The Hustle (2019) - Comedy, Crime

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Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star as female scam artists, one low rent and the other high class, who team up to take down the men who have wronged them.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Chris Addison
Stars: Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 41 out of 190 found boring (21.57%)

One-line Reviews (94)

It got so boring and so cringy.

Entertaining I guess.

What a waste of time.

Save your money.

The 'hustle' itself, the big con they're trying to pull, is so predictable and anti-climactic; it's such a generic film, in a time when 'women' casted remakes are the norm.

I enjoyed it.

DISLIKES:Predictable Victim of Trailers Story Failure Shallow Characters Too political Too Aggressive/Forceful for HumorSUMMARY:Despite some of the good this movie did for me, there were some shortcomings that did not quite work for me as they may for other audiences.

The movie was entertaining and funny.

I was really worried that this would not meet its predecessor- Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (I haven't seen the original Bedtime Stories), but it was definitely entertaining and had so many funny moments.

It's a enjoyable movie, nothing serious.

Personally feel like this movie is enjoyable for all members of the family, if you're looking for a movie to see in the Cinema, that isn't quite so serious and will give you a few giggles!

There was no story!!

it felt a bit slow paced at times.

Entertaining and worth my time.

Honestly, a bit funnier and more engaging than the first time around.

It was entertaining which is what we wanted!

A great cast, funny, clever and well written script that was entertaining and engaging from start to finish.

The rest was a ridiculous bore.

I love movies, walked out of this one about 1/4 into the mess .

Without anything really at stake, even for a comedic reason, it makes this for a more dull experience then anything.

Slow and boring mess, the commercials are the best part of the movie.

Fun and Entertaining Female Remake .

I guess the problem is that my wife and I had just watched Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Steve Martin and Michael Caine - Very entertaining.

Her style of comedy is very repetitive and completely unoriginal.

Boring .

I just felt the film was to slow and thought the pacing could of been improved with perhaps 10 or 15 extra minutes added onto the film as it was only 1hour and 30 minutesNext i liked the film had a strong message and ideology throughout of female empowerment.

I fell asleep multiple times, so my word of advice: Just don't watch it

Waste of time.

Well coming back to the movie , it made me laugh n laugh, and the Riviera locales are breathtaking, and add that freshness to the movie.

It was so predictable, less than half way in the cons were obvious.

More likely than not, you're going to fall asleep since any attempt at humor fails terribly; Anne Hathaway is playing herself, in a horribly written plot, with terrible actors, really bad editing and amateur direction.

I like a good stupid-funny movie to balance out all the intense (and over produced) movies out there.

People were walking out after 25-30 minutes just saying 'really' & yeah it's a disjointed bunch of pre juvenile incredibly unfunny gags,immature & quite poorly,well,unacted.

It has garnered moderate criticism, some virulent, on IMDB, but I quite enjoyed it.

Pretty pointless .

Don't waste your money.

Even as a silly comedy -- the jokes were so bland and lame.

Josephine and Penny's face offs reduce to bringing each other down and it goes a bit ho hum from there.

The 'lord of the ring's' scem is sooo not funny, you just want to leave the cinema.

Terrible waste of time .

Do yourself a favor, watch the original and save your money.

Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway together, was unexpected.

Unfunny pointless remake.

One of the worst movies I have seen.

So will it achieve its goal and be entertaining, or so aggressively silly that it robs you of your money?

It's only 90 minutes long, but it feels like just a fast paced brush through of scenes that worked better before.

Movie was predictable and boring , such a great star cast and due to the predictable and poor script it turns out to be a big time let down !

What initially looked like a fun movie turned out to be a huge disappointment, a waste of money, and a waste of my time.

Anne's accent was a bit much but otherwise it was quite enjoyable.

So, this is a bad film with two talented leads, I must admit that I chuckled a couple of times, but most of the jokes felt flat, with a better script it could've been really good, the twist is really bad, but overall is a bad entertaining film, at least you won't be bored.

Easy-watching, enjoyable movie.

No plot.

Entertaining .

But if you note what the movie, the actors, and the story is trying to achieve, then it might be more entertaining than you think.

Well, if you want belong to the post modern establishment where fun is boring and boring is fun, go ahead and watch this.

The idea of remaking the same movie a second time, with the only notable change being the characters' genders, makes "The Hustle" feel rather pointless.

Entertaining .

Confusing plot with loose ends and characters were not believable.

Was it maybe that I fell asleep unintentionally or was it because the story tailspinned and almost crashed and burned?

While the hustle dose have a few laughs here and there the majority of the film is fairly boring.

I really wasn't expecting much from this and certainly wasn't expecting it to measure up to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - but it did - it was really good , really funny really enjoyable- excellently cast with Anne Hathaway playing the classy 'English' con artist juxtaposed against the lower class Australian Rebel Wilson .

It pains me to say it but overall this movie is just dead in the water, flat as a pancake, its uneventful, its non-adventurous, it unimpressive & it ends up being nothing more than straight into dvd bargain-bin for £4.

but whatever it was enjoyable, I don't mind seeing it again if I run into it through amazon or pay per view.

The storyline however, was very dull and very slow which made for a very disappointing story and for a movie about con-artists, I would have loved more action and adventure to it which it had little to none.

Really funny and entertaining.

Boring .

This movie started out a bit disjointed for me.

The Hustle did have it's positives like it was indeed very funny and the acting work from Hathaway and Wilson was very well delivered and very entertaining.

Obviously the people who wrote "it was the worst movie they've ever seen" didn't see A Star Is Born, which was absolutely terrible.

Don't waste your time and money on this Hustle.

Really enjoyed it .

Funny and highly entertaining .

This is an entertaining and fun summer movie that while not in any way really remarkable is competently directly, nicely performed in a risky movie genre oftentimes quite difficult to accomplish well.

Very very enjoyable .

Most of the jokes were meh and "plot twist" was predictable.

One of the worst movies of 2019 so far !!

Here I was thinking "the hole in the ground" was the worst waste of my money this year.

The story was super thin, characters were over the top and there was no real character development, the jokes didn't land for me, all very predictable.

I don't understand the bad reviews, it's an easy fast entertaining flick.

Overall boring, predictable and unoriginal.

It is by far the worst movie I've seen so far this year and it surely manages to make the shortlist of the worst movies I've ever seen.

It was so long, so stupid and so boring that I'm truly proud of myself for not falling asleep.

Waste of time .

Don't waste your money.

) oh just remembered one segment of the movie totally threw me off by being totally absurd, but entertaining nonetheless.

Had high hopes because the trailer was pretty good but ended up disappointed by a predictable storyline and

Save your money.

" out loud to a pretty much empty theater.

Don´t waste your money.

I fell asleep multiple times .

Boring what-so-call-a-comedy movie.

I guessed the plot "twist" but still enjoyed it as a bit of mindless entertainment.

Enjoyable and light-hearted.

Her acting (I've sen before) is blase, dull, lacking in the utmost way any talent whatsoever -- only moviegoers who lack any eye for comedic talent would support her) and she is certainly not worth the price of any movie ticket.