thumbs down to all the critics who have carried out a propaganda to defame a wronged man.

'The Hurricane' is a moving true-story, that translates into a moving & engaging cinematic experience as well.

Besides, it IS a pretty fascinating story, and thanks to Washington and Jewison, enough of that comes across to make "The Hurricane" an interesting and uplifting experience.

He is a great director and although I have said in many reviews this year that American Beauty is the best film of the year, for the first time since seeing that mind blowing film, I can now finally say that if The Hurricane beats it out as best picture, I would not be disappointed.

it's 2 1/2 hours--way too long.

The case was sufficiently unknown to me tomake the result of the climactic court case suspenseful.

It cannot be a cliche for it exists and cannot be denied.

Aside from a fabulous turn from Washington what you also get here is an interesting and engaging story about a black man's fight for freedom against a police department with somewhat racist tendencies.

It is riveting story-telling cutting deeply into our deepest emotions.

Dan Hedaya, portraying the racist cop with a vendetta against Carter, delivers the most banal dialogue in recent memory.

Ponderous and Self-Congratulatory .

The Hurricane is a fascinating biography movie.

It's cliché, and it looks like a Readers Digest's book of the month or something.

You run the risk of making the film too raw documentary style and dull, or too dramatic and not very true the real story.

The film is a little bit slow and too long.

Overall, it is an accurate depiction of the actual events and it is dramatically moving, if somewhat enveloped in Hollywood cliche.

Anybody undertaking even the most cursory of research will inevitably realize that Carter is a congenital liar and fantasist and twists the truth even in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence; no - his first victim wasn't a paedophile but was hit over the head with a bottle so his watch could be stolen by Carter, no - he wasn't a very good boxer and was a has-been at the time of his arrest, no - he fairly lost his one title fight and his opponent successfully sued the film for the suggestion that it was a racist decision, yes - he was a criminal with multiple convictions for robbery and violence, no - he was a terrible soldier with four court martials and no medals, no- he was not involved in the civil rights movement in any way, yes - there were black jurors (2) at his trial, no - he failed a lie detector test and refused to take another one, no - he was pulled over by the police within 10 minutes of the 911 call because his car matched exactly the description given by witnesses but was let go because he was the well-known boxer It is a sobering example of just how frighteningly powerful propaganda can be and how easy it was for Hitler and Stalin to lodge their ideas in the minds of the masses.

Kevin Spacey did a great job in American Beauty but I thought Denzel really deserved the Oscar for his stunning display.

While watching the film tonight, which happened to be on TV, I could barely stay awake.

It moves the audience just as much as even the most emotionally intense films, and it is a great film to enjoy and learn from at the same time.

that was unexpected : .

This and "Redemption" which was redemption in name only and like Hurriance" was insulting fictional propaganda that claim to be "Based on a true story".

Pastore, Steiger, Yulin and Paymer all add the feeling of depth in minor roles but really this is Washington's film and he is a big reason I found it entertaining.

Overall, I found this movie very worthwhile and entertaining, especially toward the end.

Not because it is any less important or significant than the others but because it presents no idea of establishment, only rousing scenarios that pit the film against its earlier offerings instead of furthering their conclusions.

In the end, The Hurricane, while sometimes predictable, works.

Several of the prison scenes were so drawn out that I wanted him to be free just so I wouldn't have to watch him working out or reading in prison any more.

Unger, Schreiber and Hannah have clearly been told to play 'non-threatening white people' and they are all about as bland as a collection of people as I have seen.

touching and engrossing story about racism .

Liev Schreiber and John Hannah do okay, gut they seem boring.

Mr. Washington's performance alone makes this film worth watching.

The pace of the film was sooo slow & in the end I couldn't care less what happened to him.

Long, boring, biased film contradicted by recent radio interview of the real man .

It takes us back through the eyes of our leads and the actions of some unexpected friends who believe in his innocence.

The other real problem with the film is that a lot of critics have come out saying not only that the film is more fiction than fact, and that the true story would have made a more compelling film.

It's really an impressive performance, and Washington benefits from being at the center of many of the film's best-written scenes, including a terrific sequence where Carter hallucinates conversations with himself while trapped in solitary, and a great moment where he gets an unexpected present from his Canadian benefactors.

Even the threats seemed empty.

This will land a predictable conclusion that holds question as to how much is accurate.

Very compelling and intense.

and gives an insight in Carter's childhood and how he became the enraged guy he was, but it soon fails miserably when it tries to be too moralist and pretentious.

When it isn't annoying you with its simplistic character depictions, even the screenplay can be remarkably compelling.

Also, the constant flashbacks at the beginning were quite confusing, as we went back and forth from one time period to another.

It wants to be good but is boring rubbish.

Boring and pretentious c**p .

There were two scenes at the beginning of the film that made me immediately doubt the story:<spoiler>The scene at the beginning when a young Rubin, stabbed the man, seemed so contrived, I, immediately assumed, he actually stabbed the man, without provocation.

Ridiculous and Cliche .

The degree of truth aside it is an entertaining story and it is not hard to sympathize with jailbird Washington.

Occasionally Washington boils over, but it's the slow simmering tension he conveys as Carter that really keeps you watching.

What I'm trying to say is the movie was just to long and too boring for it to actually be a boxing movie.

Overall, a 'good' movie - quite compelling because it is a true story.

I was well aware of the Carter case since 1966 and enjoyed it; my 16 year old son just loved it!

I'm not going into the story, except to say that its unfolding and ending are predictable to the point of boredom.


A powerful and compelling drama .

His performance was a powerful and compelling film.

Though it starts out slow, it ends up with one of the most uplifting endings I've ever seen.

Compelling film about race and justice.

Exciting, touching, dramatic, convincing, involving; these words come close.

And this cliche dialogue.

The Adapted Screenplay by Armyan Bernstein & Dan Gordon, is truly engaging & moving.

Formulaic, slow and fairly dull, THE HURRICANE does not, in my humble opinion, do justice to the unfortunate life of its hero, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.

The movies ending was completely predictable and extremely American Disney-esque with the scene in which Rubin's fellow prisoners start to cheer from happiness as its most sad example.

What I found compelling about the movie was the fact that some people - be they white or black - can harbor such hatred for another person (I'm referring to Della Pesca's hatred toward Rubin).

Despite the protests, they mattered little to him, isolated in a small cramped cell, trapped, as he had being in different circumstances for far too long of his natural life.

The script is disjointed, jumping uncomfortably from Canada to the prison, from past to present.

This is a powerful and compelling look at the life of Rubin Hurricane Carter (Denzel Washington) and his highly publicized fight for freedom from imprisonment.

He brings dignity and class to every one of his pictures (he was the only thing worth watching in THE BONE COLLECTOR).

I watched this film on DVD and found it extremely boring.

So, when the first twenty minutes seemed to forecast the fairly predictable "it's just the way white people alway abuse us" theme, I grabbed the remote control.

Norman Jewison has made a moody, sometimes incredibly intense, but also predictable and somehow unsatisfying movie.

It is extremely boring.

This film is sooooooo boring to watch.

Slow at times, especially when 3 Canadian citizens join the fight for freedom , it drags just a bit too long.

The character development in the movie was fascinating, because when you leave the movie I guarantee you will feel like you've known Ruben Carter your entire life, going through his childhood to his adult life, and the why's and how's of changes he made.

Great movie if you enjoy Fictional propaganda that claims to be "Based on a true story" .

I was on the edge of my seat until the end.

Well, that might be the case, but we can only rely on Washingtons intense portrayal, the film itself never really gives us an impression of what Carter is talking about.

) This is an engrossing, moving and highly entertaining story.

If you want an emotional, incredibly acted, entertaining film about a boxer life and the trials and turmoils he went through to prove his innocents, see "THE HURRICAE".

the word 'duh' comes to mind) This movie is different from Raging Bull, not stealing from it, because it is an intense drama depicting the life of a black boxer wrongly accused of murder.

This is a compelling film and a look at how blacks (even celebrities) were treated during the civil rights movement (notice footage from the television and Carter not winning the medal over the white boxer).

Before you buy into this film's one-sided propaganda,check out the website www.

The black and white ring flashbacks, evocative of the old newsreels, are immensely effective.

In that respect, the movie is a pretty compelling one even if it runs a bit long.

Unfortunately, the film only achieves that gripping emotional power a few times afterwards and in each occasion it is the connection between Lesra and Carter that brings it about.

I was held by Denzel Washington's riveting superstar thing.

However there is a compelling story, and a very compelling performance from Denzel Washington.

In short this is a film which, despite the anger which must exist inthe original source (Carter's prison book) has led some of it slipaway except for Washington's intense and charismatic performance.

Washington's performance and well written dialogue makes the film worth seeing but I was surprised by the film's ability to take an interesting and compelling story and simplify it to the point of lacking any real punch (sorry – he starts with a pun and he ends with a pun!

Ho hum.

intense, focused, can't take your eyes off him.

As with most films in this genre it requires the suspension of disbelief to be really entertaining.

Likewise Washington really gets into character and brings Rubin "Hurricane" Carter to life, his multi-layered performance always makes Washington fascinating to watch here and coupled with an interesting character such as Rubin Carter the film is never less than compelling.

I believe Washington is definately one of the best actors in the world right now, putting compelling performances into everyone of his flicks.

I have alot of respect for Mr Washington, but he was awful and boring.

The time periods were portrayed perfectly, the costumes were designed to fit not only the time period but also each specific actor, and the dialogue was absolutely engrossing in every scene.

Since we do not get to know these characters as fully fleshed-out human beings, we watch these scenes with an attitude of detached disinterest rather than intense emotional involvement Perhaps, the story of Ruben `Hurricane' Carter is too diverse a one to be successfully encapsulated even in a film that runs an impressive 146 minutes.

The story of boxer Rubin `Hurricane' Carter is a fascinating and controversial one, and it has been brilliantly brought to life in Norman Jewison's film `The Hurricane.

Overall, the film is generally interesting, with a few dull moments.

It first lulls you with that sense of sameness from the early Carter days then smacks you upside the head with an ending that, while predictable (it IS a true story, of course) is so emotionally charged and magnificently acted that there is simply no way you can walk away from it without feeling something.

The highlight of the film is clearly the mesmerizing, emotionally riveting first encounter between Lesra and Carter; we sit spellbound as the two hurting individuals grope tentatively towards one another, each seeking that connection with (and recognition from) the other on the common ground of their parallel life experiences that they need so desperately.

People that are afraid of prison movies because the intense drama should not be afraid of this movie, as it does not tackle any issue very deeply.

I wouldn't know the existence of Hurricane, or how people do wrongful things reflect to their stereo type and prejudice which often create propaganda.

I got bored at school, and decided to watch this movie.

Sincere performances and a very intriguing story, I would recommend the Hurricane to anyone looking for a good drama or biography film.

The story could have been told in less than two hours, but filmmaker Norma Jewison, the man behind classics like In the Heat of the Night, directed `Hurricane' in a bureaucratic and tiresome way.

People that like intense drama might like this movie as well.

Emotional side of this film is very intense and it makes you feel with the main character.

It's a masterful piece of filmmaking that proves Norman Jewison's skill as a director, as he transcends the cliche-bound script and, with the help of Washington and company, makes it a powerful entity all its own.

Very, very boring biopic .

I was expecting The Hurricane to be a boring true story about some stupid boxer who got caught up with the law.

Despite the fact that the basics of the story is interesting and compelling, this film only manages to be reasonable entertaining rather than compelling because it never really goes deeper than the basics.

"The Hurricane" was after "Magnolia" (decent, partly inventive work with some flaws) and "The Cider House Rules" (indecisive and boring take on abortion and incest) the third movie I've seen this weekend and in terms of quality it is somewhere in between the other two.

Powerful Acting and a Compelling Story, .

But beyond that, this is an absorbing and thoroughly deserving movie experience.

The movie also begins very slow paced and is boring.

All the supporters help Washington's cause and Norman Jewison's sharp direction keeps the film intriguing and solid all the way through.